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  • The Pillar of Light: The Milana Legends, Part One, A Christian Fantasy Adventure

    by Anna Travis

    "Alexi!” Nani gasped. “He’s here… he’s close… we have to run… He's done terrible things...”  Nani shook with fear and pointed wildly at the silver markings running up her arm, “Do you know what this means? We have to get away from him!” 

    “I know what it means!” cried Alexi, grabbing her friend by the shoulders. “It means you can’t get away from him.” 

    ​ ~ ... more

  • Max Hamby and the Onyx Eyes

    by Kathy Cyr

    "The Max Hamby series is perfect for readers of Harry Potter, Fablehaven, Unwanteds, Septimus Heap and Charlie Bone. A mix of magic, adventure, humor, friendship and family that draws you in."


    Alice twirled a strand hair around her finger. “Little boys jump, but they do not know where. Into the mouth of the demon lair. Hold still and you will see, in his hand is the ... more

  • Max Hamby and the Emerald Hunt

    by Kathy Cyr

    "The Max Hamby series is perfect for readers of Harry Potter, Fablehaven, Unwanteds, Septimus Heap and Charlie Bone. A mix of magic, adventure, humor, friendship and family that draws you in."


    “Let me out, witch," growled Alice. She hummed off key. Griselda stepped away from the door. "I can help the little wee babes," Alice sung sweetly. "Through ... more

  • Miles Away, Time Crisis Saga: Book One

    by C.W.J. Henderson

    Miles Draven blames his birth parents for the problems in his life: classmates who torment him, sixteen years of rejection by foster families, and interminable loneliness. Despite his anger, he clings to an old photograph of his parents and two engraved, marble-sized glass orbs they entrusted to him the night of his birth—the same night they abandoned him. Miles hopes these objects will one day lead him back to his family and the answers he seeks. Those answers, however, defy all reason... more

  • Knack

    by Tom Twitchel
    Benjamin Brown has discovered that his landlord has abilities that no normal person possesses. The scariest thing is that Benjamin possesses a few secrets of his own as well. When he uncovers a dangerous plot, Ben has to decide whether saving his friends is worth revealing his past, who he really is and where he came from. Because if he has learned one thing in his short life it's that having supernatural knacks doesn't solve all of your problems. Sometimes they follow you home.
  • Zero Is The Key

    by Robert Guerrera
    On a crisp, California autumn night, Declan and Dalya discover a sinkhole which leaves them with strange powers they cannot possibly explain. But when they realize their lives are in grave danger, the eighth graders embark upon an epic quest to investigate the source and purpose of their powers. Guided by cryptic riddles and clues from a mysterious group of people, the twins travel to mesmerizing sites throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas to find answers. During their journeys, ancient se... more
  • Prince: Legacy of Darkness

    by Phoenix Wright

    Before earth there was light. Before light there was darkness. Join the world's first vampire, as he narrates a tale that starts before the universe was created, and into a future that might bring forth the end of days. In this fast-paced thriller, the reader will be spellbound to a world filled with vampires, witches, werewolves, dragons, angels and demons in a freshly imagined beginning to a story never told. This is the novel vampire purist have been starving for in recent years. A cla... more

  • How Dark the Light Shines

    by Marla Bell
    Long before Deston was born, the gods decided he was going to be the match to drive away the darkness. But Deston doesn't want to be a hero. He just wants to fit in and be accepted as one of the fae and live happily ever after in Tir na-nÓg. Grossard has a dream too—to destroy Deston, Oseron and the fae and turn Tir na-nÓg into a dark, barren wasteland, along with the rest of the world. After months of running away and denying who he is, Deston finally relents and comes to terms with the fac... more
  • Terra Amaldiçoada

    by Douglas Lobo
    Fired from his job in São Paulo, Fabricio Machado returns to his homeland. He hopes to reassess your life in order to decide the way forward. But soon he discovers that the archaic rural environment where he grew up is endangered. Progress has come, threatening his farm, his family and a whole way of life. When a series of murders begins to take place, Fabricio suspects that an evil presence haunts the land. A terrifying force that will not stop killing until it avenges the world that created it... more
  • The Alchemist's Theorem: Sir Duffy's Promise

    by Margaret R. Chiavetta
    This epic fantasy novel for middle grade readers has fun potion-making, faithful animal friends, and fantastical adventures. Mendel, an eccentric boy with an autistic nature, and the master alchemist Sir Duffy set out on a series of quests with their many weird and endearing creature companions—like Esther the snake-ish gusselsnuff, and Gooder the fat, lazy, carnivorous horse. These determined travelers must venture across the continent of Terra Copia, an exotic land where the plants and ani... more
  • Want To Meet 35 of Vader's Thrift Store Troll Relatives?

    by Katie Canty
    Want to Meet 35 of Vader's Closest Thrift Store Troll Relatives?: Are Any of These Thrift Store Trolls Like Your Unclaimed Relatives?
  • Hunting The Merrow (The Merrow Trilogy Book 2)

    by Heather Rigney
    Functioning alcoholic Evie McFagan thought her family was safe. She was wrong. Forced to choose between her estranged brother, Richard, and the family she created, Evie embarks on a dangerous journey with an unlikely ally—Nomia, the same aqua-maniac who almost killed her three years prior. But how can she trust a bloodthirsty merrow? Not all mermaids start out evil. Some learn how. Nomia’s dark world turned into a living nightmare the moment her sister Nix disappeared. As Nomia reflects on h... more
  • Path of Destruction

    by Narayan Liu

    The Holy Land, August 1191. A mighty Templar knight loses faith after a horrendous massacre that haunts him and torments him in every waking moment. Burrowing further away from his God's good graces and lusting after death, he is snatched away from Death's cold grasp by Malak, a beautiful immortal, and her unwilling friends, Heva and Abbas. Robert, the former Templar knight, awakens to find himself forever changed. Once a holy warrior, he now prowls ... more

  • The Masks of Monsters

    by Narayan Liu
    In 18th century Europe, Darius, a young man who commits a heinous murder and flees on a self-imposed exile, encounters Aeron, a monstrous vampire who snatches him away from the world he once knew and hurls him into a new one full of demonic creatures and merciless warlords. So it is he fights to escape this terrible world as well as the monster he has become. He isn't the only one. Aeron, though renowned for being the paragon of his race, battles the flicker of doubt that emerges in himself. It ... more
  • Mine (2nd edition)

    by Lin Sten

    In Mine, Selena Castillo uses her beauty, wit, and charisma to gain global popularity after she claims to be an extraterrestrial. That she says she has no proof, and to the contrary has a US birth certificate, is justifiable because government interest would block her from achieving her goal.

    Anthony Sturgess--a lady’s man, though heretofore they have all been lily white--must believe that Selena’s claim is only a publicity gimmick, or that she is insane, as ... more

  • General Studies Manual Paper-1

    by Arihant Publication
    The revised edition which has been designed in a coherent, distinct and clear style with efforts to present the study material in a form that is suitable to the present and changing nature of Civil Services Examination will prove to be a milestone for the readers. It strategically covers all dimensions like Indian History & Indian National Movement, Indian & World Geography, Indian Polity & Governance, Indian Economy, General Science and General Knowledge in widest possible and updated form. The... more