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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • F*** My Brain!

    by Amir Shaheen
    F*** My Brain!" is a humorous and relatable book aimed at a young audience. The book delves into themes of belonging, society, and alienation, capturing the challenges of growing up between two cultures. Told with a lighthearted and engaging tone, the book explores the experiences of being a minority in a different country. Through easy-to-read narratives infused with humor, "F*** My Brain!" offers an insightful and entertaining journey for readers, as they navigate the complexities of identity,... more
  • Q.T. Pie Coloring & Activity Book 2

    by Galen Pauling
    Have fun coloring pictures of Q.T. Pie’s adventures and completing mazes, word searches and other activities about her and her dog Chance.
  • Attempts

    by Issa

    Asant finds himself tempted by desires to taste and have what others have, and chooses to rob a bank; however, at the last second he finds himself unable to go through with the robbery. Even so, the prospect of jail overwhelms his psyche. His spiritual mentor, and caretaker from the time of Asant’s teens, is direct, “You must face your actions...”

    Asant makes his choice and decides to evade and escape his country, in one way spurred by a deep-seated fear, in another by the same courage ... more

  • The Many Adventures pdf Donnie Malone

    by Paul E. Doutrich
    Donnie’s adventures take readers into many of the events that helped shape the American twentieth century. They begin when sixteen-year-old Donnie gets caught up in the patriotic swirl of the first World War. Enlisting in the Army, he becomes a skilled mechanic and pilot during the deadly days at the end of the fighting. The stakes in Donnie’s life are just as high after the war. Along with a friend of his dad’s and an army buddy, he successfully creates an air delivery service, then has to w... more
  • The Lost Valor of Love

    by E A Carter
    Growing up during the centuries-long conflict between the empires of Egypt and Hatti, the young princess Istara is taken hostage by the King of Hatti to secure the loyalty of her father, the King of Kadesh to the empire. Soon her new life in Hatti's glittering capital becomes all she knows. Bound in blood before the gods to Hatti's unwilling crown prince, Istara, now Hatti's queen-in-waiting, learns she will never be loved. But the drums of war beat again, and when the scheming plans of Hatti... more
  • Love Laugh and Row

    by Trisa J. Louise
    Though inspired by a true story, this is a work of fiction. Love Laugh and Row chronicles the Kristoff family's life in America during the 1930s Depression and World War II, and how communism and organized crime touched their lives. You'll laugh and cry right along with the Kristoff family from 1929 to 1955.
  • The Lede to Our Undoing

    by Donald Mengay
    1970s rust-belt America. The era of civil rights, women's rights, and gay rights, as well as the birth of the environmental movement. Twins Jake and Wren are raised in the white-flight suburb of Laurentine, not far from an industrial metropolis that was named in a much greener time the Forest City. The twin's parents, Harry and Florrie, are doing their best to keep their offspring on the straight and narrow, along the lines of what today we would call MAGA America, though before it got the name.... more
  • Eddie the Legend

    by Brian Scala
    Eddie Fitzgerald never imagined he would do anything but follow in his father’s footsteps as a star ballplayer. However, when his baseball dreams did not pan out, he resigned himself to an ordinary existence. After several years, the Seattle native moved to Long Island when his wife received a lucrative job offer. A global pandemic would turn his mundane life and sixteen-year marriage upside down. When the world returned to normal, Eddie garnered the strength to move beyond tragedy and make n... more
  • Carillon Chase

    by D.R. Ransdell
    Gina Campanello is thrilled when Happy Travels Press offers her a writing assignment. The college student envisions traveling between jungle palaces and island paradises. When she’s assigned to drive from Arizona to the heart of the Midwest, she curses her bad luck. The only perk is attending an international festival in Springfield, Illinois, especially after she makes friends with the top-billed musician. But before she reaches the capital city, Vlinder Van de Velde disappears. After he misses... more
  • Worldwide Crush

    by Kristin Nilsen
    Rory Calhoun is a teen popstar with perfect teeth and messy hair who’s inspiring first crushes all over the globe. Millie Jackson is just one of the millions of fans who love him—but that doesn't mean her heart doesn't break for him every single day in this laugh-out-loud coming-of-age story. How many of Rory’s fans collect “data” about him in a special notebook hidden in their underwear drawer? Or have faked a fascination with whale migration for a chance to visit his hometown? Millie may no... more
  • Ambition, Arrogance & Pride

    by Bublish, Inc.

    Three Weddings—Two Rival Families In 1735 Richard Derby, a ship’s master in colonial Salem, Massachusetts, married Mary Hodges, a merchant's daughter.

    The alliance was good business, and Mary Hodges was a willing bride. Richard prospered, retired from the sea, and founded his own merchant house. With one exception, Richard's sons went to sea. Hasket Derby stayed ashore, learning to manage the trading network his father built. George Crowninshield was the youngest of ... more

  • A Little Rain

    by Bill VanPatten


    Sixteen-year-old Alexander Chance’s love of another boy has turned into an obsession—and the consequences have pushed his family to the brink. Sitting in a courtroom, he reflects on the past four months and what led him to the present situation. His father watches a quiet and dissociated son during the proceedings, forcing him to confront his own secretive past and the repressed sexuality that destroyed a... more

  • Adventures of the Sací Kids: A New Home

    by Pamella Russell
    Four foster children meet an elf called Sací. sheltering in an antique rum barrel. He's a one-legged trickster in a magical red cap who smells like rotten eggs and travels in a dust tunnel - an orphan of sorts and a long way from his home in the jungles of Brazil. Add to the mix a crafty antiques' dealer who tries to cheat the children out of their discovery. What lessons will they all learn as they bond together and discover a new definition of friendship and family? That discovery will help th... more
  • Maria Isabel

    by Petru Plesa
    The novel is a combination between mystery and suspense which introduces you to the subject from the first page. The book reveals the extremes of the human condition from the most absurd to the most uplifting, a condition that has been present with us at all times. Maria Isabel is a fiction novel that unfolds in three dimensions, intertwining in a harmonious and intriguing way.The first dimension is a historical one, an account of life, people and places, from 17th century Spain. The second i... more
  • Conflict of Interest

    by Leonard A. Zwelling, Marianne L. Ehrlich
    Money drives medicine. All doctors are not good. Hospitals are dangerous places. People die. With the incisive eye of those who have lived the experiences of health care delivery gone wrong, Dr. Zwelling and Ms. Ehrlich weave a frightening narrative about shocking and grievous events that occur when conflicts of interest among the staff and faculty of a major academic medical center prevail over the Hippocratic Oath, Primum Non Nocere. First do no harm.
  • Charlie the Champion - Mom's Choice Silver Award Recipient

    by K.R. King
    Charlie the Champion is an inspirational tale of Charlie the chubby cheetah, who wants nothing more than to be strong like his dad and compete to win big races. With a big, round belly, Charlie doesn’t feel like he could ever do something so great. Being a chubby cheetah is harder than you think. After being bullied by his classmates, Charlie finally decides that he will not be scared to do what he loves anymore. In the face of fear, Charlie finally unlocks his hidden extraordinary potential ... more