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  • SPARX Incarnation: Order of the Undying

    by K.B. Sprague

    Ancient, decrepit and undying, the former king lingers in his underground chamber beneath the Iron Tower of Harrow. Having once rolled dice for all humankind, and won, his unyielding power is still felt within the realm and beyond. What Harrow wants, Harrow takes.

    Trapped in a cave system with only the light of a mysterious bog stone to guide him, Nud Leatherleaf struggles to find his way back home. But the catacombs play host to an underground world that he never knew existed – a... more

  • SPARX Incarnation: Mark of the Green Dragon

    by K.B. Sprague

    Mark of the Green Dragon is the first of the two-part epic fantasy SPARX Incarnation, an unexpected journey of self discovery.

    Tormented by his former life, an incarnated beast recounts the pivotal moments of his youth, both tragic and heroic, that ultimately led to his transformed state. What starts out as an innocent treasure-hunting excursion with friends turns into a life-changing adventure when Nud Leatherleaf uncovers a mysterious bog artifact – a gateway t... more

  • SPARX Incarnation (Full Edition)

    by K.B. Sprague

    The Mark gave him purpose. The stone gave him light. The Leviathan – knowledge. But all Nud Leatherleaf ever wanted was a normal life and his parents back. That seems impossible after he uncovers a powerful ancient artifact – a gateway to a greater consciousness.

    As its random powers begin to surface, Nud pieces together the forces behind a series of vicious attacks in his community, and is drawn into a high stakes game orchestrated by a ruling madman with an unquenchable th... more

  • Chasing Redemption

    by Bruce Fottler
    A tragic collision. Twelve lives lost. The wreckage of a history-making space vessel lies scattered across the moon's surface. Captain Ben Wildes, the pioneer of Saturn, and a rising star in the Earth Space Defense force, is found negligent after a deeply politicized trial. A year later, Ben receives a surprising opportunity to redeem his suspended career. He's provisionally reinstated to investigate the fate of a missing commercial space mining vessel last reported an area that's perilously ... more
  • A Fractured Conjuring

    by Martin Reaves
    Down twisted corridors of thought, something waits. Over broken pathways of memory, it pursues. Though unseen, it is close enough to touch... Critically-acclaimed author Chloe Sender is lost. Lost in an abusive past; lost within her fragmented mind. And she is lost within the pages of her own incomplete manuscript - a story she barely remembers writing that haunts her with every word, with every increasingly twisted sentence. Sleep-deprived and driven to complete the soul-destroying work, she be... more
  • Highway Thirteen to Manhattan (Book 2 in The Six Train to Wisconsin Series)

    by Kourtney Heintz

    His secrets almost killed her. Her secrets may destroy them both.

    Kai is recovering from a near-death experience when she realizes something isn’t right. Her body is healing, but her mind no longer feels quite like her own. Her telepathic powers are changing, too. She can’t trust herself. The darkness growing inside of her pushes her to use her telepathy as a weapon.

    Oliver clings to the hope that he can save their marriage, even though he was the one ... more

  • The Six Train to Wisconsin (The Six Train to Wisconsin Series Book 1)

    by Kourtney Heintz
    When Kai's telepathy spirals out of control, her husband Oliver brings her to the quiet Wisconsin hometown he abandoned a decade ago, where he must confront the secrets of his past to save their future.
  • The Berserker and the Pedant

    by Josh Powell
    Funny fantasy at its finest! A tale of three unlikely friends who stumble on an ancient secret and, through unfortunate happenstance, are on the hook for the fate of their world. An epic fantasy about an enduring friendship. Gurken Stonebiter, templerager of the Stonebiter clan and avatar of Durstin Firebeard, rages as only a berserker can. Pellonia, a mischievous little girl with an incredible secret, must decide between uprooting her life and moving on amongst her people, or staying with he... more
  • The Forgotten Web: A Novella

