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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Beyond a Thousand Words

    by Michael Rose
    As 1954 Vietnam roils from its conflict with the French interlopers, American photographer Coty Fine leaves Hanoi in a rush on the flatbed of a truck. Also on the truck is a French priest, Laurent Sabatier — a man who will forever change the course of Coty’s life. Decades later, Coty struggles to repair the frayed bond between Jette, her often-absent, widowed daughter, and Evelyn, her only grandchild. Evelyn, at the behest of her grandmother, travels to Vietnam to locate a nun, Sister La... more
  • There Are Dinosaurs in the Library

    by A.G. Allen
    It’s library day and Mrs. Barker would love to take her class for a visit. But it will take some creative thinking and imagination to persuade a distracted student named Alyssa to get with the program. When Mrs. Barker reminds the class there will be dinosaurs in the library, everyone including Alyssa is eager to go. Boy are they surprised (and a little frightened) when the library transforms into a Jurassic playground. There Are Dinosaurs in the Library! is for readers age 4 to 10.
  • Beside the Still Waters

    by Jacqueline T. Lynch

    Four towns…dismantled as an entire valley is prepared to be flooded. Based on actual events that displaced four entire towns in central Massachusetts in the 1920s and 1930s for the construction of the Quabbin Reservoir, three generations weave a tapestry of isolation and stubborn independence, battling the forces of nature, the Commonwealth, and each other in this family saga. Families are torn apart, divided between those who protest the construction, those who give up and leave while... more

  • Rhyme of the Aged Hummingbird

    by Kirsten L. Marie
    Second book in the Nature’s Li’l Samaritans series. Inspired by a true story, with allusions to Samuel Coleridge’s mariner’s tale. In Rhyme of the Aged Hummingbird, an Anna’s takes readers on an informative, interactive journey from his bird’s-eye view, looking for resources and hinting that he has a deeper story to share. Fans discover what a day in the life is like for these tiny birds and witness the symbiosis between humans and nature. Compelling verse weaves together S.T.E.M. content and vi... more
  • The Carpenter Bee

    by Kirsten L. Marie

    Book One of Nature's Li'l Samaritans children's series. The Carpenter Bee, told in verse, recounts a parent and child’s extraordinary encounter with the unknown. Based on a true story and an allegory, the tale promotes understanding of the interconnectedness of all living things, while encouraging a sense of mutual responsibility and community. Beautiful illustrations and photographs accompany what will undoubtedly grow to be a childhood treasure among books. Will also encou... more

  • I am the Tree

    by Kelly Bauer
    "It was a beautiful vibration, a hum, the words being whispered by a bumblebee..." Nature is calling us to bring us a message of Harmony, Laughter, Love and Joy; to bring us back to our roots and connect us with one another that the whole Earth might vibrate as one. Can you hear it? She did. The writing of this book was inspired by true events. The author, like so many people today, felt anxious and uncertain about the future of humanity, the future of our planet, and her own part in all of it. ... more
  • Robby the Dyslexic Taxi and the Airport Adventure

    by Lynn Greenberg
    Robby the Taxi Cab is a very special taxi. Follow him and all of his friends as they overcome their learning differences in fun and creative ways! Written in dyslexia-friendly font, Robby the Dyslexic Taxi, is the first book in a series about taxi friends with different disabilities and how they not only overcome them, but also do great things. In this story, we meet Robby, who has to deliver Mr. Walters to the airport. There's just one problem... Robby can't read the street signs! How will... more
  • Kd-Jolly

    by kevind butler
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  • Rekindled Love

    by Lars Bjerregaard Jessen
    One evening on the beach, Anders is sitting with binoculars, watching his son, Thor, who is diving and spearing fish in the sea with his two friends. Meanwhile, Anders’ thoughts are taken back to his childhood sweetheart Cecilie, whom he can’t get out of his head, and his inner journey begins. But at the same time, a potential danger is lurking out on the water … Thoughts of Cecilie take him far and wide in the many spaces of his mind, including on a train trip around the world. As Anders rem... more
  • Something Sacred I Lost

    by emmy vine
    When horse trainer Damian Bradley agrees to work for wealthy Richard Watts, he doesn’t realize that the protective mask he wears is about to be destroyed. Since leaving home at seventeen, doing his best to forget the horrific trauma he endured, he prefers the company of horses to that of people. Horses accept him for who he is, and they never bring up the painful memories that he has so carefully tucked away beneath his prickly exterior. Lila Watts, Richard’s cherished daughter, is immedia... more
  • Jack Mathias and the Boonetown Bandits

    by G.M. Savage
    He's known as the class clown - the kid with a lot of nerve. And some believe thirteen-year-old Jack Mathias is too confident for his own good. His audacious practical jokes and impulsiveness frequently land him in hot water and growing up seems a world away. However, a sudden wild adventure with his unlikely companions, Gene (the nerd) and Edgar (the shy outcast), thrusts Jack towards maturity with more of a shove than normal life would ever have managed. Will he meet the challenge? The trio's ... more
  • Figureheads

    by Georgios Mastrogiannis
  • Figureheads

    by Georgios Mastrogiannis
  • Kerəktərs

    by T.C. Kennaley
    Kerəktərs, T.C. Kennaley’s debut collection, contains eight short stories: “The Movement” (a journalist in a dystopian future reports on a “brazenly individualistic” hippie-type movement); “Of Deplorable Nature” (a wealthy hedonist from the 1920s has to decide whether to adhere to society’s norms or stay true to his shameful nature); “Plenitudes of Fish” (a man discovers that his wife - who refuses to move away from the ocean - is a mermaid who is having an affair with a huge tuna); “First Love”... more
  • Crumbled

    by Amirah Suggs
    Dawn's past haunts her daily. From her childhood to finding herself as an adult, she has struggled while dealing with her secrets. It's not until she decides it's time for a change that Dawn meets powerful, strong, and beautiful Miranda. Miranda is married to one of the most successful men in Florida, but this seemingly perfect couple has their own skeletons hidden in the closet. What starts off as a new opportunity for Dawn, takes an unexpected turn when she enters into Miranda's world. Secrets... more
  • Hidden Gems: The Jewel of Skarn Island

    by Hagop Kane Boughazian
    Opal is certain of one thing: her missing mother is still alive. And when she learns the truth about her mother’s final expedition, Opal is ready to risk everything to bring her home. Join Opal, Gem, and Pyrite as they set off on an epic rescue mission―and this time, Marble is in on the adventure! Will they avoid the clutches of the Skarn warriors? Or will they be captured, never to return to Gemstone Village again? And wait a second―where is Obsidian? Shouldn’t he be with them? Find out in Hidd... more