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  • The Dome Of Ares

    by Rob Schwarz
    “Mankind must not remain in the cradle. All babes must eventually leave their cradles and begin life. So too must we as a species venture forth from our blue dot called Earth and put our footprint on the Galaxy. It starts with this plan today..." The passion of Mack Dearborn was to accomplish this mission, this plan to put a colony on Mars. "The Dome Of Ares" is about one man believing in the impossible and wanting something so completely that nothing would stop him from accomplishing his dre... more
  • BrADy

    by Clayton Dabbs
    Brady McAlexander is brilliant but also broken. He created BrADy to fix the flaws in human nature. But instead of curing humanity of all its ills, BrADy caused the apocalypse. Now Brady is stuck in an underwater laboratory with his sister-in-law Kate. They are hundreds of miles from land, anchored to the ocean floor with no engine and no escape. They will have to survive inside the WOMBs, an experimental stasis designed for deep space. Their minds will be engaged in a virtual simulat... more

    by Ricardo L. Garcia
    The first unmanned probe orbiting Alpha Centauri A’s Mars twin--a solar sail craft with a lander carrying nanobots intended to build a modest rover and science station using local resources--is officially defunded and cancelled due to an alleged lack of public interest. Then the whole mission is quietly chucked over to the military, and the project goes on steroids. Instead of its humble original tasks, the nanobots in the lander, under new and way more powerful software, are directed to replica... more
  • Destiny Lost

    by M. D. Cooper
    Sera leads a simple life. A little smuggling, some drinking contests, and captaining her star freighter, Sabrina. But when she picks up a mysterious shipping container on Coburn Station, things begin to go wrong. She finds herself at odds with The Mark, a dangerous pirate organization that wants the cargo on her ship. Inside the container she not only finds a woman, but a secret thought lost millennia ago. The woman is Tanis Richards, and she knows the location of the Intrepid, a missing c... more
  • Hex Breaker (The Fenearen Chronicles Book 1)

    by Taryn Noelle Kloeden
    Forced to decide between her happiness and her pack's safety, Rayna Myana chooses to protect those she loves. But when shattered promises and dark magic collide, no one is safe... For six hundred years, Fenear, a land where humans can take wolf form, has warred with Maenor, its neighboring kingdom ruled by a ruthless dynasty. The possibility of peace emerges when the Maenoren Overlord, Rhael, enters negotiations with Fenearen leaders Bayne and Silver, but their niece, Rayna, is skeptical. Yet... more
  • Returning

    by A.L. Knorr
    Mira is a mermaid on a mission. It’s time to leave the ocean. Mira Belshaw has been at sea for… well, she doesn’t know how many years. It’s hard to keep track of time when you live in the ocean. But after enough time, the salt water triggers the desire to procreate, and her time is up. For weeks, she’s been swimming north. Finding a mate is the most important thing to her right now, and to do that, she has to return to the place where she was last human - the coastal city of Saltford. ... more
  • Born of Aether: An Elemental Origins Novel

    by A.L. Knorr
    They say if you tell a lie long enough, you'll eventually believe it, but Akiko will never forget who she really is. Akiko Susumu is not what she seems. Her life as a normal teen living in a coastal Canadian town is a complete sham. The old man she lives with is not her grandfather, he's her captor. And Akiko isn't a teen. In fact, she isn't even human. But Akiko isn't allowed to share the reality of her true nature with a single soul. Not even her three best friends know of the power sh... more
  • Born of Fire: An Elemental Origins Novel

    by A.L. Knorr
    Welcome to the secret world of fire magi, where what doesn't kill you (literally) makes you stronger. Saxony Cagney counts herself lucky when she wins a position as an au pair in Venice for the summer. It's her responsibility to take care of two young boys - speak to them in English, make sure they get to their swimming lessons on time. Piece of cake, right? She unexpectedly forms a strong bond with the youngest, Isaia, although its a mystery why. She also meets two Italian men... both are sm... more
  • Born of Earth: An Elemental Origins Novel

