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  • Modern Day Cowboy

    by Nathaniel Sheftfield
    Is Mattie morally wrong for killing someone for money if they both agreed to try and kill each other? She's not a killer, in the traditional since. Those who judge her character just simply lack the conviction to do what she does naturally? She kills people, so what, what if she likes it? Those freakin' Lincoln girls... David watched the hotel video... Mattie don't remember nothin', so she don't feel guilty. Yeah, she would do it all over again the exact same way. She won, they l... more
  • Ingrid's Engagement: How A Beauty Tamed A Beast (Fairetellings Book 3)

    by Kristen Reed

    When King Viggo marches through the kingdom of Schlagefilde in a relentless quest for retribution against its wicked king, the Count of Anselm, attempts to make peace with him. As the two strike a deal that will protect the people of Anselm, the King of Villriket becomes enthralled with a portrait of the Count’s oldest daughter, Ingrid. The vengeful king vows that he will leave Edmund’s county in peace if he will allow him to marry Ingrid. To prev... more

  • The Thurston Heirloom

    by Suzanne Stengl

    In the foothills of the Rocky Mountains—

    —the resort town of Harmony, a hundred-year-old hotel . . . and a ghost.

    With her debts finally paid, Mariah Patrick has enough money for a Greyhound ticket south, and a peanut butter sandwich. The funny thing is, once she arrives in Harmony, the town looks so welcoming—and familiar. Almost as if she's been here before. 

    Teague Farraday, businessman, owner of Mountain Jewel Sports, and mountain guide—m... more

  • Bells on Her Toes (Love at Christmas Inn Book 4)

    by Delia Latham
    Her world is safe and predictable…until the bells start ringing. As part of an elaborate birthday gift from her sister, Karynn Michaels gets a pedicure that includes a pretty bell on each toe and a promidiction—part promise, part prediction—for each of the next ten days. Quiet, sensible Karynn finds the whole thing ridiculous. But it’s just for fun and she is, after all, on vacation at Christmas Inn, where bells are legendary. The same day, she comes face to face with Daniel Sheridan—the male ... more
  • Birthright

    by Marie Johnston
    Porter Denlan’s home is in turmoil, his pack lives in fear of their cruel leader, but he knows one female whose birthright can govern them without question. Unfortunately, his nemesis is also searching for her—and it isn’t to bring her back to the home she was taken from. Raised as a human, Maggie Miller wishes she could connect with her species. But when a sexy carpenter comes into her work making outrageous claims about her destiny, she blows him off—despite her intense attraction toward the... more
  • Ancient Ties

    by Marie Johnston
    Kaitlyn Savoy might’ve been raised human, but she’s fully embraced her shifter side in her role as Guardian. Protecting her species calls to her blood, but unfortunately, so does her new partner. She pretends indifference to his cutting remarks about her heritage and the inconvenient blackouts she experiences after each shift. Chayton Eagle’s honorable bloodlines include an ancient father and full-blooded Sioux mother. When he joins the West Creek Guardians and meets Kaitlyn, he can’t believe f... more
  • Exotic Ignorance: Ep. 8 Camouflage Pizza

    by Mansu Edwards
    An online personal ad sets off a string of infidelities, violence and betrayal amongst it's users on the internet and in the streets.
  • The Grizzly's Tale (A Pantherian Story Book 3)

    by Nara Malone

    Are they strong enough to be her men?

    Cunning. Everyone uses the word to describe Katy. In Quarterz, the virtual reality world where men and women compete as hunter or prey, Katy has never been captured. At least, not until the bear clan arrived in the game. Powerful, smart, and straight out of her fantasies, Katy can't always outmaneuver the tests they create.

    When the clan challenges her to take their team on in a real game of hunters and prey, she can’t resist the lur... more

  • The Snow Leopard's Tale (Pantherian Tales Book 2)

    by Nara Malone

    Allie is determined to build an ordinary life. To survive, she needs to be the sort of woman no one notices. She has a generic job, lives in a generic apartment, and thinks maybe one day she’ll find an ordinary Joe who wants an average Jane sort of woman.

    Marcus is anything but an ordinary Joe. Even if humans can't perceive that he’s a shifter and millennial being, he’s the sort of man women notice. A night of passion laced with Marcus' sex magick is a ni... more

  • The Tiger's Tale (Pantherian Tales Book 1)

    by Nara Malone

    Winner of Stroke of Midnight award for best paranormal romance.

    Orphaned at birth and raised by humans, practical Marie has no idea of her dual heritage as tiger and woman. Or the role she must play to save her species.

    When Adam discovers his alluring girlfriend is not only a Pantherian tiger but carries unique genetic traits that could save their species, he asks Ean to join them as the third partner in the traditional Pantherian mating triad.

    Ean wishes he could soothe aw... more

  • The Tainted Web

    by Amy Sumida
    Married life has proven to be complicated for Vervain Lavine. Maybe it's the pressure of being the last dragon-sidhe in existence, the hope of an entire race of faeries. Or maybe it's the fact that her husband lives in the Faerie Realm where he rules the Kingdom of Fire. Or then again, it could be because he married her after abducting her and stealing her memories of her four other lovers. That's a tough one. He did do a lot to make it up to her though, and she's forgiven Arach but that doesn... more
  • A Taste for Blood

    by Amy Sumida
    Vervain Lavine has been through Hell. Two Hells actually, one of which she's been barred from. Despite all that, things are going pretty well for the Godhunter. At least they were until she turned on the news. Crops across America are dying, children in Hawaii are missing, and havoc is being wrecked upon her nightclub, Moonshine. It's obviously God messing with her again but which one is it this time? There's so many gods who want her dead these days. Then one wrong word sends her tumbling int... more
  • Green Tea and Black Death

    by Amy Sumida
    One sip from the Grayel has made Vervain Lavine immortal. She's finally a true goddess, but that doesn't mean she can't die, just that the task of killing the Godhunter has become much harder for those who want her dead. Vervain's list of enemies keeps getting longer and the latest name on it is Xi Wangmu, the Chinese Plague and Tiger Goddess. Xi Wangmu has come to Hawaii, and she's brought Black Death with her. As the Godhunter races to catch a tiger by her toe, more and more obstacles are th... more
  • Marked by Death

    by Amy Sumida
    After the battle in Asgard, Vervain Lavine, the Godhunter, just wants to celebrate the victory with her friends and family. The fact that those friends happen to be gods, and her family is a bunch of werewolves and werelions, only makes the victory that much sweeter. But the wound she took from Anubis' blade has scarred over, and the cold beginning to spread from it is worrisome. Not to mention the link it's established between her and the Egyptian God of the Dead, who seems intent on making her... more
  • Oathbreaker

    by Amy Sumida
    Vervain Lavine needs a little time to figure things out. Things like how to control the multiple beasts and magics inside her. Or how to lead a Pride of werelions who act more like a bunch of frat boys than grown men. She needs to work out her relationship with Trevor, the werewolf Prince bonded to her, and figure out if his grandfather, Loki, is serious in his repentance or is just up to more of his tricks. Demeter's still on the run after her attempt on Trevor's life and it'd be great if Verv... more
  • Of Gods and Wolves

    by Amy Sumida
    Vervain Lavine finally has a moment to relax. She's defeated Aphrodite, reclaiming the magic that the goddess stole from humans. Now the Godhunter holds the powers of Love, Sex, War, and Victory inside her but she's not really sure if that makes her a goddess. She is fairly certain that she's still mortal, but her new immortal boyfriend, Thor, doesn't seem to be worried about it. What he is worried about is Vervain's bond to a werewolf Prince, and the fact that said Prince is the first-born son... more