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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    by Dave Kwan

    Teenager Tommy is strong-armed to join a local street gang that's organized to steal vehicles and do break-ins. Evidence at a crime scene lead the Police to arrest Tommy and he goes before the Court as a Juvenile. The Judge gives Tommy a 'Second Chance' and releases him to the care of his grandparents, Carl and Kathy Long Grass. Living of the Indian Reserve bores Tommy until he enrols at Gold Eagle Martial Arts. The discipline, progress, and positive friendship... more


    by Dave Kwan

    The Japanese Ninja Clans were attacked by a Warlord and sent into hiding as Outlaws with a reward for their capture and death. As the sole survivor of his Ninja Clan, Takeshi Shinobi sails to America in search of safety, freedom, and his final duty of honour - find someone to inherit his Ninja skills and knowledge. The young apprentice Takeshi finds and successfully trains becomes more like family, and Takeshi gives him the Japanese name, Yuji, which means good son. Takeshi passes over all hi... more

  • The Third Thing

    by Sirkka Smith

    Love. Friendship. Weird Birds.
    A socially-awkward artist and a shy photographer shadowed by a mysterious virus must face their fears to find what they need...

    Xiomara (Xo for short) relaunches her artistic career with a bang—or rather, a crash—when she moves to the small mountain town of Lingen to paint birds. She’s determined to get her life back on course by pursuing what she loves, and she is sure that can be accomplished with a practi... more

  • The Ultimate Guide of Wedding Planner in 2021

    by Krishna
    This is the ultimate guide to choose Wedding Planners in 2021. In this guide, you will learn all about Know everything about Wedding Planner, Do you need to hire an Event Planner?, Things you should Tell your Marriage Planner, Best Ways to Prepare Your Wedding Budget, How to Choose an Affordable Wedding Planner? and lots more.
  • The Bookseller

    by Peter Briscoe
    Stories about professors, students, librarians, booksellers, and early scientific explorers. The title story takes place in an Ecuadorian library that is experiencing rampant theft. A literary, intellectual mystery that delves into the library as idea as the world rushes into a digital, post-literate future.
  • Education of a Native Son

    by Harold Dozier

    Education of a Native Son begins where author Richard Wright's novel Native Son ends. Thomas, an African-American young man who grew up in Harlem is accepted to a prestigious Ivy League university in New England. While in college Little, as he is known, will be confronted with the pressures of the everyday college student and the pressures of being Black at a predominately white university (PWI). In addition to adjusting to college life, he will soon learn the secret of his parent... more

  • Addie's Me-Cave

    by Cheryl Palladino and Rachael Ostrowski
    It’s hard to have big feelings, especially when you are little. A young girl has a special place where she can cope with her emotions in a new picture book that emphasizes social emotional learning through imagination and features tools for parents and educators.
  • The Great Enclosure

    by Usil Cel
    As their greatest dreams are about to be realized, three Californians of African descent are visited by angels who inform them that their lives are coming to an end. Gazelle Gweru, thirty-five years old, is a pastry chef who is about to receive the most prestigious award in her profession. Canter Kariba, seventy-three years old, is a recent retiree who is about to speak to her only child for the first time in decades. Sophia Centenary, twenty-six years old, is a full-time reality-TV participa... more
  • Brandy, Ballad of a Pirate Princess

    by Dan Hendrickson
    Brandy Erasmus is the daughter of the most feared pirate of the Caribbean in the early 19th century. Erick Erasmus aka The Plague and his infamous wife The Scarlet Mistress have marauded and ravaged the seas of the Caribbean since before Brandy was born. But on one fateful day when she is fifteen years old, that life drastically ends. First her father is killed by his second in command, Don Lomoche, and then an evil self-important, pompous ass British admiral named Bennets captures and executes ... more

    by Gary Kyriazi
    It's one year later, Father's Day Eve, 1985, and two bodies lie at the bottom of the cliffs of La Sangre, California. What is wrong with that town? A would-be investigative reporter is determined to find out.
  • The Lighthouse

    by Rebecca Enright
    With a strong bright light, a young lighthouse learns its true purpose in this heartfelt and charming children's book. Children will learn about lighthouses and what they do in this educational story.
  • Bleed More, Bodymore

    by Ian Kirkpatrick


    Joey, a mechanic, receives a phone call late in the night to pick up her friend's car from the infamous Baltimore body dumping grounds, Leakin Park. She arrives to find the car abandoned and her friend missing entirely. When she brings the car back to the body shop, she then finds a body in the trunk. While the Baltimore Police Department tries to find her friend under for suspected murder, Joey races to find him first and discov... more

  • The Father, the Son & the Slave

    by Christopher Grant

    You know the Passion narrative. This is the story behind it.

    Metlip, Nubian slave to master carpenter Josef of Nazareth, is roused in the night by the carpenter's estranged son, Iesu. Risking arrest and worse by defying his three-year exile, Iesu has returned to ask his father two questions. The first inspires a family pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The answer to the second will determine whether Iesu implements a daring plan to change the world, a world Josef depends on to hide a secret ... more

  • The Rain Drinkers

    by Gerry Finan
    Set on Long Island, NY in the little town of Bay Shore at the beginning of the twentieth century, “The Rain Drinkers” is the story of a young man’s passage to adulthood. Sent to stay with an abusive relative he has never met and the man’s unfortunate young wife, the younger man is forced to learn lessons of life, friendship, love, and loss. The story touches on many different topics such as racism, immigration, and the American experience at the beginning of a new age.
  • A Hope Restored

    by Emily Stalder Johnson
    Dublin Caldwell makes the life-altering decision to leave behind Andy’s hometown of London, Ohio as a young man in his early twenties. He hopes to journey all the way out to Montana Territory, to try and locate his biological father’s only brother… Along the way, he meets an intriguing young lady. Troubling, dangerous events quickly begin to unfold, so she decides to accompany him on his travels across the States. Dublin is cautious to begin a relationship with Allie Hatfield, but that's exactly... more
  • Hope Endures: Book Two

    by Emily Stalder Johnson
    Life for 17-year-old Dublin Caldwell has been filled with peace and love since 1878 when he went to live with his adoptive father, Andy Caldwell. However, terrifying events soon begin to unfold, leaving Dublin wounded and both their faith tested. Their safety is threatened, and all they can do is trust in God. Their friendship with an unlikely character forms, only to result in betrayal and danger. Will Dublin and Andy be able to escape with their lives?