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  • Chemistry: A novel about love and attraction

    by Ellen K. Bennett
    He's a tough city cop, and she's a brilliant graduate student. They meet under impossible circumstances, and they can't stay away from each other. In 1992, 22-year-old Nell Russow arrives in Calgary from Auckland to begin a Masters degree in Biochemistry. She and her fellow graduate students frequent a bar near to campus where, unbeknown to them, after hours, girls are drugged and raped by a group of regular punters and some of the staff. One night, Nell is simply in the wrong place at the wrong... more
  • Domination

    by Ellen K. Bennett
    'Domination - A situation whereby capture of a piece is unavoidable despite it having wide freedom of movement.' Source: Glossary of Chess Terms What do a free trip to Aspen and $20 000 for two days of work add up to? One hell of a confidentiality agreement, that’s what! When Janice Sheldon agrees to assist Blake Malone at a business meeting for one weekend, she has no idea what she’s getting into. But then neither does he. Sweet, funny Janice and elegant, sophisticated Blake seem like an un... more
  • Booked For Love

    by Alys Newman
    When Eleanor met Owain at her sister's wedding the previous year, sparks flew. No one guessed that Eleanor had fallen in love with Owain or that she was running scared. Owain pursued Eleanor to the North of England, only to find out she had suffered physically during her previous marriage. Owain sets out to prove to Eleanor that he is a man she can trust. Can Eleanor forget past hurts and start a new future or will the past overshadow their future together?
  • Rescued from the Desert (Desert Royalty Book 1)

    by Alys Newman
    Book One of the Desert Royalty Series: Rescued from the Desert. Rescued from the Desert is the story of King Rashid al-Shalan and the return of the love he believed he lost forever five years ago. The last five years Emily’s life has changed dramatically. She didn’t know if returning to the desert kingdom of Kindah was the best for her. How she would feel if she if she saw the man she had spent one unforgettable night with? As Rashid and Emily begin to explore their relationship togeth... more
  • Damn Dishes

    by Latifah Free
    Book 2 of 3. Spirit's Story. Spirit is a young lady longing to make her place in the world after being heartbroken on several occasions by her high school sweetheart. She ventures out into the world only to return home at his request. Upon returning home with a child and a new love she reopens the past and begins creating new mistakes at the risk of herself.
  • Zaryk: Book One in the Twisted Epiphany Series

    by C.A. Jonelle
    One fatal moment tears Zaryk’s life apart and he struggles to cope with his loss and grief. Years later, with his band ‘Twisted Epiphany’ on the cusp of success, Zaryk is finding the answers in partying and alcohol. Enter Lyndsay, a shy college girl who gives Zaryk hope that there can be happy endings in life. But one night of passion ruins his dreams of something more meaningful and spoils their friendship. Misunderstandings drive them apart and Zaryk is soon lost in a different world as ‘Twist... more
  • A Highlander In Vegas

    by Jennae Vale
    Braeden MacDonald believes he’s died and gone to a place his very wise Grannie called ‘the meadows.’ In fact, he’s actually been transported through time to present day Las Vegas, Nevada and the Grand Opening of The Albannach Hotel, where the strange sights and sounds have him wondering - has he arrived in heaven… or hell? Tessa McTavish doesn’t believe she needs a bodyguard following her around day and night, but her father has insisted and abiding by his wishes she finds herself both intrig... more
  • A Bridge Through Time - Book One of The Thistle & Hive Series

    by Jennae Vale
    Ashley Moore's life in San Francisco has hit a few snags, not the least of which involves sightings of a mystery man around every corner. Is she losing her mind or does he really exist? Her search for this grey-eyed stranger leads her to Scotland. There she meets a witch with a secret, a vindictive English knight who is bent on revenge, and she crosses a fog shrouded bridge into the arms of a 16th century Highlander. Cailin MacBayne is no stranger to beautiful women, but has always managed to... more
  • I Have A Purpose

    by Carmen Ashe
    Through one tragedy after another, Carmen is forced to rely on her own inner strength to keep herself and her family from falling apart forever. In this uplifting narrative, Carmen and Tony face betrayal, loss, and hardship. I Have a Purpose celebrates the lessons pain can teach us and the joy that true love can bring to our lives, no matter what the circumstances may be.
  • Flower in the Gale

    by Genevieve St-Yves
    After overcoming impossible odds, Rekki the Black and Arshé return to the homeland of the ogres with an incomparable treasure. While the return of the legendary armor of the Tyrant King is greeted by many as proof of the truth behind Rekki’s destiny, heralded at birth to unite his people as King of the Ogres, there are many who fear the fulfillment of the prophecy - among them Ragnar, the mighty chief of his clan. While tensions mount and factions form, Arshé must navigate this perilous new soci... more
  • Royally Entitled

    by Melody Delgado
    When her family’s cider business is ruined and other local businesses are vandalized, Anika Pembrie wonders if the recent bout of unrest is merely a result of rivalry between local merchants and noblemen or if something more sinister is at the root of the recent crimes. Along her journey Anika befriends Prince Valdemar, future king of Brevalia, but their relationship hits many twists and turns along the way. The powerful Paxel Clan had the kingship taken from them years before and they are still... more
  • Almost Home

    by Amy Lynn Armstrong
    Brooke, 16, arrived back in Rockdale recently, only to leave yet another foster home. On the day she was supposed to go live with her dad, she finds out he’s been arrested, again. Starving and roaming the streets, she resorts to snatching a guy’s wallet…only he catches her and that’s when she realizes he’s her ex-boyfriend, Ace. A former heroin addict and drug dealer. She pushes him away to focus on finding a family that she wants and that will choose her. Cole, 17, aka, Ace, has spent the p... more
  • Trust Me

    by Amy Lynn Armstrong
    Piper, normally a vibrant teen, experiences many challenges of betrayal and her fear quickly seeps into her relationship with her boyfriend, Ethan. She begins to doubt his faithfulness and soon, her own. As she struggles with this issue, she pushes her best friend, Zack, away who had always been there for her when she needed him. But when strange things start happening in her bedroom, she's forced to explore a possibility that she had always thought of as a farce. Ghosts. Jonathon, who was be... more
  • Little Forevers

    by Katie Kaleski
    Phoebe likes Gage, but there's a problem—he's her brother's best friend. As the result of an extra-marital affair, Phoebe Bautista has had little contact with her dad, none with her step-mom, and her siblings have just recently learned of her of her existence. Now she goes to stay with them while her mom is on assignment in The Yukon for three months. As she tries to find her place and navigate the developing and rocky relationship with her temporary family, she begins to spend time playing m... more
  • An Heiress in Disguise

    by Jennifer Wenn
    Hell will freeze over before Miss Philomena Aubrey willingly marries the insufferable Honorable Luther Whyte. Her mother had angled Mina’s quite hefty dowry in front of the vicar and secured him, but Mina still resisted. When Mrs. Aubrey threatens to force her into the marriage, Mina’s father hides his daughter with a friend of his as he leaves for an extended business trip. A wounded war hero, burdened by guilt after inadvertently sending his French fiancée to death, Lord James Darling keeps... more
  • Controlling Darkness (The Control Series Book 4)

    by Anna Edwards
    It is Sonia Anderson’s first day on a new job; one that will change her life. The twenty-five-year-old bodyguard is well trained and highly recommended for the role of guarding Amy North, the pretty young girlfriend of billionaire, James North. What her physiological evaluations don’t show though is the secrets she hides about her life growing up. The scars she bears representative of a world out of her control. Matthew Carter is James North’s long-standing bodyguard, he is sharp and a master a... more