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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    by Toolspoint UK
  • Empress Theodora: The Last Autumn (The Doctor Alexander Diaries, Part One)

    by John Kies
    When the young Alexander is offered the post of Palace Pharmacist at the Imperial Court of Emperor Justinian 1 and Empress Theodora, it’s the chance of a lifetime. But when Theodora succumbs to infection following surgery for breast cancer, Alexander blames himself. His confidence shattered, he leaves Constantinople and travels the Roman Empire, gaining over the years glimpses into the life of the enigmatic Empress. Finally, in Prusa to care for Sister Proseria, Alexander finds the startling ans... more
  • Alone in a Cabin

    by Leanne W. Smith
    Maggie was alone in the cabin when the snowstorm began, until a half-frozen man appeared on the doorstep. On the eve of Maggie Raines’ fiftieth birthday, her husband announces he has gotten his young receptionist pregnant. Months later, newly-divorced Maggie sees an ad for an 1800s cabin billed as the “perfect writer’s retreat.” For years she has wondered if she has what it takes to be a fiction writer. Maggie rents the cabin for the week between Christmas and New Year’s hoping the old log wa... more
  • What Seems True

    by James Garrison
    When the first black supervisor at a Texas Gulf Coast refinery turns up dead behind an abandoned drive-in theater, attorney Dan Esperson gets drawn into a tangled web of intrigue, deception, and violence after a Texas Ranger comes to investigate. A pretty refinery secretary, Sheila Mills confesses that her husband Zack killed the supervisor, but she’ll never testify against him. Zack is released from jail for lack of evidence, and Dan may be next on his list.
  • Summer Camp March

    by Reverend Peter G. Vu
    This book attempts to address some of the important issues for our children: from Covid-19 pandemic to global warming and climate change, from discrimination and bullying to welcoming and friendship, or from schooling to summer camp. All those issues can be resolved in an open-minded, creative, supportive, trusting, challenging, and fun environment like a summer camp. As someone who had a positive experience in camping with the young, I want to use a camp setting to bring the young together to r... more
  • A Googly in the Compound

    by Boman Desai
    The Sanjanas planned to enjoy the tiger cub and surrender the adult to the zoo, but no plan had been made for the adolescent. The family is breakfasting in the compound of their bungalow when the cub tastes blood from a cut on Sohrab Sanjana’s hand. Also in attendance are Daisy (Sohrab’s English wife, married when she was stranded by WWII in India); Rustom (Sohrab’s brother, back from the war in Burma); Dolly (their mother, afraid the rivalry between her sons may erupt into violence echoing the ... more
  • Leif Falls

    by Madeline Rivers
    Leif loves living high up in his tree. But when the other leaves start to fall, Leif is faced with a big decision. Does he stay alone in his familiar tree, or jump into the unknown with his friends? Then Leif meets another leaf with a similar problem and together they help each other overcome their fear of change.
  • The Roses Underneath

    by C.F. Yetmen
    At the end of 1945 Anna Klein finds herself making tough choices about her future as a wife and mother. The delicate balance of her personal life seems to be falling apart and she finds herself homeless and relying on the kindness of a trusted co-worker who may not be all she appears. Anna finds solid footing in her work with American Monuments Man Henry Cooper as the two confront the higher-ups who threaten to shut down the art restitution operations and others who see the chance to enrich them... more
  • What is Forgiven

    by C. F. Yetmen
    At the end of 1945 in a shattered Germany, Anna Klein is faced with tough choices about her future. Her plum job working as a translator for Captain Henry Cooper, one of the American Monuments Men, means she has a house and an income, as well as hands-on access to some of the world’s most precious art. But her life is falling apart on all fronts: her family is displaced, the boy in her care is being sought by authorities, and she must resolve to finally end her marriage. When she realizes that... more
  • That Which Remains

    by C.F. Yetmen
    In February 1946, Anna Klein and her boss Henry Cooper face major changes at the Monuments Men Collecting Point. With Cooper's dreaded re-deployment looming and their feelings for each other intensifying, Anna has to decide between him, her family, and her marriage. A future with Cooper means giving up everything she knows and running away from her own past, which isn't at all what it seemed. Meanwhile, a destitute artist asks for her help in finding paintings he sold before the war. But his s... more
  • Burning Rose

    by Bela Cruvinel
    From running away from home to finding herself in a church that more resembles a battlefield, Eleanor has to manage to regain her independence while relying only on the kindness of the priest that housed her in his church and a mysterious speechless man who help her overcome the hate of the nuns. As the problems escalate from gossips to threats, Eleanor enhances her ties with the ones helping her to apply for a job as a pianist, as well as dealing with the odd visions she gets. The numerous ... more
  • Self Publishing For Canadians

    by Jennifer Samson
    A book for any Canadian who has wanted to self publish. Get an overview of publishing a book, and answers to some Canadian-specific questions - what is withholding? How do I stop it? What's an ISBN and will I need to mortgage my house to buy one? Should I use Canadian spellings in my book? What publishing platforms are out there? How do I deal with Canadian taxes? What does PNR, HEA, ACX, POD and OPF mean? If you’re a Canadian who has always wanted to write and self publish, this book will... more
  • Neon and Tinsel

    by Jennifer Samson
    Deck the Halls . . . Christmas is a time of reflection, and Tim Kelly dwells on his failures. His family is dysfunctional, and he dreads the holidays. His father supposedly turned over a new leaf, but Tim learns he asked the Outfit for a favor that will come back to bite them later. It should be a time of joy, but Darla Redmond can't shake her anxiety. She's home for the holidays, hoping for a Christmas miracle: one last holiday with her ailing grandmother. Christmas is a time of fait... more
  • The Final Cut

    by Jennifer Samson
    Making Movies is Murder ... Billie and Diana, sorority sisters, roommates and best friends, are polar opposites, but both of them jump at the chance to work on the set of a thriller filming outside of Vancouver. Just out of college, they can't believe their luck at scoring their dream jobs. Their luck sours and their dreams turn into nightmares when they arrive at the isolated set. They're working with the director from hell; the cast and crew squabble and hook-up like high school clique... more
  • Bayou Bound

    by Jennifer Samson
    We’re not in the desert anymore … Jake Wheeler wants out from under his Outfit debt and to reunite with Darla Redmond in Hollywood. The only way he can do it is with the help of Tim Kelly. Tim isn’t thrilled to see Jake back in Las Vegas, and he doesn’t trust a word coming out of his mouth. But Jake’s offer of a big score that would legitimize his business dealings is too good to pass up. They head to Alabama for the loot, and on their way back, they end up in the Louisiana bayou. ... more
  • The Dead Woman

    by Jennifer Samson
    Secrets can kill … Tim Kelly makes a deal with Mexican gunrunners that will bring him much-needed cash and improve his standing in Vegas’ criminal underworld. Then he gets stiffed, and the only person with an explanation isn’t talking. Lupe Delgado is on the run from a powerful cartel and her only goal is to put distance between her and the man who wants her dead. Her escape is thwarted when she ends up in Tim’s hands. Tim offers an exchange: information on the location of his weapons s... more