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  • Another Kind of Love

    by marcia radler
    Seventy-six-year-old Henry Silverman loads up on his fountain of youth (Viagra), and prepares to audition as many applicants as humanly possible in this romantic novel that deals with love's many faces. It follows complicated relationships between couples and family members...with a dark secret beneath the surface. Humor, sadness and sensitivity color the various love stories and will carry fans of the genre through to the book's surprising conclusion.

    by Angel S.Broady

     “Art of burning passion and Lust; Ignites shame”

    Concubine Angela’s affair with Eji is unfolding as Kiwa’s jealously grows into arts of manipulation. The dark ambitions of Queen Piyan comes to light.  The ties within these spells of lust and love abounds from one after another to losing their souls for the sake of power and wealth.  Miya Xi takes up a new identity, yet she becomes useful to a hig... more

  • Stay On Line

    by I. E. Neil
    For Bada, being a fan of celebrities was never her thing, yet, when she sees Shin Joon Su on TV she is attracted not to his good look and charming smile. She is attracted to the sadness and loneliness she sees in his eyes. She decides to write to him but unlike other fans she sends him jokes. Every day a joke and she remains anonymous and she expect nothing only hope it will make him smile. Miraculously, he answers her one day and ask her to confirm him as a friend. Bada is a Korean girl... more
  • Click

    by Tima Smith
    Twenty years is a long time to hold on to lost love. It’s also a long time to carry a grudge. When Christopher and Lily run into each other twenty years later, the one thing they can agree on is that they still ‘click.’ Christopher might call it a cosmic anomaly that occurs barely once in a hundred million years. Lily knows that for whatever reason they’ve been given a second chance. What they both discover is that this ‘second chance’ is nothing either of them could have possibly imagined.
  • Sunlight Girl

    by K. L. Cottrell

    Spencer Frost has found himself on the ground after life delivered a sudden, unavoidable punch to his face, and he hasn’t been able to get back up. He doesn’t like that one damn bit, but what he likes even less are other people’s attempts to reach him. He doesn’t want their attention and he doesn’t need their help—or even deserve it. But then he meets Emerson King. She’s gentle, calm, bright with kindheartedness…and suffering on the insi... more

  • In His Irish Heart

    by Jaime Loughran
    Book #2 in the Romance in Ireland series. (No cliffhanger endings.) Michaela Foster's about to wind up on a path of self-destruction that threatens everything she's held dear. When she moved to Ireland two years ago to start a new life, she couldn’t have been happier. She had a successful business managing celebrities, friends who were there through thick and thin, and Jim her loving boyfriend. Jim Brown had the best of both worlds with a job he loved working as a bodyguard for Ciaran O’Re... more
  • In His Irish Eyes

    by Jaime Loughran
    Book 1 of the Romance in Ireland series. (No cliffhanger endings and each book can be read as a standalone.) Rachel Kincaid, a business consultant from Columbia, Kentucky, is trying to pick up the pieces of her life after a bad breakup with her long-time boyfriend, Steve. Desperate to put distance between herself and reminders of Steve so she can move on, Rachel goes to Ireland with her best friend. Ciaran O’Reilly is an Irish actor on a dizzying rise to fame. With his classical tall, dark... more
  • Odin's Swan Song

    by Jaime Loughran

    When Jess Bennett’s husband dies of cancer, she believes her life is over. She tries to draw strength from her friends and family, but it is the love of her dog, Odin, that helps ease the pain of Jason’s loss the most. Odin is the strong and patient companion she needs, and his needs force her out of the darkness of her depression. Just when she thinks she might be able to move on, cancer rears its ugly head and deals her another blow.

    As Jess struggles to cope with Odin'... more

  • Stories people love: Short Stories of Crime, Adventure and Love

    by Brenda Mohammed

    Winner of two gold medals, STORIES PEOPLE LOVE contains six fictional stories with common themes of hope, love, and real-life lessons.
    In August 2019. Stories People Love topped the Connections EMagazine Readers Choice Awards 2019 and won two gold medals in the category Romance and the other for topping all genres.
    One Night in Paris - What happened in Paris that night? Read and be intrigued.
    Lavender - Deception, lies, murder, and mystery with lots of twists and turns will kee... more

  • The Gate to Everything

    by Ava Miles
    Quarterback Jordan Dean thought he had everything until his long-time girlfriend broke up with him. His football rock star life had become too burdensome to her. Plus there was another teensy, weensy reason. Chef Grace Kincaid had gotten tired of waiting for him to propose. Ouch. When Jordan wins the Super Bowl, he tells himself it’s enough. But he can’t get Grace out of his mind. When she calls, insisting they meet, he eagerly agrees. Only to discover he’s going to be a father… Grace had a... more
  • Twila's Tempest

    by Natasza Waters

    A geriatrics nurse who has recently lost her mother finds happiness again when she meets a retired Marine who shares his knowledge of the sea with her. Their love and bravery are put to the test when they're forced to navigate the storm of the century, caught in hurricane Wilma.

  • Life Sentence (Detective Madison Knight Series Book 0)

    by Carolyn Arnold

    "A thriller all the way…Arnold never disappoints.”
    –The Reading Café 

    A defense attorney's worst nightmare… 

    "If I pay with my life, you will pay with yours." 

    Defense Attorney Bryan Lexan may have just taken on the case which will cost him his life. When his client, a Russian mafia boss, is convicted of first-degree murder, he vows to make Bryan pay.
    ... more

  • Montmartre Stairs: A Paris Love Story

    by Douglas Warren
    This enchanting and inspiring love story begins in the romantic Montmartre neighborhood of Paris. As Michelle, a young and spirited Parisian woman, struggles with her crutches down the treacherous Abbesses stairs she loses her balance and begins to fall just as John passes by. Thanks to his quick actions she is saved from a potentially fatal fall down the long and winding stairway. Looking into her beautiful and hypnotic eyes, asking if she is all right, he immediately falls in love. The feeling... more
  • Risking Love (a Where the Heart Is romance, book 1)

    by Brenda S. Anderson
    Bank employee Lissa Morgan likes all the columns of her life to add up. From her job to romance, every major decision is planned out. But before she can go out on a date with Mr. Perfect, she attends a charity auction with her meddling mom who wins Lissa a date with thrill-seeker Caleb Johnson. Caleb lived for adventure until heart disease stole his wife’s life. Then debt closed his business and now threatens to take his home. With a toddler to raise, he vows that his risk-taking days are ov... more
  • 28 Seconds: A House of Valentine Novella

    by Elizabeth Blair

    There are only two rules: let no one see my birthmark and never use social media.

    Last night, I broke both.

    Today, I learn just how deadly mistakes can be.


    On the run with her mother since she was five, Ariana’s life has never been normal. Although she’s never been told about her childhood, she’s smart enough to know that when the men in dark suits appear, it’s time to run again. For fifteen years, it has been the two of them against the ... more

  • Must Love Kilts: A Time Travel Romance

    by Angela Quarles
    The Jacobite Rebellion--not the best time to get drunk, hook up with a guy, and lose your sister. A drunken bet... When computer game designer Traci Campbell gets too close and personal with a bottle of Glenfiddich while vacationing in Scotland, she whisks her kilt-obsessed sister back to 1689 to prove hot guys in kilts are a myth. Hello, hundred bucks! But all bets are off when she meets Iain, the charming playboy in a to-die-for kilt. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong name... Iain MacCowan regu... more