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  • Balance Interrupted

    by Terrene A. Davenport
    Book number two in the Beyond the Balance Saga
  • The Eagle and the Heiress

    by Stephen Barnes
    Within seventy-two hours of landing in Chile, American geologist Nick Johnson survives an assassination attempt. The target of the violence is Isabela Luksaval, the beautiful CEO and heir-apparent to Luksaval Enterprises—and Nick’s new boss. Nick has come to Chile at the urging of his college roommate, who knows that Nick needs work—and to move past the death of his fiancé two years earlier. After Nick and Isabela narrowly escape their own deaths, she invites him to recuperate at her famil... more
  • Undercover - An Austen Noir

    by Cat Gardiner
    It’s November 1952 in New York City where mysterious denizens linger in smoky bars and darkened alleys. The second Red Scare is dredging up a new swarm of "Commies"; “duck and cover” is the lingo of the day. And hard-boiled private eyes aren’t always men. One audacious dame, Elizabeth Bennet, is undercover in a case of suspected murder: her best friend, Mary King, has been missing for eighteen months. Determined to find the man she believes did the girl in—one George Wickham—her investigation... more
  • White Raven (The Raven Series Book 1)

    by J.L. Weil
    DREADFUL LIES. UNEXPECTED LOVE. IMPOSSIBLE TRUTH. It only took one heartbeat to change my life—one chilling phone call in the middle of the night. And then, as if my life didn’t already suck, my dad sends my brother and me to some idyllic island for the summer to live with a grandma we never met. WTH. Naturally, I rebel. In the end, I find myself shipped off to Raven Hallow…and bored to tears. Until I get an eyeful of the mind-bendingly gorgeous Zane Hunter. The dark-hair cutie m... more
  • Dick: A Bad Boys Novel

    by R.C. Stephens
    My name is Dixon Crawford—my friends call me Dick. I’m rich, divorced and I have two small kids. When it comes to women, I like to play the field. I don’t want to ever be tied down again. I met Eden at a Presidential gala and, yes, I was intrigued. When school started in September I was shocked to learn Eden was my son’s kindergarten teacher… I’d slept around with the lonely rich mothers at the school and had earned a reputation. A reputation Eden knew about… Eden was on the untouchable... more
  • Words We Never Speak

    by Scarlet Darkwood

    Kit can run, but she can't hide. Squelching a guilty conscious from a nasty break-up years earlier has reached a climax. Someone demands closure. Just as she thinks she's settled into the perfect life with a new job, a new boyfriend, and a new best friend, strange things begin to happen, and her blissful existence unravels one thread at a time. 
    Worse, she finds herself caught in a desperate love triangle, and must choose between two men. She makes her choice, but he's n... more

  • Winning Her Over (BigLaw Romance Book 1)

    by Alexa Rowan

    Winner of the Golden Heart® award for Best Short Contemporary Romance...

    Massage therapist Brenna Nakamura is struggling to keep her small business afloat, and she has no time for dating. Besides, the only guys she meets are her clients, and they’re off-limits. But her newest client—a devastatingly gorgeous attorney who’s in Boston for a two-week trial—tempts her to break some of her rules.

    After eight years of nights... more

  • Vital Temptations: A Heart's Betrayal

    by K.L. Lewis
    Dr. Bethany McNeal is living her dream as a pediatric resident in one of the most sought-after medical centers in Seattle. Beautiful and intelligent, she’s missing only one thing—love, which she put on hold to focus on her career after ending a tumultuous relationship. Everything changes when she meets Dr. Brent Anderson, a charming and handsome fellow resident. Despite her reservations, Bethany falls for Brent—hard. When she learns Brent is married several months into their relationship, she im... more
  • Cross Your Heart

    by K L Finalley

    Jacqueline Emerson is strong, independent, successful. She’s transformed herself from an idealistic, young reporter to Managing Editor of a nationally-acclaimed newspaper, and she’s not even forty. What she doesn’t know about is depending on someone, trusting someone, loving someone. Her love life had been a series of footnotes…until Mallory Cummings entered her life. Now, Jacqueline has wandered into uncharted territory. She’s never let anyone this close; and, ... more

  • Cross Your Fingers

    by K L Finalley

    At age 32, Jacqueline Emerson leads a charmed life as the Managing Editor of a regionally recognized newspaper. With the support of her Editor-in-Chief, she is reorganizing the company in order for it to compete better in the age of perpetual news. With money, power, and a penthouse condominium, she has everything – everything, that is, except love. As she leaves work behind to enjoy a vacation with her friends, she starts to realize that the only thing she does not have, may be the thi... more

  • Hide: The Black Letters Series Part One (Volume 1)

    by Brooke Page

    Grand Rapids was my saving grace. My new job and my best friend kept me grounded, and far away from my past.
    This was my new life.
    And I was safe.

    But then I was transferred to Miami where I began working with Mitch Conklin, the site manager. He was sexy as sin, and irritating as hell. He drove me crazy, but I couldn’t deny the chemistry. He was begging for me to take his bait, and I wanted to…

    Until he found me.

    My heart raced…... more

  • Darling Discovered: A True Story of Submission

    by Mrs. Darling
    Chloe Donnovan is a wife and new mother who finds herself unexpectedly forced to try and fix her falling apart marriage. The couple agrees to a fresh start for one more year filled with open, honest communication, revealing a secret desire for BDSM, specifically Dominance and submission. This is a work of creative non-fiction about starting submission. Winner in the Non-Fiction category at 2015's BDSM Writer's Con.
  • The Fallen: A Crow City Prequel Novella

    by Cole McCade

    Reconnect with Gabriel, Gary, Maxi, and Crow City in this free companion novella (Crow City #1.5) telling the story of THE LOST's Gabriel Hart before Leigh entered his life--and get a sneak preview of the sinister Priest, hero of THE FOUND (coming 2016).

    Gabriel Hart is a broken man.

    And everyone close to him dies.

    His military unit. His sister. His parents. Everyone he's come to care for has been taken from him, leaving him with nothing but a cripp... more

  • A Fistful of Marigolds

    by Joyce Worsfold
    It’s the beginning of new school term in 1973 and Kathy Johnson needs a fresh start. Thirty, unmarried and an overworked teacher in a primary school on a run-down council estate, she is beginning to feel that life has passed her by. She needs to move on, but is still haunted by a tragic secret from her past. However, the disadvantaged people of Becklefield have problems of their own and it’s not long before Kathy is irresistibly, compassionately and sometimes unwillingly drawn into their tumul... more
  • An Affair With Danger (Noir Nights Book 1 )

    by Robin Storey
    Two minutes. That’s all it takes for corporate lawyer Will McPherson to be held up in an armed robbery and for his life to change in ways he’d never dreamed of. When Will goes to court to give evidence, he meets the perpetrator’s girlfriend Frankie Slater and is instantly smitten. But feisty, straight-talking Frankie has her own problems, not least of which is her violent boyfriend Eddie. When Eddie finds out about their liaison, it puts both their lives in danger, and their love becomes ... more
  • Toccata Obbligato~Serenading Kyra

    by Jennifer Theriot
    Todd O’Malley has been called many things, from filthy mouthed jerk to legendary Rock God. With his outlandish cocky demeanor – tatted up and pierced, compared in looks to Adam Levine - his constant use of the F-bomb, and the seductive gyrations he performs for the ladies on stage, affirm he is a man every woman craves. But there is only one woman who is able to capture his heart, Kyra Edwards. That chance meeting at a little coffee shop in Evanston began their journey of compromise, pain, ded... more