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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Girl on the Carpathia: A Novel of the Titanic

    by Eileen Enwright Hodgetts
    North Atlantic Ocean, 1912. Kate Royston is a witness to history as the RMS Carpathia responds to the Titanic’s desperate SOS. Kate plans to escape personal tragedy by fleeing to Europe but everything changes when the Carpathia races to save the Titanic's survivors. Forced to return to New York, Kate abandons her hope of escape and becomes embroiled as a vital witness in the high profile Senate investigation of the disaster. Fueled by public rage and political in-fighting, the investigation be... more
  • Read Island: The Picture Book

    by Nicole Magistro

    Join a very brave girl and her furry friends on an adventure to Read Island! Through the power of imagination and the pleasure of reading, this curious trio set sail for a magical island made of books. On their way they discover a joyful collection of animals converging by sea and land, just in time for an unforgettable story hour.


    A rhyming celebration of nature, books and the importance of stories, Read Island invites you to experience th... more

  • Apricot Marmalade and the Edmondson Transmittal

    by Lon Orey

    A humorous satire about a team of US Military Intelligence agents operating in Thailand during the height of the Vietnam War. They wear civilian clothes and carry credentials as they conduct counterintelligence investigations and surveillance of suspected enemy agents. The style and tone of this book have been compared to that of MASH and Catch 22.

  • The Polka Dot Pants of Sir Edward McGee

    by Toby Deutchman
    Sir Edward McGee has a secret. He loves his polka dot underpants. But when an accident reveals them and everybody laughs, he hides them in a drawer and vows never to wear them again. Then, unexpectedly, something changes the way he feels. In this humorous tale, children learn that they shouldn’t be ashamed of the things that bring them joy – even if they are a little out of the ordinary.
  • Just My Imagination

    by Narell Hunt

    Inspired by the battle between good and evil comes a riveting tale about the challenges we face and how my characters deal with them. Their journey takes them to places many would have a hard time believing. "Just My Imagination" is about the connection we lose to our inner self. It speaks about our soul that wishes to be free, but is trapped by our surroundings, our past and life circumstances. However, no matter how they go from their greatest self, there's always a way to ret... more

  • Journey's End

    by Jasmine Clark
    On the cusp of her 11th year, Naran lives an ordinary life in the village of Dera. Everything is falling into place as war looms over the horizon. After a tragic event unfolds, Naran's world is displaced as she must move forward. Along with meeting new people, including reuniting with her eldest sister, she must journey to evade peril . Get ready to enter a world of airships, distant lands, and unique friends and foes alike. The story of Journey's End is that of a coming of age mixed with pure e... more
  • Grace on the Horizon (The White Sails Series, Book 2)

    by Emma Lombard
    GRACE ON THE HORIZON is the second full-length novel in The White Sails Series. Grace and Seamus, united by their past experiences, are adrift on a raft of shame in the sea of 1830s London society. Grace’s desperation to leave London forces Seamus to accept a dubious commission on the private explorer, Clover. With the expedition financed by Colonel Hamilton and his private backers, Seamus is tasked with mapping a round-the-world voyage. But Colonel Hamilton has an additional package that req... more
  • Mister Yam

    by Yeng K Tan
    Mister Yam - a twentysomething year old man disillusioned with corporate work in San Francisco - would find his life forever changed after an inexplicable phone call with a strange woman and an invitation to a musical show. Thus begins a series of events that would take Mister Yam chasing nameless figures across the country; solving a mystery only he can explain.
  • Queentide

    by Donna Fisher
    Authoritarianism has crept into the country. Women have lost their rights and voices. But Bodie and her militant granddaughter, Insley, are gambling everything to return them. They have set up a radical feminist group, Queentide, to steal the upcoming election and make Aboriginal politician, Kathleen, the next Prime Minister of an all-women Government. The ex-wife of a senior Minister, Lilith, vows to help them by sharing explosive secrets that will guarantee Queentide's success. But two th... more
  • Dancing the Labyrinth

    by Karen Martin

    When Cressida discovers she is pregnant, her overwhelming fear is that she will pass on her father’s violent DNA. It takes an ancient matriarchal culture to teach her otherwise. Dancing the Labyrinth moves between contemporary and ancient Crete in this tale of a young woman from an abusive background who discovers the veiled history of Europe’s most advanced civilization of the Bronze Age – the Minoans.

  • WITCH HUNT 1730

    by Tom Schneider
    In 1730 Ben Franklin published a story about a witch trial in Mount Holly, New Jersey, but did he tell the complete story, or was it a coverup of more sinister and frightening events? Emmet, an aspiring reporter, takes his first assignment for Franklin’s Gazette and travels to New Jersey to discover the truth about the coming trial. His investigation takes a dark and dangerous turn when he discovers there’s more to the story than witches and someone wants the truth and him buried deep.
  • Dink Winkleman: Christmas Stocking Stuffer

    by Daniel Brown
    Christmas stockings have always been handled by the candy department, with add-ins from the other departments. It has just become too complex these days. Santa has just named me, Dink Winkleman, as the elf in charge of the new Christmas Stocking Department. Part of the year, I'm like a private eye, determining what goes in whose stocking. Then, beginning each Fall, I put the stockings together by coordinating with the other departments. That's me! Dink Winkleman: Christmas Stocking Stuf... more
  • Beyond the Shallow Bank: Illustrated edition of a woman's personal awakening amidst rumors of a selkie

    by David A. Wimsett
    Artist Margaret Talbot has overcome prejudice, discrimination and assault to become a magazine illustrator in the male dominated world of publishing at the end of the nineteenth century. She and her husband, John, have traveled the world creating magazine articles that he writes and she illustrates. The articles and Margaret’s artwork have garnered praise and awards as John supports her illustrating and painting, even when he loses his membership in a prominent club because of it. In 1898, Ma... more
  • Relic The Copper Ax: The Tragic Story of Otzi the Iceman

    by Bill Copeland
    The story is set in central Europe 5300 years ago from the northern alps of Italy to the eastern lands along the Danube River to Vinca, the earliest European Bronze Age civilization. Otzi is the chieftain of a south Tyrollean late stone age tribe scrounging for a living in the high mountains. To support his village he travels by foot to trade with the people on the north side of the mountains. He returns after a long trip to his family and village with a big backpack full of goods, his wife Mara... more
  • Viral Stories

    by Cameron Dusting

    Have you ever dreamed of going viral? How far would you go for a million Instagram followers? Alan is a humble poet with scarred lips; Mark is a flamboyant and successful singer in a rock band; Luke is a depressed comedian who refuses to perform. Viral is the exhilarating story of three young men hell-bent on getting famous. But when COVID-19 hits, everything goes haywire. Who will make their dreams come true?

    Included in this book are four more short stories by ... more

  • A Thousand Valleys

    by Ken Fulmer
    Something malevolent lurks under the surface in 1977. Sara Taylor works the graveyard shift at the county hospital, leaving her son across the street overnight with a trusted friend. A growing depression first surfaced last year, when Jimmy almost died from the Swine Flu, a virus Sara brought home from the hospital. Unable to get over her guilt and shame, Sara allows the voices in her head to gain a foothold. When her secret teenage crush dies suddenly, the entire world weeps. For a time, Sa... more