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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Duncan and His Unicorn

    by Stephanie Jane Markham
    Duncan and His Unicorn, Letty Lou, go everywhere together. They climbed Rainbow Mountain all the way in Peru, swung on the vines in the jungles of Kanha and flew to Cebu just to eat a banana! It was a bright and sunny day when Duncan's unicorn ran away. Follow Duncan and Maisie Mae as they search high and low for Duncan's lost unicorn, Letty Lou. Duncan feels anxious without his favorite toy, but he can always count on Letty Lou. Unicorns like to roam free, but they always come back. A ten... more
  • The Serpent's Star - Murial Robertson #1

    by Sarah Ickes

    In the late 1880s, Murial Robertson has the unusual job of being a part of her father’s security detail. While trying to gain public support to make Arizona a state, the Senator receives a peculiar letter threatening his life and signed by “The Serpent.”. Trying to keep her controlling father alive, Murial heads to the town of Conestone where she implores the help of her cousin, Walter, and the town’s sheriff, Jack, before her own life takes an abrupt turn.

    When ... more

  • The Bird that Sang in Color

    by Grace Mattioli
    A moving family saga about the secret to living free! Donna Greco wants nothing more than happiness for her bohemian brother, Vincent, whom she perceives as sad and lost as he remains single, childless, living in boarding homes or cramped apartments, and working low-paying jobs she thinks are beneath him. She subscribes to a conventional view of life and despite her tireless efforts of encouraging him to do the same, he chooses to go his own way. She harbors guilt for her supposed failure to ... more
  • Three Coins

    by Kimberly Sullivan
    American expatriates Emma, Tiffany and Annarita all meet up by chance at a 1950s movie night while on a restorative holiday at an Italian beach resort off-season. The triumphs and hardships of these three very different women become intertwined as they form an unlikely friendship and work to better their messy lives.
  • The Innovations Propelling Optometry To All-New Heights

    by Annabel Monaghan
    The collective and individual focus on both health and wellbeing has definitely been wrapped up in recent years, following a particularly strong approach on a global scale towards a health pandemic that completely turned the world upside down for over a year and a half. Even, and es... more
  • Night Maze

    by Paula Baysinger Morhardt
    23 poems about the things that keep you up at night, from Wolves to cabin fever, from giving birth to children leaving home.
  • Days of Daze

    by Paula Baysinger Morhardt
    23 poems of every day life, the things that make you go "Huh?" These are little short poems, about daily life, from stopped up sinks to overly full calendars.
  • Best Magic of All

    by Paula Baysinger Morhardt
    Toe Stubber the troll has a bad problem and the other trolls are teasing him about it. How does Wise Crone teach him to help himself? What do the other trolls learn about judging others? Suitable for ages 4-8 years.
  • Is This My Grandma?

    by Paula Baysinger Morhardt
    When two young children go to visit their grandma in a hospital, the little brother is scared. There are lots of people everywhere, loud machines with flashing lights, and nurses giving shots. Worst of all, Grandma doesn't look like grandma. The little boy's big sister has visited Grandma in the hospital before, thought. Can she help her little brother overcome his fears and recognize their grandma?
  • Sweet Sour Cherries

    by Paula Baysinger Morhardt
    Ralph can be a very well-behaved bunny when he wants to be. The trouble is, he forgets and does naughty things sometimes. Will Ralph learn his lesson after eating a particularly sour cherry pie? Suitable for ages 3-7 years.
  • Five Friends Deep

    by Paula Baysinger Morhardt
    Having friends is fun, but what if your friends have crooked noses and button eyes? Extraordinarily long tails? Four Feet? Blue Ears? Can be stacked in a pile five friends deep? Then it's even more fun, of course! For children ages 4-8
  • Rose Gets Her Name

    by Paula Baysinger Morhardt
    Rose the Fairy is running out of time to do her one thing, the task she must complete to earn her name- and her wings! Will Rose be able to overcome her greatest fear and pass the Fairy Council's test? Second in the Gray Valley series, for children ages 4-8+ years.
  • Never a Mere Mortal

    by Devon Dial
    As thirteen characters walk the aisles of their local supermarket, their stories gently intersect as each hurting soul struggles to find its way in the world. Reflecting on themes like love and innocence, brokenness and redemption, Never a Mere Mortal considers the spectrum of the human experience – in both its beauty and its pain – as courses are charted, one choice at a time.
  • The Secret Door

    by Minda Gomez
    Immerse yourself in the world of the Martinez Kids, three spunky bilingual children who have some exciting adventures! Their elderly Mexican neighbor Don Toño invites their family to join him in his virtual reality invention (hidden in an inconspicuous garden shed), which allows them to experience life as animals. Join the kids as they scamper through the trees as squirrels, swim through the oceans as dolphins, whales, and sharks, and swing through a Mexican rainforest as spider monkeys. T... more
  • My Queen, My Love: A Novel of Henrietta Maria

    by Elena Maria Vidal
    The youngest daughter of Henri IV, the first Bourbon King of France, Henriette-Marie always knew she would have to marry a prince. When the Prince of Wales, Charles Stuart, travels through Paris he sees her dancing at the Louvre and within two years a marriage is arranged. However, Henriette is Catholic and Catholicism is banned in England. In preparing to become Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland, Henriette has no idea of the obstacles that must be overcome before she can find happiness wit... more
  • Permission

    by Marc Kristal
    Set in the crime-, riot-, and earthquake-racked Los Angeles of the 1990s, Permission tells the story of a screenwriter on the brink of success, derailed by a destructive marriage that drives him into a breakdown. Medicating his condition with a bottomless plunge into prostitutes and cocaine (his unlikely vehicles for self-analysis and personal revelation) he uses what he learns – and the new relationship he finds in this underworld – to come to terms with his nature, and to change his life.   ... more