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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Sunjata of the Mande Empire

    by Ekiuwa Aire

    It had been foretold that Sunjata would become king. However, many doubted he had the skills to fulfill the prophecy.

    This story is an adaptation of an epic poem that has been told by jali poets since the 13th century. It tells of a young boy overcoming self-doubt and becoming the founder of the Mandé Empire, one of the richest empires in African and Malian history.

    Sunjata's story is one of perseverance, resilience, and a commitment to the rights of people.

  • Mexican Rhapsody: Having a Second Chance

    by Shogo Onoe

    Embark on a soul-searching adventure and discover one man’s quest to Mexico for a better life. Artfully written with flowing prose and profound personal insights, this uplifting novel delves into the rich life and culture of Mexico, following author Shogo Onoe’s remarkable story as he casts aside his old life in Japan for the vibrant cities and landscapes of Central America. Blending thoughtful philosophical and spiritual wisdom with an undying message of living your life to the f... more

  • The Prisoner's Cross

    by Pastor Dr. Peter Unger
    The "Prisoner's Cross" delves deeply into Christ's transforming nature through faith and perseverance. An eighty-year-old true story of the tragedy of POW camps and the resilient faith of the men who endured years of mistreatment saves Don Campbell, a seminary student, from the torture of his own doubts and misgivings. When everything else is stripped away, Christ's love is all we need to thrive!
  • This Slo Motion Apocalypse: Collected Works Vol. 1

    by Dylan Boyer
    This Slo Motion Apocalypse: Collected Works Vol. 1 contains work published both traditionally and independently, as well as unpublished material from 2018-2022. Interspersed with journal entries, and illustrations, This Slo Motion Apocalypse is a collection of fiction as well as a timeline of the collapse of the world around and within the author.
  • Operation Blackbird: A Cold War Spy Novel

    by Ellen Butler
    Her mission could tip the balance of power…or spark World War III. When fellow CIA operative Jake Devlin tracks Miriam Becker down in Argentina, where she is recovering from a mission that almost killed her, she is forced to push her troubled past to the back of her mind for the next mission: help a highly prized rocket scientist defect from Soviet-controlled East Berlin. Their plan goes like clockwork—until betrayal forces Jake to sacrifice himself to get Miriam out alive. Now he’s trapped be... more
  • A Dinosaur Made Me Spill: A Water Cycle Adventure

    by Carla Mae Jansen
    How does an ancient dinosaur wreck a modern day tea party? Join Sofia, Destiny, and their friends on a hilarious journey to find out! Along the way, discover water cycle science, creative problem solving, and joyful friendship!
  • Place of Cool Waters

    by Ndirangu Githaiga
    When Jude Wilson decides to travel halfway across the world to visit the graves of his childhood Boy Scout heroes, he unwittingly signs up for a lot more than he imagined. Growing up in the placid little Pacific Northwest town of Clarksville could never adequately prepare him for what he encounters in the vibrant, mercurial streets of Nairobi, where context defines meaning and words alone are not always sufficient to communicate across a cultural gap. He meets Qadir Mohamed—the affable manager a... more
  • The Paris Scandal

    by J. Martinez Brown
    John Singer Sargent’s disabled sister, Emily, narrates this saga of deception surrounding the Madame X portrait: the catalyst for revealing the family’s darkest secret. An aspiring artist, Emily is determined to study at an atelier and forge a career like her brother’s. Better than being relegated to her aging parents’ caregiver. Seeing Amélie Gautreau at the opera, John vows to paint her. Having been subjected to her cruelty, Emily is relieved when the socialite’s husband, Pierre, refuses Jo... more
  • Until I See Stars

    by Marisa Recker
    Karina and Dan think their marriage is unshakeable... until the strains of long-distance test their loyalties. Kayla and Bethany believe that the bond of sisterhood is unbreakable... until a shocking betrayal creates lasting damage for their friendship. Until I See Stars follows the Fitzpatrick family for over 30 years and two separate timelines. The first is that of Karina and Dan, a young married couple struggling to navigate a long-distance relationship with two young children. ... more
  • A Fish Called Andromeda

    by Cynthia C. Huijgens
    A Fish Called Andromeda celebrates the power of intergenerational friendships to encourage children to learn about the world beyond their immediate family. Central to the story is the enduring magic and allure of the night sky. Fully illustrated, 32 pages, for children ages 4-108. Themes: fostering childhood imagination and creativity, patience, and feelings of security and independence.
  • Chloe Afloat: Being the Adventures of Calico Clo, Buccanette of the Coast

    by Geraldine Burrows
    After surviving two retro-crazy summers out West, Manhattan teen Chloe Crandall wants to spend her seventeenth summer being Normal…until her sometime crush, Shane, recruits her for a lucrative but really abnormal summer job with his father’s private security firm. She goes undercover in a college drama troupe that sails a tall ship along the New England coast, performing pirate-themed shows. Her mission: keep lead player Madison Dandridge away from drugs and a stalker ex-boyfriend. At sea, Chl... more
  • Macaroni and Cheese, Hot Dogs and Peas

    by Christine Hickson

    "When I eat dinner, my mom and dad say, 'Let's thank the Lord for our food today.' And I would...but what I want to know, please, is what does God have to do with my macaroni and cheese?"  This book gives a thoughtful answer in an engaging rhyme that encourages thankfulness, not only to God, but to everyone who helps bring food to our tables.


  • Laker's World, A Bigfoot Story

    by T.B. Hickson

    Laker, a young Bigfoot, loves to play. But who can he play with? He explores the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches in his forest world as he searches for and finds friends. He is surprised when the answer to a mystery gives him one more friend. This chapter book entertains with a touch of humor as it reinforces science concepts usually taught in third and fourth grades.


  • Silver Bottle

    by Joan Spilman
    As marginalized cultures step to the fore, one such group remains shadowed: West Virginia's many-faceted sub- culture of small mountain towns and of the women who live in them. Silver Bottle explores four generations of West Virginia women who "speak their piece," their separate stories bound together by a curious family heirloom, a silver bottle. Lorraine: a woman abandoned by her mother. Carmen: the mother who, after many years, re-establishes contact and tries to explain. Jenna: Lor... more
  • Holy Parrot

    by Angel A

    The compelling mystery of phenomenal paranormal events occurring in the Caribbean fishing village of Buritaca.

    Buritaca, Colombia: Mary, sixteen, insisted the parrot, known as Gabriel, told her she would be the mother of the new Christ. She said she was a virgin. Pablo, suspected as being the child's father, mysteriously disappeared. Leo Lumière, a student from Australia, was torn between exposing a crime and protecting Maria from harm. Was Maria lying to hide a despicab... more

  • Till the Sun Grows Cold

    by John Bebout
    TILL THE SUN GROWS COLD is the story of two star-crossed lovers during the turbulent days following the American Civil War; it is a tragic search for justice, by land and sea, with one of the strongest female characters in recent historical fiction. Follow Kate Warne, Pinkerton Detective, as she attempts to help Merritt Cowles track down--and bring to justice--the killers of his son, a guard on a military payroll convoy. The story is set in the beautiful Florida keys where time follows a tropica... more