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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Tilly and the Hidden Elves

    by Catharina Steel
    Tilly and her twin cousins, Jess and Zach, head back to Cheyanne Forest to see Cheyanne, Opa, and their forest friends. Cheyanne tells them about some hidden elves. He believes that the evil witch wants to find them so she can access their ancient magic. They head back into the Deep Forest to find out more about the hidden elves and the witch’s plans. Can Tilly, Jess and Zach find the hidden elves to warn them of the evil witch’s plans?
  • Tilly's Adventures in Cheyanne Forest

    by Catharina Steel
    fantasy novel full of thrilling adventures with valuable life lessons for children. Tilly goes to stay at great, great, great…grandpa’s place with her twin cousins Jess and Zach. They go on adventures, meeting all types of magical creatures, along the way. They discover that Cheyanne, who the Forest is named after, went missing almost a 100 years ago. He is thought to still be alive. They enter the Deep Forest to search for him, risking the Evil Witch and other evil creatures. Will T... more
  • A Matchbox Full of Pearls

    by Kamille Roach
    A homecoming. A secret. A fight for her life… Twenty years old and drifting without purpose, Lola return to the ramshackle house of her childhood in the tiny Western Australian Wheatbelt town of York to attend her foster mother’s funeral. Once there, she’s quickly pulled back into her old life through the familiar surroundings and a familiar man she once loved. When a parting gift from her foster mother reveals clues to a long-forgotten murder, Lola begins to piece things together and is compel... more
  • Wheet, Wheet, and Repeat!

    by Marianne Paidas
    Two very special visitors arrive at 8 year old Sarina’s kitchen window-so begins an adventure into the wonders of nature. Sarina watches two cardinals eat their breakfast every morning at her bird feeder, a birthday present from her mother. Many questions pop up, but one in particular puzzles her: Why does the male feed his mate when she seems perfectly able to feed herself? With the help of her mother, Sarina figures out the splendid answer as a big surprise reveals itself and makes Sarina gl... more
  • When Wings Flutter

    by Liane Carmen
    On the other side, Kate’s soul prepares for her next life. She just won’t remember the lessons she needs to learn or their purpose after she's born. Now in her twenties, Kate Matthews meets the handsome, charismatic Will Kennedy. She falls hard and fast with no idea she’s loved him before—in other lifetimes. They marry, have a son, and Kate’s life finally feels perfect. Then, in an instant, her world shatters. Kate must face life on her own as she attempts to move forward as a single mom... more
  • Taint

    by Janet Kelley
    Rebecca White, a senior at the top of her class at Plains High School in 2001, is a Kansas girl going places…until the rape. She wants the rapist to pay for his crime and go to jail. Unfortunately, nothing is that simple, and she wasn’t the one raped. This is the story of how Rebecca seeks revenge for her best friend, Luke Warren, who was raped by the principal’s son, Weston. While the senior class chooses corsages and boutonniéres for prom, Rebecca plots revenge against Weston. She must find... more
  • Moose and Goose On The Bus

    by Grace Diane
    Spring is coming, and everyone knows it. Goose loves spring and all that goes with it. Moose loves spring but he doesn't enjoy feeling cold. Bruce, the bus driver, hates the chill of March and doesn't care who knows it! Moose, like a good friend, comes up with a plan to make everyone happy - just in time for spring.

    by Ernest Cohen


    Meet Geoffrey Zukor, a bumbler of superhero proportions, whose private calamities have him waltzing through life with all the grace of a one-legged unicyclist. But then something happens, something quite extraordinary. Late one afternoon, his fortunes change — dramatically. Did he finally catch a lucky break or was it actually the consequence of an intervention by none other than a Grand Master in the esoteric Art of Coi... more

  • Finding God - An Epic Esoteric Roadtrip

    by Fraser Wilkinson
    Finding God, By Fraser Wilkinson – Synopsis ISOBEL unexpectedly returns to town with a daughter after a sixteen year exile. Her childhood sweetheart MANNY sees a violent encounter between Isobel and his STEP-FATHER prompting him to take revenge. Perennial vacillator and day-dreamer, Manny is forced to head for the US Border, somewhat relieved that he has finally taken control of his meandering life. The group of emigrants are intercepted but with the guidance of a strange character in the... more
  • Becoming Ruthless

    by Rita H Rowe

    Ruth is young, excited about life and not looking for love. Yet love finds her, and Ruth is thrilled. But she is left devastated when she finds out that her the man she loves has deceived her. Still hopeful, she embarks on another relationship only to find herself in the same predicament.

    Ruth becomes disenchanted with love and decides that if she can’t beat them, she may as well join them and begins a journey that will change her very being and endanger her life.

    Can Ruth f... more

  • Max the City Dog: A Day at the Beach

    by Robbi G. Muir
    “Max the City Dog” A Day at the Beach is a story that highlights the caring relationship between Joey, a young boy, and his loyal dog, Max. There is fun, adventure, and some good lessons learned in their event-filled day at Coney Island Beach. The story highlights the danger of riptides that can be encountered in the ocean, but all with a happy ending! Written from the dog's point of view, the book expresses the empathy and friendship that the boy and dog share.
  • The Rainbow Balloon

    by Chris Lambert
    Christopher goes on an adventure with Amanda to see a parade, and soon discovers she has two mothers. Christopher also learns about Pride and drag artists. He also learns that some people have two dads
  • The Rainbow Balloon

    by Chris Lambert
    Christopher goes on an adventure with Amanda to see a parade, and soon discovers she has two mothers. Christopher also learns about Pride and drag artists. He also learns that some people have two dads
  • Freya, Fynn, and the Fantastic Flute

    by Once Upon a Dance
    Boisterous bats, zany zombies, and giddy ghosts await readers in this tale of sibling friendship, silly creatures, and magical music. In the Dance-It-Out series, created by an award-winning dance teacher, children act and move alongside the characters, and Ballerina Konora joins each page with movement suggestions. In this story, Fynn, Freya, cats, bats, ghosts, and zombies assemble for a captivating story of music, magic, and mayhem.
  • Have You Seen My Friends? The Adventures of Creativity

    by Monica H. Kang
    Have You Seen My Friends? presents the importance of treasuring our creativity, courage, and curiosity every day! As we grow older, we somehow forget to value how important it is to ask questions, try new things, and think differently. This playful book reminds you to treasure these “friends,” who are always near.