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  • King Peso: Detective Emilia Cruz Book 4

    by Carmen Amato
    Acapulco detective Emilia Cruz will gamble on her instincts when she's prevented from investigating a cop killer in KING PESO, the fourth novel in the series that takes you inside Mexico's drug war with a fearless style and an unforgettable woman. Imagine if you were the first and only female police detective in Acapulco, investigating crime in a city both breathtaking and deadly. Mexican drug cartels battle for control and politicians are bought with blood money. Three cops have been murd... more
  • An Emerald Abyss

    by Mark Hudson
    Veterans have given their all for this country; the veterans administration seems to be failing them and far too many are committing suicide every day. Now veterans are disappearing from the streets in and around Washington DC. Could it be a terrorist organization or maybe something worse? It's a mystery the government has so far refused to even acknowledge. ​ Follow Gordan Hudde from the woods of his Georgia home to the shores of the Potomac as he is pulled into an evil web of deceit and... more
  • Cooper's Moon

    by Richard Conrath

                               Nightmares Don't Always Come in Dreams

    No parent wants to lose a child. No parent wants to outlive her child. And when that happens, well, it's like getting hit by lightening on a perfect day, a sunny day. And that's what happened to Cooper and his wife, Jillie. On an average day in early fall, in front of their house, in a small rural Ohio town, on one of those ... more

  • Fire In The Mind

    by Arjay Lewis

    Leonard “Len” Wise, PhD, tall, attractive and twenty-nine is lost and aimless in a world he once shared with his deceased fiancée, Cathy. Her death, his telepathic abilities, a fused knee and stifling guilt are Len’s legacy from the car accident where he had been driving. Len has immersed himself in the study of parapsychology to master his strange abilities. He also spent years drowning himself in alcohol. Now, one year sober and one month after securing his PhD, Len... more

  • Fatal Obsession: A Widow's Web Novel

    by Lori L. Robinett
    When Sophie Kendrick's husband admits experimented on their unborn child, instinct kicks in. Moments later, he's dead and Sophie is on the run. Sophie is determined to protect her baby, but Marcus Chaney, the powerful man who funded her husband's research, is determined to track her down and harvest the research within her. He's willing to cross ethical boundaries to save his own mother, without regard for the consequences. Sophie doesn't know what the experiments have done to her baby -- is ... more

    by Dean De Servienti

    Darfur, Sudan. 2009. Two doctors employed by NGOs stumble across a strange metallic cylinder, which has been embedded—for perhaps millions of years—in desert rock. Mystified by the object, they gather four of the world’s leading experts in science and technology—a computer scientist, a physicist, a biochemist, and a genetic researcher—and head to London to study it thoroughly. The six have barely begun running tests on the cylinder, when they suddenly disappear&m... more

  • Death of a Debutante

    by Wendy Soliman
    In 1870s London, Scotland Yard’s famous Detective Department is still in its infancy. Surrounded on all sides by critics and detractors, it has yet to earn its reputation. Lord Riley Rochester, younger son of a marquess, works as one of its first detective inspectors—but his uniformed colleagues view him with suspicion and his immediate superior resents all he stands for. With his career choice frowned upon by his own social class, Riley has his work cut out proving himself. Attacked on all side... more
  • Dog 281

    by Janet Vormittag
  • The Rusalka Wheel

    by Brooks Mencher

    Helen Oliver discovers an unusual spinning wheel in a Chinatown alley shop. Though the light is poor and the wheel is obscured by a mountain of antique furniture, it seems strangely familiar. She takes a few photos with her cell phone, and tries to buy it with what little money she has. When Helen mysteriously disappears, all that can be found is her purse and phone, discarded amid the trash along San Francisco’s northern piers.

    Realizing the photos are the only clue to San Francisco’s ... more

  • The Old Cape Hollywood Secret

    by Barbara Eppich Struna

    In 1947, Maggie Foster and her cousin, Gertie, leave Cape Cod for Hollywoodland in search of glamour and fame. One girl returns home and the other disappears. Present-day Nancy Caldwell travels to Hollywood, where she discovers the paths of Maggie and Gertie.

    In "The Old Cape Hollywood Secret," a novel of historical suspense, Nancy's curiosity gets her into trouble again. Along the way, a missing ring and a pearl-studded pouch are mixed in with the search. Using alternatin... more

  • Murderous Justice

    by Scott Springer as Clyde McCall
    They left him with one desire and nothing more to lose. Carl had the ultimate life, the perfect family - loving wife and adoring kids - all killed in a fit of bloody rage. Everyone knows who did it, but still, the culprits walk free. The bible says turn the other cheek, but Carl says blood for blood. Unafraid to die, he pursues his murderous justice.
  • The Old Cape Teapot

    by Barbara Eppich Struna
    Nancy Caldwell uncovers a pirate mystery that had the Old Salts of Cape Cod wondering for close to 300 years in the historical fiction, The Old Cape House. Was she lucky or a good detective? Nancy returns in The Old Cape Teapot, the second in a series, to uncover the trails of two survivors from the wreck of the 1717 pirate ship Whydah. Armed with the knowledge that in pirate culture the looted riches were equally shared, she takes us to the tropical island of Antigua and back to Cape Cod search... more
  • Attribution

    by Christine Horner

    A Hatchett Report Investigation . . . Series Book 1
    It’s 2036, an age of global water conflict and controlled media. A blacklisted journalist finds herself at a perilous crossroads between her explosive past and the future of humanity. Truby Goodman is relocated to Americas Sector N3-24F, the defunct Old Faithful Inn in Wyoming, isolated with four companions she knows little about. Once one of Interpol’s most wanted, she is now bound by a plea agreement with ... more

  • Rabbit's Redemption

    by DP Vent
    Rabbit and Baby are back in this action packed thriller! After being saved from certain death by the American watchdog group, "TPA", they have been rigorously trained as assassins to find and kill would be terrorists and mass shooters before they can complete their heinous missions. Everything was going fine, until Baby is recognized as a, "supposedly" dead spree killer! The situation deteriorates rapidly and soon Jack Kendahl finds himself on the trail of the two killers once again, only this t... more
  • Rabbit's Run

    by DP Vent
    Jason, Micheal, "Rabbit" Keating is angry. After losing his career, his livelihood, and eventually his home and family to the illegal and unconscionable machinations of a hostile corporate pirate, he decides he can either give up, or get even. Rabbit leaves his San Jose home for Seattle in order to exact his revenge. The body count mounts as Rabbit puts his terrifying plan into action, pursued down the west coast by Seattle detectives Jack Kendahl and Sandara Antewegio. He narrowly escapes captu... more
  • Lil's Way

    by Colleen Baxter Sullivan
    Lil is presently serving time in a mental facility in Joliette prison, in Montreal. Lil suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Doctor Miller feels that based on her history and the knowledge obtained through this case study, there might be a glimmer of hope for her release. Lil brings us back to her early childhood and the abuse suffered at the hands of her parents. Her great love for the city takes us on a wonderful adventure, while seeing it for the first time through Lil’s eyes a... more