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  • TRULY: Too Much is Never Enough (The Too Much Romance Trilogy Book 3)

    by A.M Jaxon
    TRULY: Too Much is Never Enough To conquer your demons, you must face them alone. No one else can truly banish what only you know. The final instalment of the Too Much Romance Trilogy finds Seb and Natasha torn apart by a lie. Abandoned by the Mancini family, Nat fights for her future becoming the strong soul she was always meant to be. No longer camouflaged in ordinary she shines to finally rid herself of all her alters. Revenge and jealousy are discovered at the evil heart of the a... more
  • DEEPLY: Too Much Too Late (Too Much Romance Series Book 2)

    by A.M Jaxon
    Deeply: Too Much Too Late. Book Two of the Too Much Romance Trilogy. Sometimes no matter how hard you clean the slate, some stains stick. The second book of the 'Too Much' Romance trilogy continues to explore Natasha Perry and Dr Sebastian Mancini’s deeply passionate attraction, which is as potent as it is combustible. Their desire for each other is like fire and gunpowder burning with an intense, incandescent flame that ultimately consumes its makers. Seb's powerful father, Renzo... more
  • MADLY: Too Much Too Soon (The Too Much Romance Series Book 1)

    by A.M Jaxon
    Madly: Too Much Too Soon Book One of the Too Much Romance Trilogy. We all sin. It’s the choices made after, that define us. Natasha Perry is most comfortable camouflaged in ordinary. She escaped a stripper past to find salvation in music and by turning into a weaker person: Tash, a woman madly ruled by alter-egos Goldilocks and The Slut. The cost of controlling her alters’ psychotic-storm is a need to hide behind a mask of controlled nothing special, with a song in her head. All t... more
  • Lost at Sea

    by Alan Simon and Erica Bianco Ellis

    Deanna Cooper is at a turning point in her life.

    Two years past a divorce, she decides to leave behind fifteen years as a Navy lawyer, courtesy of an early retirement plan. Deanna’s retired Navy lawyer father quickly swoops in and arranges a position for her with a corporate law firm in Seattle, where two of his friends are senior partners. With one month until her new job begins,

    Deanna and her younger sister Tracy decide to take a one-week Baja cruise, with stops... more

  • The Next Election

    by Landon Wallace
    Politicians rarely get a second chance. The Next Election is the story of Blake Buchanan’s. Once a shoo-in for the highest political office in the state, Blake Buchanan sacrificed his lifelong dream to protect his family. Now, a year removed from his withdrawal as a Texas gubernatorial candidate, Blake seeks to revive his once successful legal career while navigating a nasty divorce and shielding his beloved daughters from the fallout. Even as Blake presses on with his new life, he can’t avoid t... more
  • Once a Rake, Always a Rogue (Potions and Passions Book 3)

    by Catherine Stein

    He’s mended his ways.

    Dr. Ernest Montford has left behind his rakish youth for a respectable life mixing medicinal potions and helping patients. So when his best friend's sister is threatened with incarceration in an asylum, he rushes to help. But Lady Astrid Wembley isn't keen to heed Monte's medical advice. Worse, she's part of his wild past: the mysterious girl he could never forget.

    But the woman he can’t forget…

    Astri... more


    by Kara Lockharte
  • The Plan: A Sweet and Sexy Rock Star Romantic Comedy (The Creek Water Series Book 3)

    by Whitney Dineen
    Bead shop owner Amelia Frothingham has been keeping a secret from everyone she knows. She pretends to be the ultimate care-free bohemian chick, but the truth is, she's the world's biggest control freak. Much to the delight of her Southern family, Amelia's life appears to be smooth sailing. That is, until bad boy rockstar Huck Wiley mysteriously blows into town like a spring tornado. Like every other woman under eighty with a pulse, Amelia's intrigued. So when Huck starts showing up in her ... more
  • Silent Echoes

    by Melissa Bourbon
    Something waits in the shadows… On a Texas night twelve years ago, Vic Vargas kissed Delaney West so deeply that she almost came apart. Later that same night, evil crept into Delaney’s room as she slept – and everything in their world fell apart. Now Vic is a rancher living a half-empty life punctuated by one-night stands and a strained relationship with his 11-year-old son. Then Delaney returns to San Julio, and the past comes rushing back… along with the dark echoes of that night so long... more
  • Silent Obsession

    by Melissa Bourbon
    The ghost of la Llorona is said to haunt the riverbanks, always searching for her drowned child. She also haunts high school teacher Johanna Rios, whose own mother believed so deeply in the legend she tried to drown her daughters. And now the ghost has become real, a young woman murdered, and the safe world Jo created is falling apart. Since returning home from his last tour of duty to become a school principal, Ray Vargas has fought his attraction for his employee, the sensual woman who’d once... more
  • Storiebook Charm

    by Melissa Bourbon
    Down-on-her-luck witch Storie Bell never thought the biggest threat to her future would be Reid Malone, the very man she’d run from years before. After striking it rich in Texas shale, he’s back in town, and he seems hell bent on getting in the way of her bookstore’s grand opening. A witch trying to blend in in a small southern town is hard enough, but now he’s seriously testing her strict No Kissing Mortal Men policy. But even witches don’t have a spell for that. Reid knows there’s much more... more
  • Tides of Passion (Garrett Brothers)

    by Tracy Sumner

    She is his greatest temptation.

    He is her forbidden desire.

    A battle of wills leads to love.

    Spirited Savannah Connor is passionately committed to stamping out social injustice. Yet, when she arrives in Pilot Isle, North Carolina, ready to take up a new cause, she quickly finds herself on the outs with the town constable.

    Zachariah Garrett is the most arrogant, infuriating, maddeningly attractive man she's had the misfortune to meet. And, suddenly, Savannah i... more

  • Cornerstone of Love (Modern Masters of Their Castles Book 1)

    by Susan Carlisle

    Ian Chalmers’s dream life didn’t include becoming the Earl of Hartley or the CEO of Hartley International Shipping, but he obediently accepted the responsibilities when his father and older brother are killed. Duty to the Hartley title and business reputation becomes his all-consuming focus. Ian’s world revolves around unending work and doing what’s expected of him. Then a nerve-wracking, albeit completely fascinating, free-spirited female enters his structured life an... more

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    by Night Queen
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  • Gentlemen of the Coast Book 1: A Smuggler's Heart

    by Danielle Thorne
    The murky waters of the marsh are treacherous and haunted by smugglers and deserters from the war. There are even whispers the Savannah coast is home to the deadly pirate, Alligator George, but Christine Fryer needs a peaceful escape from her father's disapproving stare. Captain Nathaniel Butler knows it's time to put his smuggling operation to bed now that the American Revolution is over and won. He just needs one last expedition to pay off his remaining debt, but his plans are threatened by... more