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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A River's Ruse: Four Short Stories

    by Chris Handrahan

    With the river, I find an old prediction.
    – A River’s Ruse

    Four Short Stories about novice writers and the self-incitements of creativity.

    Not previously published, these four short stories were first written more than a decade ago.
    The beginning of an interconnected collection of short stories, the title story features a nameless man -- a recurring protagonist of the storylines -- foretelling his own death while reading the facts of an unrelate... more

  • Dancing in the Ring

    by Susan Sage
    DANCING IN THE RING is the story of the tumultuous marriage of Catherine McIntosh and Robert Sage. Propelled by the optimism of the 1920s, they both dream of ridding the city of poverty and festering crime. Romance blossoms, and then turns serious. Catherine easily passes the Bar exam – Bob fails his first attempt. Catherine lands a position as a law clerk for the Prosecutor’s Office. Bob retakes the Bar exam for a third time and finally passes. The law firm of Sage & Sage takes off. While passi... more
  • My Friend, the Marshmallow Man

    by Grant Vassos
    The sky is shining blue. On the grass are drops of dew. For Aaron, a shy and imaginative boy with an inspiring passion for space, today is his first day of summer camp. He's very nervous and is worried about making new friends. Aaron's even brought along his favourite toy spaceship. It goes everywhere with him. But when it comes to fitting in with other campers in his group, it's anything but easy.
  • The Man from Alcatraz

    by Virginia Mae Brown

    Family. Honor. Sacrifice. Rex believes in it all. He's a man of tradition, a man of the old ways. He is what the media calls a "mobster". Rex decides he must do what is right, and that means betraying his family.His twin brother, the opposite of Rex in every way, craves revenge and he will stop at nothing to destroy Rex for what he did. In a plot to eliminate Rex, Stefano has him sent to Alcatraz, the famed prison where escape is only a fantasy.With careful planning, Rex makes h... more

  • Diary of a 9 year old Pakistani girl

    by Aeysha Sara
    Diary of a 9-Year-Old Pakistani Girl is a heartwarming and enlightening book that celebrates language, culture, and diversity. The author's childhood diary, written in Urdu, has been preserved in its original form, providing readers with a variety of entries ranging from poetry to short stories, providing a unique perspective on childhood memories. This bilingual book is suitable for both young and adult audiences, making it an excellent gift option for anyone interested in diverse literature. T... more
  • She Dreams in Blue Light

    by A.R. Malecki
    A hopeful adult coming-of-age story about the impact of our work, our connections with others, and the promise of technology. Eleanor Crawford believes she can solve any problem with computer code. At just twenty-six years old, she holds a coveted software engineering position at Atlanta’s hottest startup, Agora, dubbed “The Gathering Place of the Internet.” She might be the only woman on her team, but that won’t stop her from being at the forefront of the platform’s most exciting new feature... more
  • Not My Fault

    by S B Frasca
    NOT MY FAULT is popping up everywhere: at home, in the park, even at school. At first it's just a secret way for Hy to deal with being bullied, but the protest art becomes addictive and morphs into a massive creative project in defense of other social injustices. Hy's own social circle is more like a square with only adults at the corners. But a chance encounter in the park with an exotic eleventh-grader named Belinda is about to change the shape of everything. Buzzing with some new-found con... more
  • The Map Colorist

    by Rebecca D'Harlingue
    In 1660, Amsterdam is the trading and map-printing capital of the world. Anneke van Brug is one of the colorists paid to enhance the black-and-white maps for the growing number of collectors. Her artistic talent brings her to the attention of the Blaeu printing house, and she begins to color for a rich merchant, Willem de Groot. Not content to simply embellish the work of others, she longs to create her own map, but cartography is the domain of men. Keeping it secret, she borrows the notes her f... more
  • The Adventures of Tinkerbell, Clarita and TomTom

    by TCT Cooper
    Clarita Opened Tinkerbell's door and climbed into the driving seat behind Tinkerbell's steering wheel. Using a unique key, Clarita started Tinkerbell's engine. Tinkerbell brummmed into action. "I'm Ready!" brummmed Tinkerbell. Wait, Wait! Giggled Clarita, "We must first tell TomTom where we want to go." TCT Cooper cleverly stretches your imagination with fun and laughter in this series of adventures about Tinkerbell, a chubby cheeky Green and sometimes stubbornly proud Mini Cooper an... more
  • An Absolute Secret

    by Nicholas Kinsey
    A nordic noir spy thriller based on real wartime intelligence operations in Sweden. This is book two in our series of outstanding historical fiction novels. On his first assignment for MI6, British agent Peter Faye is sent to Stockholm to spy on German intelligence officer Karl-Heinz Kramer. At the British legation, he meets his new boss Bridget, a very proper, smart-as-a-whip, diplomat's daughter and immediately falls in love with her. They struggle to work together as they recruit Hanne, a ... more
  • Remembrance Man

    by Nicholas Kinsey
    During the 1832 cholera epidemic, Paolo works for his uncle as a gravedigger in Western Ontario. At night he earns a bonus from wealthy clients as a 'remembrance man' whose job is to watch over selected graves for signs of the undead. He discovers a young woman who has been buried alive and is drawn into a terrifying story of revenge and insanity. This is a tale of murder, greed and deceit, and the breakdown of society. Family members turn against family members, friends against friends, and ... more
  • Up in the Middle of Nowhere

    by Blair Bryan
    Inspired by True Events When her troubled teenage daughter, Nova, is hell-bent on self-destruction, Tessa Donahue makes a desperate bid to save their future. Together they will leave behind the familiar and step into a world of whimsical wonder. Nestled amidst the lush greenery of the Great Smoky Mountains, four unique treehouses offer a breathtaking escape as they embark on a journey filled with self-discovery and reconnection.
  • Where the Wings Rise

    by Ashlyn McKayla Ohm
    After years of disastrous choices, Addisyn Miles has a second chance with the person she once betrayed—her older sister, Avery. Moving from Whistler, Canada, to Avery’s home in the Colorado Rockies seems like the perfect opportunity to not only rebuild her fragile relationship with her sister but also distance herself from the past she can’t forget. But adjusting to Avery’s life is harder than she expected, especially with her heart drawing her back to the chance at love that she left behind in ... more
  • When the Ice Melts

    by Ashlyn McKayla Ohm
    Competitive figure skater Addisyn Miles has been running her whole life—both from her overprotective sister Avery and toward her dream of competing in the Olympics. Despite the compromises she’s made along the way, her future has never looked brighter—until a single moment shatters not only her dearest hopes but also her relationship with the man for whom she sacrificed her principles. In search of answers, Addisyn escapes to Whistler, Canada, where she meets Darius Payne, a lonely man with a ... more
  • The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Oath of Destiny

    by Angel Giacomo
    Cathy Alexander’s journey began with a dream of becoming a doctor, but when she joined the Army and was sent to Vietnam, her dream quickly becomes a nightmare. As a nurse at the 95th Evac Hospital, she witnesses the brutal realities of war. She perseveres and graduates from medical school. Despite her achievements, the Vietnam War left a lasting mark on her psyche. She must confront the memories she’s been trying to forget. Will she overcome her past and find a way to move forward?
  • Majic The Protector

    by Elizabeth Upton

    "Discover Majic, the last unicorn on earth, and ride along with him and young Lawrence in the adventure of a lifetime. In Memoriam to Eileen Schultz Author"...

    Majic reveals enchanting powers that take the pair to mystical faraway lands unknown, where good must overcome evil. Lawrence follows his path with Majic and learns what it means to become a protector. On the journey, he realizes the importance of working with others and trusting... more