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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Image of Rachel Clair

    by Judith M. McManus

    Is death the end of one's life?

    A compelling story of how love endures after murder tears it apart.

    Rachel Clair is a lovely and innocent farm girl who never defied authority until her best friend, Lolly, begs her to secretly watch their older classmate, Ned McClure, swim in the nude. His handsome face and perfect body remind her of a Roman god, and strange feelings spark within her. After Ned and his parents are suddenly forced to leave their... more


    by Mike Benedetto
    KINDERTRUMP Vol.1 is a hilarious cartoon novel that re-imagines what’s going on in America, by putting all our politicians and media figures in kindergarten! Our news and politics have devolved into a horrendous day on the playground, with no adult-supervision in sight. Most of the people in charge have been acting like poorly raised 6-year-olds, so we just made them 6 years old! Our story begins at MAGA Elementary, where Donny, the new kid, tries to become popular and succeed. He’s fla... more
  • Jurassic Julie: Living in the Modern World, Book 1: Home

    by Tiberius St. Judge
    A happy thing happened during a sad time in New York City. Construction workers dug up a strange rock in lower Manhattan, which turned out to be a prehistoric egg, and inside of the egg was a small dinosaur that would fill the city with great joy and strength. It’s a delightful story about the large impact that little things can have and about remaining strong during difficult times.
  • The Point of the Pick: A novel of the 20th Century

    by curtis seltzer
    The Mafia is corrupting a coal-miner's union in 1975 to gain access to its welfare fund and its Washington, D.C. bank. Both candidates -- an out-of-touch incumbent and a young, pro-democracy insurgent -- in the union's presidential election have been compromised. Three stand in the way of the union's "Teamsterization": a Quaker-feminist reporter who stretches her facts; her former boyfriend, a Columbia University lawyer, who is managing the insurgent's campaign; and a former professional wrestl... more
  • 13 STORIES-Fractured,Twisted & Put Away Wet

    by Michael O'Keefe
    13 Stories is a collection of thought-provoking short fiction, spanning most genres. It includes some morality tales, science fiction, and some dystopian horror. Showing the full range of the author's writing style, it promises to grab the reader's imagination and not let go--one story at a time.
  • The Garden Lady

    by Susan Dworkin
    THE GARDEN LADY by Susan Dworkin is a novel about unexpected love, the silence that becomes complicity, and the magic of redemption. Urgent and compelling, this novel, set in New Jersey, resonates with today’s headlines as it poses the ethical question: How do we live with what we know but choose not to think about or act upon? Maxie Dash, the heroine of THE GARDEN LADY, is a famous beauty, a fashion icon, the face of many national TV ads. Her first husband, a world-class photographer, took n... more
  • The Day I Ended It All

    by William Sundeberg
    Brandon Scalia, a self-made millionaire and Vianka Arlov, a model from New York. A relationship filled with fun, laughs, playful banter and sexual innuendos. Until Vianka's past catches up with her. Steve Abbott, a professional photographer and former agent of Vianka's, seeks revenge on her and two other former models. Join Brandon and Vianka on their journey from a grassy airport field to a cemetery plot for two.
  • Urgent State

    by Larry Pratt
    A story about how we might be able to finish the many science projects that benefit man. The author delves into what we already know but touches a little on what it would be nice to know. This journey takes us into solutions to global climate change issues. Plus we see local economic disparities leveled out. The first volume in the Urgent series lays the groundwork for an exciting adventure.
  • Julia: Mistress of Longwood

    by Linda Metcalf

    “Julia,” tells the story of a beautiful, pampered young lady raised by a wealthy Southern family in Natchez, Mississippi, in the 19th century.  She falls in love with an unsuitable man not worthy of her family’s aristocratic status.  On the rebound, she meets and marries Haller Nutt who becomes obsessed with obtaining large plantations, hundreds of slaves, and a palatial home under the pretense of pleasing Julia.  After losing 3 million dollars of property during the Civil War, Haller gives u... more

  • WE HAD TO WRITE THIS BOOK A Story of One Love, One Lie, and Two Ducks

    by Stephen English
    He's a 40-something Texan novelist with writer's block, she's his sassy British wife, and their marriage is in trouble. In an act of desperation, she convinces him to go to couple's therapy. They're assigned to write a book about themselves, together, taking turns writing each chapter. As they plough through two decades of passion and turmoil, they seem to draw closer – until a shocking secret threatens to end their marriage for good.
  • Mommy's Precious Helper

    by Hollie Day
    With clever and catchy rhymes, little Tommy shares the many loving, clumsy, and funny ways by which he helps his Mommy around the house. It's his way of showing her just how much he loves her! Mommy's Precious Helper is a fun verbal and visual tool that teaches kids the importance of contributing to family life and expressing love and compassion towards others--so read it with them often! Themes Explored: Love, Compassion, Bonding, and Team-work.
  • Till Times Are Done

    by Matthew Marullo

    ANGUS WENDELL, a disillusioned art history major working for a customs import company, wakes up in his Long Island co-op on the morning of September 5, 2014 to find a strange young nude woman asleep on his cream linen sofa. Upon waking, SYLVIA TIPTON has no idea where she is or how she got there.  The last thing she remembers is a fire on the second floor of her Brooklyn residence that consumed her sick grandfather, Keene Tipton. The severity of Sylvia’s muddled state of mind becom... more

  • Mountain Mysteries

    by James W. Dean
    This book is a collection of short stories. These stories are inspired by my love for the Appalachian Mountains, and by the mysterious legends that can take on a life of their own. So will you come travel the mountain tops, valleys and hollows of the mysterious Appalachian Mountains. Find a witch on the mountain, walk with a phantom mountain lion, look for a raven in the attic, and fly with the eagle on the rock. Follow the ghost to the gold mine, spend two days in the haunted house, or find lov... more
  • Just Another Life

    by Meliha Avdic
    In this book, the plot of the story is secondary to the message of the story. As far as the plot is concerned, this book is written from the future about the present by May. When she was young, May had a photographic memory. However, she starts writing this book in her old age, when she is haunted by the memory of one part of her life. As it happens, that's the part of her life when all the discussions took place. She spoke with her friends about the issues of that day such as economics, rel... more
  • Ripple Effect: Because Of The War

    by Jenny Ferns
    The horrific bombing of London by the Germans at the beginning of WW II destroyed many lives. Veronica adopted her sister's illegitimate daughter Susie; her mother presumed killed by a bomb. Veronica and her husband Richard adopted the child, but never revealed her heritage to her. Postwar, the family attempted to create a normal life but the ripple effect of the wartime losses, shellshock, secrets and rejection almost destroyed the tenuous family bonds.
  • In Verse

    by Tex DeJésus

    Conflicted vanity press editor Vernon Lackey rebels against his money-grubbing employer in an attempt to redeem a poem he can't stomach smothering in volumes of trumped-up milk toast sold back to its authors. The backgrounds and insights of Vern, his best friend Archie, and Maria, the Latina he comes to love, are set on a collision course.

    The ensuing adventure thrown down in this genre-defying, raw human story of love and redemption highlights the way cultural differences and perso... more