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  • Nerdelicious

    by Mary Frame
    The plan is simple: stay in Blue Falls, Texas, for a few months to lick my wounds, search for work, and save up money to move back to New York. Then breeze back into town with a great job and a new plan for my life, and show my ex and everyone else what I’m made of. Like the Punisher, but you know, without all the violence and eternal vengeance. So when a silent giant of a man known only as Beast asks me to help him with dating of all things, the simple plan gets a little complicated. Everyone ... more
  • Hiding Away

    by Carrie Thorne
    He's not a playboy. Not a bad boy. Not an alpha. Admittedly, Aiden McAllister didn't always keep his nose clean, and there are those that might describe him as... well, as any of the above. Most regrettably, he's always been bridled with a bullseye on his forehead that decries him as marriage material, so he ran far and fast to avoid such a suffocating trap. Natalie is clearly hiding something, and Aiden suspects she is more than the introverted photographer she claims to be. One fantastic... more
  • When to Dare a Dishonorable Duke

    by Tammy Andresen
    He’s far too dark and dangerous… The Duke of Danesbury is not a man to be trifled with. Dark and wickedly handsome, the man’s reputation precedes him and Lady Cassandra Winterset knows when to leave a man alone. She’s a widow after all, and versed in the harsh realities of the world. What she needs is a husband who will secure her future not a man who will only provide a temporary escape from her reality. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t tempted…. Still, she’s smart enough to know when to ... more
  • The Sector with the Brightest Sun

    by Raine Leggett

    A chance meeting in a field of flowers brings together a young princess ( Rochel Sol) and a royal noble (Mimi Nowell). As their love blooms they are pulled apart by fate. Determined to meet again Mimi quests to become a magic knight in hope to become a top royal guard. Follow the young lovers Mimi Nowell and Rochel Sol in their quest for their kingdom and love.

  • Codex: a novel

    by Megan Fatheree
    Motherless, left to her step-family by her very own father, Amorette finds her escape inside the pages of the novels she helps to sell. When a nondescript title catches her attention, Amorette takes it home... and finds herself thrown into the middle of a centuries-old feud. One man stands at the center of the danger: Eadric Hawkmore. Arrogant, aloof, and with a name befitting his impossible age, Eadric is the last man Amorette wants to ask for assistance. The only problem with that? Eadric i... more
  • Pride of Duty

    by Andrea K. Stein
  • Pride of Honor

    by Andrea K. Stein
  • To Love Again

    by Bobbi Gistarb
    Sydney Morgan's  life had been shattered with the death of her husband, Alan., who was killed while serving his last tour in  Afghanistan.  Six years have passed and she now feels ready to move forward with her life but not her heart.  Will this decision prove true when she meets Battel's Foundation President, Patrick Worthington? Will her patience and beliefs be put to the test as well as her faith in God.  Will she let love  overrule her faith or will they coexist? Patrick  noticed the woman e... more
  • My Heart Sings Your Song: A story of first love, family and destiny set in England

    by Saz Vora
    Reena Solanki just wanted to make friends at University, but when her English breakfast lands at the feet of Nikesh Raja, she is mortified. Reena and Nikesh's paths cross frequently, but she is wary of the differences in their family background, and she tries hard not to fall for his charm. However, the feelings she has for Nikesh cannot be denied and when Nikesh turns up on New Year's Eve to declare his love. She accepts that their love was meant to be. But the road to their Bollywood romanc... more
  • Sunshine and Second Chances

    by Kim Nash
    It’s never too late for second chances. Liv wants her friends to think she has the perfect life. But honestly? She’s running on empty. Desperate for a break from her needy family, Liv is determined that as she and her three life-long friends turn fifty they will honour their promise to each other – made on a beach at sunrise twenty-nine years before – to celebrate this milestone together. And what better place to celebrate than a gorgeous villa in the Algarve? They’ll enjoy the stunning be... more
  • Damaged Desires

    by LJ Evans

    “Challenge accepted!” were the last words she expected him to utter, and now it’s a race to see who will back down first.

    Dani Whittaker has turned in her Washington D.C. insider badge, leaving behind the backstabbing ways and seedy politicians. When a friendly favor ends with the one man she can’t have making her body sing in ways she hates to adore, D.C. isn’t the only thing she needs to escape.

    Navy SEAL, ... more

  • Avenged by Love

    by LJ Evans

    “You don’t have to fight the world alone. You’ve got me.”

    Travis Dayton, a.k.a. Truck, is focused on two things: his position at the Coast Guard Academy and helping his younger brother stay out of trouble. So even though the beautiful, comic loving Jersey Banner is tugging at his heartstrings in funny ways, he isn’t going to act on those emotions. Not when he’ll eventually be moving on, and s... more

  • Forged by Sacrifice

    by LJ Evans

    “My heart enlarged at a thought I’d never had for another woman... I wanted to keep her.”

    Leaving his Navy career behind, Mac Whittaker is ready to join his family on Capitol Hill and pursue the political dream he’s had since childhood. He has the entire American fairy tale at his fingertips, and all he needs to complete it is a woman he adores at his side.

    When he finds the mesmerizing Georgie Astrella... more

  • L.O.V.E.

    by Krissy Daniels
  • Winter's Wallflower

    by Scarlett Scott
    He’s the lord of London’s underworld. She’s the lady who deceived him. And now, there will be hell to pay… Dominic Winter rules his empire with cutthroat determination, his heart as cold and dead as the January ground. Debts must be paid. Men must be loyal. Anyone who defies him will suffer the consequences, including the indolent aristocrats who frequent his establishments. When a beauty boldly ventures into his lair and strikes a bargain with him to save an unworthy lord, Dom is captivat... more