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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Her World: A Compilation of Women's Works from Around The World

    by Her Place, Any Region
    Her World, Creative Collections, is an eclectic and heartfelt compilation by women around the world! Brought to you by Her Place, Any Region, engage in poetry, prose, book excerpts, personal life experiences, photography and art showcasing the female mind, her heart and her experiences. A treasure chest box of life, there is something for everyone.
  • In Love and War

    by Chris McClelland
    In Love and War is the moving story of two young people in love at the cusp of adulthood and America’s entry into WW II. Inga, a German girl, and Mack, an American pilot. "A debut drama, set before and during World War II, which explores the distinction between friend and foe.... Author McClelland deftly follows several characters whose lives are involuntarily turned upside down by war and who are compelled to fight. He provocatively raises profound questions about how one defines and compart... more
  • Reunion

    by David Scott
    Robert Allen was the son of a plantation owner. Sammy Allen was the son of a slave living on the same plantation. They became best friends in 1850 when they were ten years old. How did the turbulence of the 1850s and the Civil War affect their friendship and their lives? Find out in Reunion!
  • Dalila

    by Fleur S. Lewis
    In a small bar in Studio City, Joe meets the woman of his dreams. Allison is beautiful and sweet, charming. He knows without a doubt, from the moment their eyes meet, that she’s it. The one. When his friends take him to Las Vegas for his bachelor party, however, Joe meets Dalila, and he forgets the meaning of commitment, loyalty, honesty. Dalila is an exotic dancer with a broken past. Lonely and isolated, she shies away from everything—drugs, booze, men. But then she sees Joe in her audience, ... more
  • The Natural Trajectory of Human Consciousness: Ten Speculative Stories

    by William W. Chan

    This is a meditation on death and consciousness through fictional narratives. Is consciousness the foundation of reality? If it is, then we hardly know it, preoccupied as we are with material concerns. It is quite possible that the trajectory of consciousness isn’t as it is assumed - beginning at birth and ending in death. What if it is naturally unpredictable? Where do we return to when we fall asleep and are momentarily cut off from the projections of our minds? Do we return to that s... more

  • Grey The Dog, A Tail of a Dream

    by SD Hall
    Grey is a dog who is having a wonderful dream. First he finds himself running through the forest close to a stream. There are flowers in bloom and rabbits to chase and play with. But when a giant rabbit begins to chase him back, what will Grey do? Can he make it home safely?
  • Johnny Famous Journey

    by Adebowale Ajibulu
    Johnny Afolabi Mathew is a Nigerian young man who resides with his parent in South Africa. He decides to become famous by all means in other to exact the humiliation he suffers during the commemoration of the New Freedom Day under the first-ever elected black President of South Africa, President Nelson Mandela in 1995. He believes being famous would be the instrument to revenge and to become famous education is the only tool. He faced his studies after inform his father of relocating to Unit... more
  • Mama's Bees

    by Anat Tour
    Help save the honeybees. Told in a thoughtful and humorous way Mama's Bees brings awareness and understanding to children of the importance of saving the bees. Delightful and educational.
  • The Name of Red

    by Beena Khan
    A Literary Fiction DEBUT novel. Two strangers on the same path. Survivors. Companions. They will be each other’s salvation. On a rainy, winter night, a mysterious woman in a red dress seeking shelter comes inside the restaurant Kabir was busy working in —primarily the bar— and night after night, drink after drink, she comes back to the same spot. That is where he sees her for the first time. Hundreds of patrons around her try to speak with her daily, but she dismisses them. It appea... more
  • Maid of Morgan's Point

    by Robert Wuench
    In 1821, Mexico declared its independence from Spain. The sparsely populated Mexican Empire north of the Rio Grande stretched from California to the Gulf of Mexico and inland to the border of the Louisiana Purchase. But the powerful Nununu, the Comanche, claimed much of the same territory east of California and Arizona as the soil of their ancestors. Others called the Numunu sacred ground Comancheria, Land of the Enemy. Barely 25 years later, Mexican Texas and most of Comancheria had been c... more
  • Sherlock Holmes & the Ripper of Whitechapel

    by M. K. Wiseman
    I am afraid that I, Sherlock Holmes, must act as my own chronicler in this singular case, that of the Whitechapel murders of 1888. For the way in which the affair was dropped upon my doorstep left me with little choice as to the contrary. Not twelve months prior, the siren’s call of quiet domesticity and married life had robbed me of Watson’s assistance as both partner and recorder of my cases. Thus, when detective inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard required a lead—any lead—I found myself forc... more
  • The Lost Diary of Alexander Hamilton

    by Sophie Schiller
    1765. Alexander Hamilton arrives in St. Croix with his family to begin a new life. He longs for the chance to go to school and fit in, but secrets about his mother’s past threaten to tear his family apart. When he sees a young African slave being tortured, Alexander vows to act. He urges his uncle to buy Ajax and promises to set him free. But tragedy strikes when his father abandons the family and his mother dies of yellow fever. Orphaned and alone, Alex is forced to survive by his wits alone... more
  • The Cuckoos

    by Anne Carter Aitken
    Plot summary of THE CUCKOOS The story is set in England, where cuckoos spend the summer living a carefree life before they migrate to South Africa for the winter. They don’t build nests, and they lay their eggs in other birds’ nests. Henny Cuckoo believes that the way thing ARE is not the way they HAVE TO BE. She is ready to find new paths, regardless of what others might think. She starts by persuading her mate that instead of laying their eggs in other birds’ nests, they should build ... more
  • The Separated Woman

    by Theodore Sjogren
    In one single 54,000-word sentence, The Separated Woman gives new significance to the phrase "stream of consciousness," demonstrating what it means to be fully immersed in a work of fiction. The intensity of this immersion is crystallized by its brutal simplicity as the novel reveals the mind of one man--possibly a serial murderer--talking to a detective in a late-night cafe′.
  • The Unexpected Adventures of Remi

    by Shweta Roy
    Pet life doesn't meet Remi's expectations. The little canine finds out that humans are more technology-obsessed with barely any time for their pets. She teams up with a few friends from the Creature-World and leads a movement called ‘The Petinists’ to conquer back human affection. A number of unexpected twists derail Remi's plans but in the end, she manages to win it all.
  • Digital Marketing For Restaurants

    by Restaurant Funnel
    Concentrate on daily guest satisfaction knowing you have in place a trackable and predictable Restaurant Sales Funnel with the right digital marketing for restaurants.