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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Gingerbread Twins

    by Renee Hayes
    The Gingerbread Twins is a funny twist on the classic tale, full of catchy rhymes and chants.  In this story, Fox returns as a baker full of determination to bake the perfect batch.  Join their enchanting journey filled with friendship, sweetness, and a dash of cinnamon-spiced mischief!
  • Masterpiece: An Inclusive Kids Book Celebrating a Child on the Autism Spectrum

    by Alexandra Hoffman

    Masterpiece is an inclusive story featuring Samuel, a boy on the autism spectrum who sees the world differently than his peers. When Samuel's teacher asks his class to create a piece of art, it quickly becomes apparent that his beautiful way of looking at the world makes him a true masterpiece! Throughout the story, the other students in his class learn lessons of empathy, understanding and acceptance. The colourful illustrations will delight children and Masterpiece may just become a family ... more

  • The Space Between Dark and Light

    by Jan Krause Greene
    Joe Geist is desperate. His brother Jared has vanished, and Joe, usually a roll-with-the-punches type, begins a frantic quest to uncover his missing brother's fate. The search leads him to an enigmatic homeless mystic, Sir Davies, who claims to know what happened to Jared. Anne Miller, a quick-witted freelance reporter, agrees to help Joe after discovering a link between Jared's daughter and Sir Davies. One hundred years after Jared disappears, civil society is collapsing in the wake of environm... more
  • Sweet Baby Mine

    by Maria Daversa
    Set in Paris, an American expat has her life upended when her estranged adult daughter emerges and threatens to reveal a marriage-ending secret.
  • Meatball's Mixed-Up Moods

    by Cathy Longano
    Meatball is a sweet, loving, and energetic pug that goes on an emotional roller coaster one day during a playdate with his best friend, Rocco. During his playdate, he experiences a range of emotions that include excitement, frustration, anger, and empathy, when the two pups have a disagreement that leads to a fight. Meatball soon realizes the importance of making good choices, and learns a valuable lesson on forgiveness, kindness, and friendship.
  • The Dead-Honest Truth According to Tazz

    by Anja Høvik Strømsted
    This young female narrator, by the name of Tazz Iverson, will convince you that there are unorthodox paths to triumph, even thru gloomy, violent, and wildly unreasonable circumstances, especially those your parents, teachers, or anyone who is supposed to care won’t vouch for. Dead-honest as she is, she will likely make you laugh out loud and challenge you at your core. Having left her home country, friends and family, and her acceptance to a creative writing course, she searches for fulfillme... more
  • Gar the Great and the Forbidden Top Shelf Shiny

    by M. K. Bingman
    Gar is a cat who loves to play and explore. One day he sees something on Dad's bookshelf that he wants. With his best buddy, his toy mouse, Harold, they will stop at nothing, including danger, to win the greatest object Dad is keeping from them, the forbidden top shelf shiny.
  • The Morgan Film

    by Steven Donahue
    A Philadelphia newspaper reporter tries to find an elusive film that proves JFK’s assassination was a conspiracy. Reporter Sean Dublin travels to Washington, D.C. with college intern Kathy Cooper in search of a home-movie that contradicts the Warren Commission’s report on President John F. Kennedy’s murder. Their investigation uncovers a twisted plot by a clandestine organization that seeks control over major global events. As the journalists get closer to the truth, their lives are threatene... more
  • Quigley Lopez, A Friend For Life

    by Dave OHare
    Set on a small island in the middle of the Salish Sea, Quigley Lopez, A Friend for Life, offers readers, both young and old, a timeless lesson in what it means to trust and, ultimately, to love. Both gentle and kind, this is the first in a series of coming of age stories sure to warm the heart of anyone who has ever loved a dog and is destined to become a faithful companion for years to come.
  • Coloring the Rainbow

    by Catherine Rose
    Coloring the Rainbow: A Story about the Power of Connection, tells a story of the magic created when the unique talents of a group of children are shared in a colorful adventure. The story unfolds as a young boy, practicing his trombone, pauses to wonder if other musical voices exist. When an alluring treble note wafts through his window, he begins a determined quest to find the answer. Playing his horn through the neighborhood he draws other curious children to play their instruments along wi... more
  • BIG THINGS: A Story for Older Siblings of C-Section Babies

    by Danielle L. Forbes
    BIG THINGS are happening at home, and it isn't just the new baby... There is one serious boo-boo on Mommy’s belly! Help guide your children towards supporting mom’s C-Section recovery while also adjusting to becoming an older sibling. You can help smooth out these BIG family transitions with: Kid-friendly explanations Family affirming language Easy, recovery-friendly alternatives to familiar family routines
  • Tom Shark

    by Teighan Laino
    Tom was a strong and successful shark. But beneath the surface he was struggling an inner battle - oceans of emotions swirling inside him. He kept these feelings to himself, until one day it all became too much, and he swam away… His friends and family rally together to spread the important message of caring for your mental health.
  • Fragments of Saturday: Exploring the Profound Solitude of an Emotional Journey Through a Breakup (Weekend of Awakening Book 1)

    by Kitsakon Jarakit
    "Fragments of Saturday", delves into the aftermath of a heartbreak, exploring the fragments of a shattered relationship and the protagonist's journey towards self-understanding and acceptance.
  • The Princess and the Pea: The Classic Story Retold

    by Shari Eskenas
    Rediscover the timeless charm of 'The Princess and the Pea' in this vibrant, revitalized adaptation crafted for the modern reader. With illustrations that burst with color and playfulness, this rendition is a feast for the eyes, sure to both delight and enchant. Unexpected humor awaits, from a breakfast scene with a smiling pancake to a princess clad in dinosaur pajamas. These details are carefully interwoven throughout the story, bringing fresh, whimsical twists to the age-old narrative.
  • Unclutter: A Survivor's Story (Inner Voice Book 1)

    by Winnie Pagora
    “Now, I declare war on my abusers—their time is up.” Eighteen-year-old Tina Lauren is an outcast with wounds that run deep—she’s always needed to make the outside hurt more than the inside does. She hates being touched, her clothes don’t fit, and neither does she. But when Strollfield’s teen heartthrob, Nicholas Parker, crosses a line and Tina retaliates in public, she is thrust into a harsh spotlight that reveals her long-buried scars. Branded a liar and a freak at every turn, Tina faces rev... more
  • in the land of glare

    by laura golden bellotti
    From Berkeley to Disneyland, Tehrangeles to Olvera Street, unlikely connections are forged—between the infant son of a drive-by victim and a witch psychologist; a mariachi violinist and her doomed neighbor; a bad boy LAPD wannabe and his longed-for birth mother; a defiant Thai immigrant and a big shot with Taylor Swift tickets. in the land of glare takes readers off the beaten track to trace the unintended pathways from one California heart to another.