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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Of Knights and Dogfights

    by Ellie Midwood
    “Has it ever occurred to you, Johann; the fact that we’re fighting on the wrong side?” Austria, 1938 On the verge of the most devastating war of all times, four young men found themselves sharing a room in a flying school dormitory. A bohemian Berliner, a Flieger-Hitlerjugend member, a prodigy pilot, and a butcher’s son, with nothing in common but their love for the Luftwaffe and the freedom the sky has to offer. The bond they develop is put to the test by what might be a stronger adversar... more
  • Un Villancico Navideño

    by Norman Whaler

    Charles Dickens' beloved holiday classic, A Christmas Carol, is retold in verse and beautifully illustrated by Bianca Milacic. It is a story to remind us all of the real meaning of Christmas... and that a changed heart can change the world!

    Retold from Charles Dickens by Norman Whaler, illustrated by Bianca Milacic, and translated to Spanish by Seraphine B. Hoskins.

  • A Christmas Carol

    by Norman Whaler

    Charles Dickens' beloved Christmas holiday classic, A Christmas Carol, is retold in verse and beautifully illustrated by Bianca Milacic. It is a story to remind us all of the real meaning of Christmas... and that a changed heart can change the world!

    (Christmas Holiday, Classics, Children's Picture Book)

  • Oink y Gobble y el 'Secreto Que Nadie Debe Saber'

    by Norman Whaler
    Oink y Gobble eran mejores amigos y, con todos los demás animales de la granja, tenían un GRAN secreto que nunca, nunca, jamás dejaran que los humanos sepan! Pero, ¿Oink dejó salir al gato de la bolsa? (Adventure, Humor, Imagination, Animals)
  • If God Allows

    by Robert P. Cohen
    At twenty-eight28 years of age, Paul Goldberg had already achieved great success as a creative director in the advertising industry. After his revolutionary marketing campaign for a juice company became a pop -culture phenomenon, Paul was catapulted to C-level stardom and showered with job offers that involved two commas and stock options. But like too many ad men before him, he had the itch to write a novel. So, it made perfect sense to Paul, if to no one else, when he accepted a job at an obsc... more
  • I Am Juden

    by Stephen Uzzell
    A twisting tale of survival and defiance, ‘I Am Juden’ tells the story of a Jewish resistance agent who worked undercover as a Nazi SS Officer in the ghettos and camps of 1940s Eastern Europe, saving prisoners while searching for his family. Tiev Schrieber is an Ethics professor sacked from a German university in 1939. Aided by his Aryan appearance and facility with languages, Schrieber goes on the run with his sister Shoshana and eventually passes himself off as an SS officer in Krakow, where ... more
  • Material Things

    by Larry Spencer
    Larry Spencer’s riveting, interlocking narratives circle the lives of Matthew Street, Jon Lewis and Christopher Styles, in a 1970s California backdrop that takes them from owning and operating a fashionable clothing boutique into the gripping world of an FBI under cover operation, drug trafficking, prostitution and a nefarious criminal element, that brings to light a Mafia contract killer, who’s out to bump off a stoolie in their midst. Material Things is based on true events surroundi... more
  • Buddy the War Dog: From the Blitz to the Battlefields of World War II

    by Joan Tidd
    Buddy the War Dog is about a black Labrador's experiences during World War II. The book combines fact with fiction and focuses on the heroic tales of Buddy when he finds himself amidst the London Blitz and then, as a 'paradog' being parachuted behind enemy lines into France. Written in the first "doggie person", Buddy's dangerous yet exciting predicaments move the reader to a deeper understanding, historically, of the unique dog/man relationship in times of extreme trauma. These are highlighted... more
  • Poems in the Keys of Life

    by Henry Lee Thomas
    “Poems In The Keys Of Life" is the authors foray into the world of poetry. The book correlates poems with music. Each elicits certain feelings and emotions (keys or tonics) from the listener. Poems can have a musical melody of their own. Just as you can enjoy the lovely vocal melodies in music such as Verdi’s “Rigoletto”, poems can achieve the same level of beauty. After all, many songs are created from poems! The author defines a poem’s key as “the major events/emotions/thoughts which domina... more
  • Naked Tree

    by Nadia Benchakroun
    A collection of raw, visceral, and emotionally charged poems depicting the author's arduous journey growing up in a highly patriarchal society where boys are idealized, and girls are marginalized. The poems unravel complex emotions of shame, betrayal, loneliness, confusion, defeat, love and the occasional triumphs. The catalyst for Nadia’s feminist views was when she lost her only childhood friend to an arranged marriage at age eleven. Things had to be different for herself, but that hasn’t been... more
  • The Accounts of Benny's Diner and Other Stories

    by David Lopez
    The Accounts of Benny's Diner takes place moments before, during, and after an event known as the rapture. With sixteen short stories people are forced to imagine what if this happened...?
  • Sins of the Heart A Novel

    Ezekiel Robinson is not your typical young man. He is smart, educated and driven. His father and step-mother moved him from the Deep South to New York City, so they could provide the family with a better opportunity. His mother and her eight- month fetus were killed at the hands of three vicious men for slapping the farm owner after he slapped her. His father and stepmother finally saved enough money to buy a train ticket to New York City. They always heard the big train late at night but nev... more
  • Bisonheads

    by Michael Fanelli
    Like their citizens, cities get the fate they deserve--only not in chronological order. Five darkly-comic tales, including two novellas--DARK HORSE: FIRE IN THE BELLY: The mayor of Gorge Falls thought the worst thing was the slug in his gut, until UN peace-keepers invaded. THE END OF THE INTERNET AS WE KNOW IT: Love pierces the hearts of mailhandlers, cyber-geeks & lobbyists. How to mix a Tom Collins.
  • Apocalypse TV

    by Thomas Allbaugh
    After losing his father and facing difficulties with his work as a professor at a private college, 44 year old Walter Terry decides to participate in a reality TV show with five other contestants. As they travel across the country and talk with others about faith and their views of the end of the world, Walter is increasingly in danger as the show continues, and when he is shot in an apparently random accident, he is helped by an FBI agent in solving the crime. There is satire in this story abou... more
  • ''The Kids Book Club of Power'' - We Are One and Together We Are Strong

    by Simon Fawaz
    A positive story about a boy and a girl (twins) that receive a magnificent book from their father on their birthday. This wonderful book then helped the twins to obtain great powers. Unlike other superheros, the twin’s power enabled them to move mountains with their mind and to speak in many languages. Their power also aided all kids to make better choices for their lives, which helped to bring harmony to our Earth. The twins didn’t know that a naughty little wizard named Meroo, did not w... more
  • Bonfires of the Gods

    by Andrew Eseimokumo Oki
    In the wake of violent outbursts over the creation of a new local government area by the then military regime, two warring tribes, the Ijaws and the Itsekiris with an age-old ax to grind come head to head in a bloody and brutal battle for land ownership throwing a once peaceful and lovable city into chaos. Set in March of 1997 in the war-torn city of Warri, Nigeria, BONFIRES OF THE GODS tell heartrending fictitious accounts of real-life experiences of people who had suffered great losses during ... more