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  • Doctored

    by K'Anne Meinel
    A brilliant child protégée, she dreams of becoming a doctor and a surgeon…and accomplishes her goals. Unfortunately, her youth and round, child-like face work against her. No matter how skilled she becomes, how knowledgeable, the old school, male-dominated medical hierarchy wants to keep her in ‘her place.’ Deana has worked hard to become an expert in her chosen field, but few believe this ‘child’ capable. Specializing in infectious diseases, she travels the world—from the States to Europe ... more
  • Angel Baby

    by Julia Simone
    Detective Gabriel Gates and Angie Engelbert are from different worlds. Angie, a daughter of an ambassador, comes from old money and she’s not yet twenty. Gabriel, a New York police detective, knows how rough life can be for the average guy. Can the two put aside their differences and be together? Will they be wise enough to choose love against reason? Throughout the journey their standards for wealth and poverty, luxury and austerity will be fully redefined.
  • Rebel Warrior

    by Regan Walker
    “Master storytelling transports you to medieval Scotland!” Paula Quinn, NY Times Bestselling Author When your destiny lies far from where you began … Scotland 1072 The Norman Conqueror robbed Steinar of Talisand of his noble father and his lands, forcing him to flee to Scotland while still recovering from a devastating wound. At the royal court, Steinar becomes scribe to the unlettered King of Scots while secretly regaining his skill with a sword. The first time Steinar gl... more
  • Hands on the Wheel: A Sinfully Erotic Trucker Romance

    by Margaret Harlowe
    Sara knew Hank was trouble from the get-go. Delicious trouble. His metallic purple Kenworth sparkled in the Wyoming sunshine. When he sauntered into the Flying Bison Grill, pulling his worn cowboy hat lower on his forehead, Hank looked way too good in those Wranglers. Of all the times for Richard, Sara’s unpredictable ex-husband, to show up. Soon she was desperate to get out of town. Hank was willing to help her – for a price. Adults only. Warning: dirty words, expl... more
  • Ponytail: The Love for Revenge

    Prabuddh a businessman has lost his parents in his teenage. He worked hard and put his feet into business. He falls in love of a girl Tapasya; but soon lost her. He has to pass through miserable time but however revIves himself and falls in love of another girl.
  • Intent

    by A.D. Justice
    Guarded hearts. Wounded pride. Devastating betrayal. Broken souls. Complete opposites intent not to yield, determined not to feel, but incapable of stopping it. Until the past resurfaces with the intent to ruin everything. Is learning to love again worth the risk? After all, a life without love isn't a life worth living.
  • Been Searching for You: A Romantic Comedy

    by Nicole Evelina
    Annabeth is a hopeless romantic who believes in soul mates. In fact, she’s been writing to hers each year on her birthday since she was 16. Now, at 34, she’s still holding out hope of finding Mr. Right even though he’d be fighting an uphill battle to gain her trust, thanks to a traumatic experience years before that’s left her unable to commit. When Annabeth meets a handsome literature professor named Alex on her 34th birthday, she thinks her quest may finally be at an end. Things don’t ... more
  • Mail Order Surprise

    by Lucy Thompson
    BEAU HARDING just wants to keep his family together. Leaning on his own strength, he’s tried to do his best by his siblings and he needs a little help. Okay, more than a little help. Only one thing to do—send for a mail order bride. Widow, LYDIA WALSH, must trust God’s promise to protect her future, despite his silence. With her former abusive mother-in-law, MRS. WALSH, after her children, Lydia puts her hope in what she can see: a fresh start as a mail order bride in the mountain town of Halls ... more
  • ISBN-13: 978-0997190809

    by Carrie Fancett Pagels
    Abducted against his will, theater manager Matthew Scott is conscripted into the Confederate army because of his Copperhead senator father’s political leanings. Injured at Malvern Hill, Matthew is taken by the Union army to Shirley Plantation in Virginia where he is tended by seamstress Angelina Rose, a freed slave. Given an opportunity to leave the South and start a new life for herself, Angelina remained for the sake of her sister’s orphaned twins who are still enslaved. Matthew must use his a... more
  • Forever with You

    by Heatherly Bell
    She forgot something on the way to the courthouse … Sophia Abella has a good life, even if she is a little stuck. Not quite single, not quite married, she keeps men at a safe distance. But when her ex-Marine husband returns to town and takes the job of chief of police, it might finally be time to get that paper work done once and for all. After all, most of her family already thinks she’s divorced. They’re not actually, in the fullest sense of the word … divorced ... Years ago, Riley Jacobs ... more
  • The Devil Inside: A Paranormal Romance

    by Georgia Carter Mathers
    This short story is a paranormal romance. It follows long-time friends as they become lovers. Twenty-five-year-old businessman Wade Scott knows he shouldn’t be attracted to financial services consultant Jo Chesterton. He’d known that right from the beginning. When she was sixteen, he was twenty-three, and as he watched her grow up with an alcoholic mum, he kept telling himself she needed an older brother, not an older lover. Eighteen-year-old Jo Chesterton and her mum are struggling fina... more
  • Straight from the Heart

    by Breigh Forstner
    Cale Pelton didn’t want to fall in love. Fresh off a breakup, he was scrambling to find a new lead guitarist for his band, Everlasting, before they went on tour. He wanted to enjoy being single, singing his heart out nightly to fans. Never did he expect to meet Bryn Schaefler, the sassy rich girl that would change his life. Bryn left her parents’ house with only her suitcase and guitar, leaving her old life behind her. She nails the band audition and becomes Everlasting’s new lead guita... more
  • Next to Never: Shattered Innocence Trilogy

    by A.L. Long

    Rade Matheson is a young successful businessman with over a billion dollars in assets. His only objective is to find the man who embezzled millions from one of his companies. What he finds is the innocence of the only women who can lead him to his stolen money and the man responsible. The only problem is he can’t get enough of her.  One wrong decision could cause him to lose her forever

    All Dylan Adams wanted was to get her life back on track. After the death of her fianc&eac... more

  • Orange Cappuccino - Based on a True Love Story

    by Joel R. Dennstedt

    One moth. One flame.               

    An end. A beginning.

    Alaska will be our last stop; a chance to recreate our life together. More simply, it is our escape plan. We do not know what lies ahead, only that we have to leave behind our recent escapades. I am not stupid, but I am reconciled, if necessary, to life in an igloo. I do not see this as desperation, perhaps because I do not see forward clear... more

  • Song of the Blackbird

    by DB Michaels

    Dr. Emma Edwards takes a job in prison to protect her inmate brother and falls in love with the prison's warden in this Pride and Prejudice meets Orange is the New Black intriguing tale about love, hope, and second chances.