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  • Crimson Secret (Coin Forest Book 4)

    by Janet Lane
    Star-crossed lovers meet during the War of the Roses, only to learn that she wears the red rose of King Henry VI and his formidable Queen Margaret of Anjou--while he carries dangerous secrets and the white rose of the Duke of York. It's a dance of imperiled love amid escalating battles. They're both right, both wrong, both lost in the heat of unbridled passion--and crushing intrigue and danger.
  • Paper Castles

    by Terri Lee
    IN SAVANNAH GEORGIA, THE GARDENS AREN'T THE ONLY THINGS KEEPING SECRETS. "I want to know what goes on in your head," Adam said. "What do you think about? What are your dreams?" "My dreams," Savannah said, picking up her spoon and stirring her coffee again. She stared into the swirling depths as if she could conjure up the specter of the girl who once had dreams to spare. "Funny thing is—I got everything I wanted." Where do you go when you find out everything you wanted isn't what you nee... more
  • The Vision: Green Stone of Healing® Book One

    by C.L. Talmadge
    In the doomed island nation of Azgard, sharply divided by race, rank, and income, a despised half-breed military physician meets the powerful parent she never knew, sparking a political firestorm that parallels their tempestuous private journey from strangers to family. calls The Vision, “a fantastical joyride, riddled with ethereal visions, the revelation of hidden knowledge and an ancient magical species...” The Vision has earned the prestigious B.R.A.G. Medallion.
  • A Grown Up Fairy Tale

    by Dorma Spencer
    This is a story about a fifty-nine year old woman, but it is also a story for all women who still long for their happily ever after. She is not drop dead gorgeous with a figure to die for, she’s fat. She’s getting older, and the prospects for love are getting slimmer. This is a book about REAL WOMEN, the kind you bump into in a grocery store and let ahead of you because she only has a few items. Who’s short a few dollars at the checkout lane and you tell the cashier to put it on your tab. The ki... more
  • Clinch (Low Blow Book 1)

    by Charity Parkerson
    Gunnar is one fight away from cruiserweight champion, and one flight of stairs away from true love. When Gunnar left his ex, the current cruiserweight champion, two years earlier and moved back to his hometown, he knew he was passing up his chance to win the world. The last thing he wants is to meet his ex in the ring while the world dubs it a grudge match. For the most part, he’s content with traveling. Being known as the casino champ isn’t a bad gig. He doesn’t realize he’s missing anything... more
  • Never a Choice

    by Dee Palmer

    Romantic: Hot Alpha, Billionaire Romantic Suspense.

    Bethany Thorne has secrets and she’s told a few lies but she’s hurt no-one. She just wants a better life, she works hard for a better life, a life with choices but a chance encounter at her new University with billionaire, hot alpha Daniel Stone makes her heart beat, her body tremble and rocks her very foundation. Reeling from the intensity of her unfathomable reactions to this man her world is sent further spiralling out o... more

  • If I Loved You

    by Mary J. Williams

    If You Only Wanted One Night Would You Take A Chance On a Man Who Wanted Forever?

    Rose O'Brian wants to spice up her love life and Jack Winston seems like the answer. Sexy, funny and a killer smile, Jack is every woman's fantasy. All she wants is one night of passion, nothing more. But Jack has a secret that stops him from taking her up on her offer, stops him from having the one thing he wants more than his next breath--beautiful Rose O'Brian. Rose has her own secrets. Emot... more

  • A Second Chance at Love 2: When It Rains It Pours

    by Pamela Wright
    Pamela Wright has done it again in Book Two of A Second Chance at Love. Vanessa and Anthony have fought their feelings for too long. Giving in to those feelings couldn't have come at a more difficult time. With Anthony open and ready to start a future, he goes back to South Carolina to tie up some loose ends. Just as Vanessa is getting her life back with the help of her newfound love for Anthony, her strength becomes tested. Will she be able to withstand and hold on to the love t... more
  • A Second Chance at Love: A Chance Encounter

    by Pamela Wright
    Vanessa Cook, a Registered Nurse at UAB Hospital, was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. She was a devoted Christian and an active member of her church, until a tragic car accident claimed the lives of her husband of 15 years, children, and the growing fetus inside her. Due to unimaginable pain and grief, she lost her way; turning her back on the church and God. After three years, she wondered if she would ever gain the life she once had and the peace that came with it. Anthony Harvey, ... more
  • And Never Let Her Go: Town of Destiny

    by Nancy Glynn

    Eight years ago, Erin Donahue had it all—her own city apartment, a career in photography, and a man who’d do anything for her. But things change. Fate steps in. Now, living in the small town of Destiny, IL, Erin embraces her new life, free of hurting anyone else. She’s all alone, and she likes it like that. Independent, strong…and broken. Until Slade Callahan, a handsome, divorced rancher, drives up her lane and drags her back into a past she wants to forget. Slade is... more

  • Coming Out

    by Seven Slade
    A long time ago, on a playground far, far away, an awkward boy with two mothers and a penchant for pink shirts shook a tough girl’s hand over the rattled frame of a deposed playground bully. Tamsyn promised to be Rodrigo’s bodyguard if he’d draw her pictures of girls wearing superhero capes. Rodrigo promised to be Tamsyn’s buddy if she’d let him braid her hair. A deal, struck. A partnership, forged. And the timid gay boy and the fearless straight girl became inseparable. Now college gradua... more
  • Love on the Sound

    by Jamie Matthews
    Newly widowed, the last thing Amy Malone wanted was to inherit On the Sound, a dilapidated B&B located on remote Lopez Island. But, when she found herself drowning in grief, she fled to Lopez Island—and began a new life. Movie star Ben Morrison held Hollywood—and an Oscar nomination—in the palm of his hand. But, as the years ticked on, he floundered in the tailspin of one bad movie after another. The world he’d so carefully built crashed down around him after a drunken interview on national ... more
  • A Scandalous Matter (Magic of Love Book 3)

    by Margaret Locke
    A scandal-scarred Regency lady journeys to 2016 in search of independence and an education, only to find herself entangled with a career-consumed computer science professor. Can past and present blend into a mutual future?
  • A Man of Character (Magic of Love Book 1)

    by Margaret Locke
    A thirty-five-year-old bookstore owner must choose between fantasy and reality after discovering the men she's dating are living versions of fictional characters she created long ago.
  • A Matter of Time (Magic of Love Book 2)

    by Margaret Locke
    A modern-day Austenite's dream comes true when she lands in the arms of a Regency duke, only to discover some fantasies aren't all they're cracked up to be when he proves less than a Prince Charming.
  • Up in the Treehouse

    by K.K. Allen
    Four years after a devastating tragedy, Chloe and Gavin’s world’s collide and they find their lives entangling once again. Haunted by the past, they are forced to come to terms with all that has transpired to find the peace they deserve. Except they can’t seem to get near each other without combatting an intense emotional connection that brings them right back to where it all started . . . their childhood treehouse.