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  • Starring You and Me

    by Susan Coventry
    Nikki Branson swore off men a long time ago. She runs a successful real estate business and has a cuddly cocker spaniel to keep her company. What more could she possibly need? When a Hollywood agent contracts Nikki to find a rental home for his superstar client, she hadn’t even heard of Nate Collins. Her first mistake, looking him up on Google... Nate Collins is Hollywood’s latest sensation and most eligible bachelor. All he wants is a quiet place to stay while he’s in Michigan filming a movie... more
  • Beautiful Chaos

    by Alex Tully
    While most seventeen year-olds work part-time delivering pizzas or whipping up frappuccinos, Brady O’Connell’s job is a little less conventional. Helping his dad with the family ‘business’ is a responsibility he doesn’t take lightly, especially when thousands of dollars are being exchanged. There are rules to be followed, timetables to be kept. But when his best friend Jay gets backstage concert tickets, and business interferes with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet their favorite band, B... more
  • Redemption

    by Olivia Rae
    A Tangled Web Well Weaved That Only Faith Can Change She only wants her true love. Lady Grace de Melan has no intention of marrying the man her father and Prince John have chosen for her. So she runs away to find Edmund, the Knight Templar who is holding her heart. With Prince John's men in close pursuit, she is rescued by a wayward monk who is anything but pious... He’s better off dead. Guy Ashton faked his own death to save a friend, and now hides his identity under a monk's ro... more
  • Revelation

    by Olivia Rae
    Olivia Rae brings an inspirational contest-winning tale of intrigue, love, and a faith that can change even the proudest hearts. King Richard needs a royal wedding… Richard’s niece, the feisty and resourceful Lady Ariane is to be his pawn. Though she has spent the last ten years living with the infidels in the Holy Land, Richard plans to turn her into a pious Christian lady, one fit to marry the nephew of King Phillip of France and, thus, seal a lucrative contract between the two countri... more
  • Salvation

    by Olivia Rae
    She will not be forced to wed! With the death of her husband, independent Lady Breanna Durville is finally free of male control and happily waits the birth of her child…alone. But her late husband’s cousin, Lord de Beaufou has come to claim his rights to Durville Keep and to her hand in marriage. If that is not enough to deal with, her brother has sent a peasant to watch over her. She has but one plan. Get rid of them both! Tormented by is past, Royce Canwell leaves the unrest in the Hol... more
  • Shelter Me: A Shelter Novel

    by Stephanie Tyler

    There are ghosts in my past—ghosts I can't recognize.

    My painting heals me, but Lucas Caine has made me come alive. My past could take both those things away forever. What started out as an undeniable need to create was quickly turning into danger as my longing for memories fed the rough canvases I filled.

    Falling for Lucas will force me to revisit my lost memories—and possibly lose myself, my art, and him in the process.

    And now he has me skating the thin ed... more

  • Flight Risk

    by Barbara Valentin
    When Aubrey Thomas, a phobic travel writer, must chose between jumping to what she considerers certain death from a skydiving static line or sinking even deeper into debt in the unemployment line, she scrambles to find someone—anyone!—who can help her overcome her debilitating fear of heights. Enter John Trelawney, a charming window washer who thinks nothing of dangling by a cable fifty stories up and claims he can cure her. Everything about John makes Aubrey nervous... including the way her hea... more
  • Back to Us

    by Teresa Roman
    Abandoned by her parents at fourteen, Jessica knows what it means to struggle. She's vowed that getting her degree is the only thing she has time for, until a summer internship brings Justin into her life. But Justin has scars of his own. A tour of duty in Afghanistan has left him with wounds. A medical discharge from the Navy leaves Justin struggling to make sense of his new reality. Then he meets Jessica; but can the two of them leave their pain in the past and make a future together?
  • Daughter of Magic

    by Teresa Roman
    Lilli sees things no one else does. Desperate to make sense of the dreams and visions that have plagued her since childhood, Lilli confides in Devin, her closest friend, and the boy she's fallen for. Instead of questioning her sanity, Devin confesses to secrets of his own, which are far darker. His revelations about magic, witches and demons stun Lilli. But it's what he knows about Lilli's mother, long believed to be dead, that leaves her feeling betrayed. Despite her anger, Lilli will h... more
  • Beneath the Surface

    by Melynda Price
    He was the last man she wanted to turn to for help. But when freelance journalist Quinn Summers uncovers a shocking secret with the potential to rock Washington, DC, she reluctantly finds herself on his doorstep. Someone intends to silence her forever, and Asher Tate may be all that’s standing between her and a vicious killer. Overbearing, arrogant, and insanely hot, the ex-marine Special Forces officer turned mercenary for hire is no bodyguard—especially when it comes to the stubborn woman w... more
  • Simply Provocative: A Spruce Creek Novel

    by Sharon Burgess
    Sweethearts since high school, Matthew Whitaker and Jessica Walker married after he graduated college and she finished rearing her younger brothers. Friends and relatives believe they are an ideal couple. She is a beautiful and talented graphic artist. He is a handsome and successful rancher. But there is trouble in this Rocky Mountain paradise high above the town of Spruce Creek. Matt loves his Colorado ranch and can’t imagine living anywhere else in the world. Jess needs her new graphic des... more
  • On a Red Horse (Revelations Book 1)

    by Monica Corwin
    Scarlet needs a new job, but Horseman of the Apocalypse doesn’t sound good on a resume. Three years ago she followed her companions to Earth in an effort to live human lives. But the moment she left her husband Tyr she knew life wouldn’t be worth living. Lonely and longing for her husband, Scarlet is on a path of destruction that could endanger all the riders. Tyr, god of justice, hunts his wife across the realms. From Hell to the Golden Throne, he travels until he finds her working as a pho... more
  • Searching for True North

    by Denise McDonald
    Journalist Alex O’Connell is thinking about life beyond newspapers. She has an emotional attachment to print and isn’t quite sure she wants to take her career online. But who would she be if she jumped ship to do something else? Cole Elliot is a pilot on a journey of his own, realizing that he can’t just keep flying around aimlessly. He is adept at flying away from any hint of emotional entanglement, but his solitary lifestyle is becoming less appealing as he thinks about growing old alone. Alex... more
  • Red Rose Bouquet

    by Jennifer Rodewald
    The dark places in life have taught her this much—some things simply cannot be forgiven. Cheryl Thompson learned over a decade ago to guard her shattered heart with a veil of cold indifference. Life since that day has been an endless cycle of detachment and loneliness, followed by superficial relationships. Break up, rinse, and repeat. Until something in her snaps. This life…she can't do it anymore. She returns to her childhood home in the Colorado Rockies to help her Nana, only to discover a... more
  • The Carpenter's Daughter

    by Jennifer Rodewald
    One word can change a life. Sarah Sharpe has grown up as a carpenter’s daughter, knowing only the rough and work-heavy world of her father’s blue-collar profession. Abandoned by her mother as a baby, she’s lived twenty-one years content to drive nails at her dad’s side. Following her father into the world of construction was a natural path, and she took it without a second thought. But a harsh comment about her “butch” appearance sends her on a search for identity. Enter handsome and easygo... more
  • Reclaimed

    by Jennifer Rodewald
    God takes broken things and makes them beautiful again. He reclaims our desolate places. Suzanna Wilton has had a heavy share of heartache in her twenty-seven years. Left wounded by a marriage cut short, she leaves city life to take up residency in a tiny Nebraska town. Her introduction to her neighbor Paul Rustin is a disaster. Assuming he’s as underhanded as the other local cowboys she’s already met, Suzanna greets him with sharp hostility. Though Paul is offended by Suzanna’s unfriendli... more