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  • Other Side of the Wall

    by Jennifer Peel
    Caught up in their own personal tragedies, neighbors Scott and Ava have never taken the time to get to know each other. But now that they are both newly single, they find out over one simple dinner they have more in common than the adjoining wall separating their Chicago townhomes. And judging by an unexpected midnight kiss, they just might be exactly what they each need to finally put their pasts behind them. When Scott and Ava's friendship begins to deepen, Ava finds that Scott's emotional ... more
  • How to Get Over Your Ex in Ninety Days

    by Jennifer Peel
    Presley Benson thinks she found the perfect plan to get over her ex-boyfriend, Jackson Montgomery: * Break off all contact for ninety days. * Stay away from social media. * Remember all the things you liked to do when you were single and revisit those activities. * Think carefully about starting any new romantic attachments. * Wine, lots of wine. No, don't. It could end badly. * Be mindful of anxiety and feelings of hopelessness. * Remind yourself it takes ninety days for your mind t... more
  • Holiday Hearts Awakening: A Christmas Romance

    by Fiola Faelan

    The last thing Natalie needs in her life is a handsome-as-sin single father living right next door. What she wants to do is shun the world and embrace her broken heart. She regrets snapping at his little girl over something as silly as Christmas lights, but nothing in the world will change her mind about taking part in holiday hoopla or letting a cherub, or her sexy father, into her life.

    Zach's decision to ignore his snarky, smoking-hot new neighbor is an easy one, even if he feels... more

  • A Crown of Bitter Orange

    by Laura Florand
    Laura Florand, bestselling author of Once Upon a Rose, combines lush description, smart dialogue, provocative sensuality, and the perfume of love itself in A Crown of Bitter Orange, an irresistibly lush novel that is an ode to the scents and pleasures of the south of France and the beauty of falling in love. Childhood friends. Tristan Rosier might have asked Malorie Monsard to marry him when he was five years old, but things had only gone downhill from there. She’d spent the rest of their l... more
  • Hart of Hers: A Wounded Hero Romance (Cale & Mickey, Book 3)

    by Annie Arcane

    I said yes.

    To the most difficult, frustrating, hard-headed workaholic on the entire planet. Don't even get me started on his massive ego. Sometimes it's tempting to strangle the stubborn idiot.

    Instead, I'll just marry him.

    Because I'm in love with the world's sexiest stubborn idiot.

    And if Jerkface thinks he can threaten my man...

    He's got another thing coming.

    Warning: Stron... more

  • Hart of His: A Wounded Hero Romance (Cale & Mickey, Book 2)

    by Annie Arcane

    It’s been two months since I moved in with Mickey Hart.

    Here’s what I’ve learned:

    1. 523 square feet is really f*cking small.
    2. Sharing a bathroom is the worst idea ever. Especially when you’re a damn paraplegic.
    3. Never lie. No matter what.

    Oh, and one last thing...

    I love her. More than ever.

    Even if I'm still a workaholic. And stubborn as all hell.

    Warning: Str... more

  • Enigma: What Lies Beneath

    by Ditter Kellen

    Paranormal Romance

    Doctor Abbigail Sutherland is used to being alone. Between twelve hour shifts at the hospital and looking after her eccentric father, she has very little time for much else. Until an unexpected call one night, sends her racing to the lab where she discovers a secret that could change the world forever.

    Hauke awakens after an underwater explosion, strapped to a bed and on his way to a site known as Area 51. His only hope for survival lies in Abbie Sutherland, the... more