    by Sara C. Snider
    Robin's simple life is changed forever when a young Weaver named Fauwen accidentally unravels his existence and traps him in her own strange world. Refusing to accept his disastrous fate, Robin convinces Fauwen to use blood magic to weave his life anew. But that which is unwoven can never be redone, and a life borne of blood carries a terrible price. Robin returns to a darkened world where shifting memories and tenuous realities threaten to tear apart the fabric of his sanity.
  • A Shadowed Spirit (Tree and Tower Book 2)

    by Sara C. Snider
    She used to be called Emelyn. She used to be nobody. Now she is Siyan—a creature of magic known as an And’estar. But Siyan doesn’t understand what that means, just as she can’t control the power that has woken within her. Addigan worked her entire life to master the Art of magic and become a respected Magister, only to fail her final test. Scarred and desperate to prove her worth, Addigan pursues rumors of trees of power and a mysterious people called And’estar. When Siyan heads into the d... more
  • The Thirteenth Tower (Tree and Tower Book 1)

    by Sara C. Snider
    Abandoned as a baby, young Emelyn’s life as a housemaid in the quiet village of Fallow is unremarkable—and empty. That is, until a host of magical creatures arrives and inflicts terrible misdeeds on the townsfolk. Inexplicably immune to their enchantments, Emelyn joins a pair of Magi intent on stopping the cause of the trouble—and who claim to know of her parents, promising Emelyn answers to a lifetime of questions. But the answers Emelyn seeks prove to be more elusive than she hoped, and the... more
  • The Pandora Device

    by Joyce McPherson

    Stella’s grandmother doesn’t like to talk about her parents, even when she asks. But now that she’s in sixth grade, Stella needs answers. A rusty box provides a clue to the place her parents met—Camp Hawthorne—and Stella is determined to go. The camp’s secret draws her into extraordinary possibilities she never knew existed. And despite warnings to leave the past alone, she uncovers a mystery linked to her parents and must decide how much she will risk to f... more

  • Bridge Daughter

    by Jim Nelson

    Young Hanna thinks her thirteenth birthday will be no different than the one before—until her mother explains the facts of life. Hanna is a “bridge daughter,” born pregnant with her parents’ child. In a few months she will give birth and die, leaving her parents with their true daughter.

    A mature bookworm who dreams of college and career, Hanna is determined to overcome her biological fate. Navigating through a world eerily like our own, she confronts unyielding ... more

  • Soldier of Fortune: A Gideon Quinn Adventure (Fortune Chronicles Book 1)

    by Kathleen McClure
    On the planet Fortune, tech is low, tensions are high and heroes as unlikely as they come. Wrongly convicted of treason, Gideon Quinn spent six years harvesting crystal under the killing suns of the Morton Barrens. When a general of the Corps arrives with an offer of freedom and the chance to clear his name, Gideon doesn’t have to think twice. With his pet draco Elvis on his shoulder, Gideon takes 'ship for Nike City on a quest for justice (or, failing that, revenge). What he finds is a ... more
  • Tormented Soul

    by Dylann Rhea
    Seattle is best known for its welcoming and diverse culture, but Kaden cannot seem to grasp the life it offers. When Megan, Kaden’s best friend, decides it’s time to hit the night life, it turns into a night they will never forget. Megan mysteriously disappears and Kaden is the only one invested in finding her. Along the way she meets an unusual ally, Finley, who reveals a world beyond the ordinary streets of Seattle. Kaden finds herself pulled into a dark world of fae as the two struggle to loc... more
  • Beauty's Songbook

    by R.J. Vickers
    When ten and ten years have swiftly gone by, These five luckless children will come back to die. So goes the curse of Castle Fayne. Desperate for a child, the queen of Fayne Forest unleashes an ancient, evil magic, which casts her home into shadow and promises the doom of her son and four other children born within the castle walls. Any soul who leaves the castle will be drawn inexorably back…and unless the curse is undone, it will claim five innocent lives.