    by A.L. Knorr
    Something's wrong with Jasher... "He didn't just get too close to the veil, he was inside it. That kind of beginning is bound to leave its mark..." Georjayna Sutherland isn't exactly thrilled about going to Ireland to live with her aunt for the summer, and even less thrilled when her adopted cousin Jasher (cute though he may be) turns out to be as friendly as a nest of vipers. But at least it gets her out of Saltford and away from her neglectful mother, Liz. When Georjie unearths Jasher... more
  • Born of Water: An Elemental Origins Novel

    by A.L. Knorr
    Everything you thought you knew about mermaids is wrong. Life for a small-town high school kid in Saltford should be simple and straightforward – for 17-year-old Targa MacAuley, it’s anything but. Navigating life with a supernatural mother is tricky enough, but dealing with the feelings of guilt that she’s never been able to ‘change’, and confusion that she doesn’t seem to be attracted to boys (or girls for that matter), Targa feels like she’s got more demons than the average kid. When the... more
  • Through the Flame

    by Jonathan Gould
    Have you come from another world? At first, Nicola thinks the young man’s question is absurd. There are no such things as other worlds. But after passing through a mysterious Bunsen burner flame to a place where the ground is blue and the sky is red, Nicola begins to realise that this is exactly what has happened. And as she sets off on a quest to fulfil an ancient prophecy, she discovers that nothing in the strange world of Enderopia is what it seems to be.
  • B071ZG43MN

    by Ian James
    The aliens don’t look like us. They don’t think like us. And they’ve come to slaughter us. Their ships travel faster than thought. Their bombs turn continents to ash. They are the monsters in our books and movies—but they are real. Their plan was to exterminate all but the best of mankind. The surviving men and women would join their empire—or face a fate more terrible than death. They took the first woman in New York City. The next in Africa. A man in Taiwan. One more in Sweden. No... more
  • New Praetorians 1: Sienna McKnight

    by R.K. Syrus
    Imagine The Avengers written by Tom Clancy, with an outstanding female lead. Perfect for fans of Ripley, Katniss, Diana Prince, and Sarah Connor. In the near future, soldier Sienna McKnight seeks revenge on her terrorist cousin; they both gain extraordinary powers and engage in an epic battle over the fate of humanity and a unique orphan girl. This first book is like Batman Begins or Wonder Woman, it starts Sienna’s story. sci-fi / fantasy suggested for 16+ (violence, mild profanity) A YEA... more
  • Horrors, Inc.

    by James R. Vernon

    Eddie Watson is an underachiever. He holds a degree in philosophy, but is perfectly content working as a janitor at the most advanced pharmaceutical and tech company in the world, Soladyne Corporation. Little does he know his job is about to take him on a strange journey into the bowels of the company’s secret laboratories from where man’s deepest fears have escaped to terrorize Eddie and his co-workers.

    The easy-going janitor is forced to face monsters, both savage and inte... more

  • How to Protect Your Neighborhood from Circus Werewolves: Slug Pie Story #4

    by Mick Bogerman
    The circus is in town, and Mick Bogerman has a fail-proof plan to sneak inside the adults-only Macabre Pavilion. But there's something weird about the A. Linville & Purnima Bros. Circus this year. Angry parents and crying kids exit early by the carload. Maybe it's the clowns. Yes, they wear the standard stark-white faces and red bulbous noses, but underneath their painted smiles, there's something not quite right. What's more, after the full moon rises . . . they howl. When Mick and his friends ... more
  • Glimmer of Steel

    by K. E. Blaski
    Damen has a plan to save the life of his childhood friend before she's forced to marry the evil Noble Tortare: switch her soul with some other girl and let the other girl die in her place. Only he didn't count on the other girl's determination to live, he certainly didn't count on her soul coming from a different planet--Earth, and falling in love? No, he never planned on that. Told from alternating viewpoints: Damen, a truthsayer from Astrune, and Jennica, the soul snatched from Earth. Like ... more