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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Poor Kids Dream, Made In America

    by Abdul Hasan
    A Poor Kids Dream, Made In America is a story by your typical young African American young man, born into poverty, not many of choices ,the story takes you down a path of betrayal, crime and survival surrounded by sex drugs and prison a true journey of growth and change.
  • Paris in May

    by D.A.Grey

    This story is a realistic fiction that takes place a generation after the great black migration from the rural south to the industrial north. It is a story about what happened to the aspirations of some that came hoping to find the Promised Land and found hardship and poverty. However, in the generation that followed, the burden of Jim Crow lifted and the opportunity to leave the confines of ghetto life opened in response to the civil rights movement. There are many stories that arise from th... more

  • Site Hub

    by Site Hub
  • The Last Vietnam Novel-- Darling, They're Playing Our War

    by Fred Vigeant
    The last living veteran of the Vietnam War is preparing for an interview by Time magazine.
  • The Pigeon Whisperer

    by Motaz H. Matar
    Meet Dabbour, a 25-year-old Syrian refuge and introvert and a pigeon herder. He fled with to Berlin with Yasser, his childhood friend and the two have succeeded in finding a new home using fake passports. Dabbour is trying to learn the ropes in this new country; while trying to learn German he's fallen for his German teacher, Zara. One day, Dabbour jumps on the railway tracks to save an injured pigeon and almost gets himself killed. For this, he gets arrested by the police – and realizes how ... more
  • More Tales & Trifles: a collection of all-new short fiction

    by Jonathan Land Evans

    An assortment of twelve tales and twenty shorter (and mostly humorous) 'trifles', with a short play as a bonus. The serious and the comical, the contemporary and the historical, rub elbows in tales whose settings range from the USA to Europe to the author's native Bermuda. Like most of Mr. Evans's books, the 210-page hardback book can be purchased from He has recently also released two paperback mini-collections of stories through Amazon KDP: Six of the Best... more

  • Some Mangled Fairy Tales/9798635736470

    by Mark Hayes Peacock
    Six classic fairy tales get turned on their heads, "mangled" by Mark Hayes Peacock. Whether it's Jack and the Bean Sprouts, Sinner Ella, Little Red Hoodie, the Many Trials, Hansel and Gertie or Snow Job and the Four Dwarfs, when Peacock has read them in theaters, arts centers, libraries or before groups, these tales have drawn consistent laughter and applause.
  • The 86-Year-Old Orphan

    by Catherine Bellizzi
    Tessie won the prize. A long life. Why didn't she always feel like a winner? She had led a charmed life. She was young and beautiful, shiny and new, once. Had the world at her feet. She would walk into a room and every head would turn. Now people avert their eyes, especially when they see her wheelchair. She didn't plan on becoming old, but her it was. Why couldn't people just let her age? Why couldn't she let herself age? Follow Tessie from Brooklyn, to career, to family, and finally to a new l... more
  • Beyond the Moon

    by Velda Brotherton
    Katie agrees to teach art techniques at the vet's hospital to deal with the painful loss of her husband. She discovers her own buried strengths when Glen's lost soul reaches out to her and they become close friends. Dealing with a damaged warrior is more difficult than she thought. But love makes no room for defeat, and their battles though hard won promise a life together if only they can persevere
  • A Choose Your Own Hookup Adventure

    by JD Waterhouse
    ‘A Choose Your Own Hookup Adventure’ is funny, light, bright, interesting and clever. The piece offers a strongly drawn examination of the impact of the contemporary dating world on agency, and free will.' - Eleanor Dymott. 'Like the opening glitterball, it shimmers and delights. I think it's an interesting piece overall in making a reader aware of his/her own preferences, choices, preconceptions, etc., as metafiction often does.' - David Vann, Legend Of A Suicide. A Choose Your Own Hookup... more
  • In This Land of Plenty

    by Mary Smathers
    A Family Saga through California’s Rich History… When twenty-something Nicole Sinclair stumbles on DNA reports that document an ancestry far different from her father’s narrative of a white, northern European background, she enlists the help of her great grandmother to investigate their roots. As she and Great Gram ignore her father’s protests and search for documents in the attic of a historic San Francisco Victorian, the family’s actual history unfolds. \tTheir true Californio ancestors i... more
  • The Boys Next Door: A novel about the Beatles

    by Dan Greenberger
    Alan Levy is a college student who, in the fall of 1960, spends a semester abroad in Hamburg, Germany. There, he has the misfortune to rent a room next door to an up-and-coming rock and roll band from the North of England. They call themselves the Beatles. They are loud, rambunctious, and high-spirited. They are wildly unconventional (at least compared to Alan’s Ivy League polish) and play horrible, jarring music at all hours of the night. They are friends, however, with a young woman with wh... more
  • Gray Area

    by Linda M. Au
    Emily Saunders is the hot topic of conversation again. Just when she was beginning to feel her husband’s recent death was no longer the big news item at church, she’s violently attacked back in her hometown after her class reunion. The attack leaves her bruised and battered, struggling to remember the details of what happened. What exactly happened that night? Emily returns to Pittsburgh—to her children and to Peter, her new boyfriend from church—but finds herself worrying about everyth... more
  • The Soul's Tariff

    by Jay Wright
    When a telescope arrives in Venice from the East, Jacopo Robusti, better known as the painter Tintoretto, is asked to examine and replicate it. In the winter of 1571 Cyprus has fallen. The Habsburgs press on the Venetian State from the north. War with the Ottoman Empire is coming to the seas.
  • Consigned to Oblivion

    by B.C. Hedlund
  • The Coalition

    by William Corgile
    Young black male grows up in working class W.D.C. Experiences family tragedy. As a result of the tragedy and hard work, the man becomes very materially successful. But it nags him that he wants to hide himself and his success from his roots. His parents were social activists so he feels guilty. Then a case of social engineering finds him gives him the opportunity to make his parents proud of him.