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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Oath of Destiny

    by Angel Giacomo
    Cathy Alexander’s journey began with a dream of becoming a doctor, but when she joined the Army and was sent to Vietnam, her dream quickly becomes a nightmare. As a nurse at the 95th Evac Hospital, she witnesses the brutal realities of war. She perseveres and graduates from medical school. Despite her achievements, the Vietnam War left a lasting mark on her psyche. She must confront the memories she’s been trying to forget. Will she overcome her past and find a way to move forward?
  • Majic The Protector

    by Elizabeth Upton

    "Discover Majic, the last unicorn on earth, and ride along with him and young Lawrence in the adventure of a lifetime. In Memoriam to Eileen Schultz Author"...

    Majic reveals enchanting powers that take the pair to mystical faraway lands unknown, where good must overcome evil. Lawrence follows his path with Majic and learns what it means to become a protector. On the journey, he realizes the importance of working with others and trusting... more

  • The Ordeals of Elly Robin

    by PD Quaver
    Six-year-old piano prodigy Elly Robin enjoys what seems to her a perfect life as a vaudeville headliner. But in San Francisco, her troupe is caught in a devastating earthquake, and when she watches the hotel containing her mother and father collapse before her eyes, something in her mind collapses as well. Next day, a child is found wandering through the city's smoking ruins, mute and traumatized, clutching her blackened doll. Convinced she is an imbecile, the authorities consign her to a disma... more
  • The Man in the Dark Suit

    by Janet Sims
    Who is The Man in the Dark Suit? Suspense novel follows the story of a woman with amnesia whose dreams may just reveal details of her accident Author Janet G. Sims is back with another novel. In The Man in the Dark Suit, readers will immerse themselves in a romance suspense about a young woman who wakes up in a hospital room after being in a car accident. With no memory of her past and even her own name, she begins to have dreams that seem to be trying to help her regain her memories. Will s... more
  • Goats in Trees

    by Lucy Simon
    Finally, a book that send the kids to bed smiling and looks at home among your taxidermy collection. Goats in Trees has style, humor and iambic pentameter. Is it a storybook? Is it nonfiction? Is it one of those fancy books to leave on your table? No one knows. One thing is for sure - goats in trees are real and the world needs to know.
  • The Big Jungle Family and The Invisible Wolf

    by Sid Shroff, Simply Joy Press
    Follow a group of jungle animals who team up to catch the Invisible Wolf. Tortoise comes up with a plan to use each animal's unique skills and abilities to trap the wolf. As the animals work together, readers will learn about different animal species and their behaviors in a fun and engaging way. Through the power of imagination and teamwork, the animals successfully catch the wolf, teaching young readers the importance of cooperation and collaboration. With new words to learn and a world of ani... more
  • The Ballerina

    by Catherine Follestad
    The Ballerina is a story about reaching dreams, fulfilling destiny, and an extraordinary experience of a lifetime. Alina loves to dance and has a growing passion for the art of ballet. With an upcoming performance for her dance class, she finds herself struggling with the confidence to stand out. One day, while helping her mother in her vintage shop, Alina finds an old enchanting costume in a donated box. This magical costume connects Alina to a famous prima ballerina from times past, who enco... more
  • Writing Strategies to Help with Writing

    by Kory Rosmeln

    Asking for rewrites can strengthen your paper. It lets your professor know that you take the assignment seriously enough to make revisions, and it allows them to give you feedback on your writing skills.

    Rewrites are especially useful when students have a lot of work to do on an important essay. They often need to add more sources, or change the argument they're making.

    When you need ... more

  • Tips For Writing Student Papers

    by Kory Rosmeln

    Writing student papers is a difficult task that many students find incredibly stressful. However, the process of writing them can be simplified if you follow certain tips.

    Papers should be well-structured and written using a consistent format and citation style. The most common are APA, MLA, and Chicago.

    Read the assignment carefully

    If you are going to write a student paper, it is important that you read the assignment carefully. This w... more

  • Strong Family Members

    by GHAD
    From the projects to upscale communities, many are familiar with the drama and action that unfold in the Greater Toronto Area, but only a few are aware of what really goes on in the underworld—coexisting with everyday life. Jiggy is a young man with many years of experience in the vibrant city of Toronto. His glamorous lifestyle derives from dealings in the underworld, where business is never personal. When an old friend resurfaces from the past, Jiggy is faced with problems that affect membe... more
  • Bash and Lucy Say, "Love, Love, Bark!"

    by Lisa and Michael Cohn
    Who Stole the Dog Books? Can Dog-tention Save the Day? Someone has been stealing Bash’s favorite dog books from the library, books that help calm him when the world is too loud, too bright, or too busy. Bash enlists the aid of a power trio to help identify the thief. Grandma Vera, a feisty immigrant from Ukraine and the town’s assistant mayor, takes the lead with her no-nonsense personality. Bash also recruits his sister, Ally, a spunky mayor-dancer-librarian. Of course, the investigat... more
  • David: Reign

    by Mark Buchanan
    A boy, slight and swift, runs the spine of a steep hill. A single false step, one stumble, he’ll plummet headlong to a sure death. But his footing is flawless, more wing than flesh. Daybreak splinters the stony ground with light and shadow. A cautious soul would slow. He runs faster. So continues Mark Buchanan’s trilogy of novels vividly recreating the life and times of David. In Book II, David steps into his role as king, first of Judah, then of all Israel. But trouble abounds, as factions and... more
  • Uniformly Undeserved

    by P. Scott Corbett
    Guilty of only looking like the enemy, the Japanese American community was sucked into uniformly undeserved treatment at the hands of their government after December 7, 1941. Eiji Takara was an American-born person of Okinawan/Japanese descent who had been sent back to Japan in the 1930s to be educated and became what was known as Kibei. Despite the intense suspicions about his loyalty to America, he was recruited by the Military Intelligence Service to help translate and analyze intercepted Jap... more
  • A Thousand Cranes

    by P. Scott Corbett
    Love, hate, and memories are the drivers that propel us through life's confusing mazes and narrowly missed collisions with others that can change the arc of our fates. A Thousand Cranes tackles some of the issues of the often hidden and lingering effects of the Vietnam war on men struggling to construct useful civilian lives after surviving the uncivil life of that conflict. For college professors like Roland and Alex, or campus cop Butch, not even the relative calm and structure of academic lif... more
  • Conversations With My Mother: A Novel of Love, Hope, and Dementia on the Maine Coast

    by Ronald-Stéphane Gilbert

    "Conversations with My Mother, a Novel of Love, Hope, and Dementia on the Maine Coast" describes the changes in an elegant, empathetic Francophone, YVETTE ALLAIRE, as she is overtaken by old age and dementia. The story debuts when Yvette is in her late eighties and the coastal Maine town that she’s lived in most of her life is being transformed into a resort-like destination for vacationers and retirees from Boston and beyond. Focusing on Yvette’s relationship with DIANE, her acerbic care-giv... more

  • Marketing Executive

    by Shane Jackson

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