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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Servant of Helaman

    by M.D. House

    While a mighty nation reels following the assassination of its chief leader, its greatest enemy prepares to launch another bold invasion aimed at the subjugation of the free people of Nephi, about fifty years before the Savior’s long-prophesied advent to the world.


    Caught up in the swirling cacophony of events is a young soldier and spy, a former orphan whose growing testimony of the coming Christ will be tested and refined as he engages in momentous battles to preser... more

  • The Barabbas Legacy

    by M.D. House

    In this poignant capstone to the trilogy, the man called Barabbas—infamous former thief, murderer and prisoner turned Christian—and his wife Chanah continue their mission of spreading the gospel across the known world as cauldrons of political and military chaos boil across the Roman Empire. Nero is increasingly erratic, and it’s only a matter of time before the sharp knives of imperial politics finish him off. Various successors vie for position. Who will strike first, and ... more

  • Pillars of Barabbas

    by M.D. House
  • I Was Called Barabbas

    by M.D. House
  • The Final Words of T. Harley

    by Rex Eloquens
    In a suicide note riddled with the taste of life, Terrance Harley recounts the diseased tales of his youth. Never quite fitting in, the venomous ire he has for the masses warps his life into something he can no longer enjoy. As a result, the affections he nurtures mythically inflates his loved ones to a universal scale. The only issue is, what happens to them when Harley's darkness takes over?
  • Levinson of Harvard

    by L.M. Vincent
    At the turn of the 20th century, a young Jewish immigrant living in the North End of Boston yearns to be a college man, no matter the cost. Five decades later his grandson embarks on his own college education and comes face-to-face with the unexpected secrets of his long-dead grandfather. Through dual narratives across time, LEVINSON OF HARVARD traces the parallel stories of grandfather and grandson, as each grapples with misguided aspirations, antisemitism, the loss of innocence, and the weigh... more
  • Anangokaa

    by Cameron Alam
    Upper Canada, 1804, on the edge of Chippewa territory. Flora MacCallum wakes from a malarial coma and witnesses the staggering loss her siblings have endured during their first days on the mosquito-infested banks of the Chenail Écarté. Lured by Lord Selkirk’s promise of fertile grazing land and freedom far from the Highland clearances, Flora’s father staked his life to bring his family across the Atlantic. During the struggling frontier settlement’s first bleak North American winter, Flora ... more
  • Those People Behind Us

    by Mary Camarillo
    Beneath the affluent veneer of a Southern California housing tract, five neighbors (a realtor, an aerobics teacher, an ex-con, a Vietnam vet, and a teenage boy) confront death, betrayal, financial decline, and loneliness, while trying to raise teenagers and care for aging parents. Set in the politically tumultuous summer of 2017, each character searches for home and community in a neighborhood where no one can agree who belongs.
  • Hibernaculum

    by Anthony Doyle
    Seth has finally decided to do it. Yumi has already done it. Walt’s wife is doing it right now, again. And Meghan wants to understand why anyone would want to do it at all, and why one particular consortium is so eager to make sure they do. Set in a very near-future world where synthetic human hibernation has become a reality, with purpose-built hibernation facilities in most major cities, Hibernaculum explores the many facets of a technology that promises to unburden a world on the brink of c... more
  • The Soul Machines

    by Alexandru Czimbor
    Three young men's quiet lives are thrown into chaos when one of them discovers a long-lost artifact. A symbol of humanity's evil nature, the artifact has a devastating effect on people's minds. Murders, insanity, and suicide wreak havoc in the region, ultimately altering the mind of a boy who is bound to change the course of history. Set during the fading years of the 19th century in Transylvania, "The Soul Machines" follows three young men who forge a bond of unlikely brotherhood while fighting... more
  • Emo Reality: The Biography of Teenage Borderline Personality Disorder

    by Jerold Daniels
    When Lina’s idyllic childhood descends into mental chaos in her teenage years, Lina resorts to recording her thoughts in diaries, online chats and emails to make sense of her anguish. Through Lina’s heart-wrenching words, the reader steps into her broken inner world to experience first-hand the obsessions, irrationality, angst and ruthlessness of teenage borderline personality disorder. Emo Reality shines a light into the dark corners of adolescent mental illness, proving that this disorder is n... more
  • Penelope's Big Dream

    by Mónica Vidalón
    Penelope is a curious, fun-loving little girl who is accompanied by her dream wherever she goes. Everything was going well for her until she realized that her dream had grown WAY TOO BIG. Feeling embarrassed of so much attention, she decided to leave her dream behind so she could fit in with others. Join Penelope in this sweet story of self awareness to find out what happens to her and her beloved dream.
  • From Peril to Light

    by James M. Bourey, Alan D. Bourey
    A novel of suspense and romance, this book tells the fascinating story of lives changed during a major citywide blackout. A group of strangers, together by chance, battle life-threatening dangers together. Their experience profoundly changes and enriches their lives. As the story unfolds, the reader experiences the tension of their experience as well as the unexpected moments of tenderness. More than just about surviving, this story tells how a diverse collection of individuals learned a lot a... more
  • Under the Blue Moon

    by Joan Schweighardt
    An automobile accident in front of a homeless shelter causes Lola, a dog trainer/groomer in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to renew her battle with the grief she previously pushed below the surface of her daily life. Ben, formerly an architect in the same city, has been abandoned by his family and is currently homeless. Lola sees him on the day of her accident, trying to smuggle something into the shelter while all the people associated with the facility are outside with her, waiting for the ambulance... more
  • A Life in Bloom

    by Anna E. Collins
    A LIFE IN BLOOM follows high school teacher and self-professed travelphobe Kristin Caine’s efforts to help her overbearing dying mother complete a bucket-list. The journey offers physical and emotional adventures, belated mother-daughter bonding, and unexpected romantic feelings for a new female friend, all of which challenge Kristin's preconceived notions of motherhood, love, and what it means to live life fully, one bucket-list checkmark at a time.
  • Eat and Get Gas

    by J.A. Wright
    Thirteen-year-old Evan Hanson is always the last in her family to know what’s going on—at least, that’s how it feels. Her father, Gene, who’s been meaner since he began serving in Vietnam, isn’t around much, and she likes it better that way. But then her brother, Adam, gets drafted, and her anti-war mother, Endura, takes him across the border to Canada, leaving Evan alone with Gene and her younger, special needs brother, Teddy. When he realizes Endura isn’t returning, Gene takes Evan and Teddy t... more