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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Boy Who Weaves the World

    by Marci Renée
    Travel with Pierre on a fun and colorful global adventure. With every new taste, smell, sight, and sound, mysterious and colorful threads appear in his pocket. What are these threads for? What is Pierre supposed to do with them? At the end of the journey, a magical surprise awaits Pierre and his readers. This informational picture book brings engaging content to young readers as they travel the world with Pierre. Fun, playful, and colorful illustrations invite children to fall in love with t... more
  • Ladies Who Lunch

    by Josef Woodard
    In this satirical journey through the chic lunch spots in L.A., newly divorced Danielle Wiffard navigates a maze of romantic, sexual, and musical encounters with celebrities and socialites, from a symphony maestro to a big-hatted country crooner, from a self-obsessed TV talk show host to a has-been teen idol, and a series of fleeting ecstasies and personal and natural disasters. Her lunchtime liaisons and a gaggle of gossips keep an eye on her and an eye on the garçon’s hindquarters as together ... more
  • Messing with Men

    by Christopher Brookhouse
    Retirees on a Florida island try to save an historic house, settle old scores, and pleasure new lovers but risk unearthing long-buried secrets in the bargain.
  • Barefoot Alice

    by Jan Porter

    “Barefoot Alice” is a heart-warming tale of one woman’s journey of loves, lost and found, of discovering ancestral ties and the magical interconnection with life.

    Dumped by her husband and homeless, middle aged Alice finds herself at the Rail Stop Café in a northern gold mining ghost town during a snowstorm.

    Surrounded by wilderness and a strange community at Golden Lake, Alice finds shelter in a 200-year-old schoolhouse with its ethereal teacher and stude... more

  • The Nature of Things

    by Craig Appleman
    Titles in this series reveal predator/prey and other natural relationships and scientific interactions.
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    by john shaw
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  • The New Manifesto: Or The Slow Eroding of Time

    by Sam Ernst
    Arthur B. Johnson had always heard that a first novel is the easiest one to write. If that’s true, THE NEW MANIFESTO may well be his last. In fact, assuming you’re brave enough to open these pages, he’ll be happy to tell you why. After all, The New Manifesto is a book about writing The New Manifesto. Metafiction, as it were. But it is also a made-up memoir, a future history, a dream journal, and an interactive adventure story. No matter how many tricks he tried, whatever our author wrote alwa... more
  • Ignite

    by Marie A. Wishert
    What good is a finish line if you never experience the route along the way? That’s the question plaguing Ruby Carlson, an impulsive young woman chronicling her premature existential crisis. A runner through and through, Ruby spent her formative years sprinting toward the proverbial finish line of financial independence and the promise of the free-spirited woman she longed to become. But when an unexpected pregnancy results in her transition to the role of mother and provider, Ruby has to s... more
  • Jake and the Pandemic

    by Chris Hardy

    A heartwarming children's picture book told in "first doggy" about Jake navigating the pandemic of 2020.  Children can easily relate to Jake's story as they realize they are not alone in this big world of emotions. Jake and the Pandemic has just the right amount of reality, humor and hopefulness.  It is a wonderful keepsake for generations to come.

  • Beyond the Black Stump

    by Michael Barrett Miller
    Jack, Mick, Mahaney, and Walking Bear are all enjoying a respite from their career pressures when they are alerted to a possible strike on the Royal Family. Mahaney's recent trip to Northern Ireland to investigate a string of brutal bank robberies has left him suspicious of the SAS and the robberies’ motivations. Possible action against the Royals by the military has everyone running scared.
  • Aztec Odyssey

    by Jay C. LaBarge
    A treasure lost to time, a string of stolen artifacts, and one archaeologist determined to expose the truth. The year is 1521, and Tenochtitlán burns. Wracked by plague and war, the majestic Aztec empire begins to crumble. As their beloved capital city falls to the ruthless Spaniards and hordes of vengeful tribes, the Aztecs make a last-ditch attempt to secretly save their heritage before it’s lost to the sands of time forever. Meanwhile in the modern day, a string of high-profile robberie... more
  • A Hundred Sweet Promises

    by Sepehr Haddad

    A family secret revealed 40 years ago by a grandmother to her grandson is now an acclaimed Russian historical fiction novel. "A Hundred Sweet Promises" is the tale of the author’s grandfather, Nasrosoltan, a famed composer, who on the eve of World War I travels from Persia to Russia to study classical music at the St. Petersburg Conservatory with such masters as Rimsky-Korsakov. While there, Nasrosoltan falls in love with a Romanov princess, but the royalty surrounding him con... more

  • One Light

    by Anne O'Brien Carelli
    Twelve-year-old Eleanor joins the WWII French Resistance. She is responsible for a group of Jewish children hiding in a monastery cellar and befriends feisty Shoshana, one of the fugitive children. When Shoshana is kidnapped by the Germans, Eleanor sets out on a dangerous quest to rescue her new friend. One Light is an fast-paced story of friendship based on actual contributions of children to the Resistance. "A marriage of beautiful prose, heart-rending friendships, and action-packed adventure ... more
  • The World Without Mirrors

    by Nick Bruechle
    When Jayne Silver moves into a share house in Brooklyn with three young men, her charismatic best friend Abby quickly becomes a permanent house guest. Incensed by plans for yet another militaristic ‘humanitarian intervention’, the household friends create a pacifist-activist group, Patriots Opposed to War – POW. At first, the group engages in mainly online activity augmented by low-level vandalism, but things change rapidly. Spurred on by the ineffectual results of their activities and inspired... more

    by Diana Stevan
    Based on a true story, Lilacs in the Dust Bowl is an inspirational family saga about love and heartache during the Great Depression. In 1929, when Lukia Mazurets, a widow and Ukrainian peasant farmer, immigrates to Canada with her four children, she has no idea the stock market is about to crash and throw the world into a deep depression. Falling grain prices, the ravages of nature, and unexpected family conflicts threaten to smash her dreams of family unity in a strange land. And when love... more
  • The Ballroom: A Novella

    by Simon Sobo
    Set in the mid-19th century, The Ballroom tells a beauty-and-the-beast love story of a rich but tightfisted businessman and a poor, lovely ingénue. Vincent Van Doren is “a hard-headed, cussing, tobacco chewing man.” He quit school in the third grade because he was unable to take on his teacher who took pleasure in humiliating him. His father’s repeated foolishness kept the family poor and reduced the family’s name to a joke. Fortunately, Vincent was big and strong enough to put an end to whateve... more