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  • Beneath Her Skin

    by Beth Mikell
    Brooke Stone runs a slumping hot air balloon business and pride keeps her from asking for help. Her last flight of the day introduces her to Damon Sinclair. He is mysterious, sexy, and he wants her to work for him. But there is deception at play. Someone is gunning for her, strategically placing Brooke at the center of danger, while Damon uses all his government resources to help her. She is two steps away from a break down, yet her new savior proves she needs a miracle, and she cannot help but ... more
  • Irrepairable

    by LeTeisha Newton and Ginger Talbot
    Love. Faith. Honor. Trust. Devotion. These sound like tenets to live by, but at Pinnacle University, they are the kings who rule all.
  • Mated to the Chaos

    by Georgette St. Clair and LeTeisha Newton
    The past holds the key to Carlo's future. In this action-packed continuation of the Portal City Protectors series, alliances will form, familial ties will be put to the test, and true love will overcome. Or will it?
  • Coming Home to Greenleigh

    by Maya Rushing Walker
    Beth Burnham is in trouble. She's broke, underemployed, and her house is falling down around her. Down to the last $20 bill in her grocery jar, she approaches the local law firm, hoping that they'll hire her as a part-time attorney. But when she finds that the new managing partner is the man she jilted eight years ago, and when she realizes that he still loves her, her world is turned upside down. What's more, a handsome young tattoo artist is in town, ready to sweep her off her feet. What do yo... more
  • What a Vulgar Viscount Needs

    by Tammy Andresen
    He’s the worst sort of man… Wrapped in the most handsome package. The Viscount of Dashlane is the picture of masculine beauty with his flashing blue eyes and his ready smile. And every word he utters is perfectly timed to make a woman fall in love. There’s only one problem. He’s used his charm on one too many Moorish sisters and Cordelia Moorish isn’t fooled at all. In fact, it’s time this rake learned a lesson… She’s a bluestocking and a wallflower… Lord Jacob Dashlane ... more
  • Hollywood Player

    by Alexa Aston

    She has zero friends . . . and is wary of men, living life as a recluse.

    His only friend is 90 and when she dies, he’s adrift.

    Can a dyslexic actor and a shy loner find happiness together?

    Famous from the time she was fourteen, London Russell lands the cover of Sports Illustrated to cap off her modeling career. Leaving the fashion world behind, she follows her dream of becoming a singer-songwriter. Thanks to an ex-boyfriend’s vicious attack on her, London becomes... more

  • Stray Witch

    by Eva Alton

    Clueless witch meets quirky vampire... a magical realism, paranormal romance.

    Alba is about to lose everything during an awful divorce... until she meets the Vampires of Emberbury, who dwell under an abandoned graveyard, stuck in Victorian times. They will make her a very interesting job offer, and she will get to meet Clarence, a mysterious vampire gentleman who thinks cloaks and top hats are still in fashion. With his help, Alba will figure out that, sometimes, the scariest monster is... more

  • Finding Liberty (The Finding Home Series, Book 4)

    by B. E. Baker

    ★ There are some wounds time just can’t heal. ★

    Brekka Thornton is headed for Olympic fame and glory until a car accident destroys all her plans. She redirects her efforts toward conquering the business world with her brother Trig, closing the door on her old life without a backward glance. She’s happy working with him—hacking up companies and rearranging the pieces becomes a new way of life. 

    Until Trig confesses that he&rsqu... more

  • The Land Steward's Daughter

    by Becky Michaels

    Elaina Walker has waited for her childhood sweetheart to return from the Napoleonic Wars for eight years. At five-and-twenty, the pressure to marry well is mounting, despite being unable to forget Will, the Duke of Blackmore's second son.

    Will Winter doesn't care much for his father's qualifications for a proper wife. When he returns to England and sees Elaina again, he knows he must have her, despite her meager dowry and precarious standing in society as the daughter... more

  • The Formidable Earl

    by Sophie Barnes
    He's breaking the rules for one woman, and coming dangerously close to falling in love… Simon Nugent, Earl of Fielding, knows he's flawed. He's arrogant, possessive, and haunted by a terrible choice he made long ago. So when a former friend's daughter gives him the chance to do a good deed, he grabs it. Except he'd like to grab her as well and teach her a thing or two about kissing. If only she weren't so damn stubborn. Ida Strong wants one thing – justice on behalf of her father. She has ... more
  • In the Deep End -Book Two

    by Nicky Webber

    When Alex Jones’ wife suddenly dies, it makes perfect sense to invite him into Amira and Fred’s marriage. After all, they have been life-long friends. But hiding their secret arrangement from the outside world is no easy task.

    Set in California and New Zealand, can this threesome love and laugh together for the rest of their lives? At first, happily, ever-after looks possible. But Fred Davis struggles to suppress his jealousy and resentment. Can she love two husbands for bet... more

  • Wooed in Winter

    by Scarlett Scott
    The Marquess of Haven has finally decided to do his duty and settle upon a bride, preferably before the new year begins. What better place to find her than a country house party? There’s just one problem. The beautiful widow who once owned his heart is also in attendance. Surely there’s no harm in indulging in one night of passion with her, just to get her out of his mind. But Haven is about to discover old habits are hard to break, especially when the consequences last forever…
  • In the Deep End - Book One

    by Nicky Webber

    This is Book One in the series, In the Deep End. Set in New Zealand and California, two couples are lifelong friends who move between both countries as two of the protagonists reveal their life-long secret love affair.

    This riveting romantic suspense explores human nature and challenges convention. A moving family saga which contradicts moral stereotypes and defies love-bonds that should last a lifetime. With unexpected twists and turns, this contemporary romance uses humor and poignanc... more

  • Chasing the Sun

    by Melanie Hooyenga
    The new boy. The quiet girl. Will they find love during the solar eclipse? Neb Connelly has looked forward to the solar eclipse for as long as he can remember. When his only friend in his new town invites him on a school camping trip to watch it, he’s there. And only 67% of his wanting to go is because of the quiet girl on the group text his friend started. She gets his jokes, doesn’t mind when he geeks out about the eclipse, and for the first time in months, he’s ready to chase more than the... more
  • Bernie & Bertie (Serial Killers Need Love Too)

    by Michael Owens
    They looked alike, dressed alike, shared the same food preferences, finished one another's sentences. What were the chances that, in a world where opposites attract and likes repel, two people so similar in every way, including their successful careers as serial killers would meet, fall in love and form one of the deadliest duos ever? Bernie and Bertie did just that, and this is their story.
  • You & I Erotic Tales Trilogy

    by E. A. Barker

    The series was designed for women to safely explore what it might be like to be a bad girl who lives out her sexual fantasies. Each novelette length story is published separately so readers can select the fantasy they most want to dive into without being forced to commit to stories which may not interest them. Each tale begins with love letters which introduce the characters and create a setting. By writing in the first person, it is hoped the reader will feel less like a voyeur and more like... more