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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Mr

    by Andrew Tweeddale
    In 1910 the architect, Edwin Lutyens, receives a letter from Sir Julius Drewe for the commission of a castle on Dartmoor – Castle Drogo. As the world rushes towards the Great War, Lutyens designs for the wealthy tea baron a castle that is singularly out of step with its time. Over the next seven years the Drewe family and the Lutyens family are drawn to castle where their fates are inseparably linked. The novel provides a vivid portrait of two families on the precipice of a changing world. ... more
  • In the Springtime with Rachel Carson

    by Dr. Barbara ten Brink
    A chance meeting between Rachel Carson, one of the greatest scientists of the twentieth century, and a fictional character in our story begins a life-long friendship, a passion to protect the environment, and a love and study of science. Miss Carson and our heroine, Louise, work together to identify the problems afflicting Louise's family farm, implement solutions, and develop a relationship of mutual admiration and respect. Louise honors Miss Carson's legacy by her career choice and continued f... more
  • On the Island with Charles Darwin

    by Dr. Barbara ten Brink
    On the Island with Charles Darwin is a work of fiction. While we know lots and lots about the life and work of Charles Darwin through preserved documents, notebooks, publications, letters, correspondence, membership in The Royal Society, we know nothing about the fictional characters I have created around him. The characters, their names, and events are entirely fictional. But they are authentic. I researched many topics to build a realistic setting and plausible events around the time Charl... more
  • Travelling with Isaac Newton

    by Dr. Barbara ten Brink
    This realistic novel takes us on a journey with a girl and her family traveling with Isaac Newton. Their adventure is full of love, discovery, and the thrill of science.
  • Briarhill to Brooklyn

    by Jack Bodkin
    Briarhill to Brooklyn is a work of creative nonfiction, in which I tell the story of my Irish family’s journey from Galway on a coffin ship named Cushlamachree. The family—John and Eleanor Bodkin, and seven of their children—began their journey on St. Patrick’s Day, 1848. Their destination was Brooklyn. The main characters in my book are real people—and the locations, events, and timelines are generally historically accurate. Some of the book is fact, but much of the story is fiction. The ... more

    by Andrew Flower
    1869: In his prison cell in The Tombs, Robert Gillian has countless days to reflect upon his story, a journey which began years earlier, the time of the Great Hunger in Ireland. So destitute that burying his young twins in rented coffins was the best he could afford—their bodies re-interred in burlap sacks in the middle of the night—he knew he must take his landlord’s offer: paid passage to America for the rest of his family. Life in New York City was difficult in its own way—for kind an... more
  • Delusion of the Collar and the Key

    by Alexandria May Ausman
    The victory over her oppressors and bullies cost Psycho dearly. She is the target of her guardian’s sexually sadistic daughter. No one is coming to help the troubled teenager as Psycho’s deepening symptoms of schizophrenia and lack of a support system endanger her. The cruel Julie’s constant manipulations, assaults, lies, and withholding of the necessary medications to control Psycho’s mental illness, lead to the creation of a dangerous delusion. Will anyone believe Psycho’s unbelievable tale be... more
  • The Memory Addicts

    by Derek Kannemeyer
    At the first stirrings of what proves to be a horrific pandemic, Jody and Millar work at a Virginia medical research facility. An amnesia drug has been withdrawn: it sparks amazing restorations but it also implants false memories. Nevertheless, for her own desperate reasons, Jody has stolen a batch, and as memory loss turns the world's billions into cataleptic husks, this drug becomes the survivors’ only hope to jury-rig a half-reliable identity. The Memory Addicts is a star-crossed love story... more
  • All Strings Attached

    by Joseph Colicchio
  • Be Kind, Be Forgiving

    Be Kind, Be Forgiving are quirky stories written for quirky people. They live on the page with a certain guileless charm while poking fun and taking simple pleasure in our meanness, pettiness, sensuality, despair, and, sometimes, our niceness. If you like the stories of Diane Williams or David Sedaris, then Be Kind, Be Forgiving is well worth a try.
  • Many Are Invited

    by Dennis Cuesta

    A housewarming party ends in tragedy. . . Steve Galanos, a native Midwesterner, reflects on his time in Northern California during the 1990s, a time when the two-digit year emerged as the Y2K problem, the burgeoning Internet fueled the expansion of the New Economy, the dot-com bubble created unseen prosperity and real estate frenzies. Yet it’s a housewarming party, held in late 1999, that affects him the most.                 ... more

  • A Beginner's Guide to Starting Over

    by Gabi Coatsworth
    MOLLY STEVENSON’s late husband SIMON, who died three years ago, continues to play a ghostly part in her life and thoughts—he was her first love and she still converses with him in her head. A year before, after “talking” things over with Simon, she sank most of her savings into buying The Book Boutique from LUKE BAUER. Now a rent increase threatens to shut her down. To make matters worse, despite her protests, her two best friends are urging her to meet a new man—not easy in a small town like ... more
  • Barnaby Atlas Fox

    by Benjamin Z. Etzioni
    Sometimes love hits you like a punch to the face. When Barnaby Atlas Fox is five years old, he “marries” the love of his life, Annabel (or A.B. as she prefers), the girl that lives in the apartment above his. The first time they met, they both ended up with shiners, but that didn’t prevent the saplings of first love from sprouting. Barnaby feels truly tied to A.B. for life and only wishes to love her and serve. But Barnaby is a walking disaster, despite all his good intentions. When he attend... more
  • The Death Spiral

    by Benjamin Z. Etzioni

    The Sequel to the also submitted "Barnaby Atlas Fox"

    Barnaby finally makes it to Kentwood Landing, the school from the brochure featuring A.B.’s picture; he anticipates being reunited with his soulmate at long last. Over the summer, he participated in Outward Bound, a camp for teens where they experience the wilderness for six weeks. Barnaby attended for the promise to find his coxswain, his direction in life, and to see the Northern Lights. Legend says the Lights provid... more

  • Papa on the Moon

    by Marco North

    What happens to the dreamers and the hard-luck cases, the washed-up lovers and the wild-eyed children when life gets messy?

    Here is a novel-in-stories with a structure as raw and unexpected as the characters who inhabit it. Paul, the child of an ostracized Jewish pig farmer, searches for meaning in the most unexpected places— from the bottom of the local swimming pool to the galley of a Navy battleship. Along the way, we crack open the private lives of his parents before and after... more

  • The Dreaming Tree

    by Ruby Fink
    Once, there was a little boy and a little girl, who had a tree. But this wasn't any ordinary tree, it was a dreaming tree, where anything was possible.