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  • The Promise of Rainbows (Dare River Book 4)

    by Ava Miles
    Jake Lassiter was a bona fide hero in the military before a tragedy in war changed his life forever. Now he’s a rising country music star, intent on healing the world and himself through his music. But his past still haunts him… When Jake hires girl-next-door interior decorator Susannah McGuiness, he sees a kindred spirit and a woman who pulls at his soul. The first sparks of hope fire in him, the kind that can heal all the wounds he still carries inside. For a man resigned to never having a ... more
  • The Incubus Job

    by Diana Pharaoh Francis
    It’s tough to have a conscience when you kill for a living. So six years ago, Mallory Jade gave up killing. Now she’s a fixer. Got a problem with a demon? She can help. Infestation of pixies? She’s got you covered. Kidnapped by an undead lich? She’s on her way. Anything you need, so long as she doesn’t have to kill. It’s her one unbreakable rule. Aside from a few near-death experiences, her new life is good, until her job dumps her in the lap of the man she walked out on six years before... more
  • Dreaming with a Broken Heart

    by Mary J. Williams
    Hollywood is a cutthroat town. Nobody knows that better than the Landis brothers. It's time for them to step out of their parents' shadow. IT'S TIME FOR THEM TO BECOME LEGENDS. Garrett Landis is Hollywood's golden boy. If he wants to make a movie, it gets made. If he wants a woman, he only has to snap his fingers. The moment he meets Jade Marlow he knows she's different. She's the first woman to get under his skin. The first woman he can't have. Jade Marlow is desperate to leave behind her tragi... more
  • Storm and Silence

    by Robert Thier
    Freedom – that is what Lilly Linton wants most in life. Not marriage, not a brood of squalling brats, and certainly not love, thank you very much! But freedom is a rare commodity in 19th-century London, where girls are expected to spend their lives sitting at home, fully occupied with looking pretty. Lilly is at her wits’ end – until a chance encounter with a dark, dangerous and powerful stranger changes her life forever... Enter the world of Mr Rikkard Ambrose, where the only rule is: Knowl... more
  • The General's Wife: An American Revolutionary Tale

    by Regina Kammer

    She had never been kissed before, had never known the wonderful sensations of a man's lips and tongue tasting her own, of his hands clasping her body to press her more fully against his masculine form. It was extraordinarily delightful, but it was ever so wrong. Her hands flat on his chest, Clara tried to push him away. "Please, my lord, we are not engaged. This cannot be right."

    Seduced Into Marriage
    Lady Clara Hastings is forced to leave he... more

  • Call of the Sea

    by Rebecca Hart
    Elysandra Winters has always yearned for a life of adventure on the rolling seas and is willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill her dream. When her Privateer father continually refuses to allow his only daughter to sail, Ellie defies him, disguises herself as a boy, and goes in search of a captain who will give her a chance to prove her worth. Thanks to the cursed selkie blood coursing through his veins, Daniel O'Rourke needs the sea to survive. After giving up on his humanity and spendin... more
  • From Dust

    by Freya Barker

    Pain punished her.

    The bottle numbed her.

    Guilt kept her trapped.

    In the dark alley of a pub, the words “Please don’t” take hold of her heart and break the silence she seeks. Thinking herself beyond redemption, she tentatively grabs on to the slim thread of hope that unfolds inside of her.

    Holding her secrets close, she can’t resist the comforting draw coming from The Skipper. The unconditional friendships it offers, the protective roof it provi... more

  • Like Arrows

    by Freya Barker

    An assignment has just turned interesting for GFI investigator Malachi Whitetail. When a shy, mousy woman walks into his local diner, it takes him a minute to recognize her as an employee of the real estate office he’s been monitoring. Not a believer in coincidence, Mal decides a closer look at the short brunette might be warranted. It will be the first, but certainly not the last time, he finds himself coming to her rescue.

