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  • Bound to Tradition: The Dream

    by Akinyi Prinzessin von K'Orinda-Yimbo
    Khira is an enigma; born to African traditionalist and conservative family but schooled by Europeans she is prim and proper, proud, graceful, and dignified with a hint of wildness. She is also beautiful, mysterious, and has this paradoxical sexual appeal. But she is also young, and in need of guidance. Twenty-four years her senior, Erik is determined to be the one that mentors her. His first line of business is to continue her education abroad, but Khira has other plans. Erik awakens the woman i... more
  • Snapdragon

    by Kilby Blades
    The rules are simple: unattached companionship, toe-curling sex and a clean break whenever it ends. Darby’s groundbreaking medical research will launch her into career stardom. Michael’s status as an architectural wunderkind will send him to a far-flung locale. Either one can say the single word that will break it off: Snapdragon. But soul-deep sex is just the beginning. Michael becomes a fierce ally against her misogynist boss, a light to chase away the shadow of her notorious father, and th... more
  • Undaunted

    by Devin Harnois
    A warrior’s broken soul. A vampire’s kind heart. Kelas Vartorvi escaped from one vampire only to find himself bound to another. Roshan saved his life and honor demands Kelas stays by his side until he repays the debt. Roshan takes his broody new werewolf bodyguard in stride. Slowly, his relentless good nature begins to break down Kelas’s walls. And their tentative friendship becomes something more. An unexpected visitor from Roshan’s past throws them into a political plot and gives ... more
  • Remember When

    by Lindsay Detwiler
    A single moment can change everything… but can love help us survive? This wasn’t how it was supposed to be… Settled into married life, Jessica and Todd think they have so much time… until everything comes to a halt on a snowy back road. When they find themselves in a life or death situation, with rescue seeming impossible, they cling to the only hope they have left: their love for each other. As Jessica and Todd fight for survival, their connection carries them through the biggest chall... more
  • Broken Wide Open: A Sand and Sunset Novel - Stand-alone Romance

    by Susan Griscom

    When your heart is broken, sometimes all you need is a gentle smile.

    Grace Davidson didn’t have the smoothest childhood, but now, years later, she’s ready to start her new life with her amazing new husband—until she discovers his infidelity…with her best friend. Hurt and betrayed, Grace takes off alone for the exotic resort where she should be spending her honeymoon, only to realize it’s as lonely as it sounds. Until her hunky next-door neighbor says hello... more

  • Unstable (Hooked Book 4)

    by Charity Parkerson
    “A bottle of liquor a day keeps the demons at bay.” After a childhood so horrific a book was published about it, Jimmy understandably didn’t become the most well-adjusted adult. He’s made it his business to blend into the background while drinking himself into an early grave. That is, until he pulls a homeless teen from the dumpster. Living on the streets hasn’t been easy for Eli. Anything is better than the life he left behind. Strangers haven’t always had the best of intentions when they... more
  • Extraordinary You

    by Lacey Dailey
    Remarkable, exceptional, amazing, astonishing, astounding, sensational, stunning, incredible, unbelievable, and phenomenal.  All of those words can be used to describe extraordinary and all of those are words that Brenna Baker would never use to describe herself.  Brenna Baker starts off every school year with the same challenge from her dad: Be extraordinary. She doesn’t know what it means to be extraordinary and if we’re being honest, she doesn’t really care either.  She is perfectly fin... more
  • A Pawn For Malice

    by Cynthia Roberts

    Does an ex-cop ever lose his "nose" for investigating? Freshmen Senator, Bryan Gallagher, certainly hasn't, when the love of his life, Jessica, is kidnapped by a mad man. No stone is left unturned, as he plays the role of senator by day and rogue detective by night, calling in favors and working his past snitches to the bone to find her. The only problem is, who does he focus his efforts on ... her deranged, former father-in-law who lusts after her, a crazed felon hell-bent on r... more

  • Sweet Water (Birds of a Feather Book 2)

    by Lena North

    Jiminella “Jinx” Sweetwater is a genius. She’s a scholar, an inventor, hardworking and loyal, and well known in the scientific circles around the University in Prosper City.

    Being smarter than everyone else might seem like a good thing, but it isn’t. At least, it isn’t to Jinx who has two friends, a small condo, and no life.

    After a fight with her best friend Wilder, it just gets worse. Someone breaks into her home and when her parents show up in all ... more

  • The Unexpected Truth

    by P. L. Byers
    What began as a simple investigative case and one frustrating employee, quickly turns into a murderous theft and a connection to the only woman that ever challenged Ben Shay. He knows he would do anything to protect Hailey, even when she adamantly refuses to let him, but when things spin out of control, the fear of losing her becomes all too real. The only thing he’s certain of…he has to solve the case and quickly before he loses everything that has ever mattered to him.
  • Burnout

    by Stacia Leigh

    “I have a plan.”—Miki Holtz isn’t some rebellious sixteen-year-old just because she dyed her hair blue and rides a motorcycle. She’s an independent girl who knows what, when, and how to get things done…almost. She can’t seem to gain her dad’s attention or make a connection with her soul crush, Will Sullivan. But when her dad invites her along to the Burnout Biker Rally—and Will is going, too—she jumps at the chance to turn ... more

  • Dealing with Blue

    by Stacia Leigh

    “Name your price, Suzy Blue. Everyone’s got one.” 
    Life used to be “normal” until Suzy Blue moves into the trailer park with her mom. Then things turn secretive and claustrophobic. To get out of the house, Suzy accepts a deal with the charming neighbor boy, J.J. Radborne. All he needs is a pretend girlfriend for bonfires, fun, and a possible prom date, and all she needs is driving lessons to get out of this town...for ... more

  • Santino the Eternal (The Eternal Series Book 1)

    by Sam JD Hunt

    Santino the Eternal has never craved the forbidden - until now. As a blood-thirsty serial killer hunts the glitzy streets of Las Vegas, Santino collides with a young college student - can she make it out alive?

    Clara Denton’s life is flung into chaos when she discovers a drained corpse in a posh hotel room on the Strip. And as if her life wasn't already spiraling out of control, her reclusive boss has taken a disconcerting interest in her. Unable to resist the dark pull, she i... more

  • Do You Believe?

    by Robert Cahill

    After rebuilding his own life, Robert Matthews must decide whether to risk re-opening old wounds by helping an old love through a devastating event, or close that chapter of his life for good. Through faith, fate, and sheer determination, we see a compelling glimpse into one mans' struggle.

  • Curse of the Healer (Descendants of the High King Book 1)

    by Ashley York
    After the death of Brian Boru in 1014, a legend arose of a healer so great she could raise a man from the dead, with a power so strong it could make any warrior the next high king of Éire...and to steal it away from her, he need only possess her. Fated to be a healer… Aednat has spent her entire life training to be the great healer, knowing she must remain alone. When she meets Diarmuid, the intense attraction she feels toward him shakes her resolve to believe in such a legend. If she giv... more
  • Block & Tackle

    by Elise Faber, Kristin Vayden, and Stephanie Fournet

    Football, hockey, and everything in between!

    Things are about to heat up on the ice and between the sheets. Each book is a fully fledged,standalone novel about forbidden love.

    What happens when you get your dream job and temptation is your ex-hockey-star boss?

    Or when the league's top wide receiver has his eyes on you and he's supposed to be just a client?

    Perhaps you find yourself in enemy territory because the woman you love is your best friend's sister?<... more