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  • The Love of a Bingle Lancer

    by Rachel Korsen
    The Love of a Bingle Lancer is a Children's Poetry Book Written by Paul Gullen and Illustrated by Rachel Korsen. This beautiful poetic story has a timeless mix of poems blended together with painted illustrations that you'll never forget. This story will keep any reader captivated for hours on end as we visit the lands ruled by King Bandini and the far off kingdom of Fettuccine. Love conquers all for Prince Bandini: many a King is good at sitting and forbidding, and many a Prince is good at pran... more
  • Defiant Diva

    by Irene Vartanoff
    Diva behavior or demon behavior? Mezzo-soprano Daylia Fedora is a true diva, an artiste renowned for her operatic mastery. Her problem? Rage attacks against other singers. With her career on the line, Daylia single-mindedly seeks an exorcist to rid her of the demon she’s convinced causes her destructive behavior. No one believes there’s a demon, not even Dex Morgan, the handsome tech billionaire Daylia meets on a magical night at a charity ball. Dex’s romantic pursuit of Daylia to the Washin... more
  • Friendzoned Soprano

    by Irene Vartanoff
    Plus-size soprano Abbie Fisher has a great opera career and a lousy love life. Dieting down a hundred pounds hasn’t changed her luck with men. Sexy baritone Sean Grant friendzones her—dashing her hopes for a romance—as they intimately rehearse the opera Tosca in Baltimore. Lots of touching to raise her temperature, and yet she’s supposed to keep her hands off. But then Sean snatches kisses and flirts with her, anyway. Is he pursuing a romance with her after all? What does he want from her? C... more
  • Haunted Tenor

    by Irene Vartanoff
    Kathleen Grant, new to her job at a major New York City opera house, experiences ghostly transformations during performances of the opera Don Carlo. Strange dreams and compulsions make her repeatedly seek out the opera’s hot star singer, JC Vasquez. Is she crushing on the real man, or has she confused him with the sixteenth-century prince he plays on the opera stage? Spanish tenor JC Vasquez accuses Kathleen of being a stalker, but as the weird events escalate, they become romantically entan... more
  • Sky's the Limit

    by Elle Aycart
    Tired of waiting for her big break in the fashion industry, Sky Gonzalez, eternal part-time student and overworked retail drone, quits her job, sublets her New York apartment, and embarks on a semester abroad study program in Paris. Paris! Time to throw caution to the winds and jump-start her dreams. What’s the worst that could happen? How about getting sent to the wrong Paris? As in Paris-frigging-Minnesota? Bye-bye career dreams. Bye-bye glamour and haute couture. Hello flannel shirts, mind-... more
  • Clockwork Menagerie: A Shadows of Asphodel Novella

    by Karen Kincy

    Look, but don't touch...

    1914. Konstantin would love to hide in his laboratory and dissect the clockwork dragon captured from Russia, but the Archmages of Vienna have other plans. He finds himself shipped off to St. Petersburg as the scientific attaché to an ambassador. His orders? Look, but don’t touch. Of course, he considers this an impossible request with so much enemy technomancy to explore.

    To make matters worse, Konstantin has to ... more

  • Shadows of Asphodel: (Shadows of Asphodel, Book 1)

    by Karen Kincy

    He’s an abomination. She’s the only one who can save him.

    1913. Austria-Hungary. Wendel may be devilishly handsome, a charming bastard with the manners of disinherited royalty, but he's an abomination. His skin shivers with the icy fire of necromancy. With one touch, he can raise the dead. Worse still, he's being hunted by assassins from Constantinople, and he would rather die than confess why.

    Ardis escaped her own dark... more

  • Prancing Around With Sleeping Beauty : A Storybook Valley Sweet Romantic Comedy

    by Stacy Juba
    This Sleeping Beauty isn’t sure she wants to wake up… Dance instructor Rory Callahan likes to play it safe. When she meets Kyle, he’s impulsive, persistent, and her exact opposite. He’s pushing her to tango way past her comfort zone and keeping Rory on her toes more than twenty years of dance teachers ever had. Unfortunately, he’s the grandson of her family’s archrival and she doesn’t want to disappoint them. After all, her parents imagine her as a proper princess - hence her namesake Auro... more
  • Chances and Choices ~ The Davis Twins Series ~ Books 1 & 2: Taking Chances & Making Choices

    by Ann Omasta
    Both of the Davis twins are sexy and irresistible. Who will you choose--#TeamSeth or #TeamSam? In Taking Chances (the first book in this fast-paced, exciting series), we meet Abigail Brown, a 28-year-old divorcée who has never felt sexually satisfied, much to her chagrin. Despite being self-conscious about what she considers to be her body's failings, she has built a terrific life for herself in the quaint, lakeside town of Harbor Shores, Michigan. Abby thinks she has discovered her happily-e... more
  • The Pet Set Duet: Goofy Newfies & Itty Bitty Kitties

    by Ann Omasta

    What could possibly be better than fluffy and gentle Goofy Newfies? How about if some playful and adorable Itty Bitty Kitties join in the fun? This heartwarming read features two books that have it all... wagging tails, lighthearted laughs, adorable animal antics, and all of the positive, happy feelings you crave. It even squeezes in two sweet romances. Whether you are a dog person, a cat person, or someone who has always wondered what all of the fuss is about, this book is a feel-good read t... more

  • The Keys to my Diary ~ Marina

    by Ann Omasta
    You can visit the Florida Keys by peeking inside Marina's diary! Hello. My name is Marina Carpenter, and I am divorced. I never in a bazillion years thought I would have to utter those words about myself. Fern, my BFF, thought it would be a good idea for me to work through my hurt feelings by writing in this journal. It doesn't seem to be working. Maybe I need a hot, young, motorcycle-riding tourist to help me forget this overwhelming sadness for a bit. I'll just need to remember ... more
  • Cruising for Love (The Escape Series)

    by Ann Omasta
    A reality TV show looking for ratings. Kim Kardashian wannabes on a cruise ship. What could possibly go wrong? Get swept away with Ruthie Rose as she searches for true love on the reality show, Cruising for Love! It is a dream come true for effervescent Ruthie when she is selected to star on a hot new reality television show. Without bothering to read the pesky contract, Ruthie signs on the dotted line and sets sail on her high-seas adventure. Join Ruthie as she navigates the many ... more
  • Kindred Spirits

    by Whitney Dineen
    Dashing and successful, Richard Bingham has been voted one of the top ten bachelors in New York City. After unwittingly offending a reporter from Manhattan Life magazine, he finds himself on the receiving end of an article that makes his quest of finding the perfect mate nearly impossible. After one dating disaster too many, Richard decides it’s time to seek professional help, so he signs up for the matchmaking services of the East Side Yenta. Philippa Fielding is single and searching for lo... more
  • I've Been Looking for You

    by Jennifer Dean
    MAX: The new girl, the sarcastic asshole, the one who avoids getting attached to anyone. EMILY: The golden girl, the rule-abiding rebel, the one who unknowingly craves something more. When fate brings the two girls together, life seemed to fall into place. Until their future plans are shattered the moment someone leaves drugs inside Max's school locker. While Max inevitably loses hope of escaping her new grim reality, Emily struggles to move on without the one she loves most. Especia... more
  • Mica

    by MariaLisa deMora
    When Mica Scott moved into a quiet Chicago suburb, she wasn’t ready for what she found. Her new neighbor is bossy, kinda scary, and defines hotness. Sure, he’s a hunky alpha male, the kind most women secretly long for, but the man oozes danger. And Mica isn’t most women. After a chance encounter brings a new man to her door, Mica struggles to find a path between what she wants, and what she needs.
  • Second Guessing

    by Gail Ward Olmsted
    Jill Griffin & Ben Fein are meant to be together… said no one ever! Jill has built a successful career writing romantic ballads for many of today’s top performers. Since the tragic end of her marriage a couple years back, the 40-something single mom has all but abandoned hope for a love story of her own. Ben is a brash, young boy-band singer seeking a solo career who hires Jill to write for him. The attraction between the two is red-hot and when Ben falls hard for Jill, he doesn’t care who kn... more