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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • All the Little Secrets

    by D. Thrush
    When Vera runs into her old boyfriend, it breaks open the past. Things had ended badly, but Brad seems genuinely happy to see her. He had been The One, and now he seems more interested than ever. There’s just one problem… he’s married. Is it wrong when she was with him first? YES, says her best friend. Don’t be the other woman in a love triangle. But things are not always black or white. What if he really is her soul mate? What if they really do belong together? This could be her last chance. Bu... more
  • BEDLOE (A True Fable)

    by tony powers
    The 2016 Presidential election of Ransom B. Conover has led to the oligarchy of 2040 in which 48 year old widower John Bedloe and his 16 year old son James now live. They are members of the Associate Class. This is John Bedloe's sardonic comment on the human condition based on his life experiences. As such, it is an existential reflection on the rise of The State which has now taken Bedloe from being relatively free in 2016 and having relative free will, to the tyrannical present in ... more
  • One Day in the Life of Thomas August

    by Robert Jacoby
    It’s the end of summer, 1999, and Thomas August has a few problems. He finds himself on the edge of his 39th birthday, his marriage in trouble, bored with his job, and afraid his kids will end up like him. When he gets fired for browsing internet porn at work, he thinks his life is over. Looking backwards and forwards and through time, Thomas sets off on a journey through the city of Louisville, Kentucky, in search of a place he can call home, before he goes home.
  • In the Unsettled Homeland of Dreams

    by Thomas Davis

    Winner of the Edna Ferber Fiction Book Award for 2019:  Wisconsin's Washington Island in the 1850s was about as remote from the slave-holding southern states as it was possible to get in the United States. Before the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act, which made it legal for bounty hunters to capture any black person they claimed was an escaped slave in the abolitionist states, a number of black families established a fishing community on the island. In the Unsettled Homeland of Drea... more

  • Uncertain Luck

    by Rea Keech
    Her mother has died and her father is missing. In despair, twenty-year-old Emiko abandons her factory job to go searching for her father in Tokyo. It is 1969, and her father has helped with student protests against the war in Vietnam. This gives Emiko a lead to start her search. To survive in Tokyo, she stays at a hostel in the seedy Sanya neighborhood and takes a job as hostess in a bar where she’s required to “talk cute,” which goes against her grain. She’s previously refused an offer to... more
  • The quick brown fox

    by claire white
    The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. while the lazy dog jumps over the lazy fox.
  • Cry Sanctuary

    by Carole Kulikowski
    CRY SANCTUARY by Carole Kulikowski. The novel follows the trials of Anna, a young girl born with a facial deformity (like the author herself), who grows up in Nazi Germany and during World War II escapes their euthanasia program. At thirteen years old, Anna is taken from her family. She and another little girl, Liesel, in the program escape from the Nazis and flee through a war torn Germany finding sanctuary in Switzerland. After the war, Anna writes her witness statement because little has been... more
  • Eight Pound Cows

    by Dr. Barbara Ten Brink
    Cows are huge animals that weigh between 1,000 to 2,000 pounds. Wouldn’t it be fun if cows weighed the same as our pet dogs and cats? Wouldn’t it be fun if cows were also our fur babies? Eight Pound Cows is a story about imagining cows that only weigh eight pounds. As eight-pound cows, they would be the size of our other pets. If cows were smaller and lighter, it would be easier to care for them, to feed them, to walk them as they graze. It would be exciting to teach them some tricks as co... more
  • BabyWarrior and the Seven Deadly Grandmother Book II

    by Emil Simeonov
    “With horror, the baby realized these weren’t rocks . . . these were the TrunkNoses!! A horrible, merciless army, with big iron helmets, rubber uniforms, and rubber trunks they were breathing through. Their lifeless eyes hid behind the cold glass of their goggles, the filters of their trunks filtering out the clean air, letting only the poisons in. They were so evil, they were breathing only the poisons in the air!! “ The second book of the fantastical adventures of BabyWarrior and his faithfu... more
  • BabyWarrior and the Seven Deadly Grandmothers Book I

    by Emil Simeonov
    “The SpottedOnes! Enormous bear like creatures with horrible jaws full of shiny, sharp teeth, and small, red, bloodthirsty eyes looking at him without blinking. Everybody knew their spots were painted. The SpottedOnes painted spots all over their bodies every morning. They wanted to look at least as pleasant as hyenas, but it didn’t help. They looked hideous . . . horrendous . . . horrifying!! “ Book one of the fantastical adventures of BabyWarrior and his faithful sidekick, BullHorse. A ta... more
  • Pieces To Mend

    by Clarissa Kae
    In their small agricultural town, Scarlett’s family is the picture-perfect variety. The mother encourages juvenile delinquents at the local detention center and her father coaches the church’s youth group. All is right until Scarlett lets a shameful secret slip. Blaming her for the indiscretion, the family silences Scarlett’s accusation but the arrival of a new high school student threatens the delicate balance. Everett’s giant frame and fractured skull are compliments of his father, but h... more
  • The Innocent

    by Heather Shaw
    It's 1982, and a group of locals and ex-pats gather in southern Mexico for a little cuchi-cuchi. Someone is watching, though. Someone knows that the party is just an excuse... but for what? Murder? Or something even worse.
  • Escape from the Lower East Side

    by Richard Peres
    A murder in the old country. A husband and friend's dramatic betrayals. A forgotten tragic tenement fire. This book brings them all together in the true-to-life story of Harris Wolff, based on research of the author's great grandfather and actual events, including participation in Civil War battles. This deeply historical novel of 19th century America transports the reader into the dark, claustrophobic hold of a sailing ship and the dangerous confines of New York City's worst neighborhood. Ulti... more
  • Surviving Crazy

    by Frank Crimi
    After a gigantic solar storm plunges the world into the dark ages, a cast of borderline crazy characters find themselves stranded at a remote mountain diner. Cut off from the rest of the electricity-deprived world, the group, whose grip on sanity is tenuous, and whose coping skills leave much to be desired, are forced to rely on each other with laughingly absurd results. As their situation rapidly deteriorates, the distant town of Jericho becomes their only hope for survival. Only the road to Je... more
  • The Ninth Passage

    by Dale O. Cloninger
    Alec Driver, a WWII veteran earns an advanced degree in music from a prestigious university. At age thirty-seven with glowing recommendations in hand, he secures the post of choir teacher at a small town high school on Florida's west coast. Soon thereafter he falls in love with Tracy Ashbury a bright, talented and attractive student in his choir. Community outrage aroused by his courtship demands his dismissal prompting certain influential citizens to affect Alec's rescue. National recognition f... more
  • Seniors

    by Thomas Quealy
    Four bored senior citizens with shocking pasts — Fred the ex-assassin, Maureen the retired CIA spy, Ida the former dodgy entrepreneur, and Gabe the human lie detector — are all regulars at Pig Feet Sadie’s Cowboy Saloon near Wall Street, a rowdy watering hole for Old Wild West enthusiasts as well as for the modern-day bandits who brought us the devastating 2008 Financial Crisis. In search of a final great adventure before being summoned to that last big round-up in the sky, they instead find... more