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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Ruptured Soul: Rest Beyond The River

    by Stephanie Jean Noel
    In her debut novel, the up and rising vibrant author Stephanie Jean Noel, fulfills the yearning of her soul in daring to open her distinctive throat to release burdened songs within. With clipped wings and without a drop of water to quench decades of thirstiness. This caged soul mustered up the courage to sing her song and tell her story about the struggles of a young Black single mother named Valerie, living in Atlanta, Georgia with her three young daughters. It is during those stormy mo... more
  • The Love Tank: A Book About Empathy, Kindness, and Self-Awareness for Children Ages 4-8 (Wholesome Children: Self Awareness)

    by Andrea Mendoza-Vasconez
    How can we give our children an understanding of the value of love, kindness, empathy, and compassion? It's challenging to explain the importance of giving and receiving love. Why do some people behave hurtfully? How can we respond with kindness and compassion? The Love Tank guides children in imagining a superpower container inside their bodies that fills up with love. The book explains what can happen when someone's love tank is full--or empty, and how we can help others to fill their lo... more
  • Bardo

    by Emily Gallo
    After twenty years in prison, an exonerated Luther finds himself once again accused of a murder he did not commit. He flees to New York City where Finn, an old Irish author, teaches him that life is not a predictable, straight path. They embark on a food and drink fueled, cross-country trip where Luther learns to embrace the idea that “life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.”
  • Meeting Exceptional Friends

    by Lindsey Larsen
    A group of children, some with disabilities, interact with one another on a playground. The children ask and respond to questions about their differences, leading to understanding and friendship.
  • A Day for Shadows

    by Jason L Melendez
    An allegorical look at modern society and our shared human experience/struggle from the perspectives of a civilization that is a shadowy mirror of our own and characters who are our very inverse.
  • Sam Time

    by Donna Balon
    History Professor Slips into the Past and Befriends Ulysses S Grant: When her fiancé is away on business, lonely Samantha Hunter despairs and absorbs herself in historical research. Her nighttime dreams being so vivid, Samantha believes she’s traveling to a past century. As she navigates the Victorian era rules of dos and even more don’ts, she charms an American icon while struggling to maintain her present-day romance.
  • Elly Robin and the Colorado Gold Camp (Ordeals of Elly Robin, volume 2)

    by PD Quaver
    In the summer of 1911, twelve year old piano prodigy Elly Robin and her pal Jimmy McGann arrive in the Colorado gold mining town of Cripple Creek in search of Jimmy's sister, Liddie. While they look for clues to Liddie's tragic disappearance, Elly lands a job playing at Crapper Jack's Saloon and Dance Hall....Volume Two of P.D. Quaver's extraordinary multi-volume saga, THE ORDEALS OF ELLY ROBIN
  • Weekend with a Fashionista

    by Emberli, David and Brooke Pridham
    Do you have an emerging fashionista in your home? Have you ever wondered what goes into creating the clothes you wear every day? Brooke Fairley and her family visit their cousin Delfi in New York City to explore the fashion scene. Brooke is inspired by how designers like Coco Chanel, Lilly Pulitzer, and Vera Wang created their iconic styles from unconventional places. She discovers the history of items we wear daily and the inventions behind them while learning how a fashion designer thinks. B... more
  • bed time stories

    by Fabian Lewandowicz
    Introducing an enchanting collection of 27 captivating bedtime stories that will transport young readers to a world filled with magic, imagination, and adventure. With titles like "Rosie the Rabbit," "Lily Little Fairy," "Alex's Adventure," and "My Dragon Friend," this collection offers a diverse range of tales that will captivate and inspire children. Join Rosie the Rabbit on her delightful escapades in her Story, as she embarks on a thrilling journey filled with friendship and discovery. Fo... more
  • Don't Break My Rice Bowl

    by Patricia Rykiel
    Feeling life is slipping him by, an American agriculturalist heads to Vietnam to try and make a difference in the lives of the people as part of President Johnson's 'Hearts and Minds' campaign. There's just one big problem - there's a war going on! ---- Eddie joins a small group of civilian advisors chosen to work with local farmers to help make Vietnam once again self-sufficient in rice. He is drawn to the adventure, the challenge, and the opportunity to make a difference, but he is leaving som... more
  • Sweet Fire

    by J.P. Mitchell

    Sweet Fire is a picture book anthem aimed at helping girls and women to identify, own, celebrate and cultivate their unique contributions to the world. It speaks permission to every girl or woman who has believed she is “too much.”  Through a rhythmic, inviting text and rich illustrations, the book aims to neutralize the cumulative effect of society’s diminishing messages on our girls--inviting them to let their fire light up the world!&... more

  • Aclaracion

    by Michael Chavez
    Neho, an aimless young man living in New Mexico, is being sexually abused by his stepfather. When he attempts to redress the crime, he's cast as the perpetrator. The backlash becomes almost unbearable and threatens to put him in jail and destroy his relationship with Martin Diaz, the man he deeply loves. When Martin reveals an old Spanish creencia (belief) called the Camino Sagrado, Neho takes hold and his life slowly begins to change. He discovers meaning and a purpose to pursue. Embracing th... more
  • Capricorn Moon: A Collection of Short Stories and Poems

    by V.I. Hutchinson
    Explore a collection of three short stories and seven poems by American writer V. I. Hutchinson. Gathered together in a variety of imagery and tone, each story and poem is arranged by increasing intensity to whimsically portray the subtle brooding phases of a Capricorn Moon. Begin with the melodically lighthearted poem “Dance Floor Love” and the quirky narcissism in the short story “Melpomeny”. Peel away at the layers with a progression through the complications of romance in “Empty Spaces”, “Fr... more
  • She Died Then Showed Me

    by Samar Reine
    She Died Then Showed Me, Book One of The Pioneer Ranch Saga, immerses readers in a world of art, mystery, self-discovery, and the complexities of family rivalries. The story follows Peyton Chase, an unwilling heiress burdened by her father's debts, as she embarks on a journey to unravel the secrets of her illustrious family. Devastated by the revelation that her father secretly sold her mother's renowned paintings, Peyton is determined to salvage her family's estate. To reclaim what was lost ... more
  • A Home Out of Ashes (Sisters of Stella Mare Book 3)

    by Annie M. Ballard
    Rett’s the second Madison sister, the bossy one who always knows what to do. She’s a nurse who helped everyone stay calm and sane last summer when James, the girls’ father, had a health scare that landed him in the hospital in St. Stephen (see Domestic Arts for the whole story). Rett’s husband Harry has been the stay-at-home parent. Eight years ago, he signed on for that duty until Mason went to school, but then the twins were born and so Harry was at home instead of finishing his Ph.D. as pl... more
  • Uglier: A moving YA novel about a teen finding their gender identity (The Art of Being Ugly Book 2)

    by Kelly Vincent
    Oklahoma City. Nic Summers is ready for a fresh start. Entering her first semester at a boarding school far from her narrow-minded hometown, the talented teen artist hopes to continue exploring her gender identity in a safer environment. And after meeting a boy she likes, connecting with another student, and discovering a supportive teacher, she’s relieved things are looking up… until once again she faces a cruel bully. Trying to stay positive, the shy creative focuses on nurturing her fledgling... more