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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Harvest Wagon of Hope: Book 9

    by Cindy and Gus Gee

    Harvest Wagon of Hope” is a children’s book  for all ages which evokes a sense of community and positivity.  It suggests that from the collective efforts of the community, there is a bountiful yield—not just of food, but of kindness and support.  It implies that hope is being cultivated and shared, much like a harvest, and      that through this process, people are being fed both physically and spiritually.  It is meant ... more

  • 978-1-7379534-2-5

    by Michelle Fogle
    In Gilded Age Paris, starving bohemian composer Erik Satie longs to overthrow convention. Expelled from the Conservatoire for his overly unique approach, the frustrated cabaret pianist vows to prove his critics wrong. He finds a kindred spirit in the also floundering Claude Debussy. The duo launches a radical crusade against the entrenched musical order. Enduring ridicule, exclusion from venues, and personal demons, they pioneer an art form steeped in the green haze of Absinthe and mysticism. ... more
  • 1737953439

    by Michelle Fogle
    Journey to the Holy Land at the dawn of the Renaissance for a thrilling adventure tale. When their father is abducted by a vicious crime lord, Yonatan and Aaron Déulocresca embark on an odyssey to retrieve a lost cache of family assets to pay the ransom. With the help of a fearless crew of Sephardic corsairs seeking justice against the Spanish Inquisition, they navigate treacherous waters in epic tale of courage, loyalty, and family bonds. Heirs of the Tide is the second book in the Lost Tales o... more
  • Sophia: Daughter of Barabbas

    by M.D. House
    After her miraculous rescue by the angel Raphael, Sophia, daughter of Barabbas and Chanah, sets out with the former slave Onesimus to find the elusive and itinerant apostle John. Once they find him, an unexpected trip outside the Roman empire into the mysterious northern nation of Sarmatia expands her understanding of God’s global efforts to gather his children to their Savior. It also reveals in starker detail the pernicious, pervasive attempts by the adversary to disrupt the work and turn t... more
  • Muses

    by Abigail Mandlin
    When one is in the midst of a depressive episode, it's a whirlwind. It's a ceaseless stream of doctor's appointments, psychiatric visits, therapy sessions, trips to the pharmacy, frantic late-night internet searches, well-meaning friends and family giving you unsolicited advice, and so on and so forth. While it may not feel like it at the time-as the fog is heavy, prominent, inescapable-the help is there, an ever-present weight against the back. But what of when it's all over? When the dus... more
  • Edged In Purple

    by John Feist
    GREEK MYTH AND SHAKESPERIAN ROMANCE ENTANGLE IN THIS FATE-FUELED LOVE STORY THAT DEFIES REALITY Three Greek playwrights chose Orestes and Shakespeare chose Perdita to play supporting roles in different dramas. What if they were to meet in a crease in time and fall in love? The mythological Orestes is expected to perform the unthinkable and face otherworldly consequences. In this retelling, when he goes back in time to a joyless, immoral life, he refuses to remain in it. Scarred by the expe... more
  • Unabashedly Classless

    by Russell Ernst
    Ella Richardson recounts a recent story involving her creative writing student, Alex Patorovsky, who becomes an outcast in Fallsworth following a crime that many in the community are convinced he was responsible for. The story takes a surprising turn when investigators uncover key details about the suspect, setting the stage for a moving conclusion to the tale.
  • Let's Work Smarter

    by Katharine Mitropoulos
    What does it mean to work smarter, not harder? Frog and his friends from Harmony Lane are back for another adventure! When the town playground needs fixing, the group struggles to complete their tasks. With guidance from their team leader, they reassess their approach and discover the value of time management and creative thinking.
  • The Snow Games

    by Darren Greninger

    When her school threatens to institute year-round instruction, 15-year-old Francesca’s dream of summer art camp is jeopardized.

    There’s only one way to stop them: winning the Snow Games, a capture-the-flag, multi-round battle for teens. Created by billionaire Tyler Young, the game is the greatest snowball fight ever — with snow castle fortresses, snowball machine guns, thrilling chases down the slopes, and a few surprises.

    The prize? Tyler’s generous suppor... more

  • 978-1964271057

    by Eliot Parker
    The stories in Eliot Parker’s “Table for Two” are linked by the sense that all of these characters have inserted themselves–and others–into the worst human positions available: to follow each of these exquisite narratives is to land solidly on the best unease there is. When a man’s dementia causes him to make a run for it, his daughter discovers a part of his past she’d never quite touched. A woman aiming to hold the perfect wedding escapes her rock only to land in a very hard place. Two men cru... more

    by X/O Digital
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  • Bill Bailey, Please Come Home

    by A.N. Stewart
    In the heart of New Orleans, the power of music brings a special secret to a group of spirited cats. Down in New Orleans near the river and railroad tracks, a young girl named Eartha took in many kitties to live with her in her shotgun shack. They loved this marvelous place with natural beauty and animals outside, and love, music, and flowers inside. One of the shotgun shack kitties, Bill Bailey, was a cat who loved to wander and meow hello to the people he passed, wishing they could understan... more
  • Elephant Touch

    by Susan Greenway

    “A tender-hearted story of loss and love; Quinn breaks the rules to save a baby elephant; can she do the same to save herself?” -Kirby Larson, author of Hattie Big Sky, Newbery Honor Award Book

    Heartbroken over the sudden loss of her mother, twelve-year-old Quinn and her aunt volunteer at a Thai elephant sanctuary, hoping to ease her pain. While assisting in the care of abused elephants, Quinn experiences an astonishing encounter with an elepha... more

  • Things I Hoped For

    by Sandra Brown Lindstedt

    The time is 1967, and the country is in the midst of the civil rights movement and political chaos—much like today. Although Sandy Forte is only twelve, she has matured far beyond her years, having to grow up fast to navigate the mean streets of Chicago. She lives in a family consisting of five siblings and two seriously maladjusted parents. The only stabilizing force in her life has been spending the summers with her grandmother, Minnie Bell, in her tiny cottage in Hooks, Texas. Every year, ... more


    by Christopher Schildt
    Travel back in time to the cobblestone streets of 1843 Boston as we reimagine Charles Dickens’s classic tale in An American Christmas Carol. This heartwarming, unforgettable experience will leave you filled with the true spirit of the holiday season. Follow the journey of the wealthy and ruthless attorney Henry Rutherford as he is visited by the ghost of his former partner, Edward Marley. But this time, there’s an alternate spine-chilling explanation for the chains that Marley’s ghost is forc... more
  • Reminiscing: The First Family of God Remembers

    by Edward N Brown
    If you get one hardbound book this year to put on your bookshelf, this is it! > The complete story of the beginning of the human race − as chosen and blessed by God. > An epic journey of body, mind, soul, and spirit – everything you always wondered about. > Not just the Bible rephrased – but a totally new narrative – tailored for the modern educated audience, but based on biblical scripture. This book tells the story of what happened at the beginning – inside and outside of the Gar... more