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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    by Joseph C. Gioconda
    Abandoned as a child and raised by the Church, young Sebastian works tirelessly in his pursuit of priesthood. But when a shadowy hooded figure passes him a scroll, his careful plans face a turning point. It appears his name has drawn the attention of the Inquisition and his attendance is commanded at once—for retribution, information, or something else, he does not know. Father Heinrich Institoris the Grand Inquisitor is lauded as a visionary man, driven by a burning desire to cleanse the wor... more
  • Apples for the Wild Stallion

    by Thomas Davis
    Austin is a 15-year-old with autism that cannot talk who communicates using apps on his iPad, loves his family, and is not at all comfortable with change. He much prefers his life to follow its prescribed routines. But life doesn't always listen. When the majestic wild stallion appears outside his window in the middle of the night, Austin's carefully constructed life begins to overflow with change. He experiences an almost mystical connection to the wild stallion that helps him to push thr... more
  • The Divine Comedy: The New Translation by Gerald J. Davis

    by Gerald J. Davis
    The beloved classic by Dante in a new translation. Inferno. Purgatory. Paradise. Complete and Unabridged.
  • IPHONE 12 REPARATUR Winnenden

    by Flying Phone
    Wenn Ihr iPhone 12 einen Defekt hat und dieser schnell & unkompliziert repariert werden soll, dann sind Sie bei genau richtig! Die iPhone 12 Reparatur erfolgt nämlich bei uns mit einem Höchstmaß an Sorgfalt und Professionalität. Des Weiteren garantiert sie Ihnen eine einwandfreie Wiederherstellung, damit Sie Ihr iPhone 12 wieder wie gewohnt in den Händen halten können. Mit unseren Technikexperten von setzen Sie neben Qualität auch auf Expertise – kontaktieren S... more
  • Hotel Bars and the Art of Being Conscious

    by August Delp
    Consciousness, the meaning of life, friends and lovers, alcohol, life's progression, experience and existence—all the good stuff—are rolled together in this upmarket fiction novel. After dropping off her only son at a Swiss boarding school, independent and self-sufficient Daisy becomes a hotel bartender in order to pursue experience and search for meaning, looking to explore life's next stage. She befriends Coop, an advertising executive and bar patron, who is also a recent empty nester. Toge... more
  • RiverWays: The River Goers' Guide to River Etiquette

    by Chula Linda Gemignani
    RiverWays is a beautiful and practical guide for visiting rivers with care and consideration. This book of playful watercolors and river-inspiring poetry will help protect all rivers, their visitors, and the communities living near them.
  • Runt

    by John H. Matthews
    Mo Noonan just wants to get to middle school in one piece. But a new kid in fifth grade is trying to keep that from happening. Shorter than everyone else in his grade, and maybe even the grade below him, Mo has never been bullied before. This is new territory.His mom tells him to try to be friends with the kid. His best friend suggests moving to a new state and changing his name. But Mo stands his ground through the rest of fifth grade, through the science fair, soccer tryouts, and everything el... more
  • Scarlet Oak

    by Angie Weiland-Crosby
    Tree sprite Scarlet Oak exists as an outlier in her forested community. Wingless since early youth, she longs for a more profound life. Then, one autumn night in 1977, an autistic boy hangs himself from her tree. Heartbroken, Scarlet bargains with Smis, Southern Maryland’s Grim Reaper, for one cycle of seasons to find proof that that boy’s spirit belongs to the Light, not the Dark. Scarlet morphs into human form and is accepted into the boy’s grieving family on an isolated farm, during which tim... more
  • Knitting

    by Robin Merrill
    Ask anyone: Jason DeGrave leads a charmed life. He’s the handsome hero, bound for greatness. But Jason has a secret, and it’s killing him. He doesn’t know what to do and asking for help will only make things worse. Can the seven senior saints of New Beginnings Church make a difference, or is this one bigger than them?
  • Stan, Stan, the Bacteria Man

    by Stephen M.A.

    ● Stan the bacteria man appeared in the Oval Office on a gloomy Tuesday morning in late August.
    A wildly weird journey into the indeterminate future of this Great Nation full of 0.50-inch service weapon rounds.

    He only wants to talk. The heavily armed humans only want to shoot.

    Tale as old as time.

    On the surface, gray goo gradually becomes warm skin. But underneath beats a heart of gold (or peanut butter, or ball bearings, or meat, as suits the occasion).... more

  • Hank and the Runaway Catfish

    by Xolani Kacela
    A young boy discovers the great outdoors and the joy of fishing. Once a die-hard video gamer, Hank begins fishing with the encouragement of a family friend. He quickly becomes “hooked,” then gets his sister involved in the fun.
  • Sweet Reign-Fourth Wave Feminine Principles

    by Dr. Ana Perez Chisti
    Sweet Reign-Fourth Wave Feminine Principles recounts incidents from the lives of eight historical Holy Women--and how the life of the author, Ana Perez Chisti, was shaped by their influence. Hidden in these Holy Women's intuitive actions are the seeds of spiritual potential, illuminating how we can understand others and ourselves more compassionately. When Fourth Wave Feminine Principles are activated, doubt vanishes, and one can sense through the subtle awareness of gender balance, the Divine c... more
  • Light Fracture

    by Deena C. Bouknight
    Agnes’ plummet inside the Morris Island lighthouse became the stuff of local lore and ghost stories. But was her actual death driven by mental illness? Or, did the lighthouse keeper play a part? The teacher? This well-researched historical literary fiction illumines struggles meant to stay shrouded in a time when patience was a virtue, a lighthouse saved lives, and an earthquake was the furthest notion in the minds of those living in the lowcountry.
  • vidalista

    by vidalista usa
  • Hemingway's Daughter ISBN: 9798723557581

    by Christine Whitehead
    Finn Hemingway knows for a fact that she’s been born at the wrong time into the wrong family with the wrong talents, making her three dreams for the future almost impossible to attain. She burns to be a trial lawyer in an era when RBG is being told to type and when a man who is 500th in his law school class is hired over a woman who is first in hers. She yearns to find true love when the family curse dictates that love always ends for the Hemingways and usually it ends badly. And finally... more
  • Winnie- Daughter of Azania

    by Ade Ajibulu
    A young Winnie finds herself either to save herself or her sick community. She opts to save her community, but when things go the other way for the community -which gives light to others but walks in darkness, turns against her. But just like her late father, Winnie is Azania and Azania is Winnie, she is ready to give herself for kidnapping to save her people from their yearly calamity. To what extent can a 16-year old teenager carry the burden of the entire community?