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  • Before the Dawn

    by Georgia Rose
    ...he moved closer and slowly ran the point of his blade along my jaw line as he spoke softly, intimately, to me. “So, you are Trent’s woman. Now that is very...appealing.” I glared back at him silently. There are testing times ahead for Grayson and Trent as trouble threatens Melton Manor. When an attack is made against those on the estate, Grayson gets caught in the middle finding herself and those around her in terrible danger. Terrified when she thinks tragedy has struck again she figh... more
  • A Single Step

    by Georgia Rose
    Meet Emma Grayson, heroine of The Grayson Trilogy, a series of mysterious and romantic adventure stories. 'The gun continued to be levelled at me. “Answer it...but don’t tell him I’m here or he’ll get to listen to you die.” That concentrated my mind considerably, and as I reached for my phone I came up with a plan...’ Emma Grayson was left devastated when her life was torn apart by tragedy and betrayal. Now someone believes it’s time for her to start again and puts an advert for a job thr... more
  • Survival Tactics: A Novel Of Romantic Suspense

    by Erica R. Stinson
    Life has always been difficult for Daphne Edwards. Sexually and physically abused during the most tender years of her life by her own parents, removed from her home and put into the foster care system at age ten. Despite her reluctance to have romantic relationships with men, Daphne meets one that treats her like a princess and lavishes gifts and affection on her, making her feel beautiful, special and loved. But Evan comes with a temper, a violent temper that has Daphne afraid for her ... more
  • 100 Dates & a Wedding

    by Jewel Hart
    100 Dates & a Wedding relates the dating tribulations of a young French divorcee named Valerie Duval. It narrates Valerie’s dating experiences in London and shares the lessons she learnt from them. Her disillusionments, her joys, and her own ambiguities are shared without concession questioning how to deal with a break up after a long relationship? How to believe in love again after being defeated? Doesn’t everyone kiss a few frogs before reaching their happy ending? But the questions every woma... more
  • The Trail Rules

    by Melanie Hooyenga
    Junior year’s looking up for sixteen-year old Mike. Her new BFF isn’t a sadistic control freak, her boyfriend adores her, and she’s learning to bike in the mountains without decapitating herself on a tree. But she needs to decide if she’s going to continue to be a follower or step out of the shadows and find her own trail. The Trail Rules, by Melanie Hooyenga, is perfect for fans of outdoor adventure, swoony kisses, and figuring out who you really are.
  • Trust (Things That Matter Book One)

    by Casey Diam

    ***Can't be read as a standalone.​

    Nearly five years ago, my mom, dad, and sisters had been assassinated.
    I should have died that night. 
    I still questioned my mental state because I had no proof they had been after me. But, since then, I’d been trying to outrun my past and the men responsible for what had happened that night.
    Until I met him—Caleb Connor.
    Caleb became my safety net, and I foun... more

  • Keeping Her Close

    by Casey Diam

    When a heart is broken, it withdraws, shielding itself from further pain, but also from further life.

    Brandon Kuvat gave up on love ten years ago—the year he was set to become a dad. A wealthy playboy pilot, he still sees plenty of action, but he’s not the man he once was. Or the man he wishes he could be. The first time he encounters Jordan, he knows immediately she is different. He also knows hurting her is inevitable. Still, he can&rsqu... more

  • Catching London

    by MV Ellis
    He’s not looking to change his bad boy ways. Arlo Jones is a badass millionaire rock star with the world at his feet. He lives the “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” lifestyle to the max, and believes in working hard and playing harder. He’s a man who always gets what he wants, especially when it comes to women. Until he meets London. She’s a damaged dancer not looking to fall. All London Llwellyn wants is to rebuild her life following the tragic car accident that robbed her of her fiancé, ... more
  • Devil Side

    by Lacey Dailey
    Unable to continue living on the path her father created for her, Gigi Moretti does something she’s never done before. She takes a risk. When musician Maxwell Mitchell waltzes into an old diner in the early morning up to his elbows in secrets, he offers Gigi the perfect escape from the future she’s never wanted. It takes an over the top demand from her father and a shocking revelation from her fake fiancé to get her to pack her bags and ride shotgun on Max’s spontaneous tour across the co... more
  • You First

    by Lacey Dailey
    Sometimes life gives you what you didn’t ask for… When Knox and Beckett met, they were thrust into a world that consisted only of the two of them and the immense amount of love they shared for one another. With high school finally behind them, they are able to start the life they always wanted. They focused on school, work and being loving husbands to one another. It was a simple life. An exclusive life. And that’s exactly how they wanted it. The more people they kept out, the less judgment they... more
  • Bollywood Invasion

    by Ricardo Alexanders

    Sixteen-year-old John Palmieri is living an average life in modern-day Brooklyn until, one day, he is hit by a bus and wakes up as Raj Scindia, a prince in 1958 India with riches and power beyond his wildest fantasies. He makes out with his teacher, he tells about the future; his new life becomes a constant stream of debauchery until he meets “the one.” To pursue his love, Ankita Desai. He forms the Beetos, the first student Rock and Roll band in India, and starts recreating the B... more

  • Love Reimagined (Kings Grove Book 2)

    by Delancey Stewart
    Sometimes finding the future you want means embracing the past... Sam and Chance Palmer are both tall and dark, and look pretty damned good with a hammer hanging their tool belts as they run their construction business in the small mountain town of Kings Grove. But when it comes to the hottest eligible bachelors in town, Miranda George only has eyes for one of them. Chance--the one who won't even look her way unless it's because she's just spilled something on him or tripped directly into his... more
  • Love Rebuilt (Kings Grove Book 1)

    by Delancey Stewart
    A woman ready to throw in the towel on love, a man about to give up on humanity altogether, and a shared memory that will change the course of both their lives... the first book in the Kings Grove series offers readers an uncertain love story that will have you rooting for both characters from the very first page. Connor Charles has a dark reputation in the small town of Kings Grove. A reclusive and successful horror writer, he keeps to himself, but that doesn't stop the rumor mill in town. C... more
  • Sean: A Love Triangle Romance (For The Love Of A Good Woman Book 6)

    by Giulia Lagomarsino
    Sean is in love with Vira and wants to make a life with her, but she's stubborn and won't commit. When he's finally had enough, he walks away. Lillian is the complete opposite of Vira and irritates Sean to no end, but something about her keeps drawing him back in. But when Vira decides to fight for the man she wants, who will come out on top?
  • The Things We Don't Say

    by Roberta R. Carr
    Lilia Bennett-Parker and Matthew Campbell grew up together, gradually confronting their true feelings for one another. They’re now deeply in love, but will their relationship last? Although Matt is ready for marriage, Lilia, a brilliant cellist, is not. Instead, she accepts an opportunity to move to California and work in a symphony orchestra that is recording the music of Eduardo Santana, a famous composer. Matt wants to support Lilia as she follows her dreams, but his job’s in Pennsylvania,... more