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  • Just an Illusion - Side A

    by D. Kelly
    One night changed her life… Bestselling author Amelia Greyson has grown up in the music industry and isn’t the slightest bit fazed by fame or celebrities. However, when she attends a Bastards and Dangerous concert with her best friend Belle, her world shifts on its axis. Double trouble… Sawyer and Noah Weston are the front men of BAD. They’re fraternal twins and sexy as sin. When they hear the author of The O Factor is in their green room, they’re intrigued. She’s just the person they need to... more
  • More Than a Mistress

    by Delaney Diamond

    Will their arrangement ever be enough?

    Relationships are not a priority for restaurateur Esteban Galiano, and when he sees Sonia Kennedy at a party, he plans to make her a conquest in a long line of many. But she rebuffs his advances and forces him to adjust—determined to meet the challenge and do whatever he must to make her his.

    All her life, Sonia’s beauty has caused unnecessary problems, and right now she needs a job, not a suitor. When Esteban makes an in... more

  • Positively Mine

    by Christine Duval
    It is four weeks into her freshman year of college, and Laurel's first test was unexpected. Discovering she's pregnant isn't exactly what she had planned for her first semester, and while she intends to tell her emotionally-distant father, being away at school makes it all too easy to hide. An imperfect heroine plagued by bad choices and isolated during what should be the best time of her life, readers are sure to identify with Laurel as she confronts teen pregnancy, in secret.
  • Yours and Mine: Freshman Forty #2

    by Christine Duval
    The highly anticipated sequel to Positively Mine…. Picking up from the dramatic ending of Positively Mine, Yours and Mine continues the Freshman Forty series as we meet Danny Santoro, Laurel’s baby’s father, for the first time. It’s been almost a year since he last saw her, that sultry morning she walked off the beach before dawn had even cracked the August sky. It seemed from her silence, she was out of his life forever. But Laurel’s timing couldn’t be worse to tell him he’s a father. ... more
  • Never a Dream

    by Polina Traore & Dana Kaledin
    A story about love, but not just a love-story! "Never a Dream" tells a tale of eternal love, the one that never ends, and lasts longer than one lifetime. The kind of love everyone is searching for... Except for, maybe, Matt -- he is too busy living the classic rock-star's dream full of music, drugs and girls. Lots of girls. Life is treating him well, until reality starts to bite. Rain, on the other hand, is a dreamer She recovers from one failed relationship and, with her eyes wide open... more
  • Cashmere: Book 2 of the Velvet Trilogy

    by Temple West
    This high-stakes sequel to Velvet proves that when you’re the only human caught in a paranormal war, high school can get a little tricky. With Adrian’s brother trapped in hell, the Praetorian Guard has made Stony Creek their base of operations, but Caitlin has a bad feeling they’re more interested in her than in finding Lucian. Caught in a sea of conspiracies and lies, Caitlin and Adrian perform a risky magical procedure in an attempt to protect Caitlin from compulsion. Relieved that her nigh... more
  • The Thief's Countess

    by Cecelia Mecca
    The son of a baron, Sir Geoffrey has been reduced to stealing the resources he needs to reclaim his family legacy. Just when he’s on the verge of success, his uncle asks him to put his plans on hold to help protect a wealthy countess. The gorgeous, complicated and alluring lady is everything he’d want in a woman—and everything he can’t have. With her betrothed coming to claim her hand in marriage and a distant cousin intent on usurping her earldom, Lady Sara Caiser feels beset by controlling me... more
  • Indecent Pawn: What price is too high to pay for another person's debt?

    by K. K. Harris
    What price is too high to pay for another person’s debt? Allison Myers was married to an amazing, successful African American man with a strong case of alpha male syndrome. This man swooped in and saved her when her life was near an all-time low. Growing up in foster care, the finest of things was never within her reach. Meeting Derek Myers was like a dream come true until reality struck. The wealthy and successful don’t always have it all together. The monster within her dear husband rea... more
  • The First Lady's Choice

    by K. K. Harris
    First Lady Megan Foster is faced with the realization that forever may not be set in stone. All unions may possibly come to an end due to unanticipated events. The forever vow of ‘for better or for worst,’ has been put to the ultimate test. Betrayal, lies, and secrets will become apparent as the wool is slowly being removed from her eyes. All the while temptations rumble too close for comfort. Thoughts of ‘the devils advocate with the apple,’ causes Megan to put a pause on a close friend... more
  • Fighting for the Edge (Edge Series Book 3)

    by Jennifer Comeaux
    Ice dancer Aubrey London scoffs at romance. She’s focused on winning a medal at the upcoming Olympics and uses that as her excuse to avoid serious relationships. But when she and longtime friend Chris Grayden are thrown together by unforeseen circumstances, Aubrey finds herself questioning everything she’s ever known about love, complicating her life both on and off the ice. Pairs skater Emily Petrov embraces romance. She and her husband Sergei still act like honeymooners two years after thei... more
  • Edge of the Past (Edge Series Book 2)

    by Jennifer Comeaux
    Emily’s skating career and personal life have never been more golden. She and her partner Chris have won every competition they’ve entered this season, and she’s found the man of her dreams in her coach Sergei. But when one of the biggest competitions of the year takes Emily and Sergei to Russia, Sergei’s past explodes into the present and makes Emily doubt everything in their future.
  • Elissa Blue: Book One of The Winged

    by T.K. Perry
    Though she worried it might never happen, Elissa Blue has finally gotten her wings. Now she has a short window of time to migrate to the Mating Mountain, find a husband, and get back down the impassable cliffs before she loses her ability to fly forever. If she doesn’t succeed, she will be stranded as a servant in the Old Castle for the rest of her life. And if she doesn’t choose her man wisely, she might be just as miserable.
  • Good Boy

    by Sarina Bowen
    Hosting her brother's wedding for an MVP guest list is the challenge of Jess Canning's life. Already the family screw-up, she can't afford to fail. And nobody (nobody!) can learn of the colossal mistake she made with the best man during a weak moment last spring. It was wrong, and there will not be a repeat. Absolutely not. Even if he is the sexiest thing on two legs. Blake Riley sees the wedding as fate's gift to him. Jess is the maid of honor and he's the best man? Let the games begin. So what... more
  • The Witch's Reward

    by Liz McCraine

    In the kingdom of Aggadorn, the penalty for witchery is death. So when seventeen-year-old Larra Stoneworth of Farr is caught using her powers to save a friend, her dreams of a life filled with adventure and love are shattered. Her only hope is to receive the king’s pardon.

    Arrested by a handsome young captain, Larra is surprised to find that someone would try to kill her before she reaches the palace for her trial. She longs to trust the captain, but he carries secrets of his own.... more

  • Just An Act

    by Tamara Tilley
    Mitch Burk-Hollywood Heartthrob-wants to change his future before it's too late. Beth Justin-owner of the Diamond-J Ranch-wants to hold on to her past before it slips away.
  • Agent In Place

    by Mark Matthiessen
    Pacifist farmer Valentin Schmitz must go to enemy-occupied Paris to assist his remaining family. His special skills get him a green light as an agent with OSS, who requires he kill in exchange for helping him. But, how can he kill? Not killing has nothing to do with being a coward - everything to do with respecting life, a lesson learned and deeply ingrained on his beloved farm, Shelby's Creek. His future soon teaches him there may be more to his life than Shelby's Creek.