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  • The Fragrance Shed by a Violet

    by Lin Wilder
    In the eyes of the world, Dr. Lindsey McCall had everything: beauty, brains and a nomination for the Nobel Prize for Medicine. Dr. McCall was a woman to envy---until she is convicted of murdering her dying mother with the very experimental drugs that boosted her rise to fame. When reporter Kate Townsend learned about the murder conviction and imprisonment of the renowned doctor cardiologist, she was certain that this story would be the biggest she had ever pursued. But after her series of articl... more
  • Death Logs In

    by E.J. Simon
    Only one person can help Michael Nicholas stay alive. That person is dead. Alex Nicholas was a Queens based underworld boss whose murder was set up by Sharkey, a faded Mafioso. Alex's straight-laced CEO brother Michael inherits his business, and a world of problems - including Sharkey, whose recent attempt on Michael’s life left incriminating evidence. Sharkey needs Michael dead. Michael needs protection – he hires assassin Sindy Steele as bodyguard; she becomes his lover - threatening Michael’s... more

    by Cary Allen Stone
    BRANDYN WOOD is totally conflicted. He follows the rules as an airline captain, but breaks all the rules with his co-conspirators chasing his childhood dream of achieving total freedom. SMOOTH the legendary con man, SUMMER the sexy, brilliant PhD, MYSTY the ex-Navy Seal, CRACKHEAD the master machine wizard, VALERI the glam-fence with her friends in the Russian Mafiya all take the ride of a lifetime! The team decides to go for the big score, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. It isn’t just... more
  • AFTER THE GOODE – A Jake Roberts Novel, Book 3

    by Cary Allen Stone

    "Shots fired!" Detective Jake Roberts went outside the law to capture the serial killer, Jared Hamilton. His superiors in Atlanta Homicide gave Jake a choice––retire, or face criminal prosecution. He decided to retire and move to LA with his Hollywood agent girlfriend Caitland. He writes best-selling crime novels. Caitland and Jake go to Phoenix to visit his childhood friend. Superstar comedian Bobby Goode has returned to where he started to do four shows. During his ope... more

  • MIND OVER MURDER - A Jake Roberts Novel, Book 2

    by Cary Allen Stone

    Will Lori use the opportunity to escape again? Not your average serial killer story, Mind Over Murder is the perfect serial killer read! Lori Powers escaped capture and fled to Europe in After the Evil. After five years on the run, Interpol finds Lori and returns her to the U.S. where homicide detective Jake Roberts and ex-FBI profiler Mika Scott accept custody of her. It's a bittersweet reunion for both law enforcement officers. Lori and Jake were lovers. Fo... more

  • The Crossover Mystery

    by Ronald A Feldman
    The Crossover Mystery David Flanders wants a little terror in his life. So he is ready for a break from the humdrum rigors of his ninth grade honors classes. Spending spring vacation at the family's cottage on Long Island Sound seems the perfect solution, especially after David meets spunky Jessie Nordvig. But the idyllic days end suddenly when David and Jessie spot a gnarled sea captain dragging a body down to the water's edge. Here is all the terror David Flanders wants--and more, much ... more
  • Skeleton Trail

    by Kasey Riley
    Bethany and Roger Meadows plan for a bright future, a guest camp and pack station that will cater to horse owners and adventure campers. The campgrounds, cabins, stables, and pavilion are ready, but there are no trails for the guests to explore. Bethany and Megan venture into the woods to mark a trail, but a frightening accident brings her face to skull with a mummified corpse. She sends Megan and Kam out to guide FBI Forensic specialist David Harrison to the location of the body. After Megan... more
  • The Omega Formula

    by Paul Sekulich
    The plans for the most devastating weapon of war ever conceived lies hidden somewhere in America. Whoever finds its covert formula could dominate every nation on the globe. Florida Detective Frank Dugan’s grandfather was a Manhattan Project nuclear physicist with a closely guarded secret, one that could change the future of mankind. Now, from the grave, he challenges his grandson to unravel the cryptic puzzle of The Omega Formula and be responsible for its devastating power in the 21st Centu... more
  • The Men in the Trees

    by Marsh Myers

    The Men in the Trees centers around a teen mother, Meryl Panagos, who’s barely out of high school, living on her own and struggling to raise a young son in a small Oregon town. Although Meryl has a good job at a friend’s comic book store, it’s still difficult to make ends meet or even find time to talk to the handsome university student who keeps hanging around.

    Then Rose Washington answers her ad for a roommate and it’s like a wish come true. A retired school te... more

  • NanoStrike

    by Pete Barber
    Islamic terrorists attack a London Underground train, slaughtering two-hundred innocents in seconds with a nanoweapon small enough to hide in a hint of perfume. First responder, Detective Chief Inspector Quinnborne, defies orders and hunts for the weapon's unhinged genius creator. The authorities label Quinnborne a traitor, but when the nanotechnology spirals out of control, his grit and bloody-minded determination become humankind's last thin hope of survival against a weapon of mass destruct... more
  • Played to Death

    by BV Lawson

    Named Best Mystery in the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

    Finalist for Shamus Award Best Indie P.I. Novel from the Private Eye Writers

    Chosen as one of the first Self-E selections by The Library Journal

    Former piano prodigy-turned FBI agent Scott Drayco is still suffering nightmares from his last case as a private consultant. To add insult to injury, he's bequeathed an unwanted and rundown Opera House in ... more

  • Dangerous Times

    by Phillip Frey

    DANGEROUS TIMES is a multicultural crime-thriller with the pull of the unpredictable. This book is not for the squeamish.

    Frank Moore is a psychopath in search of a scapegoat who resembles him. He hires a hacker to break into government databases and finds a close-enough double who lives in San Pedro: John Kirk. Frank then has the hacker switch their identities and fingerprints.

    Frank murders his way now to the cash he needs to execute a diabolical plan, one which will drown goodn... more

  • Aloha Kahuna Soul

    by Rick Pruett
    Haunted by a chance meeting with a Kahuna, Alika Kealoha realizes the Hawaiian priest is a connection to the seafaring warriors of his ancestral past and the key to solving the mystery of his father’s disappearance. His investigation uncovers a secret, protected for hundreds of years by a Royal bloodline. Now pursued by murderous thugs, the tropical paradise he loves has turned into a nightmarish maze of betrayal and deceit. Alika finds solace and protection in a crew of locals, whose Mana leads... more
  • Uninvited Soul Mate

    by K.C. Wright
    Hannah's life had taken a turn for the worse when her parents died when she was still a teenager. She married young and found herself with an abusive, controlling husband and nobody to turn to for help. She would try to leave him, but Jerick treated her as if he owned her. She belonged to him and him alone, even if it was for the simple pleasure of fantasizing about killing her. When another man dared to enter into her world and her heart, Jerick vowed that he would kill her and her ch... more

    by Lynn Sholes & Joe Moore
    OSI special agent Maxine Decker is back in this riveting follow-up to THE BLADE. She is called upon to locate and recover a mysterious artifact stolen from a blacker-than-black government facility. The missing item is a fragment that was found at the crash site of the Roswell UFO incident in 1947. Following the trail, Maxine discovers a sinister plot to use the technological data stored in the artifact to build a device called the Shield. The result will bring the United States and its allies to... more
  • Mousebite

    by Ganesh Chaudhari
    In the November of 2012, Inspector Pandurang has a lot on his plate. A likely transfer out of his beloved Mumbai, a death on the footpath that ruffles the NIA, a former gangster with an agenda, a budding relationship with Bhavna, a suicide that looks like a cover up & an imminent terrorist attack that could be linked to his cases. Can he stop the cruelest terrorist attack against India?