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  • The Neighbor Boy

    by Madison Campbell
    Cassandra Morgan’s new life is taking some getting used to. She’s just not certain that the Hamptons mansion, five-carat ring and perfect fiancé…fit exactly. The plan was always to be an actress, not a suburban soccer mom. And when a sexy neighbor sparks her interest, it turns out that temptation is just beyond her front door. Drawn into an intense physical relationship with a boy much too young for her to seriously consider, Cassandra is torn between the man she loves and the boy next door. ... more
  • Double Dog Dare

    by J.A. Coffey
    Allison Dare is having a bad month. Make that a bad year. A broken foot. Sidelined from an active career fighting crime. She sure as hell doesn’t need to deal with a four-footed canine disaster inherited from her recently departed cousin. In a desperate attempt to get her life in order, she hires a dog trainer. The only problem is he’s sexy and stubborn as sin. With her old life torn away, can she reinvent herself when she can’t seem to control her new pet or her feelings for a man who refuses t... more
  • The Mysterious Lady of Lakeview

    by Judy Conlin
    When Kristen, a high school teacher from Florida receives an urgent request to visit her sick, frail, and very much estranged grandfather, she takes a leave of absence and with great trepidation, embarks on a journey to upstate New York. Once she arrives at Lakeview Manor in the bone-chilling dark of night, Kristen abruptly has the feeling that she is not welcome. As she attempts to get to know her grandfather, she struggles between her strong dislike of him and an overwhelming curiosity as to ... more
  • Snow White And Her Seven Lovers

    by Jenna Ives
    What’s a girl to do when she wakes up poisoned in the ER and finds that she’s lost her memory, her family, and very nearly her life? That was me. Three months ago. With no identity, no money, and nowhere to go on the day I was discharged from the hospital, I gratefully accepted my gorgeous ER doctor’s offer to move in with him and his equally gorgeous six friends – the ones who’d found me unconscious in an apple orchard. My plan was to stay until my memory returned, and I could figure out wh... more
  • Programmed To Protect

    by Jenna Ives
    Tau Cetus police agent Leith Wyatt is tasked by the ruling High Council with overseeing the production of a robot army for the planet’s defense. Wyatt doesn’t trust the oily robot manufacturer Anson Carron, and when Carron gives Wyatt the Beautiful Doll sexbot Ginger as a gift, Wyatt knows it’s for a sinister reason -- Beautiful Dolls are legendary for their addictive sexual prowess. Wyatt tries to resist the Doll, but Ginger is sweet, kind, sexy, and every intimate encounter they share manages ... more
  • Programmed To Please

    by Jenna Ives
    Tau Cetus police agent Jai Turner is sent undercover as a Beautiful Dolls sex robot in order to bring down notorious arms dealer Marque Callex. Reclusive Marque Callex only accepted an invitation for a free week with a sexbot because he can't risk letting a real woman into his dangerous life. But neither Jai nor Marque are what they seem, and their week together has consequences neither expect.
  • Programmed For Power

    by Jenna Ives
    As the powerful premier of war-torn Tau Cetus, Theus presides over an uneasy post-apocalyptic peace. Many plot against him, including a traitor on his own High Council as well as one rogue woman who dared to steal a precious keepsake from his past. Capturing Leora Smith offers Theus a chance at personal revenge, but she awakens emotions in him he thought long dead. Even so, it takes an assassination attempt to spur Theus to reassess a future with either this prisoner who makes his blood run hot ... more
  • The Secondary Target

    by Diane Lynn
    Beth Scott, a high-profile New York divorce attorney, has a penchant for facing off against the abusive spouses of her clients. But after a brutal attack at the hands of a violent intruder, she must fight for her own life. Her arduous recovery, suffused with psychological scarring and interwoven with the hunt for her assailant, gives way to an impassioned love story.
  • Tender

    by Anne Meredith
    Set in Williamsburg, Virginia in the present day and in 1746, TENDER tells the story of Rachel Sheppard, a marketing executive who also happens to be suffering lingering effects from a trauma that erased all her childhood memories. When she travels back in time, she meets Grey Trelawney, a wealthy tobacco planter whose tenderness begins to help restore her memories.
  • Rock: A Rock Star Romantic Suspense

    by JA Huss
    He had it all. He lost it all. And all he wants now is a second chance. RK Saber ran from tragedy five years ago when his car went over the side of a mountain in a prom-night crash. Consumed by guilt, he walked away from Juilliard and morphed into Rock, front man for the global rock-band sensation, Son of a Jack. Five members. Five best friends. Five rising stars burning so bright, they had to know it couldn’t last. When tragedy strikes again and the band goes from five to two, RK is sent... more
  • The Spicy Secrets of a Jet Set Temptress: Part 1: Learning The Life

    by Lantana Bleu
    Good Girls go to heaven. But Jet-Set Temptresses go everywhere. Miss Melisse is a world-class temptress at the top of her game. She’s a sweet, smart and sassy vixen who always leaves them wanting more. AND she’s sharing her advice and success secrets with you, here…Melisse is more than a beautiful woman living the life of a modern courtesan. Even while satisfying the needs and desires of men who seek her out for sex, fantasy fulfillment and faux friendship, she secretly yearns to experience t... more
  • Linger

    by P. J. O'Dwyer
    Maryland State Police counter-sniper Brit Gentry took that fatal shot. Only she doesn’t remember pulling the trigger. Now after a psych evaluation and being placed on administrative leave while the brass investigates, Brit’s packing it up. If there’s one place where she can make sense of what happened, it would be in the mountains of western Maryland and the solitude of her cabin on Deep Creek Lake—drama can take a hike. Too bad someone didn’t tell escaped convict Pride Rivers to stay clear o... more
  • The Forbidden Duke

    by Darcy Burke
    Spinster Miss Eleanor Lockhart is suddenly homeless and employment is her only option. Ruined after succumbing to a scoundrel’s excessive charm nearly a decade ago, she’s lucky to obtain a position as a paid companion and committed to behaving with the utmost propriety. She definitely shouldn’t be in the arms of a man capable of utterly destroying what little remains of her reputation... Titus St. John, Duke of Kendal, is known as the Forbidden Duke, a mysterious, intimidating figure who ente... more
  • After the Rain

    by Mary J. Williams

    Welcome to the NFL.
    The Seattle Knights have the hottest players in the game. On and off the field.


    Logan Price is getting a second chance.
    Claire Thornton is going to make sure it counts.

    Logan Price was living his dream. After years of hard work he finally made it. Starting running back for the Knights.

    After only a few games, he was a fan favorite. There were whispers of a rookie of the year award.

    It all ended with a devastating injur... more

  • Over Easy (The Continental Breakfast Club, book one)

    by Pamela Ford

    From award-winner author, Pamela Ford, comes the first book in a delightful contemporary series, The Continental Breakfast Club...

    Allie Parker's had enough. Just because she's a dog groomer, her overachieving family of doctors and lawyers treats her like a child. She's convinced that a successful husband is all she needs to change their attitudes.

    So when she and her friends come up with a brilliant new way to meet eligible men, Allie squeezes into ... more

  • Kissed by a Devil

    by Lily Danes
    Annabel Johnson didn’t always think things through—and her last bad decision led to a new name, a new home, and a new job laundering money for the most dangerous man in town. Now, she’s almost free of that burden. All she needs to do is seduce the one man who only deserves the truth... Declan Donnelly has spent years escaping his family’s wild reputation. He’s now a respectable businessman in Lost Coast Harbor—but the mild-mannered bookstore owner is hiding devilish desires. And when he learn... more