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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Sidewalk Stories Meet Moby Mutt

    by Wendy K Gray

    Trevor Gribbon's own dog won't listen to him! How will he be a responsible dog owner and train Moby Mutt? Sing the Stop-Think-Act song and problem-solve with Bethany Butterfly at the Magical ABC Sidewalk, of course! Which path will uncover the mysteries of Moby Mutt; Option A, B or C? Let the discovery begin! Sidewalk Stories is a multi-platform series of problem-solving books, coloring books, audio books and songs for kids!

    Meet Moby Mutt written by Wendy K Gray and illust... more

  • Wrapped in the Stars

    by Elena Mikalsen
  • Sidewalk Stories How Otis Oaktree Opened His Eyes

    by Wendy K Gray

    The 1982 hailstorm stole Otis Oaktree's courage! How will ever he get it back? Sing the Stop-Think-Act song and problem-solve with Bethany Butterfly at the Magical ABC Sidewalk, of course! Which path will lead him to his courage; Option A, B or C? Let the adventure begin! Sidewalk Stories is a multi-platform series of problem-solving books, coloring books, audio books and songs for kids!

    Sidewalk Stories How Otis Oaktree Opened His Eyes written by Wendy K Gray and Kia... more

  • Everything She Wants: A New Dark Comedy That's Not for the Faint Hearted

    by D A Nelson

    A new dark comedy from the author of Dusting Down Alcudia. Warning: this book is rude, full of swear words and definitely not for the faint-hearted! When Susan decides there's more to life than housework, her bullying husband puts his foot down. Ignoring his protests and those of their selfish teen daughter, she runs away with a Wham tribute act to find herself and, hopefully, fame and fortune. Along the way, there's the chance of happiness with a new man, but things go awry and he tu... more

  • Spellbound & Hellhounds (Coven Chronicles)

    by Nia Rose
    Witches and wizards and spells, oh my! Enter the world of Raen, turn left at the land of dragons, and you’ll find yourself in the country of Aeristria. A place overflowing with magic and creatures that were once only heard of in fairy-tales. In the heart of Aeristria is the capital city, Tolvade. Here you will find shops and taverns, laughter and fun, runesmiths looking for their next job and sneaky pickpocketing imps. Steer clear of the galloping gang of centaurs and you will see the headqua... more
  • Sidewalk Stories The Lemonade Landing Mat

    by Wendy K Gray

    Sammie Squirrelly has been caught with lemonade that doesn't belong to him. What should he do? Sing the Stop-Think-Act song and problem-solve with Bethany Butterfly at the Magical ABC Sidewalk, of course! Which path will he choose; Sidewalk Option A, B or C? Hmm, dilemmas like this one are worth a few tries. Sidewalk Stories is a multi-platform series of problem-solving books, coloring books, audio books and songs for kids!

    Sidewalk Stories The Lemonade Landing Mat written... more

  • The Nowhere

    by Chris Gill
    Two boys. Two farms. One deadly secret. Every day's the same on the farm. Seventeen-year-old Seb rides his quad bike alongside his dad and cattle dog, dreaming about a different life. A life that doesn't require him to spend all day in the blistering sun. Where the nearest town isn't a forty-minute drive away with a population of fewer than three hundred people. Where he can talk to someone who isn't his little brother or short-tempered father. So when new neighbours move into the derelict... more
  • Fortune Cookie Surprise!

    by Jacqueline Prata
    Fortune Cookie Surprise! is a story of a young girl that realizes over dinner at a Chinese restaurant that she is much like a fortune cookie. She brings her family together and adds the finishing touch just like a cookie adds the final touch to the meal. The message is simple but important - that each of us is unique with a special gift or message inside, and can impact our world no matter what age, race, gender or family structure.
  • Native Companions: Dreamtime Mysteries

    by Jenni Barnett

    The prologue is a death-bed scene, where Rex Graham and his parents say goodbye to his beloved, Aboriginal grandmother. The young man promises to fulfil Granelda Yaraan’s dying wish to complete his doctorate degree in anthropology. While on study location in the Central Australian desert, Rex discovers a small Aboriginal artefact lying in a dry creek-bed bearing the markings of his tribal totem, whose territory is located in the south-easterly region of the continent.

    On his retur... more

  • Snapshots: Say Cheese! The World Is Watching

    by Cara Cilento
    Snapshots: Say Cheese! The World Is Watching reflects on growing up in a close knit suburb where there is significant familial and social pressure to fit the mold. What would happen if you didn’t? What if you were a lesbian? Do you conform? Become unseen? Rebel? To what lengths does one go to be accepted into the fold? Snapshots details through photograph, poetry and prose those struggles. Snapshots: Say Cheese! The World Is Watching, begs the question, "Who would you become if the world was wa... more
  • Katelyn's Choice

    by Susan G Mathis
    The Gilded Age comes to life in this first installment of the Thousand Islands Series! Katelyn Kavanagh’s mother dreamed her daughter would one day escape the oppressive environment of their Upstate New York farm for service in the enchanting Thousand Islands, home to Gilded Age millionaires. But when her wish comes true, Katelyn finds herself in the service of none other than the famous George Pullman, and the transition proves anything but easy. Thomas O’Neill, brother of her best frien... more
  • The Adventures of the Rainbow Sparrow

    by Vladimir Sretkovic
    How can a sparrow get colors? What is needed for this? Well, he needs the Magpie, the Owl, Bird Sorceress and….the adventure can begin. Sparrow and his friends will come across a great number of obstacles that they will have to cope with, with the aid of their intelligence, cunningness and pure and brave heart during this incredible journey The Crow, Lord Eagle and Paradise bird will additionally make it hard on them. Will Sparrow achieve his goal? How will his friends help him? Will he ... more
  • Good as News: A Playful Exploration of the Human Condition Via Short Story Musings on Events and Things

    Beauty is everywhere around us and needs only a little help to get our attention. I feel like I am on a mission to let the Good be on top of the news for a change like I did in the story ‘Sorrow Bin’ for which Ray Allison wrote: « I like your positive attitude to life, full of resolve to make it better ». Driven by the recent discovery of the pleasure of writing, every morning at breakfast I let my imagination carry me where it pleases. I never thought it was possible. Such freedom of mind i... more
  • Finding Rosie

    by W. B. Edwards

    Set during the Vietnam war, this book tells the story of one proud Filipina woman.  It is told entirely from the perspectives of two American men, each of whom grew to love her in his own way, and of how one of them went back to the Philippines to find her again.

  • There Are Many Tools in the Kitchen (Don't Be One of Them)

    by Stephen Thompson

    Fellas – are you frequently emasculated in the break room by 20-something’s that call you out for not using a French-press to slow brew your coffee?

    Ladies - could you get some play from that cute barista named Lance if your soufflé was a little tighter and he’d stop braiding the hair of his 
    effeminate friend Terrance long enough to notice you?

    Do you BBQ in the winter so often that you know how to recognize types of spiders by their egg sacks h... more

  • Fitting Out: The Friendship Experiment

    by Sarah Giles

    With his best friend Miguel by his side, Max never thought about the fact that he was a little different and kind of shy. But now that Miguel has moved away, Max has to figure out how to make new friends and he has no idea how it all works. To make matters worse, he only has one month to do it before the new school year starts. YIKES!

    In Fitting Out: The Friendship Experiment, the first in a new series from debut author Sarah Giles, 10-year-old Max sets out to make new friends, usi... more