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  • The Captain of Her Fate: A Regency Romance (The Other Bennet Sisters Book 1)

    by Nina Mason
    Captain Theobald Raynalds lost his leg at the Battle of Trafalgar and with it, his belief any woman could find a cripple like him unobjectionable enough to love. Louisa Bennet finds Theo incredibly attractive—both as a man in his own right and as an alternative to the odious cousin her heartless father has arranged for her to marry. First, however, she must convince the Captain her interest in him stems from the man he is, scars and all, and not on his being the lesser of evils . . .
  • Mercy: a love story (Mathew Beaumont Series)

    by Alberta J. McMorris
    Emily, 26, a recent transplant to New York, is determined to have the normal life she always wanted, until a series of seemingly unrelated events puts her at the center of a supernatural mystery; complete with terrifying nightmares, and a bizarre encounter with a mysterious stranger. Fueled by grief and obsession, Emily roams the streets of New York, and the strange world of her dreams, in search of the man with the moss-green eyes. Determined to learn everything about him, she discovers that th... more
  • The Maze Effect: Finding Mr. Right

    by Majel jay
    Every woman wants the perfect man! Or at the very least… a decent man. “Mr. Right” How do you find him? What does he look like? Is there a formula to know who he is? Just ask Kimberly Kay Nezda. A successful young diva with a budding career in a big city. She had it all or so she thought. She had many encounters and was confident she had finally found Mr. Right. A rich, handsome, suitor, the mark of perfection, but did she let him walk “The Maze”? Was it the perfect love story or the pe... more
  • Go with Your Heart

    by Savannah J. Frierson

    Six years ago, Shiloh Ray and her brothers escaped enslavement at a Confederate camp during the Civil War. Now they enjoy their freedom by working at a saloon they own in Choctaw Territory. Though Shiloh hasn’t seen the soldier who’d helped them steal away since then, he was never far from her mind…or her heart.

    When the soldier reenters her life at the same time the new doctor in town sets his sights on her, Shiloh must decide to revisit her past or prepare for ... more

  • Being Plumville

    by Savannah J. Frierson

    Plumville, Georgia had an order to its way of life, and few ever upset it.

    Benjamin Drummond is heir to all Plumville had to offer—wealth, good looks, and a promising career as a future state judge. As a graduating senior at a local college, he’s poised for success, if only he can keep his grades up. With the distractions of playing football, being in a fraternity, and having his pick of the women on campus, he has little incentive to study—until his assigned tuto... more

  • Corporate Ladder: One Woman's Filthy Journey to the Top

    by Sara Bee
    Daisy Fairmount has worked too hard for too long with little reward, while watching her male colleagues get promoted above her. But when she's finally offered the promotion she deserves, it comes at a price. In order to get what she wants, she'll have to let the men in the office do what they want with her.
  • The Earl's Entanglement

    by Cecelia Mecca
    Garrick Helmsley, an earl in both England and Scotland who is forced to secure his claim in Linkirk, agrees to marry the daughter of a powerful border lord. But no sooner does he agree to the arrangement than he meets Lady Emma Waryn—the impulsive and irresistible sister-in-law of his old friend, the Countess of Kenshire. Before he knows it, he finds himself escorting Lady Emma to Scotland. The last thing Lady Emma has pledged never to marry a powerful, domineering man. Yet the Earl of Clave is ... more
  • Lost For You: Rockstar Romance (Sixth Street Bands Book 4)

    by Jayne Frost

    I've been clean for years. But now my addiction has a face. Her face...

    At eighteen, I stood at the precipice of stardom. I had the record deal. And the tour to back it up. But I succumbed to the pressure of that life. The dark side. Now, I skate on the fringe. My brother is the genius guitarist for the band Caged, and I’m the one who helped make that happen. I’m happy to run my bars and my land development company.

    Sure I am.

    And then I meet her—Taryn ... more

  • Ruin My Lipstick

    by R.B. O'Brien
    Poetry that takes the ordinary to the extraordinary, one verse at a time. Emotive. Romantic. Erotic. And everything in between. Poetry is what my soul bleeds when I'm not looking...
  • My Joy

    by Suzette D. Harrison
    Joy Matthews isn’t afraid of risks. She’s quit her Fortune 500 job and enrolled in culinary school, chasing her dream. Joy wants her own couture cake boutique. Pursuing her dream by day, Joy pays the bills working nights at The Hourglass—an exclusive gentlemen’s club catering to patrons who enjoy a little extra fine on a woman’s frame. Joy’s catching up to her dream when a chance encounter reconnects her with Quinton Daley, a childhood friend. Mutual attraction throws the proverbial wrench in Jo... more
  • The Talisman - Cross Over: Book Two

    by Shaunna Gonzales
    Trish Larsen is about to embark on yet another journey to the past. Will she accomplish her goal of locating Andy's lost homestead or be waylaid by another, more pressing matter? When Quinn walks into the picture and changes it all around, well that is another matter entirely. Will the fact that he is now married change the impact of their attraction? When Quinn is kicked by a horse, Trish is faced with a decision as to whether or not she should take him to town or back to the future with her. W... more
  • The Art of Love

    by Suzette D. Harrison
    Ava Lydell is chasing her dream. A gifted artist, she’s fled the violence of the Deep South for the seduction of sunny California. As luck would have it, the economic crisis of The Great Depression interferes with her hopes and plans. Without patronage and reliable sales, her fledgling art studio fails. Now, she faces poverty, eviction…and the distraction of a mysterious, young stranger engaged in a questionable trade that delivers danger to Ava’s front door. In an age of Prohibition and pov... more
  • The Talisman: Crisscross

    by Shaunna Gonzales
    Trish Larsen is contemplating her future, but what she doesn't expect is to be thrown into the past--one hundred and thirty years. Fighting for her survival one minute and her moral decency the next would be a handful for anyone, but add to that the death of a man in her arms and you have a moral dilemma. Will she survive long enough to make it home or will she die in the past?
  • Her Halfback Hero

    by Shaunna Gonzales
    Evie lives an idealistic lifestyle until she travels to Seattle. Here she believes her dreams can flourish. But will her fiance save her when she is involved in a riding misfortune?
  • His Choice (Live, Love, Repeat Book 3)

    by Shaunna Gonzales
    Trevor Palmer is paralyzed from his mining accident but it may be in his head with his Conversion disorder. Mercedes has worked long and hard to become a therapist for a new age rehabilitation center but will she let her feelings for her patient overshadow her life when a family catastrophe hits her family?
  • In Her Hands (Live, Love, Repeat Book 2)

    by Shaunna Gonzales
    Living to love... Trevor Palmer must not only deal with his emotional loss but cope with being wheelchair bound. Paralyzed he must choose to move on with his life or let his misery consume him. Mercedes has worked her to get her job as a therapist for a new age rehabilitation clinic but will her creative therapy heal Trevor or bring them both to destruction? Trevor's disability may be more in his head with his Conversion Disorder but it may be physical as well.