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  • Road Talk, Life and Love in Alaska

    by Cherime MacFarlane
    Molly only takes chances while driving. Life burned her, and she isn’t ready to open herself up to new wounds. Louis, Lou for short, knows more about the woman than Molly likes. When she discovers Lou crewed with her dead husband, Molly wonders how much Davis Lee told his shipmate about her. He’s supposed to be her muscle to facilitate an aircraft engine exchange. It’s a business trip into the wilds of Alaska that has them cooped up in a truck for days. Where will their road talk take them?
  • Death Wish

    by Cherime MacFarlane
    Growing up the only child of an alcoholic mother, Colin didn’t get much love. In the small community he grew up in everyone knew his situation and the boy turned increasingly inward. The only thing that kills the pain is going higher, further and faster. ‘So dare me why don’t you.’ One other child sees the hurt. One boy, Paul, a little older brings Colin into his home. They become friends for life. Paul finds a girl, just released from foster care. He brings her home to the business and his pa... more
  • Mile 43.3 Richardson Highway

    by Cherime MacFarlane
    Set against the backdrop of the building of the Alaska Pipeline during the 1970s, this romance tells of two people working to make a life in a harsh climate and turbulent times. Abandoned by the man who convinced her to move to bush Alaska, Nancy isn’t looking for love. It takes everything she has just to survive. Ramon, Ray is a man with a child and family responsibilities. Ray is ready to commit to the right woman. An accident at Mile 43.3 on the Richardson Highway changes both their lives.
  • Aurora's Song

    by Cherime MacFarlane
    Algen is finally home after spending most of her teen years, and young adulthood in Washington State. She has never been clear on the reason she was sent to live with her father’s relatives. But she has a job she loves and can finally live in the place she loves. The Aurora Borealis fascinates her; Algen has missed the lights and winter terribly. The Grannies want her to be careful. Should she be wary of the new hire at the native corporation? She’s sure if he gets too close her heart is going t... more
  • A White Cat For Christmas, Life and Love in Alaska

    by Cherime MacFarlane
    Mike has every reason to be careful. His business leaves him open to threats and possibly violence. He is suspicious of the woman hanging around the dilapidated old garage near the road. What is she doing on his property? Angie saw the little kitten on the way to work. The poor little thing is living under the old shed. She wants to rescue it before the temperature drops so low it freezes to death. The big man is intimidating, but the kitten needs help, and she’ll take on the irate homeowner if... more
  • Gray Matters

    by Cherime MacFarlane
    A novella about motorcycle riding in Alaska. For the first time in fifteen years, he won't have a child to look after. After a long motorcycle ride and several straight shots of tequila, he is feeling no pain. But what will he do without his daughter over the winter? She is looking for adventure after having raised three kids to adulthood. Traveling to Alaska has been her dream for years. In a lodge several hundred miles from the big city, these two people begin a conversation. He has an empty... more
  • Then They Were Six

    by Cherime MacFarlane
    Absolutely devastated, she is standing on the side of the road with a dead car, no cell phone, and no money. Running from an abusive ex-husband, she and her daughter must have a paycheck. The mechanic stops to help, but what will he ask of her? Are there strings attached to his offer of assistance? Divorced, the father of three is in a last ditch stand to save his business. But the woman stranded on the side of the road is a distraction he cannot ignore. She needs help.
  • Deirdre of the Sorrows

    by Cherime MacFarlane
    Notice: may contain triggers regarding abuse. Deirdre, deserted by her stepbrother is stuck with a stepfather who is becoming crazier with each drink, and he drinks a lot. Sylvie, his youngest child, is in as much danger as Deirdre. Left with no choice, Deirdre takes matters into her hands to protect not only Sylvie and herself but her child by the monster. Daniel had to go after graduation. His alcoholic father couldn’t deal with having another grown male in the house. Daniel did the only thin... more
  • The Cheat, Life and Love in Alaska

    by Cherime MacFarlane
    Life and love in Alaska, The Cheat. Francis labels herself as "fat and forty". How in the world she came to be living with the guitar player for a popular Alaska band is a wonder to her. Monte is a groupie magnet, and Francis is waiting for him to tell her it's over. The text message she gets from him after he returns home from a weekend gig, sets off a major fight when Francis accuses Monte of being a cheat.
  • Homesteader Blues

    by Cherime MacFarlane
    Tina has been putting up with no running water on their farm for over twelve years. Jimmy gets her and the kids out of the house for a week. His aim is to build a bathroom for his wife. Nothing and no one will sidetrack his surprise for Tina, and that includes teen angst and broken equipment. A self-described red-neck, dirt farmer, Jimmy is smarter than he looks. The country boy knows how to keep his wife happy, and Tina appreciates his efforts. Life and love in Alaska can take some real twist... more
  • Encounter

    by Cherime MacFarlane
    She never picks berries in the patch behind the cabin. That place almost makes her skin crawl. The old cabin has been in her family for generations. There is a mystery about the place the elders never would discuss. All she knows it that a young couple living there vanished without a trace. He's not sure what he is hunting. After waking next to the totaled all-terrain vehicle, he doesn't even remember who he is. What he does know is that a stand of trees on a low hill is drawing him to them. Ca... more
  • After The Fire (One Pass Away Book 3)

    by Mary J. Williams


    In his lifetime, Gaige Benson has dreamed of only two things. Playing football and Violet Reed.


    The Seattle Knights have the hottest players in the game. On and off the field.

    Second Chances. First Love.

    Gaige Benson is the NFL's golden boy. He's done it all. Won every award. Except that elusive Super Bowl ring. This year he is hanging up his cleats and he plans on going out a winner.

    Even a golden boy has secr... more


    by KT Bryan
    I thought I had nothing left to lose... I was wrong. We all play victims to our pasts--to the choices we make and the lives we lead. Sometimes we let our past define us. Sometimes we aren't given a choice. But sometimes, sometimes the past comes back to us. Better. Stronger. Tougher. Now the past is beating at my door, leaving me no choice but to answer. And it might very well get me killed. I loved you, Sara. I wept for you. I raged for you. And now, I'm letting you go. Agai... more
  • Not So Fragile

    by Maq Lancaster

    Living is hard. Loving is harder. 

    Pain and heartbreak are all Valerie has ever known. Two years after a painful experience, Val decides it's time for a fresh start, so she enrolls in university while swearing off relationships—because who really needs the added stress? However, that all changes when she meets Lou and their friendship slowly evolves into something more….

    Can Val overcome her past trauma and accept what... more

  • The Trouble With Grace: Celeste Moravia Agathe Alain : A prequel to The Spare and The Heir (Lords of Time Book 4)

    by Jenn LeBlanc

    She had no idea what passion was,

    Until she saw them...


    Lady Alain needs a husband, and Lord Quintin Wyntor will do just fine. She wants to offer him a mutual agreement of respect and independence—As long as he never visits her bed to claim his marital rights. She follows him to do just that,  but ends up with so much more. Seeing him with a man, with Calder, changes everything she knows. For better, and for worse.

    &... more

  • Weekend In Faro

    by Stevan Nikolic
    Weekend in Faro is an illuminating novel about following your heart, understanding your passions, finding your soul, and believing in something greater than yourself that makes life worth living. Weekend in Faro is the first book in a series of novels about Michael Nicolau. In an endless quest for the secret of inner peace and happiness, he is both the hero and anti-hero and has both good and bad qualities. The bizarre life journey of Michael Nicolau comes to its pinnacle when he meets Maria on... more