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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Turing's Graveyard

    by Lisa Kastner
    "Opening with the creepy title story, an unnamed narrator connects online with a woman named Sophie for a steamy cyber encounter. But when he goes to meet her in the flesh, he learns Sophie had died months ago. So to whom had he been talking? Some of the subsequent stories are equally unsettling. In “The Darkness at the Center of Everything,” for example, the sun seemingly vanishes—from the entire world. Hawkins, however, also excels at genres other than SF. The amusing “A Call to Arms” follows ... more
  • Megge of Bury Down

    by Rebecca Kightlinger

    In thirteenth century Cornwall, on a sheep farm in the shadow of Bury Down, known for a thousand years as the Land of the Second Sight, a healer has vowed to face flames rather than fail in her one charge in this life: to bring her daughter to accept an ancient book of incantations and vow to protect its power. But on the night of her vowtaking, when young Megge touches The Book of Seasons, it burns her fingers and she hears a whisper.


    Sworn to secrecy abou... more

  • Coaster

    by Paula Kluth

    Coaster lives in an animal shelter with many puppies (and a few kittens) who are looking for homes. All the pets know he will be the first of the bunch to be adopted. After all, he has a fine coat, floppy ears, and a shiny nose. Best of all, however, he has wheels--- speedy, spin-y, and somewhat squeaky wheels!

    When the people come, however, Coaster is not selected. Days pass and his “perfect person” does not appear. Coaster is so confused: How can everyone pass by such an a... more

  • Coloring within the Limericks

    by Gail R DeBole

    This is a coloring book that consists of illustrated limericks and is currently available on and various other retail websites.

  • We of the Forsaken World

    by Kiran Bhat
    In a distant corner of the globe, a man journeys to the birthplace of his mother, a tourist town destroyed by an industrial spill. In a nameless remote tribe, the chief’s second son is born, creating a scramble for succession as their jungles are being destroyed by loggers. In one of the world’s sprawling metropolises, a homeless one-armed woman sets out to take revenge upon the men who trafficked her. And, in a small village of shanty shacks connected only by a mud-and- concrete road, a milkmai... more
  • Drowning Alive

    by Courtney Burke

    Amanda Grace is the appearance of perfection. She's stunningly beautiful, successful in her career, beloved by her friends, and married to a handsome lawyer. It's as if she has it all. Though everything isn't so picture perfect. Despite Amanda's bubblydisposition, the young woman finds herself plagued with nightmares and unprovoked visions. Visions&... more

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  • 9781483448732

    by Angelina Marie
    A 20-year-old girl named Gabby suffers from delusions. She overcomes the delusions and gets into a romantic relationship with a college classmate named Jason. She then participates as a witness in a criminal trial against her ex-boyfriend Lyman.
  • The Sound of Unheard Melodies

    by Jan Surasky
    Lily Paxton is a child of the 1880s Oklahoma territories, born to a poor gypsy mother and a wealthy mine-owning father. She rides the prairies and the grasslands making friends with the foreman’s son at her father’s mine and a Native American boy she meets in the ancient Cross Timbers forest. But, when she reaches sixteen she is sent east to her father’s wealthy family and a finishing school where she will prepare for courtship with wealthy young men or perhaps even a European noble. But, when a... more
  • Credit Repair Chicago

    by Jason Haskins
  • Philippe and The Marshmallow & Candy Floss Clouds

    by Lennice A. Norwood
    What if tomorrow’s weather report said that we could eat the clouds in the sky? What if some were said to taste like marshmallows and others, like candy floss? Would you hop on a plane tomorrow to eat the sky? Well, that’s exactly what happens to one young boy in Philippe and The Marshmallow & Candy Floss Clouds. Philippe is a boy with a big imagination. One day, the weather forecast predicts edible clouds that taste just like marshmallow and candy floss. Will Philippe finally be able to try th... more
  • Bull Shark

    by Chezdon Mitchell
    Both relationships and friendships are tested when a chance encounter with a teenage boy called in Oscar in Scotland leads to the protagonist having to make choices that will have a significant impact on the lives of others. A stable same-sex relationship disintegrates as Chezdon and Louis subsequently travel around continental Europe on a road trip by motorcar. With emotional infidelity destabilising their travels, the new digital relationship evolves between Oscar and Chezdon. What will happen... more
  • Eating the Forbidden Fruit

    by Roland Sato Page
    Eating the Forbidden Fruit is a gritty fiction novel loosely based on true events in author Roland Sato Page life. The newcomer author delivers a personal journey into his rise and demise as a St. Louis City Police Officer. He takes the readers on a roller coaster ride of good ole family memories to the nightmarish reality of being a police officer indicted on federal drug charges. During his trial he wrote memoirs as a testimonial of redemption. Roland case stems from conflict of his childhoo... more
  • Heather and the Jabberwocky: An Amorous Journey into the Mythical Antiquity of Now

    by Peter Kelton
    A vengeful stalker tracks lovely Heather mercilessly from Hong Kong to France to Georgia as her artist husband fends off a Mexican drug cartel’s attempts to disrupt their tranquil academic lives. It’s an intelligent fantasy, a daunting mystery and a tantalizing adventure in literary fiction. In this tale of international intrigue, all hope for Heather depends on the Jabberwocky, a nonsense poem written by Lewis Carroll. When Alice of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland reads the poem, she says, “So... more

    by Annie Wilkinson

    It is 1898 in the wild west town of Black Butte, Wyoming. Young, sassy, and independent Aurette Rose Kilkennen wants one thing: a hunk of happiness. The birth of her baby, Ella, promises to fulfill her wish. Still, her colorful past, her lost love, her secrets, and a beautiful and ambitious adversary, Victoria McClintock, seeks to steal away Aurette's husband, Mark Kilkennen, and complicates her quest.

    Many People play a role in Aurett'e life--good and bad--as she struggles... more

  • Dakota and the American Dream

    by Sameer Garach

    Is the American Dream really all it’s cracked up to be?

    A ten-year-old boy drifts off at the park and dreams about reaching the top of an octopus-shaped skyscraper in an urban fantasy world reminiscent of Corporate America. An unsuspecting job candidate, Dakota lands a position at the Creature Company and encounters several human-like animals that echo the variety of workplace personalities and regional dialects within the United States on his way.

    ... more