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  • Unwrapping Noel

    by Jennifer Theriot
    **2017 Reader's Favorite Gold Medal Winner: Fiction/Short Story-Novella** Noel Calabrese hates the holidays as much as she hates her life. Overweight, insecure and heartbroken, she retreats into a world of misery. While in the Silicon Valley on a business trip, she meets Leon Hallas. Could he be her ticket to happiness? Can she learn to trust men again? Are second chances at happiness even remotely possible? Unwrap this steamy little contemporary romance, complete with a palindrome about seco... more
  • Relationship Resuscitation (The Juniper Court Series)

    by Jennifer Theriot
    Meet Phillip & Jayne Miller, original homeowners on Juniper Court. He's a successful attorney; she's a flourishing blogger. Head over heels in love and approaching 50, their relationship needs a little jump start. With the Miller's twin girls married and moved away from Sunview, Phillip and Jayne decide it's time to focus on resuscitating their relationship, complete with spicing up their neglected sex life. When competition between the two sets in, it becomes a full out game to see who can one-... more
  • Marianne's Memory

    by Winona Kent

    Marianne's Memory is the third novel in Winona Kent's accidental time travel / historical romance series, featuring Charlie Duran and her 19th century companion Shaun Deeley.

    A Beatles badge from 1965 accidentally sends Charlie and Shaun back to London at the height of the Swinging Sixties, where they're mistaken for KGB spies and subjected to a terrifying interrogation.

    Rescued by top-ranking MI5 agent Tony Quinn, they soon uncover the details of a child born out of w... more

  • Chasing Stars (The Superheroine Collection) (Volume 3)

    by Alex K. Thorne
    For superhero Swiftwing, crime fighting isn’t her biggest battle. Nor is it having to meet the demanding whims of Hollywood screen goddess Gwen Knight as her mild-mannered assistant, Ava. It’s doing all that, while tracking a giant alien bug, being asked to fake date her world-famous boss, and realizing that she might be coming down with a pesky case of feelings. A fun, sweet, and sexy lesbian romance about the masks we all wear.
  • Prelude to King

    by Taja Maynie
    As Autumn approaches and the busy and less introspective nature of Summer dwindles, Nanita is met with a monotonous presence that propels her to take a spontaneous trip overseas from her home in New York City to Italy, to fall back into an old lover. On her way, Nanita meets a 13-year-old kid named Black- who serves as a mirror and who she decides to bring along on her adventure. "Prelude to King" is a dedication to the Millennial youth, God, and finding your relation to both. It is the first in... more
  • Shadow of Doubt

    by Linda Poitevin
    Sworn to uphold the law, police officer Kate Dexter believes in doing the right thing. But when she meets an injured, altogether too sexy ATF agent, her entire world is turned upside down. Jonas Burke is a wanted man. Framed for murder, he needs sanctuary – now. Finding it in the arms of a beautiful, feisty fellow cop isn't exactly his best plan, but he's desperate and wounded, and time is running out for him to prove his innocence. Armed with a little more than a conspiracy theory, Jonas has no... more
  • Hell in A Handbasket (Devilish Debutantes)

    by Annabelle Anders
    “Thus reads the Banns of marriage between Lord Harold Brooks and Miss Sophia Babineaux. If any of you know cause why these two should not be joined in Holy matrimony, ye are to declare it. “ Would anybody declare it? Please? THE BRIDE wants to declare it. The heat Sophia feels for another man has given her a bad case of cold feet! She’d never even been kissed, how was she to know the importance of sizzle? By the time she realizes her mistake it may be too late... THE GROOM never wanted to m... more
  • Dragongrove: Mated to the Dragon King

    by Imogen Sera
    She distrusts him. There’s no reason he should need what he’s asking for; besides, she has an estate full of patients to look after. It doesn’t matter that he’s helpful, or that he’s persuasive, or that he’s the most magnificent man she’s ever seen. He needs her. He could just storm the house and take exactly what he wants. Really, though, there’s no fun in that when there’s a pretty little mortal woman to seduce.
  • Can't Stand the Heat (Will Cook for Love)

