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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Dog Readers: Beginner Collection 1: Sit Dog, My Dog, Flip Dog

    by Lucy Simon

    Dog Readers: Beginner Collection 1 is a three-story early reader all about dogs. Perfect for the youngest of dog-lovers, the simple, repetitive text follows cute and sneaky pups as they wink, sniff, hug, and even hitch a ride on a sloth.

  • Lulu and the Missing Tooth Fairy

    by S. E. Richey
    Lulu has lost her first tooth and cannot wait for her first visit from the tooth fairy. Trixie has been training and training and cannot wait to finally become an official tooth fairy. Everything would be perfect, but mishap after mishap prevents Trixie from reaching Lulu's destination. Will Lulu finally get a visit from the Tooth Fairy? Will Trixie finally become an official Tooth Fairy? This humorous and heartwarming tale encourages children to believe in magic and that everything is possib... more
  • Trouble With Truffles

    by S. E. Richey
    The duo that brought you Lulu and the Missing Tooth Fairy, a "clever, humorous, and joyful picture book," (Kirkus Review) is back with even more mirth! Hammy loves his building blocks. Mom loves her truffles. Hammy must share, but Mom won't. That is until Hammy - with the help of his little brother, Oinkers - takes matters into his own snout and discovers that sharing is not only difficult for little piggies. It's hard for big pigs too!
  • The Ghost of Sarey Jane

    by Sarah J. Nachin
    THE GHOST OF SAREY JANE is a 20th Century Romeo & Juliet tale with a touch of Macbeth and To Kill a Mockingbird. \tThe time is 1916. Sarey Jane Munroe, an emotionally and physically abused young girl lives on a farm in rural Tennessee in the United States. Her only escape is her friendship with Billy Puckett. There’s just one problem – their families have been feuding for generations. \tWhen Sarey’s father discovers their friendship, he vows to end it…at all costs. Their decision to r... more
  • Perfect

    by Jeremy Dorfman
    Failing to find perfection in his home life, a young father seeks it in a bowling alley. A despondent teenage girl is whisked by her manic dad through the world’s most popular theme park. An anxious boyfriend tries to salvage his relationship in a high stakes ferret heist. A newlywed questions her husband’s compassion when they find a lost boy on a crowded beach. The short stories in this collection are tales of adults and children, searching for meaning in scattered places: couples strugglin... more
  • Great Big Smile

    by Jeremy Dorfman
    Meet the eclectic employees of SmilePosts, the nation’s number one purveyor of school portraits. These uncelebrated heroes invade schools in the cities and suburbs, setting up their cameras in dusty auditoriums and sweat-stained gyms for the rite of passage known as picture day. They futilely persuade kindergarteners to sit still. They hold their breath in the reek of pubescent sixth-graders who need to discover deodorant. They are a motley group of mostly twenty-somethings, struggling with fina... more
  • Jade Cross Book 2: Before the Adventure (Jade Cross Trilogy)

    by Harold Weist
    Master Gunnery Sergeant Travis Tolbane, USMC (Ret.) has been enjoying his retirement, not knowing he is about to embark on his most dangerous journey.
  • Trek For The Cross

    by Harold Weist
    The cross was to be a uniting icon to unite Dai Viet and Annam. Troung Van Ba knew his trek would be long, difficult, and perilous.
  • Scribe: A Novel

    by Khali LaBre
    Scribe is a compelling story about a determined young man growing up in the inner-city streets of Orlando. We follow the protagonist, Demetri Joseph (Meechi), through three different phases of his life as he discovers and utilizes his talent and gift as a writer to find his way out of poverty, an abusive relationship with his mother, and into a life of prosperity and love. Meechi learns to be careful about what he asks for because sometimes loss is necessary to win, and sometimes instant gratifi... more
  • The Other Shoes of Larry Martin: Book Two: On Becoming Laurie Roberts (Larry Martin Novel Series)

    by Pavane Ravel

    Readers will highly enjoy Book Two of The Other Shoes of Larry Martin, a novel series with more political intrigue, family drama, and suspense. Another Best-Seller by Author Pavane Ravel! 

    Now a First Place Runner-Up Winner in the Realistic Fiction Category By The PenCraft Book Awards.

    Larry Martin, in his quiet, kind, and mystical way, continues his journey to a new life, a new vision, and a new understanding. Larry has become a rising star in the world of pro... more

  • Reinventing Rita

    by Nancy Christie
    Is fifty too old to start over and reinvent yourself? That's what Rita Reynolds has to decide after a series of unwelcome occurrences arrive in time for her fiftieth birthday. Suffering from a bad case of empty-nest syndrome combined with the possible loss of her part-time job, Rita is also facing the unwelcome realization that, since her divorce, she's been coasting on the highway of life. Now she has to start pedaling, but can she dodge the speed bumps that are getting in her way?
  • Chester Midshipmouse Time and Tide

    by Susan Weisberg
    Midshipmouse First Class Chester and his band of rodents are tail-pumped to graduate from the Naval Mouse Academy. It is simply a matter of finishing strong in their final year of training, staying on top of the game, and achieving their goals at service and ship selection. Piece of cheese. But when the academic year begins, trouble crop up like mousetraps and their leadership skills are put to the test. Then an unforeseen obstacle threatens Chester's dreams for the future and the stakes are rai... more
  • The Fly Who Flew Too High

    by Andrew Waterhouse
    Freddy the fly was just like any other bug. That is until, he was annoyed by the sounds of the birds and bees in the sky. Freddy takes a memorable trip to space and explores our solar system to catch a break from the noise and live his wildest dreams...
  • Forever Kind of Love

    by Ms. E. Ann Brown
    A random statement made in response to a loving question turned out to be prophetic, unknowingly. If you read the story you will find out how. You will rejoice, you will laugh, and you will cry. You will be amazed, and you will be disappointed. But isn't that what happens in our real lives? Bad things do happen to good people, and people of faith seem to persevere and ultimately experience a good outcome. This story has many life situations that are very challenging, but because of the lo... more
  • The Prettiest Street in Savannah

    by Jack Cawthon

    Set against the backdrop of one of America’s most beautiful and historically rich cities, The Prettiest Street in Savannah is a story of great loss and renewal, of high stakes and devastating secrets, of unrelenting values in the face of adversity. At its heart a coming-of-age tale, the novel sets its sights on an unlikely hero, Billy Ray Shuman, who works to secure a better future for himself and his brother, comes to acknowledge a number of hard truths about life, and discove... more

  • Jesse's Dream

    by Victor Hess
    For over four years, Jesse’s father’s addiction to alcohol and gambling has deprived Jesse and his mom of basic life necessities, overwhelming twelve-year-old Jesse Hall. Jesse does everything he can to help his family, but he neglects his schoolwork so much that he finds himself in danger of repeating the sixth grade. Trying to avoid trouble, Jesse forges his mom’s name on his grade card and makes other bad choices, like lying to cover up his misdeed, but he is sure his sin is redeemable. Jess... more