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  • Madame President

    by Tara Sue Me
    This is Washington DC and there’s only one she here. 
 For Independent Anna Fitzpatrick, being President of the United States means she’s finally in a place to make a difference. Known for her intellect and charm, she never appears anything other than calm. After getting dumped by the man she’d been living with once he learned of her presidential bid, Anna vows to remain single throughout her term. It's an easy task, after all, no man has ever made her feel the way her law school classmate did... more
  • ScareActor: A Quarterlife Dramedy Inside Orlando's Most Fatal Attraction

    by Kim Donovan

    In the shadows of Orlando's theme parks resides Terror at Skull Manor, a year-round haunted attraction in downtown Orlando. In 1995 a comedic journey of quarter-life angst arises when a young actress lands her first gig at the popular attraction and becomes infatuated with an opportunistic coworker and must come to terms with the reality that there are no easy answers to finding the kind of love she craves. With this eclectic group of co-workers she navigates her mid-twenties full of expe... more

  • Designs on Forever

    by Susan Carlisle

    As a model, Mallory Andrews’ good looks had worked for her for years, but now she’s determined to prove she’s a talented historical interior designer. To do that she must remain unwavering in her focus regarding her current project, the restoration of a historical English manor house turned hotel. The problem is, she keeps getting sidetracked by the handsome and charming grandson of the owner.

    Renowned hotel magnate and business consultant, Evan Townsend is retained by... more

  • The Stars and Stripes Between Us

    by Audrey Rivero
    When progressive, bisexual MIT junior Nathan Campbell meets Marina Salinas on the hockey rink, he’s immediately smitten. She’s gorgeous, smart, funny, competitive. There’s just one problem. She’s a Republican. Unable to resist each other, Nate and Marina begin to date in secret, sneaking around Boston to explore what they both know is a really bad idea. But beyond the bubble of their growing affection, tensions on campus are rising. When Nate’s roommate tries to get Marina’s friend expelled f... more
  • Closure

    by Lindsey Todd
    For Morgan, Philadelphia isn't "just" a city. It can never, will never, be "just" a city again. From ordering cookies at a food truck at 2 AM, to wading barefoot in a fountain near the famous Rocky statue, to drunk grocery shopping and midnight serenades, Wade is the center of Morgan's world. However, from the beginning, they face an irreconcilable difference that threatens to tear their relationship apart: though they were both born and raised Catholic, Morgan cares about her beliefs, and Wa... more
  • On The Precipice

    by Robin Reardon
    Trust. It’s a precious commodity. Nathan Bartlett is looking for someone to trust—someone he can give his heart to, someone he can trust not to drop it. He’s ready to love and be loved. He’s lost so much love already. First his parents, then his adored older brother Neil, and finally the grandmother who’d raised him. All but his enigmatic sister Nina are gone. He’s had his fill of relationships that go nowhere, men who’ve led him astray emotionally and on the mountains he climbs in memory of... more
  • Online Dating, Social Media, and Cybercrimes Against Humanity: A Ukrainian Love Story

    by Antonio Chevalier
    Justin Chevalier is forty-five and alone, since he never met the right partner. Feeling panicked that he is becoming too old and rejected by American women, he now looks to Ukraine in a desperate search to find his wife and enters a world he could have never imagined. Justin was brimming with optimism as he set out for his first trip to Odessa. He had been communicating on a foreign dating site for almost a year with a young lady half his age whom he dubbed his “ultimate princess.” On his trip ... more
  • Beyond a Dream

    by Barbara J. Duell

    Beyond A Dream A Novel of Two People, ~One Dream by Barbara J Duell   Lilianarose McKenna has lived her life with the same passion and responsibility that brought her Spanish ancestors to the rich fertile land by the Pacific Ocean in search of a new life over two centuries ago. Bound to the land, the matriarch of her family, and a world-renowned portrait artist, Lili has everything except someone to love her. She wants more; an itch she can’t scratch, not yet, so she’s put aside her dreams, f... more

  • The Glass Boxes In Which We Live

    by beatrice sylvie
    A laugh and cry contemporary romance. The Glass Boxes in which we live is a modern women fiction. The story of Alienor unfolds over a three years timeline from 2017 when she first moves to Miami til 2020, in a humorous and sarcastic yet very honest way. The challenges of a single mother. The challenges of a 40 something woman as well :) The awakening to corporate america fierceness and the reality of a high level director female in an all male office. The difficulties an expatriated family f... more
  • Adam Bomb

    by Kilby Blades
    Levi's best friend, Adam, has always been larger than life: a smoking-hot billionaire hotelier with imposing charm. When Manhattan stops being big enough for both of them—at least if Levi ever wants to fall out of love with Adam—Levi accepts a job in in San Francisco. But when Adam pulls an Adam—upending Levi's calm new life with a plea to lend his photography talent to a worthy cause—Levi is helpless to resist. Adam will be the first Fortune 100 CEO to come out of the closet in grand fashion... more
  • Spooning Leads to Forking

    by Kilby Blades
    Leaving her name—and her job as a top food critic—behind in New York, Shea Summers seeks respite in Sapling. Her borrowed mountain getaway seems perfect for writing her opus. It’s also perfect for riding out a messy divorce and hiding the roomful of cash she kind-of-sort-of stole from her ex. Too bad Sapling is a remote, three-restaurant logging town with food that leaves much to be desired. Sexy grocer, Dev Kingston, may be Shea’s saving grace. The way he looks at her with his aspen-green ey... more
  • Courting Trouble

    by Kimberly Dean
    Sienna Blakely is bright, articulate, and woefully underemployed. In order to get by, she’s forced to rely on the one asset she vowed never to use – her looks. With bills piling up, Sienna signs a contract with Luxxor Escort Services – a contract that strictly forbids any sexual contact with clients. It’s a dangerous game, especially when she’s assigned to escort bad boy ex-hockey player Jason Sloan. When times get tough, how bad does a good girl have to get?
  • Tempting the Scoundrel

    by Tracy Sumner

    Below stairs is where the romance begins..

    As the most distinguished watchmaker in England, Christian Bainbridge believes in accurate timepieces, not love. He secretly offered his heart years ago, and he’s never gotten it back. When Raine Mowbray stumbles into his life again, Christian realizes the woman he’s worshiped from afar is still the woman he desires above all others.

    Raine Mowbray needs solitude and employment, not love. A housemaid forced to flee a loathsome ... more

  • Forever Love: It only takes a second to fall in love, but a lifetime to stay in love

    by Bernetta Thorne-Williams
    A much-needed getaway to a resort in the Appalachian Mountains, after a failed relationship, places author Katharine Mitchell on a trajectory towards love. A chance encounter with the local wildlife forces Katharine to cross paths with Theodore Watkins, the reluctant heir and temporary operator of Mountain Ridge Resort. Theodore, a confirmed bachelor, doesn’t believe in love because with the exception of his parents, he’s witnessed the devastation of failed relationships. Nonetheless, as he come... more
  • Beneath Her Skin

    by Beth Mikell
    Brooke Stone runs a slumping hot air balloon business and pride keeps her from asking for help. Her last flight of the day introduces her to Damon Sinclair. He is mysterious, sexy, and he wants her to work for him. But there is deception at play. Someone is gunning for her, strategically placing Brooke at the center of danger, while Damon uses all his government resources to help her. She is two steps away from a break down, yet her new savior proves she needs a miracle, and she cannot help but ... more
  • Irrepairable

    by LeTeisha Newton and Ginger Talbot
    Love. Faith. Honor. Trust. Devotion. These sound like tenets to live by, but at Pinnacle University, they are the kings who rule all.