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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Nervous Mary: Drawing Strength from Weakness

    by Laura Atwood Duran
    Amidst the horrors of the Spanish Civil War, one girl struggles to keep her family alive. Trapped in enemy territory during the Spanish Civil War, an impetuous, painfully nervous girl from a Catholic military family is called upon to put aside her worst fears and take charge of her young brothers, mentally ill mother and tortured prisoner-of-war father. In the process she unwittingly demonstrates the true meaning of bravery and loyalty. Based on the childhood & adolescent years of the author’s m... more
  • A Maiden's Prayer

    by Srianthi Perera
    A Maiden's Prayer examines Sri Lankan beliefs in the power of astrology and the role an individual’s character plays in precipitating destiny. It centers on an extended family trying to marry off a rich male relative. Berty Rajakaruna debates whether marriage is worth the price of reclaiming his inherited estate from the clutches of his scheming sister. The estate is special because it was founded by an ancestor who was a Mudaliyar, comparable to a country squire, under British rule. The novel... more
  • Presence, the Play

    by William E. Jefferson
    Presence, the Play offers a penetrating perspective on the vital role personal presence plays in the essence of life. This timely, captivating novel speaks to a growing hunger for a way of life that’s real and tangible, the opposite of an artificial existence lived in a realm of mediated connectivity. The protagonist of Presence, the Play is a playwright and monk named Script who lives on the Isle of Estillyen. On the opening night of Presence, Script’s long-awaited play, he suffers a devast... more
  • The Lion's Cub

    by L M Zorn
    Alexandros, a prince of Macedon, has been a pawn in his parents’ battle for power from his earliest memories. His whole life in the cut-throat world of the royal court has been spent walking the knife edge of their warring demands, balancing his duty to King Philippos’ legacy with his obligations to his mother Olympias and her fierce ambitions, rarely seen as a person in his own right. While tending his horse, he has a chance encounter with Hephaistion, a boy from the back hills who says exactl... more
  • She Remembered

    by Rita H Rowe
    Some memories are best left forgotten, but how much can one woman go through to get them back? When Elena, beautiful and broken, awakes to find herself next to the body of a man, her past becomes entangled with the present, awakening memories that she has been searching for, all her life. Abandoned by her mother, Elena has dealt with terrible dreams for most of her young life, dreams she can never remember. Her love for a boy, Luke, has Elena envisioning a bright future, but after a fateful ... more
  • Dver Vremeni

    by Ekaterina Yakovina
    The author describes various amazing spaces, unexpectedly mixes the past and the future, fantastic and reality. The author describes various amazing spaces, unexpectedly mixes the past and the future, fantastic and reality. A girl who knows how to pass through the door of time; the basket of dreams that a husband brought to his wife; a second chance in another space; the life of shadows and much more in this book. The book also contains illustrations. (Разные пространства, разные планеты, но од... more
  • Shadow's Adventure Home

    by Kathy Kovar
    When a door is left open Shadow the cat gets his chance to chase a real live bird, which leads him on an unexpected adventure. Follow along as he wonders how he will make it back to his family. This is based on the true story of our lovable scrappy cat that went missing for two years when we moved from Fremont to Granite Bay in Northern California.
  • The Peacemaker's Code

    by Deepak Malhotra

    Professor Kilmer, a renowned historian of war and diplomacy, is collected from his home and whisked off to Washington, D.C. Thrust into the highest levels of government as an adviser to the President, the young historian must come to terms with the seemingly impossible, figure out how to navigate a world where not everything is as it seems, and use all the skills and knowledge he has acquired in his life to help save humanity from a conflict of truly historic proportions. A novel that re-exam... more

  • Dolly Me Portfolio

    by Xinyuan Wang
  • Nights of the Moonless Sky: A Tale from the Vijayanagara Empire

    by N S Vishwanath

    In sixteenth century South India, Rajanna, the seventy-year-old patriarch of the majestic Madhuvana estate, has died. An archaic ritual of sati is encouraged by the elders, and Rajanna’s widows are expected to be cremated alive.  But Aadarshini, Rajanna’s third wife, and mother of his heir, refuses to die. The twenty-two-year old escapes in a quest to take control of her own destiny. She must survive and find her young son who was separated from her during the botche... more


    by pam Hicks
    Billy the tree frog gives his best friend Ralph a scary birthday party.
  • Fluffy Ruffy

    by Brianna Lee
    Lee always dreamed of having a dog of her own. Lee and her mom decide to adopt from an animal shelter! She wants to find her best friend and give it a loving home. There is a dog out there for everybody. Will Lee find hers? All of the dogs have different personalities. Which dog is a perfect match for Lee?
  • Furniture Products

    by joshy jose
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  • Maintain Business Prosperity

    by rachel george
    Providing best business succeeding detailed training facilities and how family businesses can maintain prosperity to the new generations. We have the best and most professional staffs working with us . It is very important to get the advice of experts when it matters the stability of your business. Most of the cases the younger generation of the high class business families does not have enough experie... more
  • camping & Hiking Products

    by mariyam george
    AAW is the global retail market and distribution company that made its signature with its authentic service and kids outdoor products online. Our dedicated team of staff makes sure that they meet all your needs in the most satisfactory style both at our store and at our online store. We make sure to bring together superior quality products which will make your home stylish and modern without compromising luxury. We have provided and... more
  • Bag Collections

    by james albert
    American Tourister different among other top brands are the features they provide to their backpacks like rain or dust cover, anti-theft Laptop compartment, stratum suspension strap, expanders, USB port charger, water repellent, lockable pullers etc. We are stimulated that with our things you will grab everybody's attention. With one of our wide degree of things, we ensure that you have an immense heap of decisions to examine our stuff kuwait classes. With one of our wide extent of things, we gu... more