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  • Lord Heathborough Invests (The Traitor Lords Saga)

    by Adella J Harris
    Solicitor Robert Clarkson had begun to think he’d never have his own law practice, not when all of the work he was given at Glasson & Co. involved estate matters, until he was assigned to handle the business contracts of Lord Heathborough, son of one of the notorious traitor lords. Lord Heathborough has connections that could lead to the kind of clients Robert finds most interesting, and it doesn’t hurt that he is exceedingly handsome. Laurence Nelson, Lord Heathborough, had always known his... more
  • Lord Lynster Discovers

    by Adella J. Harris
    Three traitor lords plotted to kill the king; now their sons must deal with the aftermath. When butler Daniel Rivers finds his employer, the Earl of Lynster, has shot himself, confirming he was one of the traitor lords plotting to kill the king, Daniel’s only thought is to protect his childhood friend James, the new Lord Lynster, from the scandal. He’s been quietly looking out for Lord James ever since the day by the pond when James’s “experiment” of a kiss proved to Daniel that he loved the... more
  • Anything But Extraordinary

    by Mary Frame
    When the local authorities ask Ruby Simpson to help them find a thief in the small town of Castle Cove, she doesn’t have much of a choice. She predicted the most recent theft, and the cops have no other leads. There are just two small problems. One, she’s not psychic. Two, she’s not Ruby Simpson. Okay, maybe they’re not small problems. But Charlotte needs a place to lay low with her younger sister, somewhere her parents won’t find her and the locals won’t ask too many questions. Getting... more
  • Love from Mars

    by JP Cawood
    Six people have been chosen to colonize Mars, including the charismatic and noble Ryan Clarke. Emma, a headstrong reporter, meets Ryan at the Martian Six press conference. Despite the fact that he has a one-way ticket to another planet, they can’t resist their undeniable connection. Their whirlwind romance is rocked by one shocking revelation after another as the mission prepares to launch. Can their love transcend space and time? Let the countdown begin...
  • poetry

    by Caroline Dorer
  • Ultimate Night’s Delights

    by Kelli A. Wilkins

    Ultimate Night’s Delights

    Julian and Annabelle are back for the final ball!


    The Midsummer and Midwinter Balls changed Julian and Annabelle forever. Vincent, the Marquis of Demby, and his wife, Sabrina, introduced them to a world of erotic pleasures. Freed from their inhibitions, they now help other shy couples explore their sexual urges and hidden desires.

    But life on Vincent and Sabrina’s estate is anything but t... more

  • Midwinter Night’s Delights

    by Kelli A. Wilkins

    Midwinter Night’s Delights

    Julian and Annabelle are back for another naughty ball!


    The Marquis of Demby’s Midsummer Ball transformed Julian and Annabelle forever. No longer shy about satisfying their sexual urges, the young newlyweds give in to their wanton desires whenever—and wherever—the mood strikes. Anything goes in their open marriage, and they’re not ashamed to share their passions with others.<... more

  • Midsummer Night’s Delights

    by Kelli A. Wilkins

    Midsummer Night’s Delights

    At this Midsummer Ball, couples pair up everywhere—but not for dancing!

    Young newlyweds Julian and Annabelle are miserable. Their arranged marriage is lacking everything—especially sex. Julian suffers from a lack of confidence and is harboring a secret urge. Innocent Annabelle’s longings go unnoticed and unfulfilled, no matter what she tries.

    But all that changes when they are invited to ... more

  • Trust with Hearts

    by Kelli A. Wilkins

    After a bitter breakup, Sherrie Parker seeks refuge at her cousin Dave’s house in rural West Virginia. Early one morning, she runs into Dave’s other houseguest, a singer named Curtis Taylor. The last thing Sherrie wants is to share living quarters with a country music crooner – even if he is sexy, in a cowboy sort of way.


    Thrown together by circumstances, Sherrie and Curtis get off to a rocky start, but soon discover they have more in common than they ever... more

  • Four Days with Jack

    by Kelli A. Wilkins

    Four Days with Jack


    When David invited his best friend on vacation, he never expected them to fall in love…

    Spending four days in a tropical paradise with Jack is a dream come true. For years, David has lived a lie and denied his romantic feelings for Jack. Now that they’re together in an isolated Caribbean resort, he finally admits what he really wants—... more

  • Opposite of Frozen

    by Jan O'Hara

    Shepherd fifty-one seniors on a multinational bus tour, including a ninety-five-year-old with a lethal cane? To preserve his sick brother’s travel business, retired pro athlete, Oliver Pike, would do far more.

    But then weather intervenes, forcing the tour bus off-route into the small mountain town of Harmony, Alberta. In the hold of the bus, amid the walkers and luggage, lies a half-frozen stowaway. Page Maddux is commitment-averse and obviously lacking in common sense. Once revi... more

  • Sidelined: The Draft

    by Bianca Williams
    When up-and-coming event planner Bryn Charles scores NFL superstar Shane Smith as a client, she thinks she has it made. But with only six weeks to create the “hottest event Baltimore’s ever seen”, she has her work cut out for her. Complicating her efforts is Shane’s determination to score her like one of his touchdowns. In order to stay in the game, she must decide whether she can play by his rules. Convinced only a fool would date a professional athlete, Bryn ignores his advances—until she wake... more
  • New Beginnings

    by Jennifer Gawlik

    Sometimes, life throws curve balls to keep people on their toes.  There are those who see these curve balls as threats to avoid, while others see them as welcome surprises, challenges even, opportunities. That's what author J. Gawlik weaves within the pages of "New Beginnings". In this novel, readers will accompany the protagonist, Emma, on her journey of self-discovery, as she realizes that she is young enough to start fresh and old enough to know which mistakes to avoid.<... more

  • Dangerous Affections

    by Deanna Moore-Lopez

    When her husband, a college football coach is murdered, a woman begins to uncover truths that she must face about the famous British acting legend she has become involved with.

    After many years as a mom and housewife, Elizabeth feels the pull for something new in her life. Through the exciting new changes she decides to make in her life including travel in Europe, celebrity encounters, an affair, and hot sex she's never experienced before she begins to fulfill her needs. But at... more

  • The Suburban Wives Club (The Suburbia Trilogy Book 2)

    by Damien Dsoul

    One summer afternoon, Jolene Briggs, along with four other wives are discussing their mundane sex life in Gail Cavanaugh’s backyard, when Gail, their matron, makes this declaration:
    “I’m talking about us coming together like a horny wives’ soccer team and having fun as only horny housewives can. About us pooling together our resources of handsome black men around and sharing them amongst ourselves. What I’m talking about here is for us to start a sort of sub... more

  • Flash Fire

    by Dana Marton
    Former SEAL turned lawless mercenary Light Walker just wants to be left alone to avenge his brother's death. He wants nothing to do with Clara Roberts, a by-the-book investigator on a secret mission, who is trying to talk (cough) badger (cough) him into helping her recover an American teenager who'd disappeared abroad. Clara Roberts isn't crazy about the uneasy partnership either. How can tequila-swilling Walker be her best option? And, dear Lord, the things that come out of that man's mouth! ... more