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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Facets of the Past

    by Monique Gliozzi
    When Hank Gild is given the opportunity to take up his dream job, he accepts the offer with excitement. As a tour guide at the historical imperial castle on Lake Starnberg, Hank delights his guests with stories of the late Bavarian emperor-his antics, his precious artifacts and the mystery shrouding his death in 1886. But it seems that not all the castle's visitors are of pure heart. Before long, Hank is forced down a path of greed, deception and danger with no way out. A once happy and simple l... more
  • Everything I Am

    by Jenny Bond
    When her partner of twenty-five years dies, Rebecca Collins discovers the secret life he had been living. Grieving, and with her sense of self in ruins, she embarks on a quest to uncover the truth about the man she loved, and to recreate the shattered image of herself. Rebecca is constantly challenged in her quest by visions of her dead partner. Is she going insane or is her current sorrow and anger beginning to mesh with the remnants of an earlier trauma, one she has long ago repressed, one... more
  • In His Father's World: The Love Affair of Seth Hunter Jr. and Sandy

    by C.D. Harper
    Imagine a life engulfed by a civil war that will change everything about the world as you know it. A world built by your father for you and your son on and on into perpetuity, a world built on the promises of slavery with the acquiescence of God but compromised by the ideals and will of the new nation. This is the world Seth Hunter Jr., heir to Covenant Plantation, must learn to live in. The basic issues of life: love, hate, revenge, desire, survival, etc. remain the same, but the world, everyth... more
  • A Double Life, A Single Love: A Sinclair Story

    by Rosalinda Haddon
    Tall, handsome, and wealthy, Mafia-connected Thomas James Sinclair has again been recruited by the FBI to work with Interpol and the Secret Service to find and apprehend an international counterfeiter. Thomas, "Tommy," is anxious and ready to get back into his alternative identity, in which he enjoys a life of travel, gambling, womanizing, and working at the edges of the law. A dangerous life that takes him from his home in New Jersey and his life with his wife, Hannah, to Las Vegas, France, and... more
  • Nermina's Chance

    Synopsis War sears its imprint on the human spirit in infinite ways. After her family is murdered and her body ravaged by Serbian soldiers, Nermina Beganović’s only chance of survival is to flee her Bosnian homeland during the Yugoslav Wars circa 1992. She escapes this holocaust and finds her way to a refugee center in Portland, Oregon. Grief-stricken and numb, Nermina meets Carl, a good-looking, but imperceptive drifter. Through him she obtains what she most desires: a child (ergo a family)... more
  • In the Round

    by kl kiefer
    IN THE ROUND is a fictional story set in the countryside of east central Minnesota. It is told from the point of view of a mostly burned out, increasingly cynical middle aged artist who, twice a week, opens her home studio to teach painting to a smattering of disparate rural adults. A hostile incident between an unstable delivery truck driver and a beloved elderly student upends this tedious environment. With a hint of the supernatural running in the background, the ensuing chain of eve... more
  • Lifeline to Marionette

    by Jennifer Waitte
    Alaina Michelle Sekovich was a gifted yet troubled child who sought only to flee the suffocating world of her father's overbearing tutelage. She thought she could change her life by becoming someone else. But when the world becomes herself looking back at her and the face that is her own is a monster she does not know, she finds that there is no place she can go, nowhere she can hide, because what she wants to escape from most is the one thing she can never be truly free from: herself. The stor... more
  • To Iowa in the Back Seat

    by Kristi R. Bradbury

    Hop into the back seat with Kay on her family's road trip from the mountains of Colorado to the farms of Iowa. Sometimes the back seat is unfair and the road is long, but plenty of fun and adventure awaits at Grandma's house!  Going back home feels sad, but it's Kay's memories and a special gift from Grandma that makes the drive home easier. 

  • Road Tales: Short Stories About Full-Time RVing

    by Ellen Behrens
    Inspired by years of living and traveling full-time in an RV, this collection gives readers a short story about visitors to a national park who become caught up in the search for a missing hiker while another story captures a phone conversation between two daughters struggling to understand their mother's decision to sell her house and hit the road. Other stories provide glimpses into the unique challenges and joys of full-time RVing.
  • None But the Dead and Dying

    by Ellen Behrens
    A restless teenager in a small town listens to the midnight music of a lonely bachelor... a retired schoolteacher drinks herself to sleep on her front porch while across the street a confused preacher fumbles to understand his need to be with a woman haunted by loss and grief. On the outskirts of town a Native American burial ground is uncovered, bringing promises of redemption for them all. "Her writing takes on the energy and freedom of [a] bluesy saxophone, making music that soars." -- The... more
  • Miguel Goes to Eagle School

    by Isai Gutierrez

    Miguel was never happy just doing what the other ducklings were doing. As hard as he tried to fit in with his brothers and sisters and even with his friends, he felt in his heart that there was something different. Miguel wanted more than just to learn how to be a ​duck. Miguel wanted to go to Eagle school!

  • Deathbed Confession: My Son Was a Stolen Baby!

    by Thadeus Parkland
    Two women, forging their way through life with angels, both heavenly and earth bound, guiding them each step of the way. Unexpected moments of healing and forgiveness allow each of them gave back to the world in unimaginable ways. Near death, Mary reveals to her daughter-in-law the unfathomable act she committed some fifty years ago. The man she had raised was not actually hers. Mary reveals to Bettie how she stole the baby she raised from another woman. Her life was not the fairy tale promis... more
  • The Children of Horseshoe Hideout

    by Rebecca Matthews Vorkapich
    Life with evil Aunt Olga has gone from very bad to worse for 11-year-old Hannah and her brothers, so now Hannah must make a tough decision. She knows she can’t ask for help. Olga has continually warned them that if they dare complain about her, they will be put in separate foster homes. Above all else, they have to stay together. But Hannah is protective of her younger brothers and can’t bear to see them hurt another day. So they pack up their meager belongings, more food than Olga every allowed... more
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