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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Let Us Begin

    by Julia Amante
    Salvador arrives in the United States from Argentina with one big, unfocused goal, to become successful at something. He knows that America is the land of opportunity and if he works hard, he will triumph. Together with his childhood sweetheart, he settles in the Big Apple where dreams come true. But this ambitious young immigrant soon learns that it takes more than hard work and charisma to succeed and is changed by the harsh realities of living in New York. Everyone has advice for Sal... more
  • Julian Blooms

    by Phoebe Fox
    Last to hatch, little Julian is behind the other peachicks. He can’t speak. He can’t fly. He longs to catch up to the others. But how much time will it take? In this uplifting story about a late-bloomer peacock, Julian learns that with a little encouragement and a lot of patience, even he will one day be ready to bloom.
  • Words Carry Power

    by A.P. Wright
    Teach your child the power of words with this helpful children’s book. Meet Pineal as he learns that negative words make him feel bad and positive words build him up! Your child will learn words that bring comfort and joy, as well as to avoid words that bring sadness or hurt. Foster good communication skills, encourage kindness and remind your child that their words can affect those around them, for better or worse. By equipping children with the knowledge to make good choices, we empower them... more
  • Sonder: Janie's Story

    by Maureen Morrissey
    Downtown New York City in the 1970’s and 80’s is a dark and dangerous place for Janie Thompson. A young woman unequipped to make her way through the temptations and pitfalls that littered cold days and mean nights, she is in and out of danger at every turn. She has left behind the family and neighborhood that almost destroyed her to search for her lost brother and herself. The journey takes her deep into rabbit holes as she tries to navigate a path through before it is too late. A ... more
  • The Untold Stories of Madison Avenue

    by Guy Who Knows
    There is an old question which is, can money buy you happiness? The short answer is No, the longer answer is my book called ‘The Untold Stories of Madison Avenue’. I am the Guy Who knows, your modern day, ‘gossip -girl’ only real. I arrived in New York City over a decade ago and landed a key position as salon manager in a Madison Avenue upscale hair salon, home to socialites and tastemakers of New York. With my irresistible charm and bitchy attitude, the ladies of the Upper East side couldn’t r... more
  • What She Didn't Know

    by Dorothea Anna
    Growing up with an alcoholic abusive father, Michaela, Gloria, and Seraphima carry deep internal wounds into adulthood that taint their relationships. When a tragic event shatters their world and a long-held family secret is discovered, will they find a way to repair their broken ties and heal from the past?
  • Secrets at No.6

    by Jemma Hatt
    A robbery rocks the entire household of No.6, and everyone is a suspect. Twelve-year-old trainee housemaid Alice and reclusive young aristocrat Theo are determined to solve the case. As they investigate upstairs and downstairs to track down the culprit, the mystery deepens and danger looms closer. Join them in an adventure spanning the grand streets of Belgravia to the Docklands of the East End in their headlong race to uncover the truth.
  • Shelter in hostile World

    by Mack Little
    Badu Obosi is haunted. As an enslaved Igbo man on the island of Barbados, he is all too familiar with violence and heartache, and wants nothing more than to protect his family. When his daughter’s safety was threatened, he had no choice but to lead a revolt against the slavers to help her escape. Now hunted by the militia, Badu and his wife, an Irish indentured servant, must flee the island. As Badu treks through dangerous territory to secure their passage, he finds that he is pursued by much... more
  • True Criminals

    by Robert Bryce Milburn
    Dax and Daryl, two small-time crooks, concocted an ambitious plan to retire—frame themselves for kidnapping and murdering a rap superstar's trophy wife in an unsolved missing person case! To guarantee their capture, they broke into the crime scene and left behind some incriminating evidence—their blood, saliva and... *wink, wink* more intimate organic material—in the hope that the notoriety it gained would attract Hollywood producers and land themselves a movie deal! Their plan worked—and then i... more
  • Born Saul

    by Michele Ramarini

    He was a Jew. He wrote the rules of Christianity. He changed the course of history.

    BORN SAUL is a book about a transformative journey. The journey, both physical and spiritual, of an extraordinary man who, almost single-handedly and through sheer force of will, set out to change the world. Jews and heathens are his foes, faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ is his strength, Roman law his unlikely ally. Entirely based on the content of the Gospels, the Book of Acts... more

  • Nothing Left But Dust

    by Melissa Geissinger
    NOTHING LEFT BUT DUST is a powerful tale of love, loss, and hope set during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Jo and Otto must fight for survival and love as they navigate the burning ruins of the city in search of answers to a dark family secret. An edge-of-your-seat coming-of-age survival story that will leave you inspired by the strength and resilience of the human spirit.
  • Small Fry

    by Stephenie Wilson Peterson
    A bully candidate dead set on winning. Corruption that goes all the way to the top. Election fraud. A revolution of young voters. Middle school elections are brutal. When Silas started 6th grade, no one at his new school believed he was eleven, not even the teachers! Because of his growth hormone deficiency, he was the shortest kid in school. By a lot. He didn't let his height keep him from making friends with some of the other kids in the school band. The only problem is that Sila... more
  • The Wizard Clip Haunting

    by Stanley D. Williams

    When America was young, reckless, and fiercely independent, an equally independent farmer and a renegade Catholic priest struggle to accept each other, but eventually join forces to confront an ancient Babylon spirit who threatens their safety and the country’s freedom. Narrated by historic personality, Fr. (Prince) Demetrius Augustine Gallitzin, who investigated the original events, the story is not one but four, woven into a colorful tapestry of historical characters who enrich the dr... more

  • Earl, Honey

    by D.S. Getson
    EARL HAHN is slow, the last one to catch on to things. Since the day his father hit him in the head with a 2x4 of loblolly pine, he’s struggled with a “thickness in his brain.” It takes him longer to make the connections others arrive at easily. When his father is prosecuted for the crime of incest, it feels like deliverance for Earl, his mother Lizzie Belle, and the entire Hahn family. Unfortunately, his father’s abhorrent actions are not done exacting a price. Everyone in the household will pa... more
  • The Belonger

    by Mary Kathleen Mehuron
    Caribbean-island innkeeper Holly Walker is hunkering down against a monster hurricane. Unfortunately, so is player Lord Anthony Bascombe, a man who excuses his bad behavior by saying he is descended from pirates. Then her grown son, Byron, and his father, Montez—the man she’s never stopped wanting—go missing. Will she ever see them again? What about the many others hurt and dying? And will help ever arrive? With each passing day, Holly’s tumultuous past and the epic storm send her hurtling towar... more
  • Wild with All Regrets

    by E.L. Deards
    A decade has passed since Lucas Connolly lost his best friend—and the only man he’s ever loved—in World War I, but he still can’t shake his guilt over Jamie’s death. In fact, ever since losing Jamie, Lucas has heard his friend’s voice inside his head—confused about what happened to him, begging him for help. And now, suddenly, it’s not just Jamie’s voice anymore; now, a specter who looks and acts exactly like Jamie did before his death, and who is demanding answers from Lucas about what happened... more