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  • The Druid Gene

    by Jennifer Foehner Wells
    Darcy has a ten-thousand-year-old secret buried in her genetic code. As a medical student, her life revolves around classes, studying, and her boyfriend Adam—until she treks through the desert, touches some mysterious stacked stones, and a network of glowing blue lines radiates under her skin. Then she saw the spaceship. And it was coming for her. She faces impossibly bad choices and a missing boyfriend. Darcy struggles to accept her heritage and master her newfound powers as she nav... more
  • Finding Moana

    by James Halemanu

    A boy. A Haunted Island. A Time Bending Quest.

    13-year-old Moana fights the cannibals who hunt him and the sinister power growing within him. 

    The Island. When cannibals invade his island and destroy his village, Moana is saved by the anukus, a mysterious race of mountain dwellers. What ensues is a thrilling journey through the wondrous anuku world of subterranean caves and tunnels. What powerful force beneath the island is threatening the laws of time?
    ... more

  • The Sky Drifter

    by Paris Singer
    Wandering the vastness of space is the Sky Drifter; an academy reserved for the best students in the known universe. Seven is such a student, gifted in strategy and Sphere. Living happily on board with his friends Iris and Pi, Seven takes on his rival and visits planets for exploration and competition. Everything is the way he likes it, until he sees a mysterious girl in a red coat, who reveals to him a secret that will bring everything he thought he knew crashing down around him.
  • The Skull Collector

    by Paris Singer
    In a world where children are exploited, monsters are saviors, and dark magic is constantly at play, a little girl will go to any lengths to be reunited with her lost ones. After the disappearance of her parents, a heartbroken child is sold to the Doll Maker, who promises to retrieve them. In return, she is to travel from cemetery to cemetery, unearthing graves and collecting skulls. While doing so, she must avoid the Violinist and his crows, who are determined to steal the skulls she has pai... more
  • The Last Detective

    by Brian Cohn
    It's been two years since the slicks came to our planet and herded humanity together like cattle, placing us under constant watch in the few cities that remain. The lucky ones are left to their own devices. The unlucky few are rounded up and carted off to labor camps to face an unknown fate. Former homicide detective Adrian Grace was cut off from his family, but has somehow managed to survive. When one of the slicks is murdered, they ask him to find the killer. He reluctantly agrees, and in... more
  • I'll Rescue You

    by M.T. Thomas
    Even after 40 years, Earth is ready; ready for another attempted invasion. Join our characters as they travel the world in order to save it. Experience growth and self-realization with Apollo as events open his eyes to see beyond what he had always thought was true. Does his home planet and species truly have the right to invade and acquire other worlds? Half-sisters Belle and Teneille must find a way back to each other while facing alien forces and overwhelming obstacles. Enemies become friends... more
  • Grim: Dark Fairy Tales for the Psychologically Minded

    by Joseph Burgo
    From the author of VACILLIAN and THE LIGHTS OF BARBRIN, these three novella-length tales probe psychological themes latent in the classic Grimm versions. Rather than presenting two-dimensional "good" heroines pitted against "evil" step-mothers, GRIM portrays fully realized characters grappling with shame and self doubt, suffering at the hands of mothers best thought of as narcissistic in modern terminology. Due to their dark themes and some graphic sexual material, these tales are not for the fa... more
  • Chemistry (Stella Blunt Book 1)

    by C. L. Lynch

    Winner of the 2017 IndieReader Discovery Awards (Humor)

    Stella Blunt’s world is ending.

    Her parents have dragged her across the country, and she has to start over in a new school. Th is is a big problem, because she doesn’t make friends easily: she’s large, she’s loud, and she doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

    The only person who likes her is the cute geek in her Chemistry class. He’s a great listener, he’s smart at science, and he loves ... more

  • Steve the Alien

    by G. Brian Benson
    In this fun and empowering rhyming children's book, Zeke encounters more than he bargains for while walking to school when a lovable space alien named Steve unexpectedly visits him on Earth while on a grand scavenger hunt through outer space! Young readers will enjoy this fun rhyming journey that teaches them the importance of sharing and to be accepting of new friends.
  • Invisible Magic Wand®: Sequel to Hot Chocolate Underpants (Caspian's Unbirthday Book 2)

    by Lois Wickstrom
    This year, when Grandpa puts Caspian’s special Unbirthday box under his bed, it’s empty. Grandpa insists that he has given Caspian an Invisible Magic Wand® Caspian has to name it before it will work. “Maybe,” says Caspian. “Good name,” says Grandpa. “Nobody will get suspicious.” Caspian’s hand tingles. Caspian learns how to squeeze time, so he can move quickly and how to stretch time so he can make things he enjoys last.
  • James Clyde and the Diamonds of Orchestra

    by Colm McElwain
    Alongside his friends Ben and Mary Forester, James Clyde must protect a powerful diamond from falling into the wrong hands. A strange and sinister man dressed in black is also pursuing the diamond and will stop at nothing to obtain it. James and his friends set off on a perilous journey to return the diamond to its rightful place. But they are being hunted every step of the way by the relentless man in black and his blood-thirsty army. Outnumbered, James finds he must use the power of the diamon... more
  • A Mirror Among Shattered Glass

    by Romarin Demetri
    Unable to contain the deadly nature of her family secret and powers, nineteen year old Romarin Demetri hails from California, USA, to unearth her heritage as a descendant of serial-killer, Countess Bathory, the woman that lent Dracula his legend, and cursed Romarin with an appetite for blood. Unenthusiastic about relocating to her birth city of London, a charming paranormal investigator with claim to the throne could change her mind, as he leads her to the only living and distant relative sh... more
  • Where Do They Go? Part 1

    by B.D Donaldson
    It's been said the average person loses over two thousand dollars of socks in their lives. Naleaha and Jaylen are about to find out first hand Where Do They Go and who is responsible for their missing socks. Where Do They Go? is a 3 part book series created by B.D Donaldson to captivate the minds of young audiences all over the world
  • Zeeka's Ghost (Revenge of Zeeka Book 4)

    by Brenda Mohammed

    The drama of the Zeeka Series continues in Zeeka's Ghost: Revenge of Zeeka Book 4.
    The book is the fourth installment in the five-book Science Fiction series, Revenge of Zeeka and can be read as a standalone.
    Dr.Steven Sharpe invents a miracle cure for a killer disease but he and his wife Mandy are targets of unknown enemies. 
    Their lives may be at stake. 
    Steven must find a way to hunt down and apprehend ruthless kidnappers and save his beloved wife.
    Th... more

  • Spooky and Chilling Tales

    by Elle L. Stone

    Dive into the shuttering and spine- chilling tales of original short stories and poems that this extraordinary compilation entails. From frightening car rides to spooky cemetery walks that will make you clutch for your pillow and hide underneath the covers, this collection is perfect for storytelling before bed, around a fire or just looking for chills and thrills. This book will keep you at the edge of your seat wanting more!

  • Othello and Zombies

    by Aaron Frale

    Shakespeare's classic tale of hubris, paranoia, and betrayal is reimagined against the darkly comedic backdrop of the post-apocalypse. ... And zombies.

    I ate thy brains ere I killed thee...