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  • Other Worlds & Times Volume 1

    by Kevin L. O'Brien

    This is the first of a two-volume set that contains the remaining unpublished speculative fiction of Kevin L. O'Brien. It features 19 stories, 13 of which have never been published before. They run the gamut from novellas to flash fiction, they feature fantasy, science fiction, horror, action-adventure, thriller, splatterpunk, Cthulhu Mythos, zombie, and fairy tale fiction, and they include both humorous and serious themes. Bonus material is included, as are a few illustrations.

    In ... more

  • The Adventure of An Cupla

    by Kevin L. O'Brien
    Eile Chica and Sunny Hiver are two cute girls who share adventures as well as their lives. One night, cats caste a spell on them, forcing them to enter the Dreamlands so as to save their mentor and surrogate mother, Medb hErenn, from certain death. However, they soon discover that the threat, though real, is not immediate, and takes the form of an ancient and indestructible evil that seeks to destroy the universe. Their real mission is to somehow stop it, but they don't know how. Worse, the Medb... more
  • Loyalty to Man: And Other Alternative Realities

    by Kevin L. O'Brien
    Eile is an independent agent who works for American intelligence; Sunny is another independent agent who works for Pan-German intelligence. Their superiors instruct them to contact a freelance agent in Washington DC who has offered to sell their countries plans for a new weapon. Meanwhile, Differel is yet another independent agent who works for British intelligence. The freelancer did not offer the plans to Great Britain, but Whitehall wants them all the same, and order her to steal them. All th... more
  • Team Dream Girl: The Adventures of Eile and Sunny in the Dreamlands of H. P. Lovecraft

    by Kevin L. O'Brien
    Eile Chica and Sunny Hiver -- Team Girl -- are two active young ladies who travel to the Dreamlands of H. P. Lovecraft every night while asleep, where they share heroic fantasy adventures with their friends Medb hErenn and Differel Van Helsing, along with the Cats of Ulthar. Collected here are thirteen stories of their early escapades: their quest with Don Quixote; exploring lost temples; getting into bar fights; defending a Manticore from bounty hunters; treasure hunting; confronting heartless ... more
  • The Singularity Prize

    by Earl Ernest Guile
    In 2030, our planet teeters on the brink of political, economic, and environmental catastrophe that threatens our collective survival, will Professor Julian Marshall be able to save us all as he navigates the crisis-riddled, yet superintelligent world of the near future? Climate change, poverty, epidemic disease, human conflict, terrorism, and famine ravage the globe. Amidst the chaos, the United States and China compete for the thirty-billion-dollar Singularity Prize to be awarded by a hed... more
  • In the Shadow of the Styx (Child of Destiny)

    by Annemarie Musawale
    An unknown killer is responsible for the death of newly minted lovers; Phil and Lillian. One minute they're celebrating the possibility of a long life together, the next they're contemplating eternity in the hospital where they die.Shenanigans ensue as they try to fit in with post-death society. What are the norms, who makes the rules and who can they ask about being taken to the leader?It's an adventure with many unexpected twists; but through it all, at least they have each others' backs.
  • Emergence (Janus Unfolding Book 1) C.A. Knutsen

    by C.A. Knutsen
    Jim Post, the wealthy leader of Compass Enterprises, is a man of mystery whose off-the-charts intellect and physical prowess have sparked uneasy whispers. Then badly-burned human remains are found in the ashes of Post’s home in rural Southwest Washington State. Jim is missing. Is he the victim? Was it murder? Post’s associates at Compass, dedicated to continuing his humanitarian mission in developing new technology, help investigate his disappearance. They’re aided by an advanced Artificial Int... more
  • The Rocket that Flew to Mars

    by Audrey Sauble

    A long time ago, in the house that Jack built, a rat ate the malt, a cat chased the rat, and a dog, a cow, and a maiden all-forlorn came by for a visit. Now, on the red planet, a truck builds a house, pressurized by an air system powered by a solar array and maintained by a robot…but space exploration comes with a few surprises.