  • Tears of Crimson (Tears of Crimson New Orleans Vampire Bar Book 1)

    by Michelle Hughes
    I was only fifteen the first time he found me. I say he found me because I hadn't been looking for him... yet there he was when I closed my eyes. When my mother was declared insane, the only person I had left in the world was Granny Louise. Even though she was good to me, I was a target for bullies, ones that were convinced that the apple never fell far from the tree. I was tired of my life, tired of a world that fostered such heartache and pain. Rafe changed things. He salvaged what was l... more
  • Pure Sensation (Fantasy's Bar & Grill Book 5)

    by Michelle Hughes
    A tropical island, two sexy billionaires, and an invitation to a summer of pure sensation. Return to Fantasy Isle where our business is your pleasure. 21-year-old Abigail Peterson had her entire life worked out until she walked in on her fiancé’ screwing away her future, literally. Blaming her for refusing to fulfill his needs, her self-confidence is destroyed and she’s promised to never trust another man again. When her best friend offers her a summer on a private island, it seems like the p... more
  • 1/2 Cocked

    by Michelle Hughes
    A Virgin..A Gigolo... & Vegas! Who's All In? Twenty-One-Year-Old College Student Becca Stewart has lived her life by the rules and never stepped over any lines. For once in her life she wants to be the bad girl and enjoy what she’s missing out on. She’s had a crush on the star quarterback at her university and decides to tell him how she feels. He’s all in for a night of wild sex until she confesses to being a virgin. Telling her he’d love to give her what she wants if she wasn’t innocent,... more
  • Cowboy Sanctuary

    by Michelle Hughes

    Dana Waterfield’s well-organized life gets tipped upside down when the brutal murder of her twin sister Danielle threatens to unravel everything she’s worked so hard to achieve. Having found herself the sole guardian of her sister’s newborn lovechild, Jeremy, and at the receiving end of her ex-brother-in-law’s unchecked rage, Dana flees to the safety of Dixon Ranch and the strong, muscled arms of Brock Dixon. In order to protect the baby from the wrath of Danielle&rsqu... more

  • Wild Secret, Wild Longing

    by Charlene Whitman
    LeRoy Banks has no time for love or romance—he's busy breaking in horses at Whitcomb's ranch. But on the afternoon of his brother's wedding, a grizzly attacks the herd of horses, and though Whitcomb's ranch hands shoot him, the bear lumbers off, injured and enraged. LeRoy, the only competent tracker around, heads out into the Rockies after the bear before it kills again. But not before his ma, a Cheyenne medicine woman, gives him a warning. The mountain holds secrets, she tells him, and LeRoy mu... more
  • Colorado Dream

    by Charlene Whitman
    Yearning to become a concert musician, a young woman from New York travels to Colorado to purchase a violin, but when she meets a wild, untamable cowboy, her dream is threatened and her heart torn ... In New York in 1877, Angela Bellini longs to become a concert violinist and get away from her abusive father. When her dream takes her to Greeley, Colorado, to purchase a violin from a master instrument maker, she learns she must wait three weeks until her violin is ready before she can head hom... more
  • Colorado Hope

    by Charlene Whitman
    1875 ~ Beset by a sudden spring storm on the Front Range, newlywed Grace Cunningham watches in horror as her husband, Monty, is swept downriver. Pregnant and despairing, she stumbles into Fort Collins and tries to make a life for herself, praying that one day the man she loves will walk into town and back into her life. Montgomery Cunningham wakens on the bank of a river with no recollection of who he is or how he got the gash on his head. A woman named Stella, who claims to be his fiancée, n... more
  • Colorado Promise

    by Charlene Whitman
    Greeley, Colorado, in 1875 is a town built on a promise . . . . . . but to Emma it is a desert prison in the middle of a hostile and dusty prairie. Emma had hoped to go to Vassar College, to pursue her dreams of becoming a botanical illustrator. But when her father, struck with “Western fever” moves the family out West, Emma’s dreams are shattered. Her only consolation is that her childhood friend, handsome Randall Turnbull, has moved to Greeley to work for his railroad baron father. Her hear... more
  • Unattainable

    by Milosh Zezelj
    When Adam Christakis is hit by a car and is able to perceive the process of his guardian angel, Caroline, healing him, an innocent bond is created between their hearts. The two embark on a forbidden relationship, but soon their lives take a dangerous turn when Adam’s angel of death starts to hunt him—a deadly game that will force Adam and Caroline into a race against time. Is love a strong enough weapon against death?