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  • Whispers in Time - Green Lady Inn book two

    by Brenda M. Spalding
    The Green lady Inn in Salem Massachusetts is not quite ready for business when guests start to appear at its door. Megan is getting a feeling that something bad is about to happen as she twists the Claddagh Ring on her finger that she received upon the death of her grandmother. Added to her visions, she is hearing strange messages and knows that danger is lurking. Her gift is getting stronger and she needs to learn more about how to control it, if she can. A valuable painting goes missi... more
  • The Coffins

    by Deborah Dunn
    Andrea Warren, a young archaeologist with Native American roots, sets out on a journey to the Outer Banks of North Carolina hoping to unearth the truth about her estranged father, an archaeologist who took his own life when she was a child. But when she inherits an old trunk that once belonged to him and discovers his field journals and some picture of old coffins with the Elizabethan cross carved on top, strange things begin to happen. Dreams, visions, and voices from the past seem to be w... more
  • Gadgets

    by PAT KRAPF
    Meet The Carver—Albuquerque’s most brutal serial killer. Only one person can end his carnage—Darcy McClain. That is, if he doesn’t kill her next. Since her parents’ deaths, former FBI Special Agent Darcy McClain has leaned on lifelong friend Randolph Colton, but now he has his own battle to fight. Severe cuts in the government’s defense budget have forced his company, Colton Aerospace, to downsize. On the verge of bankruptcy, Randolph learns Capitol Hill has awarded his firm a contract to ma... more
  • Uncle Neddy's Funeral

    by L.M. Pampuro
    Giuseppe Vittorio Vaffanculo, a.k.a. Neddy, is an idiot. Not a bad person, he just holds himself in high praise. Neddy is the perfect target for Rayleigh O’Connor, member of the underworld organization The Shadow and soon to be Ms. Neddy number five. As part of the Vaffanculo-Cuzzuto clan, Neddy is the perfect mark Rayleigh needs to avenge the death of a comrade by killing Victor Cuzzuto. All Victor Cuzzuto wants to do is finally retire to the beach, spend time with his family, and hand over th... more
  • Tangible Spirits

    by Becki Willis

    Dead is dead. Gera Stapleton does not believe in ghosts.

    In the infamous town of Jerome, Arizona, a once-friendly ghost named Mac has reportedly embarked on a petty crime spree, and, to her dismay, Gera is assigned the story. Has her journalism career come down to this? How can she accurately report a story on something she does not believe exists?

    Now there has been a murder, and the townspeople are content to blame Mac for this, too. Determined to find the real killer—beca... more

  • Sacrificial Lam

    by Gary Guinn

    When English professor Lam Corso receives a death threat at work, he laughs it off. A liberal activist teaching at a small Southern conservative college, he's used to stirring up controversy on campus. It's just part of the give and take of life. Even when violently attacked, Lam is convinced it has to be a mistake. He can't imagine anyone who would want to kill him for his beliefs.

    When his home is broken into and his wife's business vandalized, Lam is forced to face fa... more

  • Driver Confessional

    by David Winters
    Driver Confessional is the story of Antonio, a ride-share driver who winds the streets of Washington, D.C. to support his young family and pay for law school. His easy manner and Italian good looks lead passengers to disclose a bit more than they intended. On a particularly dark evening, his sedan pulls up in front of a posh Washington eatery. On her way to midnight meeting at a Senate office building, a mysterious woman and her confession plunge Antonio and his police detective brother in i... more
  • For the Greater Good

    by Colin Guest
    When Jeff, hears that his brother died in police custody in Yemen, a country racked by civil war, he flies in looking for answers. However, he soon finds himself involved in a plot to assassinate the self-proclaimed president.
  • Broken Playthings: A Detective Jake Adams Crime Novel

    by Brennon Noss
    A brutal murder, a gorgeous transgender femme fatale and a backpack full of money.When low rent PI Jake Adams meets a disturbingly beautiful transgender teen who has a tragic story to tell, he has to ask himself how far he's willing to go to believe in something beautiful, and how many lines he's willing to cross for sex, murder or redemption.
  • Monsters in Our Wake

    by J.H. Moncrieff
    In the idyllic waters of the South Pacific lurks a dangerous and insatiable predator, a monster whose bloodlust and greed threatens the very survival of our planet...the oil industry. Thousands of miles from the nearest human settlement, deep on the ocean floor, the creatures have lived for millennia. But when an oil drill bursts through their lair, Nøkken attacks, damaging the drilling ship’s engine, trapping the desperate crew. The longer the humans remain in Nøkken’s territory, strugg... more
  • City of Ghosts

    by J.H. Moncrieff
    On the day the villagers were forced to flee Hensu, not everyone got out alive. Jackson Stone is touring the abandoned Chinese city when he slips away from the group to spend the night, determined to publish an account of his ghostly experiences there. 
Then he meets Yuèhai, a strange, soft-spoken woman who can tell him the city’s secrets—secrets the Chinese government would kill to keep hidden. As Jackson uncovers the truth about Yuèhai and the ghost city, he’s drawn into a web of cons... more
  • The Girl Who Talks to Ghosts (GhostWriters Book 2)

    by J.H. Moncrieff
    Would you risk everything to save a stranger? Off the coast of Venice lurks Poveglia, the world’s most haunted isle, steeped in centuries of innocent blood. A deranged doctor who took great joy in torturing his patients in life continues to rule his abandoned asylum after death. Few go to Poveglia willingly, but medium Kate Carlsson has no choice. It’s her job. While struggling to retrieve a young girl’s soul, Kate uncovers some shocking truths about the evil on the island that challeng... more
  • The Planck Factor

    by Debbi Mack
    Grad student Jessica Evans decides on a dare to write a thriller novel. She concocts a nightmare scenario based upon actual science. However, Jessica's fictional story takes her own life in a bizarre direction. Her research into the science behind the novel stirs up concern from an extremist group who intends to use it for the wrong reasons. Before long, Jessica's running for her life.
  • A MURDER ON WALL STREET: A Joey Mancuso, Father O'Brian Crime Mystery

    by Owen Parr
    A Murder on Wall Street takes us inside the world of Captain O'Brian's Irish Pub and Cigar Bar in Manhattan, a legendary hotspot in the Financial District. Investigating the death are pub owners Joey Mancuso, fired from the NYPD for his unorthodox methods, and his brother Father Dominic, who isn't your typical priest. Also investigating is Marcy Martinez, a Cuban bombshell and FBI agent who's Joey's girlfriend. When a customer kills himself after celebrating the night before, the three know some... more
  • Only One Will Fall: The Nick Cross Mysteries: Book One

    by Ruth Bainbridge
    Detective Nick Cross is hard at work repairing burnt bridges incurred during a stormy first marriage when a murder happens. "Only One Will Fall" is the cryptic message sent to the victim's husband moments before the slaying, but nobody thinks much of it until an identical message is sent to the relative of a second victim. For Nick, it means one thing: Mount Pleasant has a serial killer on its hands. With no motive and no connection found between the victims, the police are helpless to pre... more
  • Hard Sentences: Crime Fiction Inspired by Alcatraz

    by David James Keaton
    Inside these walls, you'll find 19 stories detailing the cold, strange history of The Rock, nightmares real and imagined, including the deadly, acid-induced legacy of Whitey Bulger, Al Capone's final days, as well as dark tales of Robert "Birdman" Stroud, Creepy Karpis, and other less-notorious but equally memorable prisoners. Re-live the Civil War incarnation of Alcatraz, sample the prison's famous mess hall menu, and discover specters of the '70s Native American occupation who still haunt the ... more