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  • Witch

    by Jill Benson
    When children start going missing in three small towns on the outskirts of Kansas City, KBI field agents Rick Holland and Lucy Stuart are assigned the cases. While searching for the first child, the team stumbles across the body of a young woman. The circumstances of her death are eerily similar to a cold case that Agent Holland has been working on for years, a case that holds special significance for him. Can this 31-year-old unsolved murder have a connection to the missing children? Ho... more
  • Keystone Chronicles

    by Juliana Rew
    Keystone Chronicles from Third Flatiron Anthologies contains 19 short speculative fiction stories on the theme of keystone events or people.
  • Banshees

    by Mike Baron
    Notorious for their satanic lyrics, drunken excess and rumors of blood sacrifice, the Banshees shocked the world with their only album Beat the Manshees. Death stalked their concerts--lightning, stabbings, overdoses. The world heaved a sigh of relief when the Banshees all died in a plane crash. Or did they? Forty years later, with no fanfare, they appear in a seedy Prague nightclub. Ian St. James, son of original Banshees drummer Oaian St. James, can't believe his eyes. Ian's attempts to get bac... more
  • The Prince: Lucifer's Origins

    by J. M. Erickson
    Prince Victor Venture the Ninth is a young twelve year old prince who has successfully avoided his call to serve, and has remained unnoticed on the university planet Pax where he studies old manuscripts and documents called “books” of ancient civilizations. Unfortunately, his luck has run out. His brother, Prince Jason of the Sagittarius Sector has made room in his court for the young prince, and the Royal Guard has been sent to collect him. \tAll is not as simple as it would appear. Palace in... more
  • Shadowbane: Age of Aelfborn

    by Paul Francois
    During a time of strife, Megildur must traverse Aerynth to rescue his sister and fulfill a destiny ordained by the All-Father. Finding Shadowbane, the mighty but cursed sword, will be challenging enough for this young Aelfborn. In a world torn apart by treachery and conflict, it is every being, or creature, for themselves. This novel combines qualities from Lord of the Rings© and Greek mythology, with a few twists on some new races…such as Irekei, Aracoix, and of course, Aelfborn. This is the... more
  • Knights of the Dragon

    by A. J. Gallant
    A dragon hires knights in an attempt to save a boy and his kingdom.
  • Lucid Dawn

    by Justeen Frederick
    In a world overrun by bloodthirsty virus carriers, Jules must beat the odds. After being rescued by a handsome carrier named August, she must go into hiding because of her immunity to the virus. Immunity means death for anyone who's caught. Will Jules and August survive each night?
  • Enyo's Warrior

    by Niki Livingston
    Malkia's face flushed with anger, as her rage began to build. Her father had stepped over a line that could not be erased and as she examined the gruesome scene, she cried out in frustration.
  • Eyes Wide Shut

    by Niki Livingston
    Blood trickled down her face, streaming into her mouth, as she gagged from the copper taste. Her breath came in short, while she blinked feverishly, trying to restore her sight. Then she heard Dario yell her name.Oh no, he came back for me. They will kill him!
  • Will Allen and the Terrible Truth: Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency Volume 4

    by Jason Edwards

    Fledgeling Monster Detective Will Allen may have conquered terrifying creatures of all kinds, triumphed over bullies, and even survived his mother's cooking, but now he faces a horror that all of his bravery, cleverness, and skill are powerless against: dealing with GIRLS!

    And even if he overcomes that nightmare, can Will rise to the occasion and save his friends from manifestations of their worst fears when his magical monster-fighting tools suddenly lose their specia... more

  • The Chronocar: An Urban Adventure in Time

    by Steve Bellinger

    Winner 2018 Best Indie Book Award for Science Fiction
    Winner Readers Favorite Gold Medal Young Adult Sci-Fi


    Imagine being born the son of a slave with the mind of a genius. That was Simmie Johnson in the years following the Civil War. After a perilous escape from lynch mobs in Mississippi, he manages to earn a PhD in physics at Tuskegee, and in his research, discovers the secret of time travel. He develops a design for a time machine, called a Chro... more

  • Wayfarers Highway

    by Peter Petrack
    A camper travels the back roads of America, but it is not what it seems. Pursued by powerful forces: a mastermind, a maniac, and a terrorist, its crew wonders if they’ll ever reach Journey’s end. When Eloise Corwin – a longtime patient in her desert hometown’s infirmary – finds a wounded young traveler sharing her sick room; she insists that he tell her about his adventures. The young man, Orson Gregory, tells her how he found and stole a glowing gemstone, hidden for decades beneath the gover... more
  • Place Of Time

    by Ken Doggett

    Five short stories:

    In PLACES OF TIME, not everyone was happy with the breakup of the old Soviet Union—least of all an eccentric genius, Sergei Lichizev, who blames America for its downfall. So, when he creates a machine that allows him to manipulate time, his first and greatest ambition is to eliminate America, and restore the Soviet Union to its former glory. But it's complicated... TIMESTOPPER shows us an inventive professor with a unique way of manipulating time, while his... more

  • The Villain & The Golden Apple

    by Ken Doggett
    One day, if all goes well, Earth will establish a colony on Mars. With any luck, that colony will grow. If it grows, it may eventually want independence, and when it does, war may be inevitable. But other causes can also explode into war. Included in this collection are two different causes, two different stories of a colonial war with Mars. In the first novella, THE VILLAIN is a member of the Enclave of the Villainy who goes outside the rules. Using his power for just the "party display... more
  • Strange Tales: A New York Ghost Story

    by Renee Lee
    Andrea Hu is a Chinese Taoist Magician, helping to rid NYC of demons, ghosts and other supernatural pests. When a young man is being haunted by a ghost, it is up to Andrea, along with help from her family, cats, possibly a unicorn and a few deities to figure out why and help save him from becoming a ghost himself.
  • Angel War

    by Philip Dodd
    From an early age, Azel, the Prince of the White Castle of the Angels of Light, plans what he calls his great rebellion against the Father. After his self transformation into a four legged, scaled beast, he names himself the Dragon. At the head of his rebel angel army and his dragon flocks, he brings war to the angel lands. His intention is to dethrone the Father and rule in his place. Khem, the Child of the White Mountain, vows upon his Silver Sword to be his slayer. The lonely, perilous path o... more