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  • Saving the Soldier

    by Irene Vartanoff
    Paula Barton harbors a secret love for JD Selkirk, but the wounded warrior refuses to leave the VA hospital and get on with his life. When his brother threatens to sell the family's vast Wyoming ranch, Paula commits a rash act that puts JD in the middle of the crisis. Her daring tactic leaves her vulnerable to JD's sudden attempt to charm her, an about-face she knows she shouldn't trust, but can't resist.
  • Beyond the Rising Tide

    by Sarah Beard
    Kai met Avery only once--in the moment he died saving her life. Now when he's not using his new healing powers to help people, he watches helplessly as Avery's life is unraveled by his death. To help her, he risks everything by breaking the rules, dangerously blurring the barriers between life and death.
  • Loving Olivia

    by M.C. Roman

    Nico Durant is living a lonely life as the remaining member of his household. Not only did his twin sister and best friend move away, but he’s also recovering from the wounds his ex-girlfriend caused.

    Olivia Paz is the mysterious new girl on campus everyone is talking about. But she only has two goals in her life: working through college, and taking care of her dad.

    When Olivia finds herself in trouble, Nico can’t avoid helping her, even if it means jeopardizing his ne... more


  • Fresh Brewed (The Continental Breakfast Club, book two)

    by Pamela Ford

    From award-winning author, Pamela Ford, comes the charming second book in the Continental Breakfast Club series . . .

    Breanna Mitchell is on her way to a relaxing vacation at the ocean. Maybe she'll even have a beachside fling to help her get over a recent breakup. But when a tropical storm makes her destination hotel uninhabitable, a chance encounter at continental breakfast delivers a fabulous option—with a catch.

    She and her friends can stay at a privately-owned, thre... more


    by Catherine Dorsette
    FIRE ON MONTSERRAT is set in the scary beginnings of the Soufriere Hills Volcano eruptions on Montserrat in 1995, and is centred on a love between two young people.... The story unfolds through a series of flashbacks as the lovers meet again on the island after 20 years, but many things have changed. Only one recognises the other and he is bent on teaching her what it feels like to be left behind…. In a series of riveting and suspenseful twists and turns, true love vies for supremacy over veng... more
  • Seasmoke Friends

    by Kelly Moran
    From bestselling & award-winning author Kelly Moran comes two heartwarming stories of love, friendship, and the ties that bind. Featuring both Seasmoke Friends books Summer's Road and Winter's Path in one set. Summer's Road After her father's death, Summer Quinn is alone in the world. With no family to fill the void, she finds comfort among friends. But her boyfriend wants to take their relationship to the next level, and suddenly there's an unexpected attraction building between her and h... more
  • Winter's Path: (A Seasmoke Friends Novel)

    by Kelly Moran
    Jenny Winter's life hasn't been all sunshine and roses. As a young girl, she witnessed her mother die of an overdose and now the grandfather who raised her barely recognizes her. Forced to watch his memory slowly fade, she's at an impasse on what to do with his tavern and her life. Her only escape is her music and her best friend, Matt Holcomb. He's always been her support system, but she's also harbored a crush on him for years. And he's never shown signs he reciprocates those feelings. Then a ... more
  • Summer's Road: (A Seasmoke Friends Novel)

    by Kelly Moran
    Perhaps her true love was always there, waiting... After her father's death, Summer Quinn is alone in the world. With no family to fill the void, she finds comfort among friends. But her boyfriend wants to take their relationship to the next level, and suddenly there's an unexpected attraction building between her and her best friend, Ian Memmer--a man who's never settled for one woman. And now her estranged mother has reappeared. As secrets from her family's past and Ian's true feelings eme... more
  • Sheer Luck: (Lucky Me & Blind Luck)

    by Kelly Moran
    Bestselling & Award-Winning author Kelly Moran brings you two steamy novellas in one set about sexy Irish brothers. Are you feeling lucky? LUCKY ME: Declan O’Leary’s family is cursed. For the past one-hundred years, bad things happen if they fall in love. So Declan lives his life one woman at a time. Until he meets Lily Durand and he finds himself wishing for a forever that can never be. Yet their fate encounter and one week of bliss just might be enough to turn his luck around. BLIND LU... more
  • Unbind (Supernatural Intelligence Agency: Special Operations Team Book 1)

    by Nadine Travers
    Deep in the underbelly of Montreal, an ancient evil stirs at the time of the Black Moon. Rumors dark as night seep into the public, spoken in hushed tones, as though those who speak are afraid to make the horrors they whisper of come alive. Azura, a student of witchcraft, wakes up to find her room empty. On her way to class, she finds out that her roommate has been murdered and that the Supernatural Intelligence Agency has been called in. With them comes Rook, the lead investigator, whom Azu... more
  • Scotland Lovers - Book 2 (Time Travel Series)

    by Nadine Travers
    Chloe and Emma travel to Scotland to investigate any information that could help discover Elizabeth’s whereabouts. Chloe doesn’t believe in love, doesn’t trust men, and can’t believe that she’s fallen back into 17th century Scotland. Cullum, chief of his clan, needs to keep his people safe and out of the way of the dangerous, marauding Red Coats. When he rescues Chloe from the Red Coats, he’s surprised by her ungratefulness and by the fire between them. Will Chloe be able to get back in ... more
  • The Summer of Annah: A Midsummer's Wish

    by Tinthia Clemant
    “The true love I desire shall come to me, this I ask, so mote it be.” When Annah-Belle Henderson cast a spell for love she never envisioned her wish would be granted in the young nephew of her best friend. With a face that rivals the Norse god Thor, and a body to match, the charismatic Eric Ashworth draws Annah into a dizzying current of emotions. Should she accept the chance for love with a man twenty years younger or should she reject her feelings? As a past darkness threatens to destroy all... more
  • Within the Veil

    by Brandy Vallance
    They never should have met. But they might be made for each other. Feya Broon, a Scottish half-gypsy, knows what it is to go hungry. Trapped in the Edinburgh tenements with a father lost to his past and only the faded memory of her mother’s faith, Feya is desperate to provide for her siblings. When an ill-conceived plan leads to thievery, she finds herself in the last place she'd ever want to be—captured by a palace guard. But there's something about this man that tears at every preconceived... more
  • Vermillion (The Hundred Days Series Book 1)

    by Baird Wells
    An American nurse is entrenched in a British regiment in the days leading up to Waterloo. She spars, and eventually falls in love with, a British general who is newly returned to the regiment. Forced to deal with camp life, conflicts within the army, and Napoleon's imminent arrival, will their love survive? Will they?
  • Soft Barracuda

    by Abi Dore
    Fay Gordon has four problems. 1. Her architectural firm is floundering; 2. Her sister has delusions of pop star grandeur; 3. The music agent who says he’s going to take Zahra “to the top” once took Fay to dinner and a movie - and a lookout point - and she just wants to forget he ever existed; and 4. Fresh from a successful career in New York, family friend Christian Quintero is back in Trinidad, enjoying hometown popularity and feeding her this crazy story that he’s always been i... more