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  • Say Hello, Kiss Goodbye

    by Jacquelyn Middleton
    WILL HER FLING BECOME HIS FOREVER? Leia Scott has sworn off love. Fresh from a messy, public divorce from her hockey player ex, the twenty-six-year-old fashion designer temporarily trades New York for London to heal and embrace her freedom. Her vow? To protect her heart, steer clear of relationships, and say yes to flings without strings. She throws herself into designing upcycled dresses and exploring London with her sister. But Leia’s carefully curated plan encounters a flirty complication ... more
  • Ink and Ice

    by Racheline Maltese
    Growing up on an isolated island in the middle of Lake Erie, Aaron Sheftall learned to skate as a young child when extreme weather would cut off his small community -- and its legends about a lost colony of seals -- from the rest of the world. Now an elite figure skater, Aaron dreams of getting to the Olympics. Yet competition is fierce and in a sport filled with injuries and drama, careers are short. But when a fluke accident changes the stakes for the entire U.S. team, Aaron sees his chance. ... more
  • Legend of the Broken Paddle

    by Bill Thesken
    An adventurer down on his luck. A beautiful movie star looking for a simpler life. A secret waterfall in Hawaii. Two paths that cross. Ashley Pepper is one of the hottest movie stars in Hollywood. While filming in Hawaii she wanders off and gets lost deep in the jungle. Thomas O’Malley is a kind-hearted outdoorsman working on the river near the spot where she disappeared. Using high tech equipment, every first responder on the island is scrambling to find Ashley. With a hurricane headed t... more

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  • Up Here by Jim Shomos

    by Artisan Book Reviews & Promotion

    A one-of-a-kind romantic-comedy that shouldn't work but masterfully does. Never Ending Bookshelf.
    As moving as it is funny, with wonderful characters and a fabulous light touch. Artisan Book Reviews.
    Fun characters in messy situations, get the feeling senses working overtime.Happy Valley Reads.
    I love this quirky story. This will have you giggling. Blaise Van, Goodreads, 5-stars.

    When you've had t... more

  • Who Wants a Brawling Baron

    by Tammy Andresen
    He’s every marriage minded mama’s nightmare… Lady Charlotte Summerset, known only as Charlie to everyone who loves her, knows when to leave a man alone. She had plans for a husband and family but the Baron of Balstead is not the man for such dreams even if his darkly handsome looks make her heart race in her chest. But when he arrives at the very house party she’s attending, he’s difficult to avoid. And when he finds her alone in the garden on a beautiful summer’s eve, can she even rememb... more
  • A Silent Prayer: A Prayer Series I (2020)

    by Samreen Ahsan
    Adam Gibson is a young and powerful Toronto millionaire. Despite his many blessings, he is an atheist, though he has an altruistic soul. He denies there is a God, until he meets a beautiful stranger in a place that does not exist for anyone but him. Rania Ahmed strongly believes in God, but has lost hope she will ever find her soul mate. Endowed with hypnotic beauty and cursed by a brutal past, Rania has no idea she has cast a spell on Adam, who has never received more from a woman than physi... more
  • The 'Wood

    by Chris Meyer

    "Only twelve people in Hollywood can green-light a movie.

    Everyone else sucks up to those twelve."

    -- Chris Meyer

    Set in current day LA, Chris Meyer's uproariously funny debut novel, The 'Wood, is a raw and powerful portrait of the moviemaking industry, featuring players who compete with one another for relevance in a world where box office is king.

    In The 'Wood, Anna is a young Hollywood film executive... more

  • Love is a Battlefield

    by Whitney Dineen
    Who doesn’t want their mom to play Cupid? Addison Cooper had planned on an all-expense paid vacation to the Cayman Islands to celebrate her most recent business success. Instead, she’s trekking to the outback of Oregon to help a friend of her mother's. Reclusive novelist Brogan Cavanaugh’s new thriller just hit the New York Times Best Seller list. To reward himself, he was planning to spend the summer at his family’s fishing cabin until his mom unexpectedly calls in a favor. Even though... more
  • Seventh Heaven

    by Elizabeth Bailey
    A wealthy widow. A gold-digging family. Is a clash inevitable…? 1782, England: The recently widowed Lady Louisa Shittlehope has wealth to match her status. And she is not naïve enough to fall prey to fortune hunters. So when the entertaining but disreputable Berowne family start paying her attention, she is not easily won over. But Septimus Berowne, the seventh child out of ten siblings, begins to charm her. A poet and a deep-thinker, he is a step apart from his flighty siblings. As the Berowne ... more
  • Tested Love

    by Liv Donata
    Hello, I would like to request the review of the short novel,”Tested Love” by Liv Donata. The synopsis and cover is below. "When Sadie finally turned of age, her childhood dreams and fantasies of getting paired with the her perfect match according to Biane tradition soon turned a nightmare. Fresh from being accused for murder, she accidentally discovered a long kept government secret that had been buried for time immemorial. The discovery would lead to a series of events that changed the ... more
  • Grass Valley Brides

    by Shanna Hatfield
    What’s a matchmaker to do when the husband-to-be rejects the bride? Again . . . Widowed as a young wife, Cara Cargill turned her head for business and love of romance into a successful mail-order bride enterprise. She’s never had a problem matching couples until one mule-headed man continues to refuse to wed the women she sends to meet him in Grass Valley, Oregon. In an effort to make a match he’ll keep and uphold her sterling reputation, Cara is desperate to find the perfect bride.
  • Wrong Guy, Right Room

    by Michelle Angelle
    Neil and Kaitlyn’s meet-cute is straight out of a romance novel, except for the lack of hot sex. He wants to wait until their wedding night and make it special, but she's not so sure. Neil’s gesture would be romantic if the love of her life, Luke, hadn’t abandoned her ten years earlier, leaving a string of ghastly relationships in his wake. The night before Kaitlyn’s rehearsal dinner, her twin brother fills her head with images of erectile dysfunction and deformed penises, sending her to seduce... more
  • Finding You

    by Allie Boniface

    When Piper Townsend fell to her death twelve years ago, she took Trey’s secrets with her. He’s never trusted another woman. Until now.

    Lillian arrived on Drake Isle twenty years ago pregnant, broke and alone. Since then she’s raised twins and opened a renowned beauty salon. Fiercely independent, she has no interest in settling down. Then she meets Trey.

    Trey lives a jet-set lifestyle on the mainland, a billionaire who's hidden a shockingly abusive childhood f... more

  • The Uptight Billionaire

    by Cristina Ryan
    He's serious and composed. She's spontaneous and carefree. Pretending to be in love is no big deal, right? Alec's doing good for himself running a successful business, until his ex-fiancee returns to his life as his company's top client. Even though she left him at the altar years ago, she wants him back. Enter Callie, a complete stranger, who takes it upon herself to save the day. She's outgoing and spirited and pretends to be his girlfriend. He goes along with it. After all, it's his best o... more
  • The Matriarch

    by Annabelle McInnes

    Her citizens are oppressed. His society is diminishing. In a frantic bid for survival, can their fiery union save their peoples?

    On a scorched and barren future Earth, Yolanda is her people’s only hope. As Matriarch of an all-female nation, the battle-hardened commander fights an impossible war while desperately seeking a way to stop her subjects from dying of thirst. But when the enemy king is beheaded by his own warrior son, she’s offered a truce that will bring the water ... more