  • Preludes to War (Eve of Redemption Book 6)

    by Joe Jackson
    When a demon king demands the repayment of a favor, Kari finds herself prisoner to his wishes. But all is not as it appears... Working behind enemy lines, Kari must turn the unexpected into an advantage. War between the worlds of Citaria and Mehr'Durillia is inevitable, but the question of where it will be fought lies in her hands. If she can strike just the right blow, Kari may keep the battle far from the realms of her people. If she can gain the blessing of a demon king, the acceptance ... more
  • The Huntresses' Game (Eve of Redemption Book 5)

    by Joe Jackson
    As the web of deceit and lies widens, Karian Vanador must try to find allies - however unlikely - to combat the enemies of the Demonhunter Order, or at least set them against each other. Effectively forced into a visit to the volatile King Koursturaux S'Bakthra, Kari must try to match wits with a being over twelve thousand years old. Can she turn an enemy into an unwitting ally, without having the same done to her? This is to say nothing of Kari's testing to become her deity's avatar. An age-... more
  • Legacy of the Devil Queen (Eve of Redemption Book 4)

    by Joe Jackson
    In the wake of a deadly attack, veteran demonhunter Karian Vanador faces a daunting task: sending her friends and family into danger without being at their side. With her pregnancy progressing, she must see to other tasks: she must uncover a spy within her own Order, expose servants of the demon kings living right in her home city, and match wits with enemies that she knows little, if anything, about. And in all of this, she must act as a general, putting the lives of her friends and family at r... more
  • Serpents Rising (Eve of Redemption Book 3)

    by Joe Jackson
    After barely escaping an attempt on her life, veteran demonhunter Karian Vanador must root out infiltrators within her own Order. At the same time, she is presented with a unique opportunity: infiltrate the very realm of the demon kings to bring back a possible defector. With a family to consider, and the risk of inciting a war between two worlds, Kari must decide: is the life of a syrinthian priestess worth the risk? If she goes, she will be tested to the limits of her courage, wits, and ... more
  • White Serpent, Black Dragon (Eve of Redemption Book 2)

    by Joe Jackson
    An underworld serial killer prowls the streets, dozens of innocent victims falling at their hands. Things had been quiet since the incident on Tsalbrin, but veteran terra-dracon demonhunter Karian Vanador recognized the calm before the storm all too well. When one of the Order's most prominent mortal enemies arrives on campus demanding help with this underworld threat, Kari knows there has to be a connection to the incident on Tsalbrin. Harried by a deadly foe, Kari must call upon friends o... more
  • Salvation's Dawn (Eve of Redemption Book 1)

    by Joe Jackson
    In another time, another life, Karian Vanador was among the greatest of demonhunters. Now, resurrected two centuries later, she is left fractured and alone. Her prowess remains undiminished, but does she have the fortitude to face the latest threats from the demons? A civil war brews on a distant island, the work of demons apparent in its progression. Assigned to an unlikely group of young heroes, Kari must draw strength from them even as she provides it, and unravel an underworld plot before... more
  • Hunting Nora Stone

    by Colin Weldon
    Taken from the streets, no money, no family, Nora Stone is transformed by a black ops division of the CIA. Her body, now a mixture of sophisticated bioengineering, has become a lethal weapon. A weapon that has disappeared. Eddie Conrad, an Ex Navy seal turned military analyst, is counting the days to when he can be officially discharged. His nightmares, following a year in captivity in Syria, the only survivor of a mission gone wrong, are growing worse. When the bodies of a tactical team sent in... more
  • The Agathon Book 3: Sword Of Stars

    by Colin Weldon
    The Agathon waits, orbiting a planet hidden within a dense nebula, while Carrie and Doctor Tyrell rescue the last human survivors from their generational space stations. Now armed with powerful weaponry supplied by Carrie’s new allied alien race, Captain Barrington and his crew try to work out where to take the last fragments of humanity. On the home world of Ruthenium, General Tark’An prepares to activate the final solution to end the war with the machines known as the Targlagdu. His race, ... more