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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Conversation with the King

    by D.M. Freedman
    It is the spring of 1977 and Elvis Presley is dying. But he does not want to die. He just wants the pain to go away. To whom can he reach out to? Not his fiancée. Not his Memphis Mafia. Certainly not to Colonel Tom Parker, his manager. Why this pain? How is it that he can explain it to no one? Who can actually help him? He turns to his Rabbi for help! Elvis Presley is desperate to leave show business and just be a normal person. Unfortunately for him, he is an immense star and cannot ... more
  • The Old-Fashioned Way

    by Susan Conolly-Horne
    Emma has a hard time waiting for anything and likes to get the job done. In this story, she is facing first grade in a new school with new teachers and friends. She suddenly realizes life can be scary sometimes, even for a first-grader. Emma soon learns, with the help of her trusted and wise friend, Mom (whom she calls Mia) that doing things differently is sometimes more satisfying, and a great way to invest in friendships. Have you ever acted before you thought or had a hard time waiting? If th... more
  • Days of Hope, Miles of Misery: Love and Loss on the Oregon Trail

    by Fred Dickey
    They knew the trip would be difficult, but they didn't bargain on hell. The shout “giddap” starts the oxen down a path to the end of the world. For five months, and two thousand miles, the wagon train lumbers toward California on the Oregon Trail and into big trouble. The emigrants endure disease, dirt, and attacks from outlaws, and invaded Indians. Bitter strife erupts between ill-matched pioneers forced together by necessity. The 1845 wagon train is part of a vast westward movement; a mo... more
  • Burning Desire - The Psychopath and The Girl in Black Prada Shoes

    by M. L. Stark
    Mary is an established wealthy woman. Her lifespan is a petrifying mess. She is vulnerable and on the edge of suicide because of her husband’s betrayal and many affairs. When she starts at a special clinic for treatment. He makes a pass at her even she wanted to reject him and unintended she becomes captured in his sticky spider web. This becomes a story about dating a self-absorbed, lying person, one who swindled himself through life. Doctor Drake Lucifer Bates always presented himself wit... more
  • How To Grow Your Restaurant Business

    by Restaurant Funnel
    We help full-service restaurant owners increase guest visits and master plans on how to grow your restaurant business. Let us help you with the relevant ideas and solutions.
  • Korean POWer! Korean Play On Words: A Collection of Korean-English Jokes

    by Naomi Lau
    Korean POWer! Korean Play On Words is a short collection of Korean and English bilingual jokes that will bring readers laughter and delight. These jokes will be best enjoyed by kids who know a little of both languages, or who want to learn!
  • A Boy, a Budget, and a Dream

    by Jasmine Paul
    Kass budgets her money carefully and expects her brother Joey to do the same. But Joey spends every dollar he earns. When he realizes he hasn’t saved enough money to pay for something he’s been dreaming about, Joey must either learn to budget or risk giving up his dream.
  • Cami and Wyatt Share the Christmas Spirit

    by Stacy C. Bauer
    Cami and Wyatt love Christmas! They love Santa, Christmas decorations and Christmas cookies. And they love Christmas PRESENTS! Christmas this year is looking to be the best one yet, but things change when new neighbors move in. Cami and Wyatt notice that they seem lonely and sad. Can Cami and Wyatt befriend their shy new neighbors? Will Cami and Wyatt figure out how to share the true meaning of Christmas? Hop along with Cami and Wyatt as they spread Christmas joy in this heartwarming book.
  • When You Were in My Belly

    by Kara M. Liu
    Parents begin to show love for their child long before they are born. From visits to the doctor's office, shopping for cribs and strollers, and choosing a special name, When You Were in My Belly follows the journey before the birth of a child.
  • The Girl Who Found Christmas: An Advent Calendar Storybook

    by Barbara Escher
    This Advent Calendar storybook is a one-of a kind holiday treasure with 25 Christmas bedtime stories. Parents and grandparents can enjoy reading to kids and talk about what’s really important about Christmas. Each story invites children to join six-year-old Belinda in solving a BIG mystery: What is Christmas all about? Armed only with a crayon, Belinda draws a new "clue" every day. Is Christmas all about the tree? Or making cookies? Or building a snowman? Or maybe it's something different! Wi... more
  • Super Coco "Will You Be My Friend?"

    by Dr. Jay Lipoff
    On the happy island of Aruba, nestled in the Caribbean Sea, lived a rooster named Coco. At a young age he was separated from his family and lived alone. One day he decided to explore the island determined to make some friends and that’s when his adventure began. Join Coco on his journey as he travels to some of the islands’ most infamous locations and encounters native animals along the way trying to find one who will be his friend. Like many difficulties children face, through Super Coc... more
  • This is Not a Lie

    by S.C. Farrow

    In 1984, St Kilda is the heart and soul of Melbourne’s music scene. Joel Reed, a brilliant young guitarist, had followed his sister Karen to the bohemian beachside suburb to chase his dream of becoming a rock star. On the surface, it seems like Joel has got it all together. In reality, he’s a high-functioning heroin addict and closet homosexual.

    Desperately lonely and dangerously self-destructive, he lives a carefully constructed lie lest he be discovered, outed, and sh... more

  • Riverrun, A Novel

    by Danton Remoto
    The novel deals with a young gay man growing up in a chaotic and colorful dictatorship. The form is that of a memoir that glides from provincial Philippine barrio to cosmopolitan London. The novel has flash fiction and vignettes, recipe for shark meat and supernatural tales, poems and vivid songs. It marks the global debut of "one of Asia's best writers."
  • The One Book

    by Moses D. Powe
    A child's first birthday is a momentous occasion and one that should be cherished for the years to come. The One Book is a fun children's picture book that shows the excitement of celebrating this major milestone in a baby's life. This book will help you instill a love of reading in your child at an early age. Your child will learn important concepts such as counting, telling time, party prep, planning, celebration, and bedtime, all things your child will be able to understand and enjoy seeing i... more
  • A Class Act: A play in two acts

    by Kristopher Owens
    Bill and Theresa are a middle class, African American couple. Their life is somewhat routine until it is interrupted by an armed robbery in their home. They are held hostage by two men who are looking for something, but they, like Bill and Theresa, get more than they could have imagined out of the ordeal. A drama occurring at the intersection of class and race, A Class Act examines what it means to be “other” in America.
  • Paradise High: A Novel

    by William Henning
    An all-American boyhood tale for our corrupted times, Paradise High traces one night in the lives of a rowdy, bawdy, fun-loving bunch of high school seniors as they laugh and romp their way to the palatial marble estate of their mafia-son classmate for a party. Set in the frozen suburban hinterlands of the upper Midwest during a Christmas break snowstorm in 1997, the story captures with raucous humor and biting wit that timeless ritual of late teenagers raising a glass to the dwindling, preci... more