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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Twisted Cross: Adventure to the New World

    by Anita Perez Ferguson
    In 1795, eighteen-year-old Salvador Tenorio and his best friend, Blas, embark upon the most adventurous journey of their lives, leaving their impoverished families and painful memories behind in Imperial Spain. On a quest to find adventure, the clever young Spaniard battles the demons of his past and religious uncertainty on an epic expedition to the New World. Determined to make the best out of their challenging circumstances, they aspire to claw their way out of poverty. Sal and Blas discover... more
  • The Garbage Can Gang: Home at Last

    by Dewitt Zachary Smith
    A modern fable about three lost dogs living on the streets of Tucson AZ. learning about life and looking for a new home.
  • A Cognitive Canvas by Priyanka Samra

    by Artisan Book Reviews & Promotion
    I wrote each piece with the goal in mind of creating a feeling on the reader's end, whether its the California ocean breeze on a hot summer day, a hot cup of coffee in New York City with the company of my journal, the ethereal feeling of rainy days, the homeless boy on Skid Row whose hunger hurts him a little extra on Thanksgiving day, the power of mental stamina, the blueprint of modern-day society, social issues in the Western and Eastern worlds, cultural taboos, my father whom we lost in Augu... more
  • 9781663213297

    by Thomas E Sipp Sr.
    The Other Side of the Shamans, an adult-oriented novel, is divided into two parts: the first, set at the begnning of the eighteeeenth century, follows the historically-based life of Walking Horse,a young spiritual Native American in the Ho-Chunk tribe. A prodigy with remarkable physical and mental powers, Walking Horse encounters ecstatic love and abject evil, with varying degrees of success. The second part, set in the late twentieth century, chronicles the lives of two very different cleric... more
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    by James Faranadise
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  • At the end there's light

    by Narleysia Jones
  • Beyond Poetry

    by Nathan Jarelle

    A Black teenager from the inner city triumphs upon discovering poetry in this urban tale which takes place during the mid 1990s.

  • American Faust

    by Rick Brown

    American Faust follows the lives of three Americans from different time periods who make a deal with the devil and end up together on a country estate frozen in time.

  • Sheltered: When a Boy Becomes a Legend by Jacob Paul Patchen

    by Kids Lit Book Cafe
    With America under attack from within, twelve-year-old James must fight his way to freedom while trying to hold onto his values and virtue. “We are all given a space in life to fill, a roaring emptiness in time… and it’s how you choose to fill that void, that will determine the difference in becoming a man or a legend.” That’s what my father said to me a few years ago before he walked out on Mom, Emily, and me. If I would have had any sense back then, I would have asked him exactly what th... more
  • Ruffled Feathers

    by R.J. McCullen

    A tale of politics, passion and peacocks, inspired by real events. Caitlin Mueller is struggling to rebuild her life in her newly adopted home in Florida, and she’s finding it hard going. When the flock of peacocks that drew her to her new neighborhood mysteriously disappear, Caitlin is moved to action. She turns to social media for support, and unexpectedly ignites a firestorm and a full-fledged movement. Along the way, she incites passions and turmoil among the citizens of tiny Isabel... more

  • Chasing Fireflies

    by Chloe Fowler

    Everything happens for a reason

    Rainey Collins has heard this a thousand times, but when it comes to her sister Maverick, who was born with a serious heart defect, the reason has always been a mystery. The idea of a future without her sister terrifies Rainey so much, she hasn’t even thought about life after high school. However, on the first day of senior year, Rainey winds up sitting next to Liam Hayes, a rumored delinquent with a dangerously dysfunctiona... more

  • The Girl in the Gold Dress

    by Christine Paik
    Hannah’s Korean name literally means “Gold Dress,” so why doesn’t she want to be seen wearing her gold hanbok dress? 10-year-old Hannah is facing a big performance for her school’s talent show. The trouble is, she’s ashamed of her dress, the dance, even the music - they’re too different, too Korean! What if everyone makes fun of her? Will Hannah be brave enough to perform, or will she run off stage like she did at rehearsal? First, she must learn about the gold dress she’s wearing and its mys... more
  • A Life Well Lived: The Book I Thought I'd Never Write

    by Diane L. Akins
    Join Diane on a spirited adventure during her 74-year journey through the twists and turns of a life well-lived. In this anthology, tag along when she travels down the Grand Canyon with Madonna and Ray Charles, meets a Greek god, and becomes the superhero of her own life. Feel her pain, share her mishaps, and revel in her triumphs while she weaves memorable tales from vivid experiences. This book speaks to those searching for happiness and meaning despite chaos, abuse, and loss. With a lot of ... more
  • Shelby's Creek Z Hour

    by Mark Matthiessen
  • More Than One Way

    by Zandra Strother

    Danforth Williams, a young black boy, saw his future in Guyana, B.W.I; a weekly journey to the Kaietuer Gold Mine with the crew from his village. He rejected it. 'Little Will' walked away from the mine into the path of Karl, an American of Dutch descent, who hoped to rehabilitate a defunct sugar cane plantation and create a new life. Will becomes a driving force at the plantation, but secrets of opium poppy fields and the death of an Amerindian bush girl, drive Karl back to America. K... more