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  • Mission Earth: Fear

    by S.F. LeClare
    Lolita has two wishes, to escape a house full of brothers, and to be kissed before going off to college. Both come true but the cost is human life. People are turning into zombies. Now she has no choice. Lyell has trained through blood and sweat - training for the competition to be Head Scientist on his planet. The cost has been agonizing loneliness. Now he's in the throes of his final test, the judgement of planet Earth and things aren't going as he planned. Should Earth be spared, or annihila... more
  • The Grandfather Paradox

    by JT Bock
    Is it the end of the world if an UltraAgent takes a vacation—in another universe? Someone is threatening UltraAgent TimeTrap’s good vacation vibes. Her holiday plans include visiting her peace-loving grandparents who only exist in the 1960s in an alternate universe. Fortunately, she can travel to the past within the universe parallel to hers where she turns on, tunes in, and drops out of her crazy life. But TimeTrap keeps popping into the wrong era as if pushed off course. Her fellow U... more
  • Dama X

    by JT Bock

    UltraAgent Oracle, his only hope.

    After Surefire’s case, UltraAgent Oracle takes time off from using her mind reading abilities—until a horrific transhuman crime forces her back on the job at UltraSecurity. At the same time, an old promise forces UltraAgent Pax to confront a new villain on the scene—Dama X, a Mexican cartel leader with a gender-bending way of dispatching her enemies.

    As those close to them become victims, their cases entangle, and Oracle hides an... more

  • A Surefire Way

    by JT Bock

    Superheroes need love too ...

    UltraAgent Surefire’s plan is simple: Capture the transhuman thief Raven. Win back the respect of her father. Get a raise.

    Easy, right?

    Except catching Raven throws Surefire into a surreal world filled with moody gods, day-glo skulls, dizzying dimensional portals, maniacal half-roach magicians, and a sexy thief who is more than he appears under his snug t-shirt. Is Raven a criminal, or is he working for a higher power? Surefire n... more

  • Pride and Passion

    by Harry Hall
    Tyler Harrison seems to turn everything he is involved in to gold. A young college graduate with amazing entrepreneurial skills, he begins a rapid rise to the top of the real estate world as a land developer and building contractor in the early 1960s. Tyler is proud, passionate, gorgeous, romantic, generous, and caring; he can have nearly any woman he wants?except for the one he truly loves, his high school sweetheart, Penny Kilmer. The only thing keeping him from her is his pride?or so he think... more
  • Surface Paradise

    by Allan Green
    From the day he was born, Michael Sykes has had every whim indulged. A child of privilege, luxury, and unfulfilled expectations, he is a man driven to love—with varying degrees of success and failure. The unconditional mothering love of his widowed mother has set him up for seemingly impossible relationships with women. In Australia, Michael works for the American Legation in Sydney and woos Anne, his femme fatale, yet eventually he will marry Gloria, but Anne will always remain for him a par... more
  • Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist!

    by Kay Marie

    "The new Bridget Jones!" - Broc's Bookcase

    "I absolutely couldn't put it down!" - Riddle's Reviews

    "Bloody hilarious from the very beginning." - Books Glorious Books

    Two hot guys. One big lie. What's a virgin sex columnist to do? From bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis, writing as Kay Marie, comes a new adult romantic comedy about a girl who'll soon discover that some secrets can't be kept forever, espec... more

  • Twist of Fate

    by Ellie Masters
    A Contemporary Romantic Suspense/Thriller... Melissa is a victim, capable of attracting only the worst kind of man. She seeks redemption for crimes she did not commit. CJ struggles to absolve himself of an unforgivable act. He seeks salvation through heroism, but fails every day. Our prince, a man with the blackest of hearts and an endless capacity to inflict pain, seeks validation for his work. His corruption is absolute, but even he will sacrifice for love. Meanwhile, a man of pure... more
  • Love Me (Coopers Creek Book 1)

    by Bronwen Evans
    The first book in USA Today bestselling author, Bronwen Evans's flirty new contemporary romance series... Emily Stanford's trip to New York, and her plan to bring her orphaned goddaughter home to Coopers Creek, backfires. Hayley's coming home but to Emily's horror she's hired as Hayley's nanny and moving in with her ex-lover, Hayley's uncle, the handsome cowboy come banker, Tyler Jeffries. He still makes her heart pound-even though four years ago he walked away from their relationship without... more
  • Goodbye, Magnolia (Cornerstone Book 1)

    by Krista Noorman
    Wedding photography is Maggie James's passion. The art of capturing a moment forever in time is magical to her, and she's worked hard to become the best of the best. Week after week, she works with couples as they plan their happily ever afters, but she hasn't been so lucky in love. Behind the camera, it's easy to hide from the pain and rejection of her past. The life she has made for herself is safe and predictable, until Simon Walker, the owner of a rival photography studio, sets up shop in... more
  • In Exchange for Jackie

    by Tracy Gilmore
    Jackie has the perfect life. A loving husband, two successful boys, and a beautiful stately home. With her calm expressions and soft voice, she gives into the indulgences of her husband Mitch, and for a long time, they are very happy. Meanwhile James has had a hard life, never knowing where his next meal will come from or his next job. His short tempered flares keep him from having anything worth of value for too long. But all of that is about to change. After spending nights watching home aft... more
  • Night Bloom

    by R.G. Hunsaker

    All Sophie Bloom has ever known is a quiet, sheltered life with her abysmally normal parents.

    She has no idea that one morning will change everything about her ordinary life. Because by the end of her usual run, she's seen something she can't explain--something that can't be human...

  • The Language of Music

    by Ruth Trippy
    When young Katherine Edmond's carriage turns into the Emery estate, she sees the irascible Jerard Emery superintending the removal of a large oak. She is coming to live on his Connecticut estate after her mother's death, but both he and his mother give her a cold reception. Jerard is concentrating on regaining the family textile mill his father lost and now feels burdened with the arrival of this girl he considers a nuisance. But as time goes on, seeing Katherine blossom into lovely womanhood... more
  • Amelia's Hope

    by Candis Vargo

    Amelia's Hope is a compelling and emotional story that follows Cara Michael's story as her world is turned upside down when she is diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on her tenth week of pregnancy. Now, Cara is faced with the heart wrenching decision: does she forgo chemotherapy in order to save her baby or…

    Cara takes the reader along on the last few months of her heart wrenching journey, and how this unexpected tragedy completely devastates her husband Joel. From the... more

  • Tough Karma: A Race Against Time

    by Laura Simmons
    Amber Macklin's world is cruelly shattered when she loses her baby girl three months after her husband's sudden death. Her cousin, Bryce, comes to her rescue, moving her into his home for fear she will kill herself from the grief. He provides solace and a shoulder to cry on, and he has loved her as more than a cousin for a long time. Amber and Bryce soon discover they are not blood relatives, which opens the door for romance as he pulls her through her darkest hours. When Mike, a college friend ... more
  • The Almost Kiss

    by Nick Nwaogu
    The Almost Kiss, set in modern Nigeria, narrates the story of Chioma Okafor who is pressured by her over-ambitious mother into an unwanted romantic relationship with Uche, a young, sophisticated university lecturer. Chioma yields to her mother’s pressure, hoping she would eventually fall in love with Uche as her mother had assured her, but she never did. On a Valentine date with Uche, she gets a glimpse of what her relationship has been missing as she feels love for the first time with Emeka, a ... more