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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Katelyn's Choice

    by Susan G Mathis
    The Gilded Age comes to life in this first installment of the Thousand Islands Series! Katelyn Kavanagh’s mother dreamed her daughter would one day escape the oppressive environment of their Upstate New York farm for service in the enchanting Thousand Islands, home to Gilded Age millionaires. But when her wish comes true, Katelyn finds herself in the service of none other than the famous George Pullman, and the transition proves anything but easy. Thomas O’Neill, brother of her best frien... more
  • The Adventures of the Rainbow Sparrow

    by Vladimir Sretkovic
    How can a sparrow get colors? What is needed for this? Well, he needs the Magpie, the Owl, Bird Sorceress and….the adventure can begin. Sparrow and his friends will come across a great number of obstacles that they will have to cope with, with the aid of their intelligence, cunningness and pure and brave heart during this incredible journey The Crow, Lord Eagle and Paradise bird will additionally make it hard on them. Will Sparrow achieve his goal? How will his friends help him? Will he ... more
  • Good as News: A Playful Exploration of the Human Condition Via Short Story Musings on Events and Things

    Beauty is everywhere around us and needs only a little help to get our attention. I feel like I am on a mission to let the Good be on top of the news for a change like I did in the story ‘Sorrow Bin’ for which Ray Allison wrote: « I like your positive attitude to life, full of resolve to make it better ». Driven by the recent discovery of the pleasure of writing, every morning at breakfast I let my imagination carry me where it pleases. I never thought it was possible. Such freedom of mind i... more
  • Finding Rosie

    by W. B. Edwards

    Set during the Vietnam war, this book tells the story of one proud Filipina woman.  It is told entirely from the perspectives of two American men, each of whom grew to love her in his own way, and of how one of them went back to the Philippines to find her again.

  • There Are Many Tools in the Kitchen (Don't Be One of Them)

    by Stephen Thompson

    Fellas – are you frequently emasculated in the break room by 20-something’s that call you out for not using a French-press to slow brew your coffee?

    Ladies - could you get some play from that cute barista named Lance if your soufflé was a little tighter and he’d stop braiding the hair of his 
    effeminate friend Terrance long enough to notice you?

    Do you BBQ in the winter so often that you know how to recognize types of spiders by their egg sacks h... more

  • Fitting Out: The Friendship Experiment

    by Sarah Giles

    With his best friend Miguel by his side, Max never thought about the fact that he was a little different and kind of shy. But now that Miguel has moved away, Max has to figure out how to make new friends and he has no idea how it all works. To make matters worse, he only has one month to do it before the new school year starts. YIKES!

    In Fitting Out: The Friendship Experiment, the first in a new series from debut author Sarah Giles, 10-year-old Max sets out to make new friends, usi... more

  • Light of the North Star

    by Dhrubajyoti (Dru) Bhattacharya

    Narrated by Hollywood actors, Dominic Keating (Star Trek) and Jean Gilpin (X-Men), Light of the North Star is a mixed-media epic poem that tells the tale of two empires from Ancient Greece and India following the Trojan War and the flood that submerged the city of Dwaraka.

  • The Long Journey to the Fair

    by Radka Yakimov
    The Long Journey to the Fair is a book about the consequences of wars, oppressive totalitarian regimes, intolerance, and prejudice. The stories told are of people whose lives had been impacted by these historical events and attitudes, and their search for a place of safety, peace, and security. It describes the meandering journey of generations of Armenian and Jewish families, the travails of Eastern Europeans and the Italian family after WWII, and the bonds created by their common destinies.
  • A Distant Field: A Novel of World War I

    by RJ MacDonald

    "Torpedo! Starboard side!"

    Scots-Americans Stuart and Ross McReynolds struggle for their lives as the RMS Lusitania rapidly sinks off the Irish coast in 1915. They only survive thanks to four young Irishmen who row to their rescue. Together, with a Canadian and a young English officer, they all go on to join the Seaforth Highlanders, the remotest of all Scottish regiments in the British Army. On the way Stuart falls deeply in love with Nell, a friend of his cousin who... more

  • How To Talk To Black People

    by A. Anon
    Can someone break through the boundaries they are subconsciously taught to place on other people? Ivy wants more from life. She wants more than her double-wide trailer, more than her dead father and drunk mother, and more than her clearance rack clothes. Her one comfort is the quirky and unpredictable Magnus: childhood best friend and member of the Dead Parent's Club. New student Alex might be her ticket to graduation. Alex has it all: an award-winning neurosurgeon for a mother, a wo... more
  • The Edge of Mercy

    by Heidi Chiavaroli
    Two women, three hundred years apart, must face the devastation of all they hold dear... Suspecting her husband is having an affair, Sarah Rodrigues fights to appear unbroken while attempting to salvage her family. Though distracted by her own troubles, Sarah is summoned to an elderly friend’s deathbed for an unusual request—find a long-lost daughter and relay a centuries-old family story. Determined not to fail her friend, Sarah pieces together the story of her neighbor’s ancestor, Elizab... more
  • Seeking Grace in Beulah Land, A Novel

    by Lu Clifton
    SEEKING GRACE IN BEULAH LAND is a tale about a small Oklahoma community and the mystery that has haunted its residents for decades. In the days following WWII, residents of rural Pittsburg County Oklahoma were mystified by the sudden disappearance of Grace Barlow, a young wife and mother of two daughters. When Grover Cleveland Barlow, her veteran husband, did not file a missing person’s report or treat her disappearance with suspicion, assumptions were made that Grace had left of her own free wi... more
  • Dorothy May: Can She Find a Forever Family?

    by Janet Hogan Chapman. Ed.D
    Who is Dorothy May? She is a fascinating mystery and a woman who searched for a true family. Given to an Atlanta woman during The Great Depression. she never knew her real parents. This novel is based on true events throughout Dorothy's life as she grew from girl to woman, always searching for who she really was. Beautiful, strong, and determined, Dorothy led a troubled life with at least two abusive husbands and giving birth to four sons. If you read my first novel, Madam May, you know some wom... more
  • The Troubled Seminarian: A Young Man's Struggle with His Faith at the Time of the Protestant Reformation.

    by Neal Grey
    This is a narrative nonfiction account of a young man's crisis of faith during the turmoil of the Protestant Reformation. It prompts him to explore the foundations and doctrines of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Diligently researched, references to ecclesiastical tomes, doctrine, theological arguments, teachings, rituals and generalized incidents are historically factual.
  • After Madam May: What Came Next

    by Janet Hogan Chapman Ed.D.
    This novella is a followup to the novel, Madam May: A tale of madams, morphine, moonshine, and murder. It picks up around 1911 and tells the story of the love of May's life, takes her through the fears of WWI, the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918, Federal prohibition, the roaring twenties, the Great Depression, and family turmoil with two more husbands and children. She and her family cope with WWII and the immense changes in Atlanta throughout the mid-1950s. As usual, May's actions are somewhat que... more
  • Madam May: A Tale of Madams, Morphine, Moonshine and Murder

    by Janet Hogan Chapman, Ed. D.
    Madam May is pure Southern drama with a touch of humor and spice. In spite of her foibles, you will find yourself cheering for May as she strives to become an independent woman in early 1900s Atlanta. Madam May, A Tale of Madams, Morphine, Moonshine, and Murder is based on true events in the life of the author’s paternal grandmother. Set in Atlanta in the early 1900s, there were few options for a poor, rural, uneducated woman but Willie May Wheeler Collis Stamper Hogan Cobb was willing to do... more