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  • Davis (The Seven Brothers of Elko: Book Two)

    by Raeann Blake

    Davis Reardon was a persistent man. Lonely, but persistent. For two years he happily watched love grow and deepen between his brother and the woman who completed his life. Jake and Brinley were two halves of a whole. And Davis was patiently waiting for his turn. Waiting for the one woman who was meant to be the other part of him.

    He thought the wait was over when Dusty Lawton drove into his life. That connection, that instant recognition of matching pieces came immediately. Still, he tr... more

  • Jake (The Seven Brothers of Elko: Book One)

    by Raeann Blake

    Christopher Davis Reardon's wife died young, leaving him with two small boys to raise on his own. Jake and Davis were typical boys, but good kids. Mr. Reardon lived to see them both grow into the kind of men any father would be proud to call his sons. Respect for others, right from wrong, honesty, and the value of family were among the many things he taught his boys. And teaching them about women was right at the top of the list, especially the right woman. He had a mantra that was repeat... more

  • Red Says I Love You

    by Raeann Blake

    She passed up a four-year scholarship to put her husband through college. Then she paid her own way through after he was done...with college and with her, when he walked out the day after he got his degree. But now she was finished and enjoying a graduation present to herself in the form of one month in a mountain cabin between Bozeman and West Yellowstone. Things were definitely changing for Cass Wright. The vacation turned into a job opportunity at a local brewery. And she was intrigued by ... more

  • Counting Stars

    by Jordan Deen
    Love is a luxury for the weak. At least that's what Madison Nottingfield’s father always said. Coming from a long line of old southern money, Madison has come to accept the uncomfortable job of helping her father in his pursuit of wealth and social status. But by the time she turns seventeen, she’s grown weary of being her father’s favorite way to gain power and prestige. After being nominated to one of the few debutante positions in her affluent country club, Madison thinks her life... more
  • Life In Reverse

    by Beth Michele

    A second chance standalone romance.


    Ember Bennett was my beginning...but she was also the end. She was my downfall. And I never even saw her coming. She didn’t burst into my life demanding to be noticed. Instead, she slipped in under my radar when I wasn’t looking. Caught me off guard. I should have been paying better attention. Because I found myself drawn to her. Her quirkiness, her laughter, her brutal honesty. I didn’t ask f... more

  • You and I : The Kate and Robert Chronicles

    by Suzanne Eglington
    This is book 2 in the Kate and Robert Chronicles. Kate is on a mission to learn all about her over protective and extreme Robert Beckham. She is realizing there is a lot of intensity and powerful energy that is constantly brewing in him and sometimes it is too overwhelming for her. She has to learn to balance with him before she lose herself.
  • Melting Into You: A New Zealand Single Dad Romance (Due South Series Book 2)

    by Tracey Alvarez
    Kezia Murphy plays her widow card well. If you don’t trust people, you don’t get hurt. Ben Harland doesn’t do emotional home and family stuff. So when his surprise eight-year-old daughter suddenly arrives, he’s a D-minus student struggling to pass a crash-course in parenting. The attraction flaming between Ben and Kezia will either melt their hearts or raze their lives to the ground...
  • Inceptions: The Kate and Robert Chronicles: The Kate and Robert Chronicles

    by Suzanne Eglington
    Kate Quinn woke up with her relationship world turned upside down and Robert Beckham has been waiting 6 years for the opportunity to prove to her that he is the rest of her life and he will not stop until she is by his side.
  • Duel with Destiny

    by Judy Edwards
    From the first installment in the "Destiny by Design" Series, "Dawn of Destiny" introduces us to Bettie Lou a city girl trying to recover from heartbreak who meets James a country boy not looking for love. "Duel with Destiny" picks up right where their story left off. The story deal with many of the harsh realities of life during the 1960's. Their journey takes us from life on the family farm in Chimney Rock, North Carolina, through college graduation from the University of Kentucky in Lexington... more
  • Dawn of Destiny

    by Judy Edwards
    Call it chance, call it fate, or call it - DESTINY. For James Scott and Bettie Lou Brewer it is the force that brings them together and binds them for life. It is 1966, change is all around and inevitable. On the campus of the University of Kentucky, in Lexington, Kentucky, two students have a chance meeting that alters the course of their futures. Neither is looking for love, but when destiny is in play what we are or aren't looking for doesn't really matter. Neither questions what they are fee... more
  • His Kate

    by Sue Krawitz
    Greg Janera, twenty-four, is a recent college graduate living in the Center City district of Philadelphia. A down-to-earth software engineer, sports fan and dog owner, he is at a crossroads in his current three-year relationship with Heather Damon. An event planner with a troubled childhood, Heather, twenty-nine, has worked hard to make a good life for herself. She is now ready to get married and start a family. Greg, however, is unsure if their relationship is strong enough to continue with a d... more
  • The Stars in the Sky (Giving You ...) (Volume 2)

    by Leslie McAdam
    When foul-mouthed, tattooed, vegan Marie Diaz-Austin accepted a summer internship on a ranch north of Santa Barbara to work with underprivileged and special needs kids she was expecting hard work. She wasn't expecting the gorgeous, but conservative rancher, Will Thrash who wants nothing to do with left-wing hippies like her. While they both may be stubborn when it comes to climate change, they're much less rigid about considering a summer fling. Although they hate each other’s politics, they can... more
  • The Sun and the Moon

    by Leslie McAdam
    2015 Watty Winner. She follows all the rules. He’s going to teach her how to break them. After a heartbreaking tragedy, successful attorney Amelia Crowley has numbed herself to the pleasures of life, clinging to a specific set of rules, finding strength in order and organization. When she meets easy going surfer Ryan Fielding, that organized life is turned upside down by a sea of washboard abs and sun-kissed hair. Sexy and charismatic, Ryan looks for pleasure however he can find it in an effort... more
  • Balance Interrupted

    by Terrene A. Davenport
    Book number two in the Beyond the Balance Saga
  • The Eagle and the Heiress

    by Stephen Barnes
    Within seventy-two hours of landing in Chile, American geologist Nick Johnson survives an assassination attempt. The target of the violence is Isabela Luksaval, the beautiful CEO and heir-apparent to Luksaval Enterprises—and Nick’s new boss. Nick has come to Chile at the urging of his college roommate, who knows that Nick needs work—and to move past the death of his fiancé two years earlier. After Nick and Isabela narrowly escape their own deaths, she invites him to recuperate at her famil... more
  • Undercover - An Austen Noir

    by Cat Gardiner
    It’s November 1952 in New York City where mysterious denizens linger in smoky bars and darkened alleys. The second Red Scare is dredging up a new swarm of "Commies"; “duck and cover” is the lingo of the day. And hard-boiled private eyes aren’t always men. One audacious dame, Elizabeth Bennet, is undercover in a case of suspected murder: her best friend, Mary King, has been missing for eighteen months. Determined to find the man she believes did the girl in—one George Wickham—her investigation... more