    Kimeo Lowe leads a pretty quiet existence, which is why,... more

  • Sonata for a Scoundrel

    by Anthea Lawson

    ~USA Today bestselling, RITA-nominated romance~

    Life in London’s poorest quarter is hard, but gifted composer Clara Becker scrapes a living writing music under her brother’s name. When celebrated musician Darien Reynard notices her work, it seems fortune is smiling on the Becker siblings at last. But Clara must keep her distance from Darien if she hopes to protect their secret—and her heart.

    Set against the glittering backdrop of 19th century celeb... more

  • Getting Lei'd

    by Ann Omasta
    **Kindle Scout Winning Book** Being jilted almost-at-the-altar by text message is not at all how prim and proper Roxy Rose thought her wedding day would go. Getting dragged on her Hawaiian honeymoon by her excessively self-centered sister and outlandishly irreverent grandma is the icing on the horrible wedding day cake. Can Kai, the resort's hunky and talented chauffeur / bartender / flame-thrower, turn this disaster of a trip into a romantic adventure to last a lifetime? Or will his mysteri... more
  • Once in a While

    by Linda Ellen
    Two young people, Vic Matthews and Louise Hoskins, meet just before the famous 1937 Flood in Louisville, Kentucky, and fall in love. However, the weather and other circumstances work to keep them apart. Once in a While takes the reader on a journey through the memories of a ninety-year-old woman as she relives her romance with her first love. Based on a true story. Clean Historical romance, reminiscent of The Walton's and The Notebook., full of rich characters and vibrant historical details... more
  • Wild Cards: A Twisted Novel 3: Dark Romance (Standalone) (The Twisted Series)

    by R.C. Stephens
    She grew up with love but tragedy took everything away from her. He was forced into a life that he hated and was drowning in darkness. They both lost hope... They both looked for ways to numb the pain... To him, she was unpredictable and alluring. To her, he was a dark knight with a shady past. What happened next was unexpected. Their chance encounter was not chance anymore. As their worlds collide and their impenetrable walls are infiltrated, these two dark souls are... more
  • Twisted Love : A Twisted Novel 2

    by R.C. Stephens
    It’s always easy to say what one should have or could have done to change the events in their life, but what happens when it's too late? When the damage is already done? Do I just give up? It’s hard to see a way out when I am lost in a sea of pain and have to face the realization that a chain of bad choices put me in my present state. I’ve always believed I was a fighter, but somewhere along the line I forgot that, I gave up, I broke down. But here’s the thing, I wanted to be better, I wante... more
  • Bitter Sweet Love: A Twisted Novel (Twisted Series Book 1)

    by R.C. Stephens
    After enduring an abusive childhood and having her heart broken by the only boy she trusts, Alexis White vows never to let anyone hurt her again. She’s left her troubled past behind and starts a new life at college. For the past seven years, her social calendar has been filled with frat parties, drinking, and meaningless sexual hook-ups. Until one night she unexpectedly gets saved by a tall, dark, and handsome French foreigner, Luc Blanchard. He’s charming, sophisticated, and very interested in ... more
  • Molly Takes the Cake

    by The Taylor Sisters
    Molly Tauber owns Molly’s Sunshine Bakery in River Oaks, a small, Northern California town. While her head is in the oven, her fiancé––a doctor––is on the East Coast, sewing up faces in a never-ending quest for more abbreviations to add to the end of his name. Forever making divine wedding cakes for her customers, Molly wonders if there will ever be one for her. Judging by the length of their engagement, she may be right to wonder. How long can a girl wait? In Molly Takes the Cake, the first ... more
  • The Secret of the Cylinder: Book 3 of the Sekhmet Series

    by Michele Fontaine
    An idealistic, raven-haired history student meets the man of her dreams at Tehran University in 1978. As they launch a mission together to save an artifact from the incoming regime, they begin to see glimmers that they’re reincarnated lovers. Throughout time, tragedy has intervened between these star-crossed ones. Could a gift from an otherworld traveler provide them not only safe passage on this mortal go-round, but the world with a much-needed instrument of peace? Unfolding as the Muslim Revol... more