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  • The Storm That Brews Within

    by Ashlee North
    The Storm That Brews Within is a suspense novel about an extremely tortured soul who desperately seeks answers. Lacey is a creature of secrets, fears, uncertainty, and anxiety, but she has good reason to be. In this terrifying journey, you will travel to hell and back. You will come to know Lacey, understand her, and unravel the answers from the confusion, shocking revelations, and multiplicities that are her life. Along with Lacey Jayce-Holland, you will meet Tori, Sharla, Jasmine, and Misty, a... more
  • Wake Me Up So I Can Dream

    by Ashlee North
    Wake Me Up So I Can Dream is a disturbing story of nightmares, visions, dreams, and fears that will have you questioning everything in the confusing world of Sasha, a beautiful young woman with a tortured past. Sasha is a gentle soul, who after much hardship falls in love against the odds with Michael, who once was just a friend. Michael loves her immensely, but things change swiftly and dramatically. Without warning, Sasha starts to see strange visions and seems to be losing the man she loves t... more
  • Murder at the Zoo: A MacKenzie Scott Mystery

    by Kathy McKenzie-Runk
    Private Investigator Mackenzie "Mac" Scott is asked to look into a number of terrible accidents at the Everglades Wildlife Park where he and his family spent many happy hours. The owner, Billie Osceola, is a member of the Topeekeegee Tribe and has begged his friend, Detective Frank of the Miami Police, to ask Scott to investigate. Mac owes his life to Detective Frank many times over, so he agrees. During the scrutiny, a fatal accident happens and his unfailing sixth sense believes it was murd... more
  • Season's Christmas Quest: The Dog's Story

    by Tara Pollard

    It is days before Christmas, and something is very wrong. Darkness cover the skies, ash mixes with the snowy ground, and young Melissa lies sick and dying in a hospital bed. Season, a young golden dog desperate to save her from death, embarks on a dangerous and frightening journey through dark forests and fiery mountains to reveal a mystery beyond his comprehension. Battling vicious animals and dark magic, can he survice in order to reveal the strange mystery in the words of his own master? I... more

  • The Rift

    by Grace Sagun
      Victoria Lockhart, a college student of Skirrow’s Medical School, disappeared without leaving any traces as the entire town if Bewilder looked for her. While everyone was busy finding out if she was dead or alive, Lockhart found herself trapped in the crucial truth of knowing her true identity which will endanger the lives of every human being. The blood inside her veins will be the reason for the war between Black and White Kingdom to continue and recklessly create a dangerous situation in th... more
  • 9781477626566

    by Jeff Shear
    Jackson Guild, a press officer and investigator for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee discovers that a financial deal has been cut between a Wall Street War Lord and the Director of Operations in the CIA. Behind their plot lies a rogue nuclear weapon and a false flag conspiracy. The twist is this. If Guild unravels the plot, he sets the gears of nuclear war in motion. The truth spells doom. The hero is the enemy. Guild’s in a lose-lose situation where he must find a way to win, without dest... more
  • Bartender Wanted

    by Maureen Anne Jennings
    Rose Leary tends bar in 1980s New York City to subsidize her writing career. Someone keeps killing women at her job, and Rose suspects she's next. Despite official warnings to leave sleuthing to the pros, she struggles to find the murderer in a desperate race to save herself and her work. Smart and stubborn Rose brings her sharp wit to the search, defying her fear with dark humor. And cocktails.
  • One Too Many

    by Maureen Anne Jennings
    Rose Leary writes murder mysteries, but she never wants to see another real corpse. She tends bar to buy time to write in 1980s New York City, until her gruesome discovery of a murdered colleague derails those careful plans. As threats escalate, Rose fears for her next novel, her safety, and even her trust in Detective Frank Butler. Danger edges closer. She won’t survive unless she can outwit the murderer and find the weapon she needs to save everything that matters most. Written with wit, intel... more
  • Too Close to Miss (Mara Cunningham Series Book 1)

    by John Perich
    Mara Cunningham knew that sleeping with a married man was a bad idea. But when her lover shows up in the hospital after his wife and son are murdered, the rumors about Mara turn dangerous. Now she's the prime suspect in a double homicide, and the real killers will stop at nothing to silence her. Mara's race against time takes her from the dense heart of Boston to the dark woods of New Hampshire, from gritty streets to the halls of power. Before she's through, she'll learn just which of her frien... more
  • Smoke & Mirrors (Brainrush Series Book 5)

    by Richard Bard
    In Amsterdam, a visionary scientist is laying the groundwork for a cybernetic life-extension project that will transfer individual consciousness to a personalized avatar. Halfway around the world, his brilliant grandson is secretly planning to use the same technology to infiltrate the world’s most secure networks. But the scientific advances necessary to perfect the brain-to-computer interface are slow in coming, too slow for the aging founder of the Everlast foundation—who may die before realiz... more
  • A Close Encounter of a Different Kind

    by Reza Mashayekhi

    This is about a young Iranian girl who thinks Dracula is real and is after her. Because she's not Christian, she also thinks that a cross can’t help her!

  • Colony of Whores

    by Matthew Stokoe

    When a failed screenwriter inherits a screenplay that may hold the key to both a sensational Hollywood murder and to his own sister's death, he finds himself drawn into the dangerous twilight world that lurks at the edge of the movie business. Aided by a disgraced former journalist and a maverick female filmmaker whose sworn mandate is to destroy the traditional Hollywood hierarchy, he begins a journey of revenge and personal salvation – a journey that will pit him against the owner... more

  • The Feathers

    by Cynthia Lott
    New Orleans novice detective, Brenda Shapira, investigates murders committed by a vengeful killer, only to discover that the killer has been dead for one hundred years. As she unravels this long ago mystery steeped in New Orleans history and the Yellow Fever epidemic, Brenda realizes that she may be his next victim.
  • The Impostor:A Medical Mystery

    by Pamela Triolo
    Though Staci was bright and beautiful, her life was a nightmare. Growing up in foster care, experimenting with drugs, gangs and guns, falling into twisted relationships with men, she was constantly on the run from predators and peril. When a devastating accident paves the way to escape her tortured past, she jumps at the chance to start fresh, live the good life she'd only seen in movies and on TV. Driven and savvy, she creates a new character, studies hard and practices for the part, the role o... more
  • Death Without Cause: A Health Care Mystery

    by Pamela Triolo
    A series of sudden unexplained patient deaths rock an international medical center. The health care team is powerless to stop the cascade of lethal events that strike swiftly and with no warning. When a young critical care nurse searches for the cause of the mysterious deaths, she becomes an unwitting player in a malicious game that could end her life.
  • Dark Passage (The Rookie Club, Book 3)

    by Danielle Girard
    Rookie Club member Cameron Cruz was devastated when her lover was killed during an undercover assignment. Pregnant with his child, she finds the strength to give birth to her son and return to Special Ops. As Cameron's team works to shut down a human trafficking operation, she witnesses the shooting of a fellow officer. The man holding the gun—her dead lover—very much alive. Caught between the love she still feels for her son's father and doing what she knows is right, Cameron races to unr... more