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  • Dr. Brown: A Klondike Love Story

    by Kay Wright
    Michigan native Dr. Nathan Brown somehow knew from the moment the fiery, red-haired Abigail Buchanan showed up at his Klondike cabin in a blinding blizzard, seeking help for a friend, that their lives would be thereafter inextricably joined. Unknown to him was that this rebellious daughter of a respectable San Francisco family was fighting her own battle to survive in the rugged Yukon wilderness. The country doctor soon learned this intriguing stranger was Klondike “good time girl.” They are an... more
  • Adulation

    by Tiana Wilkins
    Two years after the sudden death of her father, Cassie's life consists to the daily tutelage of her nefarious stepmother Eunice. Dealing with verbal and physical abuse witnessed by her daughters Crystal and Megan, Cassie plows on with no solace in sight, including a debilitating stomach condition. When her Algebra teacher offers lessons from college student and nephew Kevin, the two embark on a friendship that would eventually turn romantic. As the lovers embrace their new found love, Eunice ... more
  • A Hero's Honor: Resolution Ranch (Flint Hills Military Heroes Book 1)

    by Tessa Layne

    Police Chief Travis Kincaid Has Rules….

    ·      Never leave the door unlocked

    ·      Never mix work and pleasure

    ·      And Never, Never kiss the object of your affection

    Years ago, the former Navy SEAL learned the hard way that breaking the rules only leads to disaster. Since then, he’s followed strict rules to ... more

  • Prairie Fire: Cowboys of the Flint Hills

    by Tessa Layne

    Sometimes it takes more than water to put out a fire.

    Daredevil Cassidy Grace tried for years to get Parker Hansen’s attention. It finally happened- the night before she left for basic training. Parker has always wondered what would have happened if he’d made a move sooner. Caught up in the ins and outs of fighting fires and working a ranch with his cousins, he didn’t have much time to think about it. But now that Cassidy’s back, a messed up comb... more

  • My Life as a Star

    by Ruth Kaufman
    After finally quitting her radio station account executive day job, Marla Goldberg pursues her dream of being a working actress in Chicago. As a tap dancing zucchini, she meets hot, famous movie director Scott Sampson. Scott, aka Great Scott, finds himself falling for quirky, smart Marla despite his vow to never date or trust another actress. The pressures of their profession and the glaring public eye threaten to tear them apart as she learns be careful what you wish for when her career... more
  • Never Again (Book of Origins 1)

    by Alyse Nennig
    All vampires were once human. Who says they can't be again? Carrying invisible wounds from a tragic childhood, Hannah Jacobs doesn't allow herself to fall in love - until she meets John Trott. Sexy as hell, charming, and sensitive, she immediately finds herself drawn to him and, within days, giving him her heart. Twice broken, John effortlessly makes her heart whole again, except Hannah's buried fear threatens to shatter it once more as dangerous circumstances reveal dark secrets. One is ... more
  • Blaise

    by Amy Kuivalainen
    Eldon Blaise, magician and misfit, has arrived at Gwaed Lyn to turn Rosa's life upside down. Not only is he claiming to be the lost son of Eli Vane and his human wife Deryn, Rosa's ancestor, but that he also used to be none other than Merlin Wylt, the magician of legend who fought by King Arthur's side. The curse the Autumn Queen has placed over the Aos Si is breaking, but she isn't prepared to go down without a fight, and releases the one person that brought the great Merlin to his knees...N... more
  • Wylt

    by Amy Kuivalainen
    A cross between a modern Jane Eyre and traditional dark fairy tales, Wylt is book one of The Blood Lake Chronicles, a paranormal gothic romance series with a new twist on vampire and fae mythology. Rosa Wylt's plans are cut short when she receives a summons to return to Gwaed Lyn, an ancient mansion in the Lake District, and the center of all her childhood nightmares. The Wylt family has always served the mysterious, wealthy Vanes but Rosa is determined to break free of the bonds that h... more
  • Dawn's Revival (Redemed Book 1)

    by Danielle Coleman
    Dawn is a young woman in high school who has fallen in love with her best friend, another young woman named Sara Mae. Their love was found out by her mom's future husband and because they did not accept their love Dawn searched for her father to move in with him. She is unaware that he is a pedophile who turns Sara Mae into a prostitute during their living arrangement with him and her aunt until he starts abusing her too. She manages to escape after Sara Mae dies and is on the run from him, but ... more
  • The Edge of Memory

    by Jewel Hart
    When your childhood is cut short by murder and treachery, it’s not easy to live a normal life. At the tender age of nine, Harriet witnessed her father beat her mother to death, and she holds herself partially responsible. Still haunted by half-memories, guilt, and disturbing dreams, she has constructed a solitary and joyless existence, with little room for men or romance. Facing her thirtieth birthday, she knows she must do something to change her life. Like an omen, she meets Agnes, a rich e... more
  • my life as a pop album (my life as an album Book 2)

    by LJ Evans

    Good Girl Mia feels guilty for her brother's death.  It was her kidney that killed him after all...

    Mia Phillips is a Good Girl. You know, one of the ones that help everyone else and make sure the rules are followed.  But, she’s also got a tiny body, too much curve, and her brother Jake’s mosaic eyes which often get her the wrong kind of attention.  On the outside, she’s got it all together.  She’... more

  • Loser's Road

    by Kalan Chapman Lloyd
  • The Devil Drives Down To Vegas: an erotic journey

    by Cyra May
    A fast and furious erotic journey on a car. Sam and Duke find new ways to erase boredom on the road and learn how to out do each others dare's. A short story.
  • In Wild Lemon Groves

    by Selina Kray

    A telltale knock on a quiet winter night is a sound no husband wants to hear.

    Sébastien Osaki has spent the past three years surviving the loss of his beloved Henry. When Seb lands in Amalfi, Italy, for their would-have-been tenth-anniversary trip, he’s haunted by the memory of the man he loved. Following Henry’s notebook leads him to some breathtaking coastal views but also right back to his despair. Seb’s there to get his groove back, not let the past wrong-fo... more

  • Top Choice

    by Sophie McAloon

    “…The Handmaid’s Tale meets Magic Mike”

    As a future leader of the female-led regime her grandmother fought hard to establish, Alice Kearns is no stranger to pressure. But at least now that she’s turned eighteen, she has a place to blow off steam: Ali is finally allowed into the Choice Clubs.

    Filled with an enticing mix of music, drinks and gorgeous guys, the Choice Clubs were founded to ensure that smart girls wouldn’... more