    by Jewel Hart
    In Peggy Jaeger’s delectable series, delicious food is just an appetizer for life’s main course: the kind of love that feeds your soul. With three successful TV series under her belt, including her cousin Kandy’s, executive producer Stacy Peters is ready to helm her own show. But to make that happen, she has to do her network boss one favor first—spend two months on a ranch in Montana wrangling the notoriously difficult director of Beef Battles. Apparently, he eats producers for breakfast. ... more
  • A Twist of Wyrd (The Ways of Wyrd Book 1)

    by PJ Friel

    When they come for her, can she trust a monster to save her life?

    P.I. Bryn Ullman can view your past. All it takes is one touch. But while she uses those visions to save others, her own memories are debilitating, filled with shadowy assassins who will never stop hunting her.

    Berserker Trygg Mackenzie is a tracker who never forgets a scent. One whiff of Bryn and he wishes otherwise. The last time they met, the monster living inside him left ... more

  • A Twist of Wyrd (The Ways of Wyrd Book 1)

    by PJ Friel

    Sometimes you need a monster to save you from the dark. 

    They say a person's wyrd - their destiny - is carved into Yggdrasil's branches long before they are born. The Norns have a plan for everyone and mere mortals aren't meant to stray. 

    But three hundred years after Odin's gates between the Nine Worlds malfunctioned, Outlanders left behind on Midgard have forgotten their wyrd and have integrated into society so thoroughly
    ... more

  • Falling Star

    by Terri Osburn
    A country star looking for a comeback has one last shot at fame—and he might just have one last shot at love. Naomi Mallard is a fixer by nature. And as PR manager for Nashville’s Shooting Stars record label, she’s facing her biggest fix: redeeming country music bad boy Chance Colburn. But in Naomi’s eyes, a police record and a stint in rehab are the least of Chance’s sins. He has spent his life running from demons and making tabloid headlines that have sent his career into a tailspin. Now he... more
  • Hungry for Love

    by Maya Sacher
    Hungry for Love follows Elizabeth, a dentist in her late thirties, who is coping with the unimaginable – her husband is in a coma, and there is little hope for recovery. Added to that, she’s dealing with a lot of other baggage: unresolved grief over her mother’s death, mixed feelings towards her stepmother, a job she hates, and a disapproving father. As Elizabeth battles against her dissatisfaction and comes to terms with the fact that her husband may never recover, she’s hit with the unexpec... more
  • A Taste of Revenge

    by Mercy Jane Porquez Ballesteros

    It wouldn't be long until I regain what was mine, it must be returned to its rightful owner.

    Dark secrets, hidden lies and envy broke the bond of two successful entrepreneurs and caused a woman to lose all that she had. A modern-day story of passion, love, and betrayal.

  • Mail Order Mayhem

    by Cynthia Woolf
    Drew Talbot made the long journey back East to bring eligible brides to Seattle, not to find one for himself. But despite his best intentions he is captivated by the shy and somewhat clumsy Lucy Davison. He didn't mean to fall in love, and he certainly had no intention of allowing a dangerous killer to tear her from his arms. But when Lucy is the only witness to a brutal murder, the killer knows that eliminating Drew's bride is his one chance at freedom. Lucy Davison left Massachusetts to fin... more
  • Dangerous to Know: Jane Austen's Rakes & Gentlemen Rogues

    by Lona Manning
    Edited by Christina Boyd. "One has all the goodness, and the other all the appearance of it." --Jane Austen Jane Austen's masterpieces are littered with unsuitable gentlemen--Willoughby, Wickham, Churchill, Crawford, Tilney, Elliot, et al.--adding color and depth to her plots but often barely sketched. Have you never wondered about the pasts of her rakes, rattles, and gentlemen rogues? Surely, there's more than one side to their stories. It is a universal truth, we are captivated by smoldering... more