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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Apprenticeship of Molly Chant

    by Jeanette Winsor
    Hanging for witchcraft has been outlawed in Ireland for centuries… Sixteen-year-old Molly Chant faces the noose, a punishment unheard of in 1869. Her one chance for escape is to follow her friend, Mick, to a ship ready to sail to the desolate island of Newfoundland. But, crossing the vast, angry ocean to the colonies could be a new kind of death sentence. Her only hope for redemption is the tiny outport of Silver Cape Cove, where she struggles for a balance between her healing powers and the s... more
  • Many a Sudden Change

    by Tricia Hopper Zacher
    A deadly car accident leaves, Eric, an eight-year-old autistic boy to be raised by his grandmother. Clarice, a widow in her sixties, is devastated by the loss of her daughter and terrified at the prospect of raising her grandson on her own. When she comes across unopened letters from Eric's estranged father, she decides to contact him. Matthew, a Marine serving in war-torn Afghanistan, is excited to at last meet his son—but suffering from PTSD, he appears no more equipped to raise Eric than Clar... more
  • No Fences in Alaska

    by Glen Sobey
    Their worlds are about to come crashing down… At sixteen years old, Harper Lyon’s life is spinning out of control. She threatens her parents with suicide unless she can meet her drug-dealing boyfriend, a college student who doesn’t know she’s pregnant. Cooper Lyons, her estranged grandfather, lives in rural Alaska with only his dog and cat for company. He has just been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, and he doesn’t plan on letting the disease run its course. Harper needs to escape h... more
  • The Mother Tree

    by Heather W. Cobham
    The water that surrounds Oriental, N.C. attracts people who need to heal. In Heather Cobham’s debut novel, Hungry Mother Creek, Maya Sommers landed in Oriental reeling from the trauma of Hurricane Katrina and the death of her husband. Now, Sloan Bostwick, a successful realtor from Raleigh, returns there in hopes of regaining the peace she experienced during the summers with her grandparents. Sloan purchases the oldest home in the county with plans to create a retreat center. Unbeknownst to Sloan... more
  • The Taxol Thief ISBN 9781539454441

    by Ceylon Barclay
    For three decades, the FDA denied approval of a first-in-class drug, "taxol," condemning thousands of breast-cancer victims to certain death. THE TAXOL THIEF is the story of one couple's attempt to evade that fate by smuggling taxol from China through Russia.
  • Nothing to Declare: A Novel

    by Richard M. Ravin
    Look at Jesse, a good-guy restaurant owner who’s got his life exactly how he wants it. Flash L.A. bistro, spiffy BMW, all-white condo overlooking the ocean. Then, boom, he receives a bombshell. He’s been named next of kin to Marty, the wild man and con artist who used to be his best friend. Never mind that they haven’t had a civil word in twenty years. Suddenly, Jesse’s forced to reckon with the past he’s been running from for more than two decades. Between a long ago love triangle, a road t... more
  • My Name Is Ben

    by Karl Bullock
    Tom Reed is an Applied Physicist working on a project he developed for the military. While the original idea was to instantly transport matériel using a time/space portal rather than conventional transportation methods, he realized it could also be used to transport people and things in time. He developed a way to bring historical figures from the past into present day without disturbing their lives in the past. When Tom activates this transport, he finds himself sitting across from our favo... more
  • Greenland Tower xoxo

    by Farrell Hamann
    Gold prospector Calvin of the Mojave desert gets bonked on the head with a six and one half gold nugget and gets sent away to quietly recover because it is thought excitement could kill him, especially kissing women. He settles temporally in Southampton, NY, and gets tangled up with the lovely Finvola, his cool landlord, and Missy who does covert rescue in high-performance STOL (short take-off and land) aircraft using her own money. Calvin is amazingly responsible and upbeat. Lots of mystical-re... more
  • Two Sisters

    by Stephen Lewis
  • Auntie I Don't Want You To Get Married: Danielle The Girl From NY

    by Clarence Coggins
    This is the first installment of the new multicultural Illustrated Children’s Book written by Clarence Coggins. Danielle is a young girl who travels from New York City to Georgetown Guyana to visit family for the first time. When she gets there she has all types of adventures. This is the tale of when her Auntie Julia is trying to find out why Danielle doesn't want her to get married.
  • Double Team

    by James W. Bennett
    Double Team is a novel that works as a traditional Young Adult. Its protagonist is a high school sophomore striving to make his school basketball team and then excelling All the while, his small community is traumatized by a pair of heinous crimes. The protagonist’s father is the newly-hired police chief, so Gary is drawn in substantially to the hysteria and vigilantism consuming a town beleaguered by brutal murders and a long-term strike at the community’s largest employer. While all this i... more
  • Fresh Killed

    by James W. Bennett
    Fresh Killed is a mature YA novel. Its protagonist is a teenage boy who is a polio victim. Set in 1952, the story follows the protagonist and his dysfunctional family; eventually he lives with his poverty-stricken grandparents on a struggling peninsula along the Mississippi. His grandfather is a retired Protestant minister who provides some interesting and compelling religious views. There is a love interest in the book, as the young man tries to get next to a very attractive, popular girl. ... more
  • A Light on Altered Land

    by Becky Bohan
    On a cross-country road trip involving a difficult daughter and a run-in with the law, retirees and new lovers Ellie and Kathryn strive to trust the path opening before them. Their challenges open them to new vistas of love, passion, spirit, and hope.
  • Better Than A Bully: Carrot Top's Surprise

    by Tina Levine
    MOM'S CHOICE AWARDS HONORING EXCELLENCE, GOLD LEVEL 2020, PURPLE DRAGONFLY HONORABLE MENTION FOR EXCELLENCE 2020 Meet Annie (aka Carrot Top), a girl bullied at school, in real-time, as we watch her dealing with a bully and bystanders. What is it about this girl that makes her so resilient? Tina Levine designed this fictional chapter book to include humor and a mystery in both school and neighborhood settings. Overall, readers will find themselves laughing, tearing up, and excited to read each... more
  • Snowflake: A Climate Thriller

    by Arthur Jeon
    A gifted high school student at an elite academy decides he must assassinate the president as an act of environmental protection. ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ Ben Wallace, 18, is a brilliant high school senior who obsessively reads scientific papers about climate change. After a mind-altering experience and two near tragedies, Ben decides he must take drastic action against the climate-denying President of the United States. He will save his generation in an act of planetary se... more
  • Belonging

    by Garry McDougall
    Dr Louis Gabriel arrives in iconic Gundagai, passionate about the new medicine and Lister’s pioneering surgery, He is fired with hope and determination, but is he in the wrong place at the wrong time? Will Gundagai's black doctor ever belong? Based on the life of the eminent photographer, surgeon and medico, Dr Gabriel, in legendary Gundagai. Employed as Chief Medical Officer of Gundagai Hospital set off a chain of event pits him against Dr. O'Dwyer and a town crusade against people of colour. ... more