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  • Of Half a Mind (The Mind Sleuth Series Book 1)

    by Bruce M. Perrin
    When you talk to yourself, there’s only one voice. When you picture something, there’s but a single mind’s eye. Recently graduated psychologist, Dr. Sam “Doc” Price and his inexperienced team had always held those principles to be true…at least, under normal circumstances. But as they studied the work of Dr. Ned Worthington, a brilliant but troubled neuroscientist, they began to wonder if he had created an electronic world that was anything but normal. He claimed it could rewire the brain,... more
  • Sophie's Journal

    by Sean Oliver
    Meet Sophie. She loves to write. Just pray it's not about you. In this psychological thriller that lives at the intersection of James Patterson and Stephen King, you will meet Cathy--a thirtysomething teacher in a challenged, urban district. Her life-long struggle with an anxiety disorder keeps her preoccupied beyond the normal struggles of school life. And the start of any school year brings her panic attacks to fever pitch. This year, Cathy would meet young Sophie Lafontaine--a quiet, t... more
  • To the sacred valley with Koko

    by Ayyappan Nair
    A two thousand eight-hundred-year-old alien on earth! “That is equivalent to roughly twenty-eight human years,” the alien tells the eleven-year-old earthling, Ankit. The alien has disguised itself as Koko, the adorable monkey from a recent movie to befriend Ankit. The extraterrestrial is on a mission to earth from a distant planet located in a far away galaxy. It uses its superpowers to influence Ankit by taking him back in time to the corners of the earth, to jungles, cities and exotic palace... more
  • Kidnapping Anna (The Kidnapping Anna Trilogy Book 1)

    by A.B. Alvarez

    Anna Wodehouse's father has been missing for 7 years. And now someone's found him.

    In 2005, 17-year old Anna Wodehouse was pulled out of her Brooklyn home by the NYC Police when they arrived to arrest her father.

    He never returned.

    Anna, sure that her father would never abandon her, spends years waiting for his return. Seven years later, Anna receives a package: a mysterious man has found him. The man also wants to grant her a wish: to track... more

  • Buddha's Bones

    by Frederick Thomas
    Osiris Lee has found himself once again up to his eyeballs in danger at the request of a mysterious woman and a well-known gangster. And this time he might not make it out alive. His problem? What are Buddha's Bones and why is everyone after them. With the help of a few friends as he travels Africa, Asia and China, Osiris uses every ounce of his courage to find out. And once he does, he'll never be the same again.
  • Salt of the Earth

    by Kate Moschandreas
    A scientific thriller, a love story, and a peek into the future of 2038, SALT OF THE EARTH will make your heart race! Jess Prentiss, a chemistry student, is starting her day when she learns that she is being chased. Over three days, Jess and Matteo Wu, a man who appears out of nowhere to help her, must learn why everyone believes Jess is the only one who can save the world.
  • The Last Dance of Low Seward: A Homeless Homicide Mystery

    by Brad Grusnick

    The brains of the biggest action star in the world are sprayed against a seedy apartment wall.

    It’s not how Detective Nick Archer wanted to start his day.

    Movie star, Low Seward, has just been found shot in a dirty Skid Row hovel. Nick only has two leads--a packet of mysterious purple powder found on the victim and a set of whacked out witnesses glued to the floor. 

    Outside, roaming the dark streets of Los Angeles, Ray Cobb wants not... more

  • Secrets Worth Killing For

    by Jamison Borek
    Did Thomas Jefferson murder a poor housemaid to hide his role in a treasonous conspiracy? Or to keep his relationship with Sally Hemmings from coming to light? He wasn’t the only prominent man in 1797 Philadelphia, though, who had secrets to hide. Step back to the early days of the American Republic, when political rivalries were fierce enough to lead to murder, and it was still an open question whether the nation would survive.
  • Dark Ship

    by Evan Graver
    Ryan Weller has a grudge. The former Navy EOD tech wants to put international arms dealer, Jim Kilroy, out of business. Kilroy's mistake was selling weapons to Mexico’s Aztlán cartel, a regime who tried to start a war with the United States. Ryan leverages his contacts at Homeland Security to gain information on Kilroy. But Kilroy has the blessing of the US government and Ryan’s efforts are unsanctioned. The Aztlán cartel has a grudge of its own. Ryan Weller killed their leader and the new jef... more
  • B07BK9QVM2

    by Evan Graver
    Ryan Weller has to put his life of action behind him. He’s settled down to work for his father’s construction firm in Wilmington, N.C. But it’s not so easy. When the grandfather of his former lieutenant, Greg Olsen, shows up at his worksite, Ryan is pulled back in. His practical knowledge of sailing and skills as a former Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician make him the ideal candidate to track down the pirates. His first step is to consult with insurance investigator Emily Hunt. Ry... more
  • Diamonds to Dust

    by michael demeis
    In my first novel, Diamonds to Dust (80K words), Jennifer Carson is a physics graduate student who convinces a lab technician at her university, Hampton Wade, that she’s from another dimension and needs his help to return. Jennifer is beautiful, but from another universe? Hampton is attracted enough to suspend his disbelief. But where will he get the diamonds needed to power her purported “transfer machine”?
  • Kubrick's Game

    by Derek Taylor Kent
    What if Stanley Kubrick left behind more than just his classic films? What if he also left behind an elaborate puzzle cleverly buried within his films, which would lead the player toward a treasure that could change the course of human history?
  • Scary School

    by Derek Taylor Kent
    The Scary School series tells the story of 10-year-old Charles Nukid and his friends who attend the first school where regular kids get to attend classes with monster kids for the first time, and where just making to lunch with all your arms and legs is considered a great day.
  • Political Dirty Trick: A Crystal Moore Suspense

    by James R. Callan
    Crystal Moore’s close friend Ron Drake is a shoo-in to win the governor’s race. Two workers in his opponent's camp think that can be changed. A little dirty trick might swing votes away from Drake. But when no questionable activities by Drake can be found, the two workers create one. And what starts out as a move to swing some voters, end up with murders. The pair steals a valuable painting from Drake, and put it in a storage unit they rented under Drake's name. But in the course of the theft... more
  • Raging Falcon

    by Stephen Perkins

    He helped build an evil world.

    He betrayed his only son.

    But now in another life where nothing is what it seems and against great odds, he has a chance to make things right.

    In the 21st century, wars are won in the mind rather than on battlefields.

    One man - a sorcerer disguised as solder - will forever alter American history with black magic!

    Major Stacey Truman Keogh is a specialist in psychological operations and a terrorist disguised in military uniform. Both... more

  • Holiday Gone Wrong: An Adventures of Zelda Richardson Short Story

    by Jennifer S. Alderson
    After a tiresome year of computer programming, Zelda Richardson is back on the road – destination Panama and Costa Rica. On her agenda: learning to scuba dive, exploring Central American rainforests, and climbing a volcano. Not on her to-do list: capturing the attention of a drug dealer, buying illegal artifacts at a local market, or becoming the target of a tourism scam. Despite Zelda’s best efforts to just relax and enjoy her trip, thrilling mysteries pop up at every turn. Will she ever be